23 Best Telegram Bots to Save Your Time & Value Your Profile

Best Telegram Bots

Have you ever tried adding an automation bot into your telegram campaign strategy?  Come in and read our article to learn about the best telegram bots and how they make your telegram more valuable.

Telegram has become prominent due to its improbable instant messaging. Unlike other social media platforms like business WhatsApp applications, Telegram is compatible with various Windows OS and other devices. It even synchronizes with your messages. It also offers a team for group video calling, intelligent stickers, screen sharing, and many others. These features set Telegram apart from the rest.

Therefore, Telegram bots offer automated services for their power users. We have researched and selected, tested, and vetted these below as the best telegram bots to help you improve your social media marketing strategy.

Best Telegram Bots to Increase Your Social Media Marketing

Telegram bots make every activity on Telegram efficient and streamlined since they consolidate all your messages. Thus, the below bots will ensure that you never miss out on anything. They are also helpful when it comes to growing your telegram channel. You will never fall behind when you utilize them.

1. AppSally

AppSally Telegram

  • Offer: Telegram members/post views/account
  • Cost:  Start at $33.30/133 Telegram channel members

AppSally is a social media platform to buy members, post views, and accounts. These guys have built their reputation and have a 5-star rating from a trusted site. Their services are cheap and especially when purchasing telegram channel members.

You can always select any choice that fits your budget. Immediately you can start ordering upon selecting to get more payment information. They provide convincing reasons why you need to buy their telegram members.

They are the best platform you can rely on when you need to automate your telegram channel growth. You can always check out their packages and share the link when you need to get telegram engagement. They always guarantee to increase your organic group members and make it popular.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister Telegram

  • Offer: Telegram members/post views/ poll votes
  • Cost:  Start at $9.00/1000 Telegram channel members

Media Mister bot divided their telegram growth services into 3. You can buy channel/group members, poll votes, or post views. Therefore, you can pay for exactly what you want to receive to your account. Since everything is auto-piloted, there is no kind of confusion. There are many things we love about this bot. It has a safer payment method and is considered the OG in this industry. Most members are already engaged with them.

Another thing is that Media Mister can help you even across the board. Their telegram features are separated, making it easy to use. The pricing is another unmatched feature; We loved their customer support team, which is efficient and responsive to serve.

3. Followersup

Followersup Telegram

  • Offer: Telegram members/post views
  • Cost: Start at $17.00/1000 Telegram channel members

Followersup is another best platform where you can access all marketing growth strategies. You can buy here members, post views, and other services for your telegram channel or group. Their services are trusted and safe. They offer a warranty and promise to deliver within 24 hours. The process is gradual and never raises suspicion on your telegram channel. They have been in business for a long time, hence offering high-quality services since they feel confident.

This platform has different subscription options, and all in all, improve your telegram engagement at an affordable cost. They are best when you need to boost your channel. Since they consider your privacy, you will never share your password on their platform.

4. GetAFollower

GetAFollower Telegram

  • Offer: Telegram members/post views/poll votes
  • Cost: Start at $9.00/1000 Telegram channel members

GetAFollower was also vetted as an excellent choice when buying poll votes, members, and post views. They can deliver everything safely. You can select a group or channel member on their telegram member option, but all cost the same.

They promise to deliver real members who can share stickers, polls, and their location to the channel or group. Keep up the competition by purchasing their services. This is because the telegram members increase your channel or group exposure. You can as well add it to the social media marketing strategy.

They have given a lot of information on their website and seem upfront and honest in service delivery. They also have a 100% risk-free policy and guarantees member retention. 180 days is the longest retention guarantee rate on the market.

5. Auto Telegram Bots

Auto Telegram Bots Telegram

  • Offer: Automation and Telegram members
  • Cost: Starts at $39

ASB Telegram Bot is a specialized bot specifically designed for telegram automation and adding members. This automation bot works well with your telegram channel or group. It supports unlimited accounts, and at the same time, safety is also their priority. To get you started, you can go for a free trial. Be informed that they regularly update it to improve user experience.

They have an experienced development team. Thus, it can offer you any automation services on your telegram account. The best part of this bot is that it is multi-threaded. So you should not worry about their HTTP request processing speed. They guarantee 7 days of money back on their platform.

Best Bots to Automate Your Telegram

There are also other bots on the market meant to automate the telegram account. You only need to search them using the username and pick from the list. However, consider the username when searching instead of the display name. It's very important.

1. Spotify Bot – Enjoy the Music on Telegram

Spotify Bot - Enjoy the Music on Telegram

  • Username: @spotify_to_mp3_bot

Spotify bot can help you deal with clumsy tasks and improve your experience whether using pc or mobile. You can easily connect it with your Telegram. After that, use it to download songs, listen, manage and enjoy while on the telegram interface. It is simple and reliable. You can download millions of tracks from the Spotify database.

2. Eddy Travels – Best Telegram Bots for Travelers

Eddy Travels - Best Telegram Bots for Travelers

  • Username: @EddyTravels_bot

Even though it is popular, it helps members discover travel deals and places where they need to visit. You only need to type in your destination, and there you go. It uses an AI assistant, and it always saves all your searches. It also offers online commands that you can integrate with your Telegram. They have user and business perms. It has recorded over 17k users on Telegram.

3. IMDb Bot – For Movie Lovers

IMDb Bot - For Movie Lovers

  • Username: @imdb

This telegram chatbot works on all groups and any chat. You can integrate it into your telegram group or messages using its username. But remember never to hit the send button. You can also use it to check out more movie options on their panels. It scans all movie panels and gives you the results. In the long run, it offers detailed information about the actors, trailers, and plotlines, as well as the movie rating.

4. Gamebot – Some Simple Yet Relaxing Game

Gamebot - Some Simple Yet Relaxing Game

  • Username: @Gamebot

Gamebot offers you telegram simple gamings. While chatting on Telegram, type in the username and wait for the games to load without pressing enter. It enables members to take part in chat games as well as link friends to sample games. New members are prompted with a message, but press plays with friends to activate. Select the game and play with your friend in your comfort zone on telegram chats.

5. Gmail Bot – Use Gmail freely on Telegram

Gmail Bot - Use Gmail freely on Telegram

  • Username: @gmailbot

This is the best telegram bot, especially for proficient Gmail lovers. It allows you to access any new email while on Telegram. You can as well reply to the email through telegram functions. Therefore, you will never leave your telegram channel or group using this bot. You can do everything using the telegram interface.

6. Skeddy – Increase Your Effectiveness

Skeddy - Increase Your Effectiveness

  • Username: @SkeddyBot

When you are a telegram addict but constantly forget other tasks. This is the best bot for you. It acts as a critical task reminder and sends you a simple notification when you use it. For instance, you can set a reminder using simple commands when you are busy on Telegram.

These commands trigger a notification. It seems to replace the task management app. You can access all the reminders using the telegram interface. As well, you can disable and enable any reminder.

7. Jobs Bot – Help HR Conduct the First Round of Interview

Jobs Bot - Help HR Conduct the First Round of Interview

  • Username: @jobs_bot

This bot is powerful and lists all the career opportunities and accepts applications on Telegram. A small team developed it but with a real reputation in coding contests. Instead of going manual, you use this bot and send all job requirements through Telegram.

There is no guesswork here. They have business user perks. It enables HR to get all necessary details before vetting and interviewing candidates. The whole process is streamlined, though it looks less formal.

8. ManyBot – Create Telegram Bots Without Coding

ManyBot - Create Telegram Bots Without Coding

  • Username: @manybot

This is a telegram bot, but it again allows you to create other telegram bots, menus, and commands. It can carry out various tasks like auto-posting from RSS, creating custom forms, and sending bulk messages. You can also create a bot today on your Telegram without coding knowledge. This is a multi-purpose bot but primarily meant for automating tasks.

9. BotoStore.com – Best Telegram Bots Search Tool

BotoStore.com - Best Telegram Bots Search Tool

  • Username: @botostorebot

This is another telegram bot that offers a search tool. You can even use it to discover all active and best telegram bots from a catalog of over 25k chatbots. Search it and ask anything while on Telegram.

10. BotFather – Best Choice to Create Telegram Bots

BotFather - Best Choice to Create Telegram Bots

  • Username: @botfather

This is a bot that rules for all bots. You can use it to manage other bots and establish new bot accounts. When you open this bot on your telegram account, it automatically directs you to the telegram bots' help files and API manuals. This is the best telegram bot. You can control it using many simple commands.

11. Dr.Web – First Anti-Virus Telegram Bot

Dr.Web - First Anti-Virus Telegram Bot

  • Username: @delorean_bot

Dr. Web seems to offer different services. Using this bot, you can maintain the security of the links shared and files on your Telegram. It performs all the flay security checks for possible viruses. From its description, it is the first world anti-virus bot. Though, it's a bold claim. You also email or send the files to this bot for scanning. We highly recommend adding this bot to your telegram group or channel to ensure that all files are checked.

12. File Converter – Best format conversion Telegram Bot

File Converter - Best format conversion Telegram Bot

  • Username: @newfileconverterbot

This bot can convert any file from one format to another on Telegram. Be it videos, audio, or images. It is simple to operate. It also allows all audio and video messages on Telegram and all files on the device. An old file converter bot inspires this bot, but it works with simple commands.

13. File to bot – Best Choice for Telegram Cloud Storage

File to bot - Best Choice for Telegram Cloud Storage

  • Username: @filetobot

This is the best storage bot. It can save unlimited private files on Telegram and supports different languages. You can now use it to send a file size up to 2GB on any telegram chat. You can even save your files on the cloud and manage them into different categories. You can also link like in google drive so that other people on your telegram group or channel can access it.

14. GithubReleasesBot – The Mates for Github User

GithubReleasesBot - The Mates for Github User

  • Username: @githubreleasesbot

This is a perfect choice for Github users that are on Telegram. They can use this chatbot to receive a telegram notification message when Github releases a new repository. Use a follow command while following a release, and then it will be executed. You can also use this bot to unfollow your audience who are following you.

15. Meme Autobot – Enrich Your Chat Memes

Meme Autobot - Enrich Your Chat Memes

  • Username: @memeautobot

This bot is popular fr generating telegram memes. These generated memes go viral within a short period effortlessly.

16. PollBot – Best Helper for Poll

PollBot - Best Helper for Poll

  • Username: @pollbot

This is a telegram beta tester bot. It is responsible for creating simple telegram polls then distributing them to the groups. Pretty simple.

17. PosterBot – Best Porters of Popular Posts

PosterBot - Best Porters of Popular Posts

  • Username: @pstrbot

This is an automation tool that you can post popular posts from different social media platforms to your telegram channel. It is useful, and that's why we have included it here since it offers many customization options. You can also use this bot to customize a message for a perfect look.

18. URL2IMGBot – Screen Shot Helper

URL2IMGBot - Screen Shot Helper

  • Username: @url2imgbot

When you read carefully, you can understand the purpose of this bot. It is only meant to take URL screenshots while on Telegram and convert them to images. It works well in telegram groups.


There are many telegram bots, but their functionality differs. Telegram is growing, and as such, these above telegram bots can help gain popularity with the first-mover advantage. The above bots work well and are reliable for automating and improving your social media marketing strategy.