10 Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission in 2023

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

Are you looking for the best phone trackers app without permission? Then this is the right place to be. We have gathered the best app for you in our article.

When you hear about the tracker apps, the first thing to come to your mind is hacking or monitoring. Well, the phone tracker app is vital for various instances. While many online apps claim to offer tracking services, very few deliver what they promise.

It becomes challenging for users to identify which one works well than others from a vast collection. Among the few working, you can use them to track someone without their permission. This means you can track someone using the phone tracker app anonymously.

This third-party application functions secretly without the target person realizing anything. It is good to use them while monitoring children and cheating spouses. But when it comes to other instances, it is illegal unless you have a valid reason; you can face the law.

Because of the long list of phone tracker apps and the possibility of encountering scammers, we have spent our time researching and vetting among multiple options the best phone tracker apps to help you monitor someone without permission. And today, these apps are advancing and coming up with many features to make them better for tracking someone even without permission. But again, the applications are vital w because, when by any case your phone is stolen, you can trace the location.

Therefore, read our article and find these recommended third-party applications in detail.

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

1. mSpy – The Best Overall Phone Tracker App


For: Android, iPhone

mSpy is one of the most impressive tracking capabilities that sought-after third-party applications online, which offers to track services on the phone and social media platforms. This is the most outstanding application you can count on when tracking a phone without permission.

The app offers reliable functionality, GPS location tracking services, excellent parental control features, and no jailbreaking or rooting; hence is a one-stop-shop for hacking needs.

mSpy keeps you anonymous. You can use this app to find the real-time location as well as location history. It also allows users to set the geo-location fencing parameters on the target mobile.

The app has impressive tracking capabilities that not only limit the call logs and offer access to keylogging, browsing history, and social media platform monitoring services. When you encounter any issue using this app, the support team can help you anytime.

However, when it comes to the pricing, it is somehow expensive though it functions perfectly well and is more stable.


  • Incoming and outgoing call log tracking.
  • Multimedia and SMS spying.
  • Geo-fencing alert.
  • In hand, complete control of the phone.
  • On-screen recording.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • GPS location tracking in real-time.
  • Keylogging.

2. Hoverwatch – Best Free Phone Tracker App


For: Android, Windows, Mac

Hoverwatch comes second on our list as the most reliable phone tracker app without permission. It is ranked as the best free app not because of its ability to manage the kids but also to monitor the employees. It can also track the location of the target device and activities performed on the phone apps.

When you visit their official website, you can easily download and install it to start working. Hoverwatch comes with many advanced features. Like any other app, it also allows you to set safety boundaries for your kid based on their movement.

You can use this app to record video and audio. This app offers geo-fencing, keylogging, and many other services. Generally, the app anonymously monitors the target device since it is not visible. Looking at location trackers guarantees the target phone's high-quality and accurate location.


  • Anonymously application.
  • Geo-fencing services
  • Call login tracking.
  • Social media app monitoring.
  • Accurate and high-quality GPS location data.
  • Phone browsing history tracker
  • Sim card change detection and android screenshot

3. uMobix – Best Cross-Platform Phone Tracker App


For: Android, iPhone

uMobix is a perfect choice when looking for the best phone tracker apps without gaining permission from the target device. It is well known for tracking or working across multiple platforms. It is one of the top choices where for it to function, you do not have to jailbreak or root it.

Among the third-party application, this app has live customer support services, and installation is effortless yet offers reliable operation. It guarantees users real-time GPS location data and is the perfect option for offering parental control.

You will not need physical access to track someone with this app. However, the accuracy of the location depends on the reception of the target device. Otherwise, uMobix will consistently rank among the best phone tracker apps without permission. Again, it also comes with more advanced GPS tracking functionality, but it goes at a competitive price.

The only thing this app use to get started is the iCloud username and password of the target device. When you have more social media platforms, you can always count on this app more than any other online tracking application.


  • Access to control the target phone apps.
  • GPS location tracking.
  • Streaming real-time surroundings.
  • Access deleted information.
  • Call history and text message tracking.
  • Compatibility with tracking social media platforms.
  • One-click installation.

5. Spyzie – Best Real-Time Location Tracker App


For: Android, iPhone

From their website, Spyzie is regarded as the number one phone tracker app on the market. We also agree that Spyzie is popular among parents worldwide for monitoring the children's phones, staff, and many more.

It is one of the most straightforward tools to use, and when it comes to GPS location tracking, Spyzie stands as the number one app with a guarantee to access accurate and real-time results. The application does not require permission for it to start delivering the tracked information.

This is the best phone trackers app without permission right at your disposal. The developers boast of its no-jailbreak solution for iPhone and Android users. You can also manage some of the primary activities on the phone like email, SMS, call logs, browsing history, calendar, and remotely access the contacts.

Installation is done over an air link and is simple to use once installed. We prefer using this because it masks you, and users can never notice that you monitor their activities.


  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Compatibility with social media platform spying
  • Supports keylogging
  • Website filters and blocking
  • Monitoring wifi network
  • Software and call restriction
  • Geo-fence restriction
  • Stealth mode throughout.

5. FlexiSPY – Best Phone Tracker App for All Devices


For: Android, iPhone, PC, Mac

FlexiSPY is one of the device tracker apps that does not need permission to get started with it. The good is that this app is compatible with all the devices on the market. Therefore, if you have been struggling to find such an app, FlexiSPY and high-quality monitoring services are here to stay.

This is a powerful third-party spy app that is capable of performing various tasks like listening and recording calls. You can access anything, even remotely. When one performs a task and moves to a different location, the information is sent to the FlexiSPY server and becomes accessible on the dashboard.

This app comes with multiple advanced features as it can monitor not just the messages but also other things like social media platforms, accessing emails, checking the locations, recording any surrounding voice, accessing the step-by-step movement of the target person, and many more. You can also set a keyword on the phone so that the app sends you an alert when the person using the phone types in.


  • Real-time GPS location spying.
  • Browsing history monitoring.
  • SMS and call log spying.
  • Social media monitoring.
  • Keylogging.
  • Remote camera recording.
  • Listening to audio and video calls.
  • Free mobile viewers. Hassle-free removes installation process.

6. MobileSpy – Best Phone Tracker App for Android


For: Android, iPhone

MobileSpy brags itself as the most advanced phone tracking app without permission in the world. It offers the best smartphone monitoring services for parents to shield their kids, schools, and business from monitoring the workers, etc.

Among the services, the app guarantees real-time location tracking, access to the live camera and microphone, call log, messages, and media contents, and spying on social media platforms. Above all, this is a breathtaking and real-time phone tracking app you can ever wish to have on your list.

MobileSpy enables users to monitor everything on the target phone by incorporating over 42 unique features. The app ensures that you are kept undetectable, and you can use it to schedule the restrictions, geo-fencing, and access the wifi logger. One unique thing is that it saves your battery.


  • Multi-phone overviews
  • real-time location and motoring services
  • Wifi keylogging
  • Geo-fencing
  • Scheduling restrictions on the target device
  • Live access to the microphone and camera
  • Real-time connected technology
  • Sim card change tracking
  • Supports social media spying

7. Cocospy – The Best GPS Location Tracking App for Phone


For: Android, iPhone

Cocospy also ranks on our list of the best phone trackers apps without permission. As it goes without saying, y track a phone using this app, it does not need someone's consent. However, it guarantees security in family matters and offers reliable and accurate GPS location tracking services today.

It is one of the best stable apps on the market. All the activities tracked are all done in the background unnoticed. You are always kept anonymous while monitoring the chats, social media platform activities, and location.

This third-party allocation is well known for remote surveillance services. The application allows users to snoop on the target phone. You must install it on the target phone to operate it and access information.


  • Spying on online browsing history
  • Sim card change monitoring
  • Accurate GPS location tracking
  • Geo-fence alert.
  • Support social kid tracking
  • Stealth mode on the standby
  • Monitoring the call logs

8. FamiSafe – Best Phone Tracker App for Parental Controls


For: Android, iOS, Chrome

We cannot end our list without mentioning the FamiSafe application. This is also an outstanding app that you can rely on when monitoring the phone without consent from the target user. It is unique and more flexible in carrying out various monitoring tasks.

It is efficient ins ending notifications to the dashboard about the target phone's location and ensures that the information is updated in real-time. It also comes with a straightforward and friendly user interface and chrome support.

This is a good choice for parental control and shielding a kid from online and other dangers. Therefore, FamiSafe can help you set the boundary for your children. It is new and looks like the reupdated app perfected for tracking phone gadgets. You can also detect inappropriate content on your kid's device. It offers all-around kids protection services.


  • Geo-fencing alerts
  • Managing content and inappropriate picture spying
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Social media spying
  • Driving and activity reports
  • Screen time monitoring
  • Safe search and web filter.

9. Spyine – Best Phone Tracker Without Root or Jailbreak


For: Android, iPhone

Spyine resembles other phone tracker apps. You will access more advanced features such as enabling the geofence alert to mark the safe location and monitoring the call logs, messages, and other internet browsing activities. The same you can also use Spyine to track the phone without permission.

The app is compatible with all new devices and is simple to use. Immediately you install and configure the application, it starts operation, and you will continuously be updated in real-time with the tracked aspects. The app is available in over 190 countries worldwide and works without rooting or jailbreaking. When it comes to customer support, they offer excellent multi-language support.


  • Call logs and timestamp spying
  • Geo-fence notification monitoring
  • Sim card location tracking
  • Real-time GPS location monitoring
  • Social media platform compatibility
  • Stealth mode activated
  • Track browsing history

10. Spyier – Best Phone Tracker for Geofence Alert


For: Android, iOS

Spyier is the last option on our list. It is compatible with all the latest mobile gadgets and trusted to offer parental control through geo-fence alerting when the kid crosses beyond the e-map. Also, you can monitor the activities on other social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook messages, etc. It is also a reputable third-party application considered the best tracker app without permission.

Spyier comes with a friendly user interface where you can access all the details concerning the targeted phone. It offers detailed information, including the call logs, durations, messages, managing apps, etc. Installation is only 3 steps process, and you can start monitoring.


  • stealth mode on standby without rooting and jailbreaking
  • monitoring social media applications
  • track sim and real-time GPS location
  • geo-fence notification
  • Tracking SMS and call logs actives
  • managing applications and media content.

How to Choose the Phone Tracker App?

How to Choose the Phone Tracker App

With the above apps in mind, you must make a selection now. Before deciding on the perfect app for your task, you must consider a few tips. Generally, they all offer tracking services without permission and use GPS technology. Besides that, utilize the below tips to guide you in making an informed decision:

Feature: When selecting a suitable phone tracker app, it is recommended that you consider the features. The first thing is to ensure that the app has features that enable you to monitor the kids and keep them safe. Such include geo-fence, stealth mode, and many more. Features play a vital part and select an application with the feature that suits your case.

Limitations: We are all aware that no tracker is perfect; therefore, you must be aware of every limitation an app has. This way, you will be well informed of the possible leak that you can decide after knowing the weak point of the application. There are apps without stealth mode, which is vital for your safety and anonymity.

Ease of use: Complex phone tracker applications are not suitable for this case. This is because you will have a hard time monitoring the phone or the safety of your children. Again, you might encounter frustrations with other related expenses since the app will not perform correctly as it promised. Ensure the app is simple and comes with a friendly dashboard.

Compatibility: Not all the applications are compatible with your phone device. A few exceptions like the one discussed above are more compatible. Thus, select a tool you know can monitor any device the target person is using, such as your email, family member, or kids.

Customer support: Any phone tracker app is promoted to developing setbacks. Therefore, makes sure that the app you purchase or get to monitor the target phone offers real-time customer supports services. Excellent support can quickly resolve your issue when it arises. Everything is becoming complicated, but with responsive customer support, you will rest assured of the perfect outcome.

Cost or price: Regarding third-party applications such as phone trackers, they only deliver depending on what you pay. However, remember that expensive doe not imply guaranteed advanced features access. Thus, being keen when selecting the device and price is vital. Remember that some free apps are worthless to try using.

Performance: When you spend and go through tiresome procedures to get and install a phone tracker, you must also ensure that you get the value for your money. Go for the reliable and best-performing app on the market.

Free trial or live demo: This is another aspect you need to look for. It helps make you feel o test the app's reliability before coming to the premium package. With a quick visit to the website, you can get the free trial or live demo to start with before moving ahead.

Jailbreaking or rooting: Some applications need your device to be rooted or jailbroken for them to operate. This aspect is the dealbreaker for most users. This is because rooting and jailbreaking are some of the aggressive tasks that can harden your targeted phone gadget or lead to breaching.

Go for the phone trackers that are not rooted or non-jailbroken to enjoy advanced security measures. It means you have removed some restrictions; thus app gains control and can breach the information.

How to Use the Phone Tracker App?

How to Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing

We assume you have the basic knowledge and selected reliable phone trackers for your use. In this section, we will take you through the procedure on how you can sue the above applications. Since the most sought-after is mSpy, we will use it for this case just to illustrate how to go about it. But, the process is simple and similar to other applications on Android or iPhone.

So, follow the below procedure:

  • Launch the browser and visit the mSpy.com website, then tap on ‘ Try Now‘ from the option on the website.
  • Then proceed to create your account by clicking Signup
  • Hence select the device you are targeting to monitor
  • And proceed by selecting your preferred subscriptions from the list. You will receive the login details in your email to access the dashboard.
  • After that, make sure you log in to the new account and access the dashboard
  • from there, you need to follow the prompt instructions to configure the application.

The above are the most important steps to follow regardless of whether you want to monitor your kid for parental control purposes, your spouse, or the employees in your firm.

How to Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

It is possible that you can track someone using google Maps anonymously. This location-sharing feature can be utilized in tracking a target phone gadget. But to work effectively, the phone must be active and access a tracking link sent from the target device to get started.

With that, here is the procedure:

  • Using your phone, launch Google Maps
  • Then click on your profile photo and select location sharing from the resulting menu.
  • Locate the profile of someone whom you are targeting and select it
  • When their location tracking is enabled, you will be able to see their current GPS location in real-time.


1. Is it legal to track someone's phone?

Tracking someone's phone is illegal unless you own the device you are tracking or have t5he permission to monitor it. Thus, for cases like employees, spouses,s or kids, you must first notify them. For a spouse, you must give them notification for the tracking to be considered legal.

2. Are there any free phone tracker apps?

There are free phone trackers online which are reliable. However, while they work, you only have access to limited features. We can also say there is nothing wrong with using the free trackers' app when you accept the limitations such as the one we have listed in the article. However, you must subscribe to the premium package when utilizing the advanced feature.

3. How to find someone’s location without them knowing?

You can find the location of someone without then realizing it through the use of Google Maps. But, for you to use the locations sharing feature, the target phone must be active. Again, you have the tracking link from the target device for it to work. Here are some ways to find someone's IP address.

4. How to track someone's phone without an app?

Besides apps, you can still track the target phone's location using sites like' find my device' or ‘iCloud find my device.' They are built-in features and are free. However, you must activate the feature in advance, which sometimes is unreliable since they have limited features.

5. Can I track the location of the switched-off phone?

When the phone is switched off, it is impossible to monitor a target device's location. This is because the phone cannot generate any signal, but you can access the last location before switching off using google services, the above trackers' apps, or through the network provider based on your area.

6. Does setting up the phone tracker app require rooting or jailbreaking?

Setting the jailbreaking or rooting on your device is not a must. You will have limited functions as opposed to jailbroken or rooted devices. Some tracker apps need to perform rooting or jailbreaking. Apps that do not need rooting or jailbreaking are efficient, secure, and easy to install on the target device.


Phone tracking apps are very vital not just for monitoring the kids and family members by shielding them from online cybercrimes and other activities but also relevant for tracking social media accounts and other activities on the target devices. Therefore, the above includes the best and vetted phone tracker apps that are reliable for tracking any phone without permission.

Before selecting, ensure you have prior knowledge and understand the above tips to make an informed decision. Using the above apps guarantees anonymity, efficiency, and real-time information at an affordable cost and access to advanced features. The apps are compatible with different devices for your use case.