How Many Videos are On YouTube

How Many Videos Are On YouTube

YouTube is over 15 years old. However, time that could theoretically make technology obsolete has not occurred with YouTube. This blog post will be beneficial if you want to know how many videos are on youtube is a common question.

YouTube is over 15 years old. However, time that could theoretically make technology obsolete has not occurred with YouTube.How many videos are on youtube is a common question. With its speedy progression and continual improvement, this visual social media platform has adapted well over time. YouTube has a large audience and a massive database of content.

YouTube is the subject that we will answer in this article. Are you thinking about jump-starting your own YouTube channel to share your content and establish your empire? If so, the following data, statistics, and information will be helpful to you. This blog post will be beneficial if you want to know how many videos are on youtube is a common question.

How Many Videos are On YouTube?

YouTube hosts many type of video

As of 2022, YouTube hosts over 694 hours of video, among over 800 million videos with over 37 million channels. One billion videos are viewed by YouTube's over 2 billion users each day.

The average daily active user count is 122 million, and the average time spent watching is 19 minutes. YouTube is the second most visited website, having more than 14 billion monthly visits. It is in second place, only after its parent operation, Google.

How Many Videos are On YouTube? For Mobile Users

Youtube for Mobile User

Mobile applications such as YouTube are used by visitors to significantly change their number of looks compared with that of desktop users. On average, mobile visitors on the site view 4.63 pages, whereas desktop users view 2.84 pages. Due to the preponderance of mobile visitors here, YouTube s audience is dominated by mobile users.

Only 22 percent of users on YouTube access the website via mobile. Don't discount the 22 percent of mobile visitors on YouTube's mobile app. These users spend about 24 hours per month on YouTube. Android users spend about 23.7 hours per month on YouTube. If you are a marketer or influencer, these statistics will help you optimize your videos properly.

How Many Videos are On YouTube? For Gaming

Many Gamin site in YouTube

YouTube gaming content is on its way to becoming one of the world's most popular genres of video content. In 2020, YouTube gaming video content was watched for an astounding 100 billion hours. At the end of 2022, there will be over 2.9 billion people who will play video games. It is essential to know how many videos are on youtube about gaming.

According to January 2022, the top-ranked gaming channel had 44.3 million subscribers and was controlled by Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado (known to his fans as Fernanfloo). Following Fernanfloo was the Spanish gamer Samuel de Luque Batuecas (also known as Vegetta777), with 32.6 million subscribers. This vital information will be helpful if you want to know how many videos are on youtube right now.

How Many Videos are On YouTube? For Kids

Many videos are kids on youtube

If you want to know how many videos are on youtube for kids, you are in the right place. We know that YouTube has more than 2 billion users, but how many are children less than 11 years old?

Among wealthy parents who were polled about YouTube usage with their children under 11, 80% of the parents said yes, 19% said no, and 1% refused to answer or refused to answer. If you are unaware of how many videos are on youtube in 2022 about kids, read this information carefully.

80% of parents said their kids watch videos online, 35% said their child watches a few times per day, 19% said their child watches once a day, 31% of parents said that children watch a few times per week, 11% of parents said that children watch every few weeks, and 5% less often.

This information about how many videos are on youtube is 2022nbased on the latest surveys. The age demographics of kids who watch videos on YouTube, according to their parents, indicate that 89% of this age group give their 5-11-year-olds permission to watch the videos.

Overall, compared to 81% of the children under four years old who are on YouTube. In addition, 57% of parents said their children from 2 to 3 years also watch YouTube. There are several variations in the statistics for children s that pertain to the child's age and the age of the child's parents, and other demographics for race and culture.

How Many Videos are On YouTube? For Channels

The Youtube Channels with the Most Subscribers

The most popular videos are music videos and kid-friendly content as of December 2021. Indian media company T-Series was the most viewed with 3.52 billion views. POPS Kids channel came in second with 3.43 billion views. T-Series also made the top spot in channel subscribers with 206 million subscribers.

YouTube Movies came in runner-up with about 147 million subscribers. Of kids' content, the Baby Shark Dance song by Pinkfrog Kids Songs and Stories was the most-watched on YouTube, with 8.5 million views as of March 2021. More than 65,000 channel on the platform has at least 250,000 subscribers or more. In 2020, the highest-grossing channel on the Kids Toy channel was Ryan's World.

Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube

Most Popular types of Videos on YouTube

1. Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

How-To videos, also known as tutorial videos, are a video format that viewers are particularly well-loved. You can create how-to videos that answer questions or solve problems your target audience or a target group in question has. Tasty's how-to videos are good examples of this type of video content.

You can make bite-sized tutorials that quickly explain how to use your product. For instance, Notion has many tutorials explaining using one feature in a single course and another in a video series.

2. Ask Me Anything (AMA) Videos

AMA videos are great ways to foster your local community. They can also bring a fresh, unconventional viewpoint by inviting a guest for an AMA. Case in point, Todoist's featured productivity expert, got wind that the company was scheduling AMAs, and they asked to deliver their advice and experiences.

3. Whiteboard Videos

These are famous for being easy. You just need to do is record yourself explaining a concept or your tool, even a product feature. For whiteboard videos to be a favorite, it's good to give a positive vibe. So, if you are new to this video type, you'll want to record a few times before you attain the vibe correctly. Rand Fishkin's whiteboard videos are a good inspiration here.

4. Listicle Videos

Another popular YouTube video variety that people like to watch is called “X best” or “X top.” Put together a strong video screenplay and start recording. But if you don't have the time to record yourself, you can use a multimedia tool like Visme to create a top-list video like this.

5. Product Reviews

Learning influencers' views on your product can help persuade the audience that you're offering a high-quality product. Ask them to write a review for your YouTube channel, which involves featuring your product interestingly. The popularity of this subtle approach is evident, making viewers more likely to buy your product since other credible reviewers have given it good marks.

6. Educational Videos

Educational Videos

YouTube movies give your audience relaxation and comprehension, determine trust, and help you earn your viewers' interest. One could say that 69% of folks like watching videos more than reading written information. So, what have we learned? Productive videos, no matter the scope of the material they deal with or topic, help show your audience.

Best part? Using Visme, you can quickly generate educational videos in minutes. To speed things up, you can choose from one of several video templates, customize them, and you're finished.

7. Challenge Videos

These videos introduce your company's human side, whether you're an entrepreneur, independent contractor, or a medium to larger business taking on a challenge.

8. Unboxing Videos

Videos featuring an unboxing attract a great deal of interest on YouTube. You should begin creating unpacking films before that if you haven't already done so.

9. Behind the Scenes (BTS) Videos

Behind the Scenes (BTS) Videos

BTS videos are YouTube video clips that help showcase your premises' human side. These videos conveniently incorporate your corporate culture, assisting you with hiring and onboarding new team members by giving them a glimpse into the workings of your workforce.

BTS videos can extend beyond those documenting behind-the-scenes group content. You can add additional product and project videos off-limits to the public, giving fans a glimpse of what goes on behind your brand.

10. Explainer Videos

96% of prospective customers have watched explainer videos to learn more about a solution or service. This statistic alone is enough to say that you need to incorporate explainer videos into your video gallery. Additionally, thanks to templates, you can create explainer videos quickly that require modest expertise. Or maybe you can create one from scratch using Visme.

11. Product Demo Videos

Product Demo Videos

Remember that people enjoy seeing product videos to find out more about products. Demo videos are an additional type of YouTube video you should be creating. To ensure your demo videos leave a positive impression on viewers by starting strong, insert personality into them. Storytelling is one efficient technique to accomplish this. How? Use the PAS formula, which stands for Problem-Agitate-Solution. The following is how it works:

  • State a problem that your target audience faces
  • Rub or agitate that problem
  • Finally, provide a remedy in the form of your product tool.

12. Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Opinionated reviews, video clip cases, and demonstration videos add social proof to the present. Having seen other people enjoy this kind of service and show, your viewer has the odds of replicating these results. For example, Slack boasts partner video testimonials and testimonials by itself YouTube channel.

13. Reaction Videos

These videos are suitable for creating entertaining content. If your business plans to take advantage of these videos, you can draw additional benefits by demonstrating your human side. And to reiterate, this will help to build your audience's trust.

14. Webinar Teasers

You can use YouTube to host or work on your webinars in addition to publishing them to your classified websites.

15. Community-Based Videos

These videos are educational, except that you, not a teacher, do all the work. How is that done? You don't do the teaching. Instead, users in your community or viewers themselves do it for you. By developing these videos, you focus on the learning approach while simultaneously leveraging social proof, thereby increasing your odds of drawing in viewers.

16. Meet the Team Videos

These BTS videos are designed to highlight employees to gain the audience's trust and onboard new employees.

17. Employee Spotlight Videos

Like Wild Frontiers, you can also post a company Culture Video Together on YouTube. Alternatively, Sprout Social points out team members for internal communications purposes with employee spotlights.

18. Company Values Videos

Company Values Videos

Even though these videos are best for telling your intended audience more about helping others make purchases from you, only 83% of millennials desire businesses to align with their beliefs and values. Only then do they intend to buy from businesses.

And it shows you how can encourage brand advocates and loyal customers. If you want to work with influencers or secure investment partners, a company's values video can help make a persuasive introduction.

19. Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are critical for impacting your audience and establishing your authority as an industry leader. These sorts of YouTube vids are an excellent means for businesses to establish themselves as subject matter experts.

You can always use social networking sites or email to get questions in advance for sourcing questions for these videos. You may also record live questions collected through Facebook or email, whichever is more convenient. You might also opt for both ways, one after the other.

20. Video Blogs (Vlogs)

Video blogs talk about various topics, including managing time and productivity, creating passive income, and optimizing your work-life balance. Please make yourself visible by appearing on vlogs, and then edit them to include text, images, and other visual elements; these can easily be included in your Visme dashboard. On the other hand, our function can add animated characters to your vlog content.

21. Product Launch Videos

Product Launch Videos

Build hype around your new product or upcoming feature launch by creating a product launch YouTube video. And keep the objective simplistic by tapping into your key feature message when speaking to the audience. It is essential to know how many videos are on youtube right now.

22. Video Podcasts

youtube Video Podcasts

These kinds of videos require very little work. You just need to record yourself and the guest, and you are all done. Now, this identical content is available to audio and video enthusiasts alike.

Final Thought

There are countless videos on YouTube. If you want to know how many videos are on youtube right now, you are in the right place. People also want to know how many videos are on youtube live count. The challenge is making one's video stand out from the rest. The opportunity is in how to use this powerful platform to reach and engage with one's target audience.

Marketers who take the time to learn the ins and outs of YouTube will be better equipped to create successful videos that achieve their marketing goals. We hope this blog about how many videos are on youtube will be helpful.