10 Best YouTube View Bot to Boost Your Views

Best YouTube View Bot

Do you want to know how to increase your YouTube views at minimal cost? Our article highlights the best youtube view bots to automate the process and improve your marketing campaigns. 

Capturing views is the biggest issue among most youtube creators worldwide. There are many contents on youtube, but most views go to popular channels. Previously, it was hard to crack this search engine ranking on small channels.

Since many have been looking for the best alternatives to get views on their videos and improve the popularity and traffic, there ought to be a new way out. Buying views is one of the strategies you can use, and secondly, you can use a view exchange platform. But above all, we have youtube view bots.

Increasing youtube views using a bot is a violation of their terms. The first 2 seem perfect; yet, there are safer bots you can use to gain youtube views. Let us learn more about youtube views first before jumping to learn more about these bots.

What is YouTube View Bot

YouTube View Bot overview

Youtube view bot is an automated software with a sense to run in the background 24/7. This software can be used to add views to your youtube videos. Once you purchase, they are easy to set up like other applications.

Youtube view bots are important mostly in the life of a youtube content creator. They can create an illusion on the algorithm for a video to look popular and attract more viewers. The view counts act as proof of the quality. You can also buy real human views, but it is a bit expensive.

Instead, you can use a bot because it is safe, easy, and fast. Some are even free. The same bots can be used in generating likes and comments other than views. Most of them come packed with more features to automate the workflow. However, using these AI tools in increasing the views endangers your account. Even though it kick-starts your organic growth, never rely on it once you establish real traffic on your channel.

As earlier stated, it is against youtube terms of use to employ youtube view bots in the process. When algorithms realize that people have clicked on your youtube but have not watched, yes, it gives you views, but there are 2 possibilities here. Youtube can take your video or account down when it detects a bot or when the algorithm interprets the results. It ranks your video down on search results, thus making it difficult for real viewers to find your content.

When you use a youtube view bot, be smart enough to prevent such repercussions. Else, here is our list of the best youtube bots to boost your views.

Best YouTube Bot to Boost Your Views

1. YTpals

  • Cost: Free


YTpals comes first on our list because it is a youtube bot that allows users to enjoy some of its services for free. The good thing about this bot is that they offer excellent customer support to their users. This is good, especially to the one starting to grow a new channel you ought to be respected in the industry.

While they offer free versions, it is all manual and seems complex as a sub to sub, and you can enjoy automated features when you go for premium packages. SIt back and relax, wait for the bot to work for you. Have your budget set and get help while saving your time. We encourage you to tray their premium packages.

It is a good site to buy youtube views and subscriptions, and it can also help get more comments, shares, and likes alike. You will never wait; the provider is quick with fast and reliable delivery. Youtube engagement is just one click away, and your channel will become popular. The provider offers active and immediate customer support 5 days per week.

2. Jarvee

  • Cost: Starts at $29.95 per month

Jarvee YouTube View Bot


It is surprising if you have never heard about this youtube bot. Jarvee has been with us for a long time, and the bot has established a good customer reputation. It is the best youtube marketing bot on the market. They have been creating the industry since its inception.

They feel your pain when it comes to gaining views and subscribers on your youtube channel. The Youtube community is growing, but Jarvee is still here to serve their clients, grow the accounts and become popular.

This is among the few bots that have maintained their consistent youtube performance. You can use it to gain youtube views at an affordable price. The pricing plans depend on your demand. This is because it does not only work on youtube but also all social media platforms. You can download the software and customize it to suit your youtube needs. Set it ready and wait for it to work.

It is perfect for gaining automated views, likes, comments, subscriptions and comes with auto-watch options. Its spin syntax can help you compose unique messages that look natural. Since it supports proxies, it is hard to detect, and you can use it to automate multiple youtube accounts. This is your perfect bot with a full browser experience stimulating human behaviors.

However, to achieve viral status, your account must have high-quality videos. But it is safe with faster growth.

3. Socinator

  • Cost: Starts at $9.95 monthly plan

Socinator YouTube View Bot

This is more than an average youtube view bot. They manage youtube and instead dominate and give their clients the best features to automate their account growth. It is the best tool for busy marketers. Their website has a lot of information and detailed blogs on why you should consider their services.

The good thing about Socinator is that they also offer customers an advanced publishing section. This means you use the bot to schedule the youtube video to a specific time when more people are online for gaining maximum views.

These guys help in not only growing youtube but also IG and Facebook accounts. SChedule your channel to autopilot and let it grow. Enjoy nice features like auto-piloted views, likes, comments, and subscribers. Trust us; the bot is constantly advancing on its features, so feel confident you are moving from zero to become a hero. You can equally book a free trial before committing to their premium plans, either monthly or billed yearly.

4. Somiibo

  • Cost: Free

Somiibo YouTube View Bot

This is a free online youtube software that can help you automate youtube accounts and increase your organic subscribers and views as you grow your online presence. This is the best tool to help grow your channel. It can automate all your youtube tasks and give your free views and comments. This is an all-in-one bot; you can get subscribers and as well generate views free of charge.

The bot never comprises the efficiency, earning subscribers, likes, and views at a faster speed. It supports trusted browsers, and youtube algorithms think it is real users; thus hard to detect and makes everything safe. With the Samiibo bot, you can also automate multiple accounts simultaneously with customized settings.

It is hard for youtube to realize that you are running multiple accounts since it supports proxies. Again, you can schedule and control each module to run without your presence. Mix and match these multiple modules to maximize your youtube marketing strategy.

5. View2.be

  • Cost: Starts $20 for 1000 views


This is a Canadian youtube view exchange network. It has been on the market for over 8 years now and is still perfectly serving youtube content creators. They have premium packages for youtube and other top social media platforms. Besides that, they also offer all clients to sign up for a free account to watch videos and earn coins that you can use to buy more views. You can buy youtube views from 1k to 1 million. The pricing range is an amazing offer.

This bot is a top-quality youtube views provider. They can even deliver t more than your order and view have a reasonable retention rate. They also have reliable customer support available 24/7 to help you. The provider guarantees delivery and refills as 100% safe and private. The bot is also perfect at splitting views across videos to help you gain instant recognition and increase the search ranking.

6. YTMonster

  • Cost: Free


YTMonster can help you in growing yout=r youtube views using about and connecting with other youtube channels. This is a perfect move to grow your account and succeed in the journey. You can carry out all processes on their online dashboard, which is comfortable working on an organized platform.

They believe that real user engagement is the key. You can use this bot to gain more views, likes, comments, and many more. It is simple and free, signup and get started within 5 minutes.

Join over 2.3 million active users and accelerate your youtube growth. They are here to help you through hard and serious approaches. This is a community of like-minded content creators with the fastest path to your destination. They also have a premium plan, but first, you should sign up to access the information. Lastly, they offer almost excellent customer support that is built on driving a community to their destination.

7. Tube Buddy

  • Cost: Starts at $7.20 per month

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is another complex software, but it comes in the form of a browser extension. The fact should not shy you away. The bot can skyrocket your youtube journey and gain more likes, subscribers while remaining useful forever. This means they have real views and subscribers.

Its performance-boosting comes in many different ways. Its core strategy relies on SEO optimization, which the bot extends to your youtube content using AI technology. This is based on a keyword related to your video. It optimizes your video search through the use of relevant hashtags and tittles while maximizing the reach.

Again their boost depends on various filters, card templates, and advanced embedding codes. Their free browser extension supports windows and mobile devices, which can be effective in helping grow your youtube channel. This bot is here to carry your manual burden and create your free time to create content.

8. vidIQ

  • Cost: Starting at $39 per month


Vidiq is also another bot worth mentioning. The provider is confident about the users they have served. Many youtube creators have tried their services on the market, and a good percentage likes this bot. It is normal to have negative reviews, too, and it proves they are legit.

To get youtube views, Vidiq uses the trend alert technique. Use the boot to keep up with the time and track the audience's interest in your content. They offer hashtags and youtube views as well. Their customer support service is impressive, and there are various ways you can reach them.

They use many things to gain youtube views; besides the above, they also have a thumbnail generator tool. This ensures that the thumbnail generated catches the attention of the viewers. It also analyses the competitor so that it can rank you to the same level. While they offer a free version, it is not recommended for gaining youtube views. Their boost packages are best for increasing youtube views on your new videos.

9. GoViral

  • Cost: Free


GoViral is a free youtube view service bot. It mainly focuses on the growth of your youtube channel by increasing subscribers, likes, comments, and views at no cost. When you sign up and watch videos, you can still earn some coins and engage with them. Consequently, you can order free views using the coins.

This bot promises its users full youtube automation to deliver anything you want. They also improve organic growth naturally over time. This is the easiest bot to use because it has a friendly user interface. Since it is a free service provider, delivery depends on the number of active users.

But if you want to enjoy unlimited features and prioritization, you can upgrade to their premium plans at a small fee. When you buy coins, that implies you are automatically buying viewers and subscribers. They have excellent customer support using the contact form.

10. StreamElements

  • Cost: Free


Becoming a stream legend is a bold statement that you will come across on their website. This promoter allows you to connect the services through youtube. There is much functionality here, but our main focus is on mercury by stream elements, a youtube engagement tool.

The tool is effective at bringing your new youtube videos to life. The tool has groundbreaking tools which are free to join and get started. When you join, you can receive youtube tips in real-time, and the community celebrates your success.

The tool focuses on real-time goals. It is perfect for updating live views to help close your target according to the descriptions on your video. It also maximizes view engagements through community polls. It boosts your videos by running live polls under it on youtube. This is a customizable tool you can use to control and optimize the content on youtube. Sign up for more mercury today; it's free.

Grow Your YouTube View Organically is the Best Way

Grow YouTube View Organically

Growing your youtube channels with organic views is the best move. Using any of the above bots in promoting your youtube videos is risking and against the community standards. However, it is advisable to use them in scheduling posts, filtering, SEO optimization, and creating appealing thumbnails.

There are worse side effects when using bots, even though few people have benefited from them. This was their luck and smart strategy. To be on the safer side, focus your attention on the relevant content and use the best youtube strategies.

There are high chances that using a bot on youtube raises a red flag on your account, but if you are smart enough, the risks are minimal, but they are still there. Another reason we would prefer natural views is that youtube bots don't work well and might engage your video with the wrong audience who don't have an interest.


Currently, there are many ways to grow your youtube presence. Most content creators run short of time. Therefore, digital presence is paramount. Most of the YouTubers are opting for youtube view bots. They are perfect for kickstarting your journey as you create relevant content that appeals to your audience.

However, when caught up using a bot, you risk facing a negative impact. You can as well depend on natural and organic youtube views when you create amazing content. If it is hard, try out the above youtube views bots to kick start your journey to success. When you go viral, praise these bots as you minimize their usage.