5 Best Instagram Message Recovery App in 2023

Instagram Message Recovery App

Are you looking for the best Instagram message recovery app? You might have accidentally deleted your Instagram message without knowing. And if you would wish to learn how to recover them, you can find out from our article today

You might accidentally ‘mass delete' your Instagram messages as a social media marketer or influencer. It is even worse when you delete your client's important Instagram message threat. If you have been struggling through this, you are not alone.

It is frequent on social media platforms, and most people search for recovery tools. We have developed the best Instagram message recovery third-party applications. These apps are important not only in recovering messages but also in getting back your customers.

Thus, if you find yourself in such a situation, and need back the precious messages, read this article to the end and find out. Let us go into it without wasting time.

Best Instagram Message Recovery App

while some Instagram users copy Instagram posts, messages, and comments for future reference, it might get you unprepared. Thus, you end up looking for the best Instagram message recovery app to avoid losing important messages. We have gathered the best Instagram message recovery app to help you save time and resolve the issue. Let us get started.

1. Fonelab

Fonelab apps overview

is you have lost an important Instagram message and need the best recovery tool, the first option should be Fonelab. You can use this Instagram message recovery app on iOS and Android gadgets. It will help you in various cases. Other than recovering deleted Instagram messages, it is still effective in retrieving important data on the android when you lose it. However, the data should be retrievable.

This is only when you delete the messages and other files, including phone contacts. You can easily recover them using the Fonelab app. Recovering Instagram messages is very simple with Fonelab. There are simple outlined steps you need to follow, and they are very simple.

Upon getting the application installed on your gadget, launch it and select the data recovery, which is Instagram messages. It will scan and access all the retrievable data, and then you can filter out to obtain the relevant one to recover. Besides being a retriever app, it also helps in unlocking iOS.

2. Fone

Fone apps overview

U.Fone is the nest best Instagram message recovery app on the market. They understand that the message is one of the reliable metrics used to boost engagement on Instagram. They are here to help you restore your deleted Instagram messages.

Besides an Instagram message or data recovery, this app is also perfect for optimizing a slow iPhone and phone-to-phone file transfer and can help you solve all your phone issues. It also makes liefe easy by coverting 2D to 3 D mopvies, or M4V fiels to mp4 videos. Some of the top solutions U.Fone offers on the market are phone erasing, improving creativity, and data recovery.

If the Instagram message is the only issue, try using U.Fone. They also help recover WhatsApp files, videos, etc., as long as you have saved them on the iPhone.

Thus a perfect tool for recovering Instagram messages. This tool is very simple when you already have it installed on the phone. You can launch, select the data recovery modes as Instagram, choose data type, preview it and select to finish recovery.

3. EaseUS

EaseUS apps overview

EaseUS tool has been the best and trusted by users worldwide for over 18 years. When the tools fail, EaseUS will never let you down. The best option to select is when you need to return your deleted Instagram messages and other files. Other than recovering the messages and files, it can also backup.

However, for you to usu must have a computer and connect it with the phone, then connect through a tool; ensure that your phone is rooted before trying to recover the files; otherwise, it will fail. The software quickly connects with the phone once you have linked.

While recovering the deleted Instagram messages, EaseUS gives you time to preview the threat before starting to recover. Also, you can use this tool to transfer the files from the phone to the desktop. This application is available regardless of the platform you are using.

EaseUS is the tool you will need to recover the deleted data and backup from having the vital data at your fingertips. The app also helps optimize the hard drive's performance to make accessibility simple. It also comes with many more features.

4. IBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

IBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery apps overview

  • For: iPhone

Nother reliable and efficient Instagram message recovery tool is IBeesoft iPhone. Data Recovery is not just a simple app to support Instagram messages on the iPhone but also recovery and other services. This is a one-stop shop for free data recovery solutions; if you lose p[recious messages or data on iOS or want to back up the files, go to IBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery for the best services.

The app has been integrated and now can recover deleted files on iPhone. They believe the easiest way to get back your deleted files and messages is to scan the device. But with IBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery, they guarantee you 100%  Instagram message recovery. It can also extract backed data from iTunes and iCloud storage.

You might lose data accidentally through resetting the phone, stealing, damaging, or other things. All these are nothing to worry about with this tool. Resume all the deleted WhatsApp, text, and Instagram messages easily. The tool can also recover photos, videos, etc., including Instagram messages, as long as you are using an iPhone.

However, you will need to download and install the tool on the desktop, launch it, connect to the phone through the cable, and easily recover the deleted Instagram messages. It also gives you an option to preview the files before restoring them. It would help if you also remembered that IBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery does not support android gadgets.

5. DMPro

DMPro apps overview

DMPro is one of the amazing automation tools, but it comes with advanced features which allow it not only to restore deleted Instagram messages but also to send multiple direct messages to a group of people. It has a free trial version, but the premium one comes with advanced features.

Some of these allow you to automate bulk sending of bulk messages, managing multiple Instagram accounts, unlimited inbox messages, automated message responses, and online safety and general security.

Therefore, when you link the Instagram account with the DMPro tool, you can store or have a record of the Instagram direct messages in the email inbox to access them anytime. Thus, when you accidentally delete the messages from Instagram, you can still access them on the DMPro application.

Therefore, DMPro is considered the multi-tasking application to manage your Instagram messages and many more. Above all, it comes with a friendly user interface where you can easily recover Instagram messages when you accidentally delete them. They guarantee that safety is at stake, and online privacy is guaranteed.

You can simply set up a new and free account, links the Instagram account, and start slaying. Instagram messages will always be stored in the email, and this is where it relies on offering the recovery option. You can also use this tool to reach Instagram messages without the sender seeing you.


Instagram messages serve different purposes. Other than communicating, it is also one of the aspects of Instagram engagement. Therefore, the thread is very important in managing clients and getting connected. You can easily use the Instagram message button to establish brand awareness, build trust, and increase engagement.

However, sometimes you might accidentally delete the Instagram messages and needs them back to the platform. This is where the above best Instagram message recovery apps come in to play a part. The above are efficient, effective, and easy to use. You can rely on them for the Instagram message recovery options besides backing up files.