Best Twitch Followers Count in 2023

Twitch Followers Count

How do you grow your Twitch channel while streaming? You must analyze your Twitch follower count and follower list to evaluate if your channel is growing. Please read our article to know more about followers count and followers list.

Twitch is a streaming social media platform, though not popular among some people. But, this is a pleasant platform for streamers. Categorically, most streamers on Twitch believe that getting more followers guarantees fast-Twitch account growth.

So, the more followers one has, the faster the account grows to reach more audiences and find targeted followers. Unfortunately, some are afraid that this is not the right choice since what matters on the twitch account is the number of concurrent stream viewers instead of followers.

And it is even worse to buy fake Twitch followers generated by bots, which guarantees you that you will have zero views on your streams. But, we believe that followers bring a difference to the growth of your Twitch channel. But, there are active and passive followers.

Active followers engage with your Twitch streams and often follow what is happening on your Twitch account instead of passive followers. Most inactive followers are generated by bots and come with lower engagement rates.

Since followers matter, we have decided today to cover the Twitch follower count. Let us now dive into details.

Real Time Twitch Followers Count

Twitch streamers always struggle to fulfill the growth path and get affiliate marketing. However, Twitch follower counts are the most specific factors they need. It is easy to achieve the targeted twitch followers counts on your profile. The process does not matter as long as they are accurate from real accounts.

As a Twitch streamer, getting Twitch followers becomes one of the easiest things. This is because, as viewers, they only should click on one button to start following your Twitch account. This is a selfless Twitch growth metric because tracking your location is time-consuming.

So,  most people shy and give up when they cross high talented twitch streamers. But it becomes easy to surge your followers' growth when you are raided. Get rid of popup notifications and cause active followers to contribute to the team's growth.

Various platforms offer Twitch followers count. However, you should also be aware that most of these platforms are not trustworthy, and they also have fixed pricing plans but are effective in delivering exceptional services.

1. Social Blade

Social Blade with Twitch Followers Count

Social Blade is a perfect choice for your channels and social media platforms such as Twitch, Facebook and Twitter, and many more. This tool comes with an advanced analytic tool vital in tracking your Twitch follower counts and other growth metrics.

These guys have a simple website that is easy to use and perform other tasks. So, this tool does not only offers Twitch promotional services but also supports other social media platforms. The company can easily track your Twitch followers count and other metrics.

It is vital as a content creator to come up with high-quality content and find more target audiences. When your main focus is on twitch followers, growing metrics on other major social media accounts also helps you gain popularity and more viewers to your Twitch stream profile.

When you understand your metrics, such as twitch followers, it is easy to find a solution and strategize your marketing plans. These analytics tools help you evaluate your twitch account, determine where you rank, and promise other insights.

This tool can also bring more Twitch followers, which is hugely helpful, especially when the new followers are from other social media platforms.


Livecounts io with Twitch Followers Count

Next, open our list is So for you to check the real-time updated information, Twitch followers count is our favorite option. Due to the inaccurate data offered, has revamped, and today, they have included a twitch live follower comparison.

Using is simple, and you can even tap on change user'. The button is located below the twitch followers count. This tool complies with all social media platforms' APIs and can download videos without a watermark.

And after adding new followers, they provide new followers after every short period yet still accurate. And if you want to access the Instagram follower counts, this is the tool you need. It has multiple advanced options which you can navigate through. These guys are real, and genuine Twitch followers count.


Livecounts with Twitch Followers Count is a perfect twitch follower count which works exceptionally on the twitch channel. This platform believes that the real Twitch follower count displayed on the twitch channel is incorrect since they are not updated in real-time. However, takes the reading from twitch API directly.

This means shows accurate and real-time Twitch follower count. They also have the option to use a lighter twitch follower count. They continually update the count within 5 seconds, which guarantees that it is as accurate as possible.

Again, the results are available for anyone to view on their platform. When using this tool, you can evaluate a Twitch channel using the name or the channel ID.

Best Tools to Access Twitch Follower List

Besides accessing Twitch follower count, there are also other platforms that you can use to evaluate the Twitch follower list. This is important, primarily if you target twitch followers utilizing a competitor. You can also see who followed you on Twitch through the creator dashboard.

Let us look at some of the best and most reliable tools to help you access the Twitch follower list.

1. Twitch Following

Twitch Following with Twitch Followers Count

Twitch Following is an online-based platform that lets you access and see who someone is following on the twitch channel. Though previously Twitch Following, the tool has changed the name to Twitch Database. They have revamped their platform and expanded to offer other services.

Today, you can also evaluate a Twitch channel and assess an individual's role on a Twitch channel. They aim at providing you with analytic tools.

However, they do not want you to use this tool to harass or witch hunt someone. The good news is that this platform is free of charge, but if you're going to keep it running, you must purchase a premium package.

2. Twitch Insights

Twitch Insights with Twitch Followers Count

Are you struggling to find someone with the most followers on Twitch among your followers? Then look no more. Twitch insight is here to help you out. You only need the Twitch nickname, and you will see the Twitch following list. However, this tool only limits you to a maximum of 2000 returned followers.

Again, you can use the tool to see who someone is following, their role on a specific Twitch channel, the followers, and the number of views they have on their Twitch channel. This is a perfect platform for analyzing Twitch and offering other analytics services such as game ranking and extension stats.

How Can I Find the World's Top Twitch Streamers?

Finding the top Twitch streamer is easy. The best platform to access the top Twitch streamer is Twitch tracker. This is the leading trending site and lists top streamers based on the language, steam time, viewers, and followers. You can sort the list using aspects such as personality, sport, or any channel.

However, the overall ranking is based on the concurrent stream time for the last 30 days. And the first thing you will notice on the TwitchTracker website is its top streams and top live channels of the previous week. You can open different tabs to see various analytics based on other streams.

How Many Twitch Followers do I Need to be Influential?

To qualify for the affiliate programs and be considered influential on Twitch, you only need at least 50 Twitch followers. However, typically, the smallest streamer who sees success has followers ranging between 70 to 80.


Twitch follower counts are vital in determining the possibility of qualifying for affiliate marketing. Twitch as a platform does not show real-time followers count. This is where the follower count tools come in.

The above tools are reliable and can give you accurate, and real-time twitch follower counts. They are constantly updating information after every 5 seconds. You can also use them to analyze the Twitch channel and access followers lists in no time with only Twitch names.

However, be careful when comparing your Twitch channel with other competitors; everyone has a different unpredictable and incredible journey.