5 Easy-to-Use Instagram Engagement Rate Calculators

Instagram Engagement Rate

Do you want to select relevant influencers, or do you want to choose the right Instagram engagement rate calculator? We will cover details information on account engage t rates and give you tips to grow your Instagram engagement. Stay tuned.

Engagement rates have become the currency in social media marketing strategy. But, when talking about Instagram engagement rate, you need vanity metrics like Instagram followers, likes, comments, and impressions alike to count. However, metrics like comments and shares give your account profile the performance perspective.

Today, influencers are using engagement metrics as the selling points in their social media kits. At some point, marketers use it to gauge their social media strategy and return on investment campaign. Also, before going into details, always remember there is no standard or specific formula for calculating engagement rate.

This is why we are here to give you the best way forward to understand various contexts of calculating engagement rates and utilizing the proper equalization from your social media toolkit. Before diving into details, let us define the engagement rate and proceed.

What is the Instagram Engagement Rate?

Instagram engagement rate is a metric formula used to measure the extent of interaction earned in the social context that is relatively dependent on the audience's figure and reaches. The metric includes likes, saves, direct messages, click-throughs, and followers. All these depend on the social network.

Therefore, engagement in the social media context refers to the activities that are somehow more active than passive and includes actions like impressions and views. Different methods of measuring engagement rate inv9olves multiple calculations that aim to fit better the Instagram objective better case, the best and first method of calculating engagement rate on Instagram is using the following method:

Engagement rate= ((likes+coments) / Followers) x100. 

It is expressed in percentages.

Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator

1. Phlanx

Phlanx overview

Phlanx is a social media marketing platform that offers an Instagram engagement rate and a reliable platform to help you collaborate and grow your social media profiles. In other words, Phlanx is a promotional website that you can check out to boost your reach and access influencer directory from other platforms as well.

Phlanx is one of the best Instagram engagement calculators. And they claim that their platform is simple to sign up and access the services. To use the Instagram calculator feature, you only need the username of the account in question and search through the search bar. Upon clicking search results, it won't take long to find the engagement rate of the profile and give you the metrics.

Besides engagement rate, the metric also comes with moderate comments and likes that the target profile receives on every post. And if you visit their website, you can access all the recent searches and top list covering across all social media platforms. This is a one-stop shop for any social media analytic insights.

2. inBeat

inBeat overview

Next on the list of the Instagram engagement calculator is InBeat. This is the whole search engine if you are looking for a social media influencer. Someone might be operating at a fixed budget and unable to pay famous social media influencers to promote the business. But with InBeat, you can easily collaborate and integrate with credible influences with a reasonable engagement rate.

Whole followers are loyal to them. Thi calculator primarily analyzes the Instagram influencers based on the follower count, popular content, and engagement rate. Upon generating the list, the user can compare the influencer with a high engagement rate, export the report as PDF then select the one you need to collaborate with.

inBeat offers a free trial where you can try to search for an influencer or rather a micro-influencer. The platform has an Instagram engagement calculator that is primarily meant to help you obtain relevant information appropriate to your business promotion.

Also, you can use the calculator to measure whether the influencer can bring in a decisive engagement rate. It implies that most audiences should be commenting, viewing, and liking h content of the influencer. To get the engagement rate of an Instagram, you only need to search from this platform using the username of a target influencer.


GRIN overview

GRIN is a website-based tool that is able to sneak into the capabilities of influencer marketing to evaluate their engagement rate. Like the Instagram engagement rate calculator, GRIN analyzes influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms such as youtube and TikTok.

This tool offers anything linked to influencer marketing. Thus, when you need to optimize the marketing program, using an influencer is the tool to evaluate the engagement rate.

GRIN does not intend to spoonfeed you; instead, these guys give you the process you need, thus leaving you with all the control. Therefore, you can use this tool to get relevant influencers and calculate your Instagram engagement rate.

This website has all the information stored in its database, and pulling out the engagement rate of a profile does not take time. It provides all the analytic insights and perfect reports to make sense of the profile performance; thus, you can easily trace the ROI.

While it is simple to calculate the engagement rate, you need the URL of the target Instagram profile and paste it into the search bar on their website to get started. With the free tool, you can quickly figure out the engagement rate of a profile and take the next step if it is worth investing in the profile.

4. trendHERO

trendHERO overview

trendHERO is another reputable Instagram engagement rate calculator tool. People mostly use the influencer marketing tool to discover and evaluate the bloggers and Instagram influencers.

Thus, the platform consists of a large number of Instagram influencers as well as bloggers. But interestingly, if you want a reputable influencer, the platform can give you all the detailed information. These guys offer over 90 analytic metrics and can also track fake Instagram followers.

trendHERO gives everyone an equal chance to search the engagement rate of any influencer or blogger for free. You only need the username, but the only limitation here is that the account should be set to public to calculate the engagement rate. There is no need to connect the account to the platform as the analysis is majorly based on the posts influencers have on the profile.

While calculating the likes, trendHERO relies on the comments and likes from the recent 18 Instagram posts. They understand that the last 18 posts are sufficient to give you an accurate Instagram engagement rate. It not only gives you the ER in second but also provides the growth history of your followers and relevant information on the account, all of which are free.

5. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor overview

Lastly, HypeAuditor is well known as a free Instagram engagement rate calculator, which can help you get the followers count and their engagement with the Instagram account. Besides giving you the engagement rate, you can also access the average likes and comments.

So, if you want to know how you engage with the audience on your Instagram, consider HypeAuditor. It helps measure the engagement rate considering the interaction you get. Thus, it is possible to gauge how often the audience engages with the profile for marketing purposes.

HypeAuditor also claims to have an analytical tool for top-quality performance. It is easy to vet the authentic influencer for a better engagement rate. The guys understand that most influencers cheat using vanity metrics, but HypeAuditor rules out the fraud. Besides the free tool, there is also a paid version and other calculators such as money.

Why is Instagram Engagement Rate So Important?

Follower growth is significant, especially on social media platforms. However, the audience is not concerned with your content. You need an action that indicates your content is resonating with the followers and non-followers. Include likes, comments, and shares.

Thus, the engagement rate is responsible for everything. It is issued to indicate how your content is resonating based on the target audience. furthermore, engagement rate is vital in showing your relationship with the audience is healthy and growing robust.

When someone takes their precious time to comment on your post, they are paying attention to your content, and there is a high possibility of converting such an audience to become your potential customer.

What is a Good Engagement Rate on Instagram?

We are here to help you. Thus in this section, We will highlight some of the engagement rates and state what they mean to your account. here is the standard benchmark or guidelines:

  • When the engagement rate is below 1%, it indicates that the engagement rate is low.
  • Ranging between 1-3.5% suggests the engagement rate is good or average
  • But from 3.5 – 6%, that is a high engagement rate
  • To sum up, an engagement rate above 6% is very high.

Therefore, if your Instagram engagement rages between 1  to 3%, then you must be sure that that is generally good, and in most cases, many influencers lie here. However, when the engagement is over 3%, your audience is seriously engaging with your content instead of below 1%.

There are a few things that can affect your Instagram engagement rate. Most of these we covered in the previous article, and just to sum it up, they include peak hour, consistency, the follower counts, quality of your message, and content. Then lastly is the Instagram algorithm. For you to select relevant influencers, always check their engagement rate first. It is a vital metric you should not assume for the safety of your campaign.

This is why we have compiled the best Instagram engagement rate calculator to help you. If you are interested in this, then keep reading to the end.

How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement?

From the above basics knowledge on engagement rate, there are many things you can consider to increase the Instagram engagement rate. This is ireepsctive of the type of account you have. It is good to remain authentic and play with the Instagram algorithm. Thus in this section, we have researched some of the best ways to increase your Instagram engagement rate.

  • Consistency

it is always a good idea to try and keep your audience coming back for more and increase the engagement rate. Posting your content regularly is one way to keep your loyal followers entertained. A follower that is committed to your brand will always come back. Thus, try to invest in your content and be passionate about posting consistently.

When you post consistently, the followers develop engagement habits with your content regularly, creating loyal relationships. Through this, you can quickly increase the engagement rate. Consistency should be your priority to achieve a much-needed engagement rate.

  • Time the peak hours

It is always good to time your post wisely. We highly recommend posting during peak hours to get the highest engagement rate when people are online. Your engagement rate will likely increase more you post during peak hours. This means you should evaluate and understand your peak hour based on the target audience.

Instagram insights are very vital here. Know the location of the audience and access their peak hours. Thus, schedule the posts when you want to maximize the engagement.

  • Use relevant hashtag

Instagram was primarily developed on hashtags. Thus, people use hashtags to sort and filter Instagram content. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. However, avoid using multiple irrelevant hashtags. Include hashtags that lead to the topic page in your Instagram bio or stories. Another is to let your hashtag be located based on your desire to gain higher visibility. Location hashtags are vital in increasing Instagram engagement. While they are not trending, they are perfect for enhancing the SEO of your post. And use the relevant hashtag analytics to check its performance.

  • Interactive Instagram stories

Instagram story is a feature with multiple stickers which makes the audience directly engage with your Instagram profile. Thus, if you need to grow your Instagram engagement rate, consider using stickers and filters on your Instagram stories weekly.

Another excellent feature is the poll, emoji sliders, quiz stickers, and countdown. These alone are enough to enable the audience to interact with your account while giving feedback. You can easily take your engagement rate to the next level.

  • Utilize carousel posts

if you want to share in-feed Instagram posts, making a carousel will be an excellent move. From the experience and reach, these posts drive a high engagement rate as opposed to a single image or video. When you sue 10 carousel slides, expect an increased Instagram engagement rate. Then you can later use them to share as much as you can so that you encourage the audience to save the post, which boosts the engagement in the long run.

  • Stick to one Instagram filter

Instagram is driven visually; thus, the most popular feature you can easily access is the filter. They give your post a distinct and unique look; if you sue consistently, it becomes an identity. Most performing Instagram posts use a single filter always. Thus, your audience can easily recognize your posts and engage with them. Include brightness to attract your viewers and gain an increased engagement rate.

  • Work within your niche

This way, you give your Instagram account a face to the contents. Thus, if your Instagram posts are meant for a particular niche and face, there is a high possibility that your post will receive likes and attract comments. Having a face makes your posts feel personal, thus gaining a high engagement rate.

  • Geo-tag location

geo-targeting location is essential in improving your each. The more you reach more audience, the higher your engagement rate increases. This is good if you need post saves and when you are located at a famous location that includes things like a trendy cafe. Then make it specific to the post. Thus, if your audience is interested in the location, they save it so they can access it later.

  • Authenticity

well, on Instagram, one can decide to be clever or very funny as they want but always remember that nothing beats authenticity. Make sure you post your true content or images and get them to know the brand's value. Therefore, letting your audience see the behind-the-scenes and flops is always good.

Authenticity still means staying genuine and engaging with the audience through interacting with them in comments, replying to messages, and letting them even explore other brands you have. You can even repost the image when the audience tags you.

Posting unique posts help you establish customer trust in all aspects.

  • Check on the follower fatigue

It is good to remain passionate and enthusiastic about your brand. It is even exhausting to be overzealous, especially with your followers. Thus, avoid shouting at the audience and try to compose a caption to include some sense and portray an opposing effect. If you listen to the gut, you can then find the right tone as well as the frequency of the engagement with the followers and ensure that it is always tuned.


in conclusion, Instagram engagement rate is vital metric ins marketing strategy. There are various Instagram engagement rate calculators. Our article highlights the best and most fantastic tools to help you analyze the engagement rate and select the perfect influencers to promote your business.

If you want to increase your engagement rate, kindly read and grasp the above tips to grow your reach and engagement. It takes time to go your Instagram engagement rate. You will notice results in the shortest time possible when you play around with different tips and strategies.