Can You Change Your Reddit Username?

Change Your Reddit Username

Are you finding the Reddit username embarrassing and wish to change it? Then in our article, you will learn more about username allocation and learn the rules as long as you can change the Reddit username. Keep reading to the end.

Reddit is a social media platform but comes with pretty strict rules. Especially regarding spammy activities, Reddit is very strict with changing the username. The methods you used to register the account determine how easily you can change the username. To an extent, you might regret and end up with the buyers' feelings with the choice of your Reddit username.

While other social media platforms simplify the process, Reddit places few caveats on the username change. So, when you are unsatisfied with the username during the registration, you can also change the username on Reddit. Never confuse the Reddit username and display name.

Therefore in our article today, we will cover the basics rules and how to change the Reddit username as well as the display name. Keep reading to the end and learn more about changing your Reddit username.

Can You Change Your Reddit Username

Can You Change Your Reddit Username

On Reddit, once you make the final process and select the username, you cannot change it even if it is capitalized. However, there are a few exceptions when you can change the username. That is, it is possible to change the username when you create an account using the apple ID or google account while registering the Reddit account.

If these are your login details, then you are not done with finalizing the assigned username. This means, with the above topics, the platform automatically assigns you the username, which gives you 30 days to change it before it makes it permanent.

Therefore, when you navigate the Reddit account immediately you create using apple and google accounts, you will be able to see a notification stating ‘ do you want to change or keep your username? On the top right corner of your screen. If you can not modify from this stage, then Reddit gives you 30 days to modify the changes and select the relevant username.

But immediately you change the username, the selected name becomes final, and you will not have the option to change it whatever in the future. Though Snapchat allows you to create as many accounts as possible, you will not be able to sync with one another during your one unique account.

Reddit's Username Change Restrictions

Reddit's Username Change Restrictions

There are a few restrictions Reddit places on the change of the username. Therefore, the platform has two methods to register an account. First, you can create an account using the existing apple ID or google account. The second method is to use the existing email address directly.

Therefore, when you want to change the Reddit username, keep in mind these three rules to make it safe and simple:

Step 1: Reddit allows you to change the username once and within 30 days if and only if you have created an account using the apple ID or your google account.

Step 2: But when you sign up for the account using the existing email address, then Reddit allows you to add the username during the registration process, after which you will not have the opportunity to modify or change it in the future once done signing up the account.

Step 3: Then lastly, you immediately elect the Reddit username and use it; you cannot use the same username to register another account on the platform.

Having these in mind, we can now proceed to change the Reddit username in the next section.

How to Change Your Reddit Username

There are a few conditions that your Reddit account must satisfy for you to be able to change the username.

  • The first one is that your account must have been created within 30 days,
  • The second is that the account should not have any instance where you tried to change the username.
  • Then lastly, you must have created the account using the apple ID or google account.

When the account meets the above conditions, then you can proceed with the changing username. In this section, we will guide you through two sections changing using desktop and mobile applications.

On Desktop

If Reddit randomly assigns you the username during registration, you can change it using your desktop. there are a few steps you need to follow as listed below:

Step 1: Launch the preferred browser on your desktop, then head to the Reddit website. Make sure you log in to your account with relevant details.

Step 2: After that, tap on the drop-down arrow, which is located in the top right corner, and from there, choose the profile from the listed options or menu

Step 3: Once you have selected it, you gain access to the drop-down pop-up requesting you if you need to change the username. Then tap on change username options and proceed.

Step 4: Thus, type in the preferred username. This username must range between 3 to 23 characters, and tap continues when done. Note that you must pay attention to the red text, which is found below the textbox, which indicates whether the username is acceptable or not. The username must meet a few minimal requirements.

On Mobile Phone

Using a mobile application, you can still change the Reddit username. The processes are the same, though with few differences, as you are about to note.

Step 1: Assuming you have the Reddit app installed on your mobile device, click on the app icon and launch it from your home screen. It can be on android or iOS devices.

Step 2: Then click on the profile button at the top right of your screen

my profile

Step 3: From the menu, choose my profile from the list using the account menu,

Step 4: Then you will see a Reddit pop-up [ which is requesting you to keep the automatically assigned username or change. From there, click on the change the username option and proceed with the next step.

change user name

Step 5: Type in or enter the unique preferred username. It would also be between 3 to 23 characters. Like the first methods on the desktop, again, pay attention to the red text box underneath the username. It indicates the criteria of your selected username. So you are satisfied, and your username meets the requirements, click on the next ion located at the top right of your screen.

Step 6: Then Reddit will confirm by asking you if you are sure you are not keeping the new username forever. Then if you are sure and contented, click on save the username and finalize the process.

How to Change Your Reddit Display Name

Though it sounds consuming, you should now be able to differentiate the Reddit username and display name. Displays name is just the two Reddit identifiers. The name is only visible when you search for someone on the platform using their username and need to look up their profile. Therefore, you will not see the display name on the posts. Instead, you will see the username. So if you want to change the username: find out in the below section:

On Desktop

The process is simple when you are using the desktop.

Step 1: Launch the preferred browser and visit the credit website at and proceed by logging in to your account with relevant details.

Step 2: Then tap on the downwards pointing arrow button

Step 3: from the drop-down list, you will be able to see the profile option. Click on it

Step 4: while on the profile section, click on the display name, then type in the display name of your choice.

Step 5: Then give it a few seconds once you type in the unique display name until you see the notification stating the changes have been saved.

Step 6: then tap on the downward arrow icon on the section again

Step 7: Then tap on the profile from the drop-down list

Step 8: you will be able to see the new display name from that section on your profile photo

On Mobile Phone

like the above procedure, changing the Reddit display name is simple even when using the mobile application. here is how to change:

Step 1: Launch eh Reddit application on your device from the home screen.

Step 2: Then tap on the top left corner of your screen from the Reddit home page.

profile button

Step 3: Then, from the resulting option, click on the ‘my profile.


Step 4: Then click on the edit icon on the profile.


Step 5: Click on the delay name option, then type in the new display name based on your preference.

Step 6: Once done, click the save button.

Step 7: Then, you will be able to access the new display name underneath the progi]ile avatar or below the profile photo.

Why Can't You Change Your Reddit Username After 30 Days?

Why Can't You Change Your Reddit Username After 30 Days

The main reason Reddit is stringent when changing the username is because of the millions of databases the platform has to update. The database field contains massive information. Therefore, any changes to the username also require the platform to apply the effects on the posts, submissions and comments you made or interacted with on Reddit. The process is demanding.

You are aware that you are not the only person, but all users requesting to change the username and total millions of Reddit accounts maybe per day looking at other social media platforms; they are equipped with the tools to enable it but are not ready to undergo the procedure when it comes to Reddit. This is because Reddit utilizes the NoSQL database for its data storage.

With NoSQL, the database site offers the structure to store data in the form of a table which is perfect for retrieving the same information. But JOIN clauses are simply the queries that users can utilize while combining two and more links and tables with typical entries, and username is one of the entries here for this case.

Therefore, because the NoSQL does not contain the JOIN clause, each table in the store has a username region where the platform does not need to perform extra lookup while receiving information linked to the specific username; instead, it is stored on another table.

Thus when you change the username, it means you will also need to change the username on all the tables that have all the instances of that particular username. To avoid doing this for millions of accounts sending requests daily, Reddit restricts changing the username after confirmation.


1. If I delete my account, can I reuse my username?

Some people are urged to deactivate their Reddit accounts and start everything from scratch. However, users cannot use the same username even after deleting or deactivating accounts. Thus, one must come up with a unique and new username for the new account. But remember, you can create as many accounts as you wish. Deleting an account does not mean the username will be available; instead, it will not be usable again.

 2. Is Reddit username the same as Reddit display name?

Reddit display name and username are not the same. Username is the name appearing in the comments and posts you make using your account. But display name is the name that is visible when someone goes through your profile.

3. Can I create multiple Reddit accounts using the same Gmail account?

Surprisingly, Reddit does not just allow you to create multiple accounts, but also you can as well use one Gmail account to create as many Reddit accounts as possible. However, there are some caveats to it. For instance, when trying to log in to the Reddit account using the mobile application,  Reddit tends to log in to the previously logged-in account. Thus, you can visit the official Reddit website and create many accounts on a browser using your phone. Be careful and follow appropriate steps.

4. Is changing my Reddit username a one-time action?

Definitely, and, indeed, you can only change the Reddit username when it meets the minimum requirements and is only applicable once. Even while changing, Reddit will notify you of the same rule. Again when you create an account using the option, proceed with email along the application.

In this case, Reddit will need you to enter your username manually. So this is a one-time change username option, and you will not, in this case, have a choice to change the username.


Reddit is one of the strict social media platforms when it comes to changing the username. Once you create an account, there are a few exceptions that you can modify the username though only once within 30 days.

In pour article, we have highlighted the restrictions and conditions under which you can change the Reddit username. After that,w have covered step-by-step procedures on multiple devices to change the username and display the name on the Reddit account.

Read and grasp the procedure, then remember to select your username wisely as it is a one-time process based on the Reddit restrictions.