10 Best Sites to Buy Reddit Accounts in 2023

Buy Reddit Accounts

Do you need an aged Reddit account with a high karma number? We have you sorted. Read our best pick in this article and gain the attention of your target followers on Reddit effortlessly.

Reddit is a popular social media platform to share ideas and other vital thoughts as well as socialization. This is the home of different people from around the world. Many influencers are doing their best to join this community, discuss business ideas, and market the brands. However, one needs a Reddit account to get started.

So, to get started as a newcomer, you need additional points-Karma. But, getting karma on Reddit is time-consuming. Therefore, buying karma or an aged Reddit account with points is the easiest way to get started.

In our article, we will be sharing our best picks where you can get reliable Reddit accounts with karma to help you get started. These accounts were created way back by some users. Thus it's easy to buy these Reddit accounts.

Best Sites to Buy Reddit Accounts

1. AppSally

appsally reddit

Appsally is the best social media platform with over 250 million monthly users and knows how to pick the best Reddit accounts. This platform is famous worldwide and offers multiple ways to pay for their Reddit accounts. The pricing is affordable.

If you want to do better on Reddit, you need an aged Reddit account, and Appsally is here to offer you top-quality accounts. And when you are eager to find a reliable source of Reddit content, try these guys. They can go the extra mile in offering customer support to guide you and prove their legitimacy.

Their experts are experienced in selling Reddit accounts that have been in operation for at least one year or above. They promise to offer a free unlimited replacement within 15 days. The goal is to satisfy their customers first, and if their service does not live up to what they promise, you can also request a refund.

They can even process your orders faster, which is excellent for those users on constant move. Therefore, we highly recommend you try out Appsally when going for the best Reddit account purchase. This is because they have old and credible Reddit accounts, tested and trusted the fast process, and free replacement. all these come at affordable pricing.

2. EpicNPC

EpicNPC reddit

EpicNPC is another platform where you can purchase effective and reliable Reddit accounts. It can help you meet all your needs. This is because they have plenty of data where you can trawl and select a perfect account to serve you. The large selection store comes with affordable pricing and faster delivery. Before purchasing, you can see all account details, including how old the account is, its upvote, and the karma.

We like these guys because they have a ranking system that can help you determine the social clout of an account before committing to it. Their site shows a lot of details. While most show account information, there are few that you need to request information to access the data. They do not use discord. Instead, you can contact the members from the site as long as you sign up for their accounts.

3. PlayerUp

playerUp reddit

Playerup is a perfect platform where it does not only buy but also sells reddit accounts. They can help you get the best and reliable Reddit account for your social media tasks. These accounts make your work easy since they come loaded with points or karma. Meaning, the accounts are aged enough to serve all your Reddit needs. This company is an excellent option to go for.

We have ranked it on our list because it offers advanced search to help their customers get exactly what they want most regarding the Reddit account. The search is based on the number of karma, history, the number of comments its karma comes with, gradual or instant delivery of a Reddit account, and the age of the account. These are good aspects that PlayerUP uses to filter your options.

The advanced filter also helps ensure that users get verified and secure accounts. Other than searching using a specific keyword, the accounts are delivered instantly. Their website has detailed information. And they guarantee 100% delivery as described, partial account recall protection, cost-free as well as multiple payment options.

They also have legit middlemen to help you. However, when you do not need a particular account, you can still select randomly from the options on their website. You can access all account information before buying.

4. Z2u

Z2u reddit

We have listed Z2u for some reason. First, the platform offers different Reddit accounts. Thus, they can help you purchase reliable accounts to help you solve all Reddit needs. In contrast, these guys are also perfect at helping their customers sell their accounts.

This is a trusted platform you should consider. Since the Reddit email addresses are verified, the Reddit accounts are legit and verified. They offer different Reddit accounts from different states with varying IP addresses. Therefore, there is no risk associated with their accounts.

Interestingly, Z2u  has affordable pricing favoring even beginners. Whether good or bad, we know that they cater to anyone with a small budget that cannot afford big bucks. Thus, they are the perfect choice on the market too. They have old Reddit accounts with high karma that can help you rank higher, inspire trust among the and moderators, bypass the Reddit filter easily, create a subreddit effortlessly and rich quality with privacy.

5. LikiGram


LikiGram has been in this industry for a long time. They are experienced when it comes to Reddit accounts. Thus, expect instant delivery with affordable prices as they claim on their website-cheap price accounts. They also keep their business discrete and subtle. Therefore, you do not worry about being noticed.

We can also confirm that these guys offer custom Reddit accounts on their website. They got all data on each account if they needed to taste their services. This trial allows users to decide on the best account to help meet all their needs.

LikiGram provides a Reddit account as of 2018 or below. You can buy their Reddit accounts in bulk with 100% guaranteed delivery. Since it's hard to promote your brand on Reddit, buying a Reddit account with karma on LikiGram helps you overcome such a burden, saves time and effort. Besides Reddit, they also work well with other platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

6. Accfarm

Accfarm reddit

ACC Farm is also the best platform to buy a reddit account with 100% guaranteed delivery and quality services. These guys claim on their website that when you purchase their Reddit accounts, expect instant delivery and 100% secure accounts with 24/7 customer support. This includes customer support through chatbox to get help when you experience hitches. Even though they are expensive, they have plenty to offer their customers.

Customers can select an account based on age, the quantity of the karma, and many other things, as well as the price. Their surety guarantees all their customers that there is no room to experience confusion. Few of their old accounts are cheap and so when you are operating with a tight budget, move in now for their cheap old Reddit accounts. They also claim that their Reddit accounts have the most followers with at least one year of activity history and over 1000 karma level points. Their website is detailed, and you can also access Gmail, Twitter, and Instagram with many other social media platforms services under one roof.

7. Woorke

woorke reddit

Woorke is a perfect social media account. As long as it offers social media services across different platforms, users can also buy Reddit accounts. You can buy karma, comments, and votes as well. This is only applicable if you do not need the whole Reddit account. It's an excellent move too.

The guys get you covered with subscribers. You can buy their bulk accounts with aged and PVA with high karma ranging from 1 to 12 club years. You can also access free Reddit accounts and aged accounts other than custom accounts, depending on your preferences.

These experts claim that their accounts offer high-quality features with different IP addresses, trusted profiles, high-quality Reddit accounts, and phone verification. They all have login and password details. Above all, they provide 274/7 customer support. Anything you need, they have it. It's a one-stop shop for all social media needs.

8. Reddit Secrets

Reddit Secrets reddit

Reddit secret is a company that sells and buys Reddit accounts. So if you want the easiest way to get a secure Reddit account, look for this firm. They always ensure that they provide 100% secure accounts to their clients. Thus, trust them and never question your investment. They also take bulk orders and any order, they offer discounts. And if selling an account is the issue, they are here to serve you too as well.

If you are an agency and need an extra boost, mature accounts, or a natural username, these are the real guys. They offer an extra ranking boost and effectively post on multiple subreddit. They promise to offer you a link that ranks higher, which is proven based on their reach.

There are many good reasons you should go for their services, including high-quality accounts, and they offer you the opportunity to create your private army of Reddit accounts.

9. 123accs

123accs reddit

123accs is also an excellent place to buy reddit accounts aged and comes with karma. They sell manually created, registered without email, and high-quality fresh Reddit accounts. They claim that each account is created on different IP addresses, and you can choose 5 accounts with this pack at an affordable price.

There is nothing that can beat their manually created Reddit accounts. This is the right option for the best Reddit accounts. Either option boosts your credibility instantly to help attract more audiences worldwide.

In addition, one account is created per 1 US IP address to avoid sharing their server space with other people. This brings a lot of website traffic. Their packages also come with random shares on their user feeds, contributing to more audiences accessing your article by clicking on your post on Reddit. The advantage of this is that you can create an account without an email address and later customize it. Otherwise, they offer excellent customer support

10. Reddit Marketing Pro

Reddit Marketing Pro reddit

Reddit Marketing Pro offers the cheapest Reddit accounts with high karma. When you purchase their accounts, they guarantee you the best services like other platforms. They also ensure that you get one old  Reddit account to have the best reputation among Reddit audiences.

Before purchasing the account, you can see all the data if it meets your needs. They also claim that, when you buy from them. Though the best Reddit account provider, it might be expensive to some other users.

We highly recommend Reddit Marketing Pro for keeping all your Reddit activity going. Their customer support is excellent, and they have an encrypted website with a live chat box for helping you. They have multiple existing karma points with natural history. However, you must strictly follow their instructions. Otherwise, they cannot replace your account in case of failure. They also sell Reddit upvotes.


1. Why Should You Buy a Reddit Account?

It is hard to grow Reddit accounts manually. Instead, we highly recommend purchasing an aged Reddit account with a high level of karma to help you get started. This saves you time, effort, and resources that you could undergo to get started.

2. Should I Buy Aged Reddit Accounts With Karma?

For a Reddit to be considered valid, it should be old enough and credible. Still, you must ensure that the account has a good quantity of karma points. This is simply a well-established reputation. This means, the more the karma, the more your followers take your account seriously. This is a good move in connecting with your target clients.

3. Is a money-back guarantee necessary?

While purchasing any service, it's advisable always to ensure that the seller guarantees you money back just in case of any fault. Never go for a firm that does not offer a money-back guarantee. Sometimes, Reddit accounts do not come with the level of karma to help you grab the target audience's attention or cover your side without much effort.

4. Single account or bulk accounts?

The decision depends on your preference. However, buying old Reddit accounts from the above companies, be sure to receive a discount. This can save some of your money when the budget falls in a high price range, and it is an excellent choice for people with long-term campaigns when it comes to the success rate.


The above companies are reliable and offer secure Reddit accounts on the market with a guaranteed money-back period. Before signing off a deal, check the features. When selecting, ensure that the company provides exemplary service using the right way. Confirm the karma level to verify that the Reddit account is aged enough to help you get the attention of your target audience.

Therefore, check out our best platforms above and make a choice. They are safe and secure with a good reputation on the market.