10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments (Real & Random)

Buy YouTube Comments

Looking for the best sites to buy youtube comments? Many platforms offer YouTube growth services. Not all are reliable. Please read our article to know top pick sites for reliable YouTube comments.

Social media has been turning into a giant recently. Various social media platforms serve different purposes in society. YouTube is among the oldest and most popular social media platforms. It receives multiple videos daily from over 2 billion active users.

YouTube has become a source of income to make a living or attain extreme wealth status. When subscribers watch and comment, YouTube content creators get paid. Also, businesses use YouTube to create their brand awareness among the target audience.

Monetizing YouTube is not easy. For that reason, most content creators on youtube seek the best sites to buy YouTube comments to kickstart their growth and popularity. Although various platforms offer youtube growth services, some provide low-quality or fake services.

We have decided to list the best platforms to buy YouTube comments and other services for other reasons. These sites have been researched, tested, and verified by experts. They sell comments to help your YouTube video trend faster to grow your channel. This is not only safe but also authentic for both parties. However, it's only legal and safe when selecting the right provider.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments

1. YTpals

Buy Youtube Comments for YTpals

As the name suggests, YTPals is a one-stop-shop for all YouTube channel needs. They offer high-quality services since their customers are incredibly happy. These services range from YouTube comments, subscribers, likes to shares. They offer all services under one roof.

This platform is trusted by over 500k happy clients around the globe. They also promise fast delivery with no password needed. Thir youtube comments are 100% safe and kept private. And on their website, YTPals has various pricing options to select from. They have packages that meet all your needs.

However, the pricing is tiered, meaning you only receive what you pay for. YouTube comments range from 10 to 100 comments. Where 10 comments cost $20 while 100 comments go for $140. These comments are vital to kickstart discussion, but they spread delivery over several days so that algorithm won't detect spam activity.

YTPals offers Youtube comments to help your videos rank higher in the search engines and promise that these comments are high quality. Still, if they do not deliver as promised, you always request 100% guaranteed money back. They also claim that delivery starts within 12 to 72 hours.

Choose the most appropriate  YouTube comment package which meets your needs. Customer care is also available 24/7 to help you with a problem. They also offer growth services across other social media platforms.

2. Media Mister

Buy Youtube Comments for Media Mister

Secondly, on our list, we have Media Mister. This platform offers growth services across all major social media platforms. They offer youtube growth services as well. Since they offer tiered pricing, you can purchase YouTube comments for a specific package. It would be best to consider Media Mister your priority since they guarantee that the comments are safe and secure.

These guys care about your privacy, and thus, they do not need a YouTube password to start offering these services. Otherwise, they offer random and custom YouTube comments. One of the good things about this provider is targeting YouTube comments based on location and gender.

The pricing of random and custom comments is the same. With only $5, you can get 10 YouTube comments. This is affordable as opposed to YTPals.

Media Mister has been in business for a long time. Therefore, their ex[perts offer youtube comments with a personal touch. They also have great customer support when you need help. If they fail to deliver, you can request money back without further questions. Besides comments, they also offer youtube likes, subscribers, views, dislikes, and subscribers. This is a good choice when operating on a tight budget.

3. Followersup

Buy Youtube Comments for Followersup

Followersup is another company that offers social media services on the market. Their services cover multiple platforms, including YouTube. FollowersUp sells YouTube comments, subscribers, views, and likes.

They claim they guarantee youtube comments delivery with a natural speed that mimics human behaviors. This is an excellent option to go for and get a chance to go viral when you boost your account metrics through comments.

Followersup has been providing youtube comments since 2016 and has managed to keep their clients happy. This means they offer high-quality youtube comments. And in case of any problem, you can contact them for the support services using email and contact form.

On Followersup website, they are ranked as the number one youtube comment provider on the market. They also offer a lifetime warranty on their youtube comments. The pricing is the cheapest, with 10 comments costing $4. They also promise to start delivering within 60 seconds once you pay for a package.

4. AppSally

Buy Instagram Likes for AppSally

AppSally is well known for providing various social media growth services. It almost covers all social media platforms. Their site is simple and displays all details with simplified pricing. This is the best platform to buy youtube Comments and other services, including engagement and subscribers.

They claim to have hand vetter professionals who help in getting high-quality comments. This means they obtain comments from real people with active accounts. It does not use a bot in any case, but rather, it promises you authentic and engaging YouTube services.

They also have a live tracking system to help you on the proprietary dashboard. However, the minimum requirement when purchasing YouTube comments is 89, which costs $20. It goes to the 1440 YouTube comments going for $270. You should know that AppSally only deals with custom comments.

This site also guarantees a free replacement if the order drops only within 15 days. But you won't enjoy this warranty when buying comments from different concurrent providers. This is a curated marketplace where you can quickly get custom YouTube comments.

The screen and evaluate their youtube comments for quality and minimize the speed during delivery. This is the provider with the highest scores on the market. For any growth, AppSally is the place to be.

5. SMGains

Buy Youtube Comments for SMGains

SMGains is a good firm on the market, offering different services to boost social media growth. With the expansion, they now offer custom youtube comments from real people. They have the cheapest packages and guarantee instant delivery. They claim that they can help you increase your organic visibility by selling your YouTube comments. This, in the long run, helps make your videos go viral.

Their website offers services in various social media platforms and automation services. They pride themselves on providing authentic and genuine custom YouTube comments. Their website is simple and works so well. Though, it is famous for offering SoundCloud services.

The site has an excellent customer rating on Trustpilot, and customers are never disappointed. This can show you that this company provides legit and genuine as well as high-quality YouTube custom comments. Their customer support is terrific since they reply within the shortest time possible. They even deliver more than you buy, covering any future drops in the comments.

6. SocialPlus

Buy Youtube Comments for SocialPlus

SocialPlus is a reliable site when you want to buy legit youtube comments. They offer YouTube growth services that can take your channel to the next level with a promise to reach the highest potential. These guys implement organic growth services while engaging with subscribers worldwide.

SocialPlus is among the best marketplace to get reliable comments. They claim that these comments are from real people with high-quality profiles. Thus, this safe promotion guarantees you custom youtube comments and other services.

Since it offers social media services, it also supports other social media platforms. SocialPlus also prides itself as reliable for providing high-quality youtube comments with many benefits.

This site offers safe and secure youtube comments without requesting your password to start delivery. And the customer support is always there 24/7 to help you. They also offer multiple secure payment methods.

SocialPlus has various packages to choose from. The least consists of 10 comments for $2.95, while 100 youtube comments cost $18.95. This is cheap as compared to the market price. They promise fast delivery and emoji support on all the packages. Try them today and see the difference on your channel. Excellent Trustpilot reviews speak a lot for this provider.

7. SoNuker

Buy Youtube Comments for SoNuker

SoNuker is a popular platform for offering youtube comments and views. The platform exposes your visibility through multiple YouTube video comments. Their marketers understand that the success of a YouTube video depends on several factors.

Comments are, among other aspects, that play a significant part here. This is because the video is rated by an algorithm based on engagement. in comparison, engagement can be achieved through comments that you can get from the SoNuker website.

SoNuker offers high-quality comments and guarantees delivery. They also promise to refill at no extra cost when you see a drop. We can also assure you that their services are 100% safe and delivered privately without requesting your password.

The delivery starts within 24 to 72 hours which continues until the order is complete. Their packages and pricing are a one-time bulk purchase that does not recur. 10 custom YouTube content costs $20, while 100 comments cost $140. This is affordable. They also offer other services on various social media platforms.

8. Poprey

Buy Youtube Comments for Poprey

Poprey is known to provide Instagram growth services. It has grown with time, and today, it also offers YouTube services. It is similar to SMGains. The good thing is that it supports multiple languages and provides a free trial on all the packages across various social media platforms.

They offer YouTube services from comments or likes and views. They guarantee you that these YouTube comments are permanent. Meaning they have a high retention rate. And delivery is gradual to evade suspicious activities on your channel. We like Poprey because they offer real-looking comments, and delivery starts within 24 hours.

The pricing on the Poprey website is affordable. 500 youtube comments cost $15.90.Their website is simple and has a well-detailed answer FAQ page. When you have an issue, you can always contact the support team. Otherwise, they support multiple payment methods, which is a plus. So, when you need permanent youtube comments, try Poprey today.

9. GetAFollower

Buy Youtube Comments for GetAFollower

Getafollower is an ideal option when looking for YouTube comments. They offer YouTube comments to help you incorporate them into your channel with other aspects. They have random and custom comments, of which both serve a similar purpose.

You can also target the comments using location, language, and gender. 10 comments cost $5, while 100 goes for $37. This is cheaper than other providers on the market. This provider aims at linking social media with technology in bringing power to people. This is a good move.

They offer an excellent strategy to help you grow your YouTube channel by boosting videos with comments. The Services are 100% safe, and secure delivery is guaranteed. They offer detailed information and a FAQ page on their website. The customer support is excellent. Besides YouTube comments, you can also buy other services since it supports multiple social media platforms.

10. Viralyft

Buy Youtube Comments for Viralyft

Lastly is the Viralyft. This is a famous platform, and many users trust it to support multiple social media platforms. They have been on the market for over 50 years, and their marketers are equipped with relevant experience in delivering youtube comments. They can help you increase credibility and reach your potential with YouTube comments and other growth services.

They claim to offer real random YouTube comments from around the world. They guarantee to deliver within 1 to 3 hours upon payment. No password is needed since the services are 100% safe and secure. Though it's a bit pricey since 10 comments cost $8.99. There are various packages you can pick from depending on your budget.

Viralyft is the best option with timely delivery, great networking across other platforms, a great filtering process, and guaranteed consistent engagement. Their plans are also highly flexible, and they promise you safe and secure payment methods. Their customer support is on another level. It is available 24/7 to support you.

Other Organic Ways to Get More YouTube Comments

Other than buying YouTube comments, there are different ways you can gain youtube content organically. When you concentrate on creating attractive and appealing content, you will automatically get more comments, likes, and many others. Here are some of the strategies you can utilize to get more youtube comments:

  • Understand the needs of your audience

Take time to understand your audience and deliver engaging and relevant content to your audience. Knowing the type of content that gives you more engagement is the first step to your success. This is important in identifying the trends.

  • High-quality content

Leave alone the quantity and focus on the quality of your video content. When high-quality content matches your interest, you can obtain extraordinary results in terms of comments and views. Still, allow your audience to share your content.

  • Utilize youtube features

These include the end screen and cards. It is the best tactic to help you reach more audiences and increase engagement. Sorting your youtube videos is also essential.

  • Consistency

Be patient and upload high-quality content consistently. It might take time, but you should be consistent and dedicated to your channel without giving up. This way, you will catch the attention of your audience.

  • Be active and engage with the audience

You can achieve this by asking the audience questions and replying to their comments. When your audience feels involved in your content, they will comment while answering the question. You can also use Q And A video while replying to a comment.

  • Lastly, consider socializing with other related YouTuber's channels

This exposes you to a new audience with similar interests. Some YouTubers might even check back on your channel to return the favor, thus maintaining regular comments.


1. How long can YouTube comments be maintained?

Youtube comments from real people will remain forever. However, fake youtube comments generated using a bot or from an untrusted provider disappear quickly.

2. Will I be identified that I have bought YouTube comments?

No, as long as you have bought from a reliable provider.

3. Do Buy YouTube Comments work well?

When you buy YouTube comments, it increases engagement. Increased engagement shows there are more responses, thus ranking your youtube channel higher in the search. It would help improve the balance of reactions since adverse reactions make your video struggle.

But when you buy positive comments, it improves your content ranking. Thus purchase comments from reliable providers like on the above list. They are safe and private.


Buying youtube comments can help you grow your channel. This is just among the many other options. There are many YouTube comment providers on the market. However, you should be keen before spending your money since not all offer authentic likes. Therefore, select the provider based on your need and budget to match the needed criteria.

The above are the best sites to buy your YouTube comments. But you also need to improve the quality of your content consistently to get more comments besides buying.