11 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Accounts Safely and Reliably in 2023

Buy Instagram Account

Do you need an aged instagram account with potential clients? Come on in here and read our article to the end. We have selected the best platforms where you can buy instagram accounts.

It is better to buy an Instagram account than to create a new one. However, this is only possible if you know the reliable places to buy them. There are plenty of platforms selling Instagram accounts. Buying an aged account is the best starting point to get you started, create brand awareness and make money.

Instagram is a great social media platform used by marketers. The popularity has gone upward since Meta purchased it. Therefore, getting a better platform to buy an account requires meticulous research and in-depth know-how. While there are many sellers in the industry, fake sellers might waste your money. Here are our best picks of reliable sites offering Instagram accounts.

Best Place to Buy Instagram Account

1. AppSally

AppSally insta account

AppSally is known for many things. They can help grow an Instagram account in no time. But due to high demand, they seized an opportunity, and now businesses can buy and sell their Instagram account on this platform. It is a reliable platform where you can get Instagram accounts with real owners and followers. Their website provides a lot of information.

This is important for learning about their services and knowing the benefits of buying accounts. Our research can conclude that their Instagram pricing is pretty affordable. It starts from as low as $27.00.

AppSally offers different types of accounts. These include verified PVA Instagram accounts, aged Instagram accounts with 5 to 12 months, and guarantees all clients 48 hours of free replacement. However, buyers cannot decide the gender of an account.

Instead, AppSally randomly selects the account based on its availability and your needs. The site also provides services that cover other social media platforms. They also have multiple payment methods and no worry about security; all are secured. You can also get in touch with the support staff through the chatbox.

2. PlayerUp

PlayerUp insta account

Playerup is a genuine platform and the perfect place to buy an Instagram account. Other than buying, you can also sell accounts on their website. This means they are known for buying and selling legit Instagram accounts with real followers.

Their Instagram accounts are verified. You can use different filters to help you get a perfect Instagram account matching your needs. The filter depends on the followers, gender, ownership, niche, time, and status.

So, you can request an account by providing the number of followers, industry, ownership, and delivery time. You can determine the amount you have to pay based on the above credentials. When planning for your Instagram budget, keep them in your mind. Otherwise, the pricing depends on the kind of account.

The homepage has a lot of information and lists all available Instagram accounts for sale. For instance, you can spot a verified Instagram account going for $25 and a verified account costing $570 but comes with 113k followers. These are high-quality accounts with different pricing.

3. EpicNPC

EpicNPC insta account

Epic NPC  is another excellent company that sells Instagram accounts. Even though it also offers other services, you can still buy Instagram accounts from their platform. It is a perfect choice on the market covering both sides.

Like the above platforms, if you scroll the Epic NPC  website, you will come across different Instagram accounts down the home page. Then based on your priorities, you can select the account of your choice.

This is because all the accounts have high-quality followers, Considering the number of followers or threads. And if you want to sell, you can list the account for free.

Epic NPC  offers different filtering options to get the perfect account. Pricing differs and is based on the number of followers. You can find Instagram with followers ranging from 10k to 300k, but you can also get an account with 1k.

They provide all information, including the followers, views, and replies and when it was created. This is the platform you are looking for. They have secure payment methods. Go for it today.

4. Fameswap

Fameswap insta account

Fameswap is among the leading Instagram trading platforms online. They provide a conducive environment for clients to sell and buy Instagram accounts. Most people trust it for buying Instagram accounts.

They claim that the account comes with real followers, likes, and an established audience. This is the safest platform, and you can select an Instagram account from over 2400  options.

They have over 17k happy customers. They have built a good reputation among their clients, and this is due to quick and efficient services. They strictly follow their safety rules as well as maintain them on their platform. All customers must follow the ground rules.

Fameswap has reputed payment methods that guarantee their customers' safety during transactions. They monitor all Instagram accounts up for sale closely through their skilled team. This company provides 24/7 customer support. You can even access them after clearing the transaction.

So, if you have any issues, you can contact them since they have a robust communication channel. The firm also offers encrypted messaging services. This allows buyers and sellers to contact each other directly and share relevant information.

5. AccsMarket

AccsMarket insta account

AccsMarket is another best marketplace. They help their clients with Instagram accounts. We love that these guys have an exhaustive selection list of Instagram accounts you can pick. These accounts are from new accounts which are not yet verified and those verified accounts with an active audience.

You can choose either depending on the needs and niche. Pricing is another thing you should go snider too. New accounts are cheaper. However, they do not have posts or likes. But old accounts come with everything, verified, and active users.

These guys care about your needs and priorities. This is because AccsMarket prioritizes a client, making the buying process easier. While you can benefit from these features, clients can also select accounts they are looking for.

For that reason, together with price listing, we believe that this is a perfect choice with reasonable pricing. They grouped their accounts based on the softreg, age, accounts with real subscribers, and bot subscribers. You can use the accounts for personal reasons or business advertisements to generate leads and increase sales.

6. AccFarm

AccFarm insta account


Are you looking for verified Instagram accounts? Then we recommend you to go checkout Acc Farm. It's a simple marketplace specializing in selling and buying social media accounts.

This means they do not only sell Instagram accounts but also offer all major social media accounts too. You can confirm from their website too. You can access Instagram accounts on the first tab of their homepage.

You can see a long list of Instagram accounts if you scroll down. They have grouped accounts based on the PVA, age, account with followers, etc. They also claim to be number one when offering quality social media accounts.

Acc Farm offers a variety of solutions, including SMM accounts majorly meant for marketing brands or businesses. If you try them, expect instant results. The accounts have real followers with no bots used.

Besides, they also promise a 100% secure payment method. You can also contact the customer support available 24/7 to help you. If you are operating under a fixed budget, we recommend you try these guys. You will experience the value of your money. Once you complete the purchase, you will have a new Instagram account. This is because they claim to deliver instantly on their website.

7. Socialtradia

Socialtradia insta account

Socialtradia is an interactive platform. It was meticulously designed to offer Instagram account trading services to its clients. It is based in Toronto and if you need to buy or sell your Instagram account, check them out. They claim to sell authentic accounts, quick response, and risk-free transactions. Furthermore, they guarantee you money back if things fail.

On their website, they have over 1500 Instagram accounts up for grabs. Their website is impressive and eye-catching. It provides all details of account Instagram accounts up for sale.

Their blog is well described and gives customers guides to help them select the best matching account. You can choose accounts from different categories but considering the range of followers. These people always ensure that you conduct a secure payment using a trusted method.

They also assure clients that they can deliver the accounts with a minimum of 3 hours but a max of 3 working days. The seller provides the username or email address and Instagram password. As we will see, once you receive the credential, change everything and become the account owner.

8. Insta Sale

Insta Sale insta account

Insta sale is the best place to buy and sell your Instagram accounts to potential clients. If you want a definitive account, try them today. They are superb, and their platform contains different Instagram accounts.

Meaning, you can select accounts based on your preference from the pools on their website. They claim that their Instagram accounts are engaging and well established in different niches.

They have vast categories, including travel, nature, etc. Furthermore, they check the accounts before listing them for security purposes. Thus, all accounts are verified by the technical team.

This website offers advanced features. Buyers can enjoy working with them since they provide a free service with only a tiny guarantor commission, are easy to use with secure payment, and your data are kept private.

The process is faster, and the support team is always available to answer your concerns. You buy an account as low as $100. Pricing depends on the age and number of followers. Their website is user-friendly with minimal complications making it a perfect choice.

9. Toofame

Toofame insta account

TooFame has been in business for a long time. It is well known for selling and buying Instagram accounts. Their staff has relevant experience, thus gaining popularity among the audience. They have over 2353 satisfied clients who bought their hand-picked accounts to date. Therefore TooFame is among the trusted Instagram account platforms.

They provide their customers with a conducive space to buy and sell Instagram accounts. They have 6 years of business but 5 years of service. They understand the quality of accounts and targeted followers.

TooFame guarantees you real and targeted followers with no fake audience. Therefore, expect active and engaging accounts since they raise the performance bar of their accounts.

They also claim that the accounts available on their platform are genuine and have been grown strategically. The long time of experience makes them perfect for selling Instagram accounts. So, upon payment, they are efficient and deliver accounts within 24 hours.

They vividly serve the best in this industry. Besides, they promise clients a 7 days money guarantee if not satisfied with their Instagram account. But the good news is that they are constantly updating their site to add more features and improvise the product's quality.

10. E-flipo

E-flipo insta account

E-flipo is another company that is worth listing. You can buy and sell Instagram accounts on their website. They claim only to sell authentic and audited Instagram accounts. It's a hassle-free process when you are worried about payment, and payment methods are safe and protected. This is the most authentic influencer platform.

This is because they verified Instagram accounts before listing. Aside, the buyer also can verify the authenticity as they click away. E-flipo cares about the customers, so they are aware of the scammers. Therefore, they rarely list accounts with fake followers or fraudulent activities.

Before buying accounts, E-flipo advises you first to do a check-up based on various aspects such as followers, likes, comments, engagement type of the audience, engagement rate, targeted audience, age, and gender, with many other things.

They provide a detailed analytic report for you to verify the above aspects. This helps you make an informed decision before the purchase. Thus, these guys can help you buy a suitable Instagram account, creating a good foundation of trust and satisfaction among their clients. They also provide fascinating influencers support to help grow your online presence,

11. SurgeGram

SurgeGram insta account

Surgegram comes last on our list but not least. They promise to offer their clients premium Instagram accounts and other services. Their website is simple to the point that you can select the account or filter based on the followers and categories.

The guys promise you real and active followers on their Instagram accounts. They can still help increase your online presence. Thus, they do not only deal with Instagram accounts but also Instagram engagement.

The company has experienced staff due to a long time of operation. Surgegram guarantees instant delivery, safe and secure transactions, Instagram accounts with real users, and 100% buyer protection.

The support team is available 24/7 to help you if you have any issues. Try out their services; however, it's a bit expensive but offers natural and high-quality Instagram accounts. The reviews on Trustpilot are fantastic. Their customers are happy and satisfied.

How to Buy an Instagram Account Safely from Middleman?

The above few sites are good platforms for getting good quality Instagram accounts with real followers. The pricing varies depending on the followers. Therefore, when selecting the best middleman, we highly advise doing a background check on the account first. Check the engagement rate to determine if the followers are legit or not.

Also, ensure that followers are leaving real comments instead of emojis. A reliable company provides all the preliminary information before purchasing, which saves research time and resources. consider these tips:

  • Stick to your niche:  Purchase an account dedicated to your area of interest so that you do not lose the existing followers.
  • Verify the email and password:  This is important for you to stay connected as the account owner from the previous one.
  • Change email and password immediately: Change your email and password once you purchase. This is vital and ensures that no one can access it once again.
  • Use goods and services with PayPal: Using the goods and services option allows you to get a refund when the seller does not deliver the account.

How to Buy an Instagram Account Safely Directly from a Seller?

When purchasing an account directly from the seller, consider these tips to avoid obstacles. You should note that buying an account is against Instagram's terms of use. Second, buying an account is not buying followers. Therefore:

  • Run the background check:  ensure that the seller owns the account and is a natural person. Check the posts and comments to make sure that the followers are real.
  • Niche check:  Double-check the Instagram account and make sure that it meets your needs and falls within your niche. Consider metrics like hashtags, phrases, post frequency, and average engagement.
  • Agree on detailed terms
  • After the above steps, create a detailed sales contract. The contract should cover the payment, delivery, date, description, identity, and provision.
  • Trusted payment method:  never use a third party or friend in making payment. This raises a red flag. For this case, Paypal is best as it provides a high level of security.
  • Make payment into milestones: You should maintain direct contact with the seller during the purchase period.. when the seller gives you a username and password, change and unlink their accounts to have control and split the payment for assurance due to scam. When anything goes wrong, you cannot report to Instagram.


There are many methods of digital marketing, and buying an Instagram account is something you should consider. It's the latest trick to promote and enhance your online presence. In addition, it's efficient to help you gain customer loyalty.

There are different platforms where you can buy Instagram accounts. The above list consists of the best and most reliable sites that sell IG accounts with real followers. Always research before making payment.