Everliker Review & Alternatives


Are you searching for the best Instagram growth service tools? There are many best Erverliker alternatives on the market based on verification, votes, and reviews. But read our article first!

We can't deny that Instagram is the most vital social media marketing platform. While there are many other platforms, Instagram proves that it is among the top platforms for marketing your brand. You can share your services with followers; however, balancing its management and your work or lifestyle activities is hard.

The best part is that marketing on Instagram is now filled with automation tools that take you to global recognition. Most influencers prefer contact engagement generation on their platform. The process of involving a third party in your Instagram growth is what we call Instagram automation.

What Can Instagram Automation Bring to You?

First, Instagram automation involves third-party automation software in managing your account. This ranges from scheduling posts to providing analytics reports. This is done through the use of Instagram bots. While many bots have been shut down, there are still a few which deem to be spammy.

This sounds too good to be true, right?. You might think so, but every automation tool comes with its advantages and disadvantages. There are many good things the best automation tool can do than risking your account.

Depending on the tasks and quality of service, you can always evade bans. Adjust the bots and prevent suspicions. There are many benefits of Instagram automation such as:-

  • The analytic automation tool provides important reports to evaluate and improve your marketing strategy and engagement.
  •  Automation also saves time as most activities like posting, commenting, and scheduling is done using automation tools.
  • Automation tools target an audience bringing more relevant followers that you can easily convert.

A good Instagram automation tool is Everliker. There are other alternatives but let's look at them in detail.

Everliker Review

Everliker is a chrome extension that can help you automate Instagram posting. The software is based on the use of hashtags. While it has a free version, it also offers premium packages. This means you can test before testing. You guessed right; the premium version has advanced features. This tool can view and like your Instagram stories.

Though it is a small app, it brings attention and saves you time. You can also use it to gain more followers because it is secure, easy to use, and ever intelligent. This is how they claim. While using it, you can manage the liking speed and keep the account growing while creating relevant content.

The Everliker app is optimized for Instagram growth. And, any business or individual can use it to automate and interact on Instagram. The tool comes with an in-built post-analysis feature that enables it to detect, filter, and spam porn photos. The developer claims to offer many other advanced features.

However, since this is a chrome plugin, Instagram is yet to certify or endorse it. You can use it at your own risk because Instagram detected that it is a bot, and any Instagram associated with it, is banned.

  • Offer free version
  • Do not request a password
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Chrome extension
  • It's a cloud-based tool.
  • It can work only with a browser
  • Not endorsed by Instagram
  • Risky to use
  • No refund policy.

Features of Everliker

Features of Everliker

At a glance, this chrome extension has good advanced features. Some of these features are as indicated below:

1. Hashtag and Location Targeting

Everliker mostly targeted likes based on the hashtag. Check on your competitor's hashtag and use it in your content on Instagram. It's better than not having it because it is not effective. While location targeting is only available for a premium version, You can select the location of your users, thus narrowing down your audience.

2. Filtering Posts

This chrome extension also has an in-built feature to filter ads and spam activities. While they do not guarantee a 100% success rate, you can still set filtering manually.

3. Automation

The backbone of Everliker is automated like, and home feed likes. The tool is perfect for auto-liking posts and other activities. This is a proven way of increasing engagement as it burdens all manual activities. However, Instagram detects it as spam. When you give back like, it automatically likes your home feed contents. You can also limit the number of likes you need in a day.

4. Audience Targeting

You can also use this feature to target your Instagram followers. This is the potent choice this tool offers on the market. It only comes with its premium version and targets the audience based on interest. When you like the competitor, you attract their attention.

Price of Everliker

Price of Everliker

Everliker is the cheapest automation tool on the market. It offers a free version but to access more advanced features; you should upgrade to a pro version costing $5 per month. However, you can only make payments through the google payment method. When you change the payment method without canceling the subscription, they might end up double charging you per month. Unfortunately, they do not have a refund policy.

How Does Everliker Work?

It is simple to use this chrome extension in automating your Instagram activities. Just follow these simple steps

Everliker Instalation page

Step 1: Download the chrome extension here and install

Step 2:  set a task based on the location, tags, followers, and feeds. You can choose up to 20 simultaneous tasks.

Step 3: Automate activities:  It works in the background, and you can set it to mimic human behaviors, i.e. like and go to sleep.

Step 4: Monitor the activities. The app scans up to a maximum of 5000 recent followers and evaluates like for the last 5 days. It also considers following back an account.

Disadvantages of Using Everliker

For many reasons, users do not prefer using this chrome extension, Everliker.

  • Its free version offers very low-quality services. In comparison, its premium versions have more advanced features to spur the growth of your account profile.
  • When you enter many keywords on this tool, it offers roughly 700 related posts. This is why Instagram detects and easily flags your Instagram account.
  • The extension is not safe since you can only use it at your own risk. Despite the claims online, this tool cannot mimic human behavior nor take a break. It doesn't even consider the users' privacy hence exposing your Instagram account to possible shadowban.
  • The premium version is cheap, and you know that. However, posts per day go beyond the limit, and the targeting is always random.
  • Again, this tool works only on a computer limiting mobile users.
  • Lastly, your computer should always remain powered on even if the tool goes to sleep. If you switch off, the program immediately stops.

Therefore, there are many other best alternatives to Everliker on the market which you can consider. Some of these tested and vetted alternatives are discussed in the next section.

Best Alternatives to Everliker

1. Social Boost

Social Boost

Social Boost is an Instagram marketing agency.  This tool can help you get more engagement on Instagram through real followers. When these followers like and comment on your content, it improves engagement, thus growing your account profile. All the above are only achieved through its automated features.

The agency claims to be among the best Instagram growth service providers on the market. Since they claim their services are organic, we love them, and we could even attest from their reputation. No risks are involved at all because the developers understand Instagram algorithms. They have also gained relevant experience, making it the best alternative to Everliker.

Its Organic marketing method uses custom targeting, handmade growth, and powerful strategy.  They have spread workers across the continent who help you 24/7. The personal account manager takes care of every activity. These are real people. They always offer customer-centric safe, secure services with advanced optimization using data scientists.

2. Kicksta


Kicksta is another powerful Instagram growth service provider. They offer real followers using AI technology. The automation mainly focuses on account growth. Again, its engagement is authentic. Since it does not involve bots, they do not guarantee a specific number of followers on your account. Its targeting option ensures that users get organic and targeted followers they can convert to increase sales of their brands on the account.

On its dashboard, everyone can create a different account from the influencer, brand, and competitor you are targeting. It also creates relevant content to attract followers and increase reach through niche hashtags. It can target users based on many factors like gender and location.

It has a premium package with many advanced tools like an analytic report, support for multiple accounts, and live chat. The pricing plan offers different options from Kicksta monthly to Instagram boost services.

3. Instaboom


Intraboom from their website, we are inclined to believe in their services. On testing, they deliver exactly what they promise. They can help you grow your Instagram account with as many as 3000 followers per month. This is a pretty cool alternative to Everliker.

They offer organic and targeted followers to your account. Their marketing strategy also relies on artificial intelligence techniques. This grows your online presence among the target followers, thus achieving sustainable goals. These strategies are designed from scratch and later optimized for optimal outcomes every day.

Instaboom ensures automatic interaction to save your online time on other things. No bots nor fake followers. The team listens to your needs and executes them right away. Pricing is also affordable, automatic renewal, and secure servers. Users can personalize the targeting strategy


Instaforce Homepage

Lastly, we have Instaforce. They offer 100% human-powered account growth services. They also increase your online exposure, which increases your reach and brand sales in the long run. They are also confident of offering their target followers. Besides, they also guarantee 30 days' money if they do not meet your quality needs. Otherwise, you can book a demo on their website. Their services are secure and have advanced optimization. This

This automation tool complies with Instagram API; hence your account is safe from shadowban. Their services sound appealing, guaranteeing 400 followers for the first 30 days. There is no contract, and you can cancel anytime.


1. Is Everliker legit?

The provider is legitimate and has never recorded fraud cases based on our research. However, it is risky to use on your Instagram as it goes against Instagram API.

2. Is Everliker safe to use?

It is a chrome extension, so there are possible risks to being blocked or banned. This is because there is a possibility of hackers accessing your data. It does not guarantee users when they install. In simple terms, Everliker is a bot, and their websites warn users that they are not responsible for their account details.

3. Should I use Everliker

If you are ambitious in growing your Instagram account, try our best alternatives above. Otherwise, Everlike meets the needs of few users.


Everliker is a chrome extension that can help you grow your account. However, it is risky. We highly recommend the above alternatives if you are serious about growing your IG account and maintaining workflow.

The above alternatives are reliable and offer legit services that comply with IG API.  Revamp your marketing strategy with the above Instagram automation tools.