10 Best Photo Filter Apps in 2023

Photo Filter Apps

Do you want to improve your business but cannot get your customers' attention? You can achieve everything through photography and creating visuals. It might not be easy, but our article lists the best photo filter apps to help you.

But when you are using social media platforms, the task can be simple. The best photo filter app is the best option to help you get closer to the success of your social media profile success.

Visual images and posts are very vital in social media marketing. Thus, it is worth investing in photo editing applications. You can quickly get the audience's attention and jumpstart your brand. For this reason, we have taken our time to research, test, and vet some of the best photo filter applications, premium and free to help you develop a perfect virtual strategy and display your brands even with your mobile phone.

First photo filters are software designed to help edit your images and add filters even when using the phone. You can get your photos and then improve their appearance to make them stand out. If you need suitable photo filter apps, then read our article about the best photo filter apps to the end.

Best Photo Filter Apps

1. AirBrush – Best Retouch Portrait Filter App for iPhone

AirBrush from Apps Store

AirBrush is one of the outstanding matter applications that are not only considered the best and most versatile photo editor but also ideal for portraits and selfies. It offers multiple photo editing as well as beautifying features that help one bring out aesthetically amazing selfies. It is the best retouch portrait filter application compatible with iPhone gadgets.

The tool has other unique features that are perfect for handling tasks. Such features are classic retouch,  prism, relight features, and virtual makeup. Additionally, it also has a hair filter option. It is possible to erase a particular object from your picture and select your alternative or preferred background to use.

AirBrush has an outstanding customer rating, indicating how reliable this application is. While it has a free version, you need to upgrade to the premium package so that you can access more advanced features while enhancing your photo with filters. One advantage of this photo filter application is that it is simple, easy, and faster to use while editing pictures as a retouch or makeup tool.

One can use my kit feature while accessing perfect tools, and it comes with an easy user interface. However, it is limited while editing general photos where it only majors in selfies and portraits. But still, with many features and ratings, AirBrush is the best option as a great photo filter application. You can explore other alternatives if you need to work with other different types of photos.

2. VSCO – Best Artful Filmic Color Filter App

VSCO from Play Store

next on our list we have the VSCO application. While VSCO is a free photo filter application tool, it combines editing tools, an online community, and a camera just like Instagram. Everything VSCO covers are about the photo filters.

This is one of the fantastic applications compatible with Android and iOS users and guarantees you stunning sets of filters to make your photo look as if you snap them with the analog camera. It has artful filmic colour filters, which we term subtle and soft filters, which add a classy touch to your picture and contrast to the typical Instagram preset filters. VSCO has a simple slider to help you adjust the filters when ned arises.

VSCO also comes with the basic editing features to enable you to perform activities like cropping,  vignettes, borders, and adjustments. And if you want to adjust the contrast of your photos, the exposure, skin note, or temperature, then VSCO is here to help you today.

As stated, VSCO has a creative community where you are done editing your picture; you can share it with the community before sharing it on other available social media platforms. Using the built-in sharing tools, you can also share the edited photo through SMS  or WhatsApp.

It does not only edit photos but also videos. In the free mode, you can access up to 10 free p[resets to take your photo to the next level. Whereas the premium package lets users access over 200 presets, HSL, and split tone.

3. PicsArt – Best Creative and Fun Filter App

PicsArt from Play Store

if you are an iPhone or Android user and want to strike or bolder your photo with the reliable photo filter application, PicsArt is your one-stop shot tool. This is a good bet since it offers free access to over 100 fonts, stickers, and templates. However, when you upgrade to the premium package, you can access over 1000 as well as customize the way you love doing it.

The application has a community consisting of over 150 million editors. You can use PicsArt to edit a photo to bring creativity to life. You can use this application not only for adding filters but also for adding and removing backgrounds, designing, and making professional collages. You can also try popular edits like mirror selfies, golden hours, and retro VHS or Y2K filters at their best.

This is the best photo and video editor tool that can give you all the tools you need to bring your flair to any photo so that it stands out from the rest. You can discover over 60 million picsart stickers where you can also outline the selfie using widespread sketch effects, making drip arts, and turn a portrait into an artistic masterpiece using canvas effects and filters.

The applicat0uion has multiple downloadable features and contents and pre-made templates that are easy to use.

4. TouchRetouch – Best Object Removal Filter App

TouchRetouch from Play Store

TouchRetouch is the best and most reliable photo editing tool not for adding filters alone but for removing objects to make your photo outstanding. There is no easy way to remove unwanted subjects in a picture like the TouchRetouch application. This is a terrific photo editing tool.

TouchRetouch can help you do the magic, including removing telephone wires, surface breaks, photobombers, human-made objects, and anything that spoils your picture. The tool is perfect, and it can make any unwanted object vanish. It features segment remover and sets thick lines to thin or any desired size. It has a strong reputation and excellent rating online.

5. A Color Story – The Most Powerful Effect Filter

A Color Story from Play Store

A Color Story also ranks high as the best filter app. The tools make sure that users have access to the powerful filter effects. Other than offering access to over 100 filters, you can also access the motion effects. And you are not limited; you can proceed to develop a custom filter and edit photos in bulk here; you should note that bulk editing slows down the performance.

It has kind of Instagram integrated filter effects. This application's primary purpose is to perfect an image's colour. This is because their filter effects aim at increasing the saturation and brightness regardless of the colour, including white.

A Color Story can help you freshen the image so that it ends up looking original. Thorugh features like bokeh, lens flare, texture, glow, and light leakages can combine to refine your photo with filter effects. Well, it is efficient too in resizing, rotating, and moving the effects while adjusting the transparency.

Furthermore, this application offers other tools such as sliders perfect for adjusting the shadow, brushes, curves, and exposure. With the batch editing feature, you can add filters and edit multiple photos simultaneously. At the same time, it is a free tool you can upgrade and get an in-app purchase premium plan.

6. Darkroom – The Most User-Friendly Filter App

Darkroom from Apps Store

if you want advanced photo filters for your Instagram posts, then Darkroom is the best bet. It has an intuitive user interface which makes most people love it due to its simplicity. The tool organizes their filters into categories and guarantees advanced improvement on your photo using a variety of colours as well as B/W filters.

Like other filter apps on the mart, you can create custom filters using Darkroom. Meanwhile, you can access 12 free filters where we are sure that hen you want to multitask with bulk editing, then expect lags.

Therefore, Darkroom is an advanced tool with a wide selection of filters. Something interesting about this application is the ability to help you apply filters to the live photo. The filters vary but range from monochrome faded vintage to bright colour.

You can anytime adjust the filter intensity by using the slider. When you make a custom filter, you can save it for future use. among the best editing feature on Darkroom are:- curves, HSL, shadow setting, selective adjustment, healing brush, and exposure, among many more. Get the premium package and access more filters.

7. Afterlight – The Most Unique and Creative Filter

Afterlight from Play Store

Afterlight is one of the filter apps that famous photographers use. You can access filkers from prominent photographers with a large number of overlays. You can also create presents, and you need to know that the tool groups all filters based on colour. However, you have limited access to the advanced features when using the free version, and they rarely update.

Thus, Afterlight has plenty of professional and creative filters where every filter represents a particular mood in a snap. The filters are not just only meant to increase the contrast and brightness. The filters are fresh, cool, and vintage as well as grungy. This means users have options and the flexibility to select from different styles.

Besides manual combination, you can also separately filter and edit the tone,  intensity of effects, and saturation. It also comes with additional unique features such as selective colouring, double exposure, etc. the grouping of filters in the Afterlight is for convenience.

8. Carbon – Best Black and White Photo Editor

Carbon from Apps Store

Another well-known photo filter app is Carbon. It is best for creating and editing black and white photos. It consists of over 58 black and white filters and adjustable filter lengths. Also, you can use Carbon to create vintage-style images as well as include the bokeh and light leak effects.

It also comes with subtle and artistic colour effects where you can still adjust the colour. With only one click, it is possible to turn your coloured photo into a fantastic black and shite picture. You can always find any style you need to fit your preferences.

You can create a unique vintage effect with features like rain, grungy and light leak. It also consists of multiple diting features, which help fine-tune the exposure and colour. Kuwahara tool is perfect for creating a painterly effect.

Thus, you will never go wrong with Carbon in creating black and white photos. And above all, it is simple to use where the outcomes are always incredible. It is free but still has an in-built purchase if you want to access advanced features.

9. Photoleap – Best Visual Effects Enhance App

Photoleap from Apps Store

Photoleap si the best filter app, which appears to most users as the best source of visual effects s to enhance the images before sharing on your social media platform. It has advanced duo filters with masks and basic adjustment tools. Still, users can adjust ready-made filters and access the advanced colour correlation.

However, you must note that you can only access the advanced filters in premium subscriptions. Thus Photoleap is popular due to its high quality and fully customizable filters.

Photoleap is perfect for giving your photos a professional appearance without interfering with your computer software and programs. This way, the pp is excellent and have proved to satisfy skilled and newbies that want to enhance their skills and photos before sharing to their audience on the social network.

Considering the features, you can also access the blending and layers mode, filter brushes, tonal adjustment, cool effects, etc. It is thus easy to utilize your creativity with the filters and obtain the perfect outcome to suit your audience. It is simple to use, but if you are a pro, this tool has a mask feature to help you point correction. For instance, one can use the b&w tool during the sunset. The app is free; however, advanced tools are only activated upon subscription.

10. Snapseed – Satisfy All Your Needs

Snapseed from Apps Store

Then, in summary, we have Snapseed, which is rivaling photo editor tools and comes with a wide selection of features and a friendly user interface. Irrespective of your needs, this tool is here to serve and meet your expectations.

Surprisingly, it is a free application and consists of multiple preset features. As opposed to other existing filter apps, Snapseed makes things simple, and you can edit the filter, but also you can develop your filter from scratch. one of the apps on our list with all the basic and classic features like straightening, cropping, tests, frame, etc.

One of the reliable features of Snapseed is the sharpening feature, which you can workaround to obtain non-grainy photos. Another exciting feature is the precision masking that photographers use to edit the field's depth and make the photo's background look blurry, bringing foreground to the focus.

Again, it also comes with the selective adjust feature, which most people rely on while selecting a particular image area to adjust its saturation, brightness, and contrast at a specific point. Something entirely is that it also saves the work history, and thus you can never worry about editing your previous work.


There are plenty of filter apps online which guarantee you the best services. At times, it is good to find the overwhelming application to help you perfect the appearance of your photo. Our article lists the premium and free photo filter applications to rebrand your business and take your photography to the next level.

However, before you select, consider your needs and long-term goals you need to achieve, then test to find the correct application. Stick to one tool and obtain the best result. With experience, you will gain skills and become a pro.