10 Best TikTok Filters in 2023

best tiktok filter

Do you want to make your TikTok videos stand out and trend among the audience? Then the solution might lie in the use of TikTok filters. Try using the below best TikTok filters for remarkable outcomes. 

We all can collectively agree that TikTok is a community-driven social media platform. Well, it connects people from worldwide with different niches. This is the best platform for short video content, and you can quickly locate trending and best dance and funny clips.


You have even scrolled through the platform liking other creators' videos and enjoying them. If you have been wondering how to edit your videos and make them unique, this is the right place. TikTok, unlike other social media platforms, contains an extensive library full of the best and most impressive filters as well as effects. These filters range from the most hilarious to the flattering ones and are often updated with the newer ones.

If you have never tried playing around with the trending best filters and incorporating them in your videos, it is time to try it and obtain surprising results. The platform is all about creativity to impress the audience. TikTok has different filters and features which you can use to elevate your content creation. This article will guide you through the best TikTok filters and advise when to use them in your content.

About TikTok Filters

Before proceeding, we thought you should know everything about TikTok filters. Therefore, TikTok filters are similar to other social media platforms like Instagram. They are responsible for changing the contrast, listing, color balance, and even the video's exposure with only one click.

They are responsible for making your TikTok short video look more cinematic as if it was recorded long ago. Sometimes, it can change the video and bring in aspects of the dream in place. The use depends on how you select the filter.

TikTok Filters g

In today's TikTok activities, we realize that some people are causing effects and filters. It is worth understanding the difference between the two. Therefore, filters are only responsible for changing the video feel and look; they are categorized into four groups. On TikTok, you will get landscapes, portraits, vibes, and food. And underneath each group, you have different options to select. 

Elsewhere, the effect changes are sometimes versatile; they can make or add little difference to the video, make it run slow, or even change the appearance of the face or run in the reserve motion. The widespread effects are beauty and green screen.

However, today's article will focus on the best TikTok filters and how or when to use each type to make your video stand out.

10 Best TikTok Filters 

1. Portrait F4 – Best Famous Face Filter 

Among the TikTok filters, the portrait is a hilarious category that has various groups of filters you can select from. This filter targets amending or changing the subject's face in the TikTok video. It is similar to the portrait mode on the regular camera on your phone, and you are aware that this type of filter focuses on the face. Portrait F4 performs the same tasks and gives you a perfect look in a TikTok video.

Portrait F

Portrait F4 is famous on TikTok today, and when you implement it, it can make your video trending. The same filters help you lighten the TikTok video when it is dull or looks dark in reality. It changes the grey spots in the video so that they appear brightest in the eyes of your audience. 

Therefore, we can generally conclude that portrait F4 is responsible for providing the warm hue in a video as well as increasing the contrast. It can make a video look like it was recorded during the golden hours. Not forgetting, they also add such a soft bluish tint to the video so that it can have some aesthetic features severally. It is well known as the best face filter on TikTok.

2. Caramel – Best Warm Tones Filter

The next trending TikTok filter still falls under the portrait category is Caramel. The portrait still offers various settings to obtain or achieve a specific aspect. Sometimes, it is hard for the users to select the best one to use. Irrespective of the settings, the first one on the list is the Caramel. And it is exclusively popular among the TikToker. It is good when you want to enhance the selfie by adding some warm tones.


Therefore, Caramel is responsible for adding a warm tone to your selfies. This is why you find some images looking like it is sun-kissed. Again, it is also accountable for smoothening the face. The result is to make you look younger is a snap than your real age tells. Therefore, using these filters on TikTok is also worth making the images look unique.

3. Vibe V1 – Best Choice for Retro Style

Also, Vibe V1 falls among the best TikTok filters. These TikTok filters are responsible for making you or the TikTok videos and the surrounding look in a particular manner or adding in some color. V1 is the famous filter in the vibe category that can help you make a video look straight out of a 1960s film.

Best Choice for Retro Style

In summary, when you apply the V1 filters in the video, they look like a retro style and get a kind of dark hue on it. Therefore this type of filter is a perfect choice when you want to attain the vintage film feature in the video, that is retro style.

4. Vibe V6 – Most Stylish TikTok Filter

another category under the vibe TikTok filter is the v6. This is perfect for people who want to add funkiness to their TikTok videos. Immediately you add the v6 filters in the video, it gains the summer vibe and looks impressive. Again, it also adds the purple color glow and pin casting to the video.

Vibe V6

It is also a perfect choice for the TikTokers that target adding the party feeling in the video, instantly warming up their color. Since it is a popular filter on TikTok, it is often used by many people, incredibly stylish lovers.

5. Fantasy – Most Childlike TikTok Filter

Fantasy, also known as the V11, falls under the vibe category. You can use it to add the pinkish tint to your TikTok video. As one of the TikTok vibe presents, fantasy or the v11 is a perfect choice when you want to give a video kind of the cute color pop.

Most Childlike

And among the Gen-Z, these filters have become the popular and go-to choice. Most people are applying these filters together with the color customizer filter to obtain a funny yet summer due in the video. Thus, it is mainly used to bring in childish looks.

6. Food G6 – Best Filter for Food

Not forgetting the food category of filters, you can come across the foot G6. This is the best choice if you are a food lover and want to incorporate the filters. Therefore, include this TikTok filter when uploading the TikTok video with food content.

Food G6

The G6 is one of the famous TikTok filters that fall under the food group. Applying the filter to the video gains the grunge or retro color full yet still bright. It also adds to the video the spect of depth, thus altering the overall look. The filters have gained popularity due to advanced features in food-related content. Any glow-up videos use this filter to make them trending.

7. Landscape B10 – Best Filter for Dark Eyes

The landscape is also a reliable TikTok filter when you want to edit the environment. The B10 is one of the popular categories under this type that is meant to add shade color to the video. Some people also have realized that the filter is not just used to add the shade color on the video but also does more than that to bring in spectacular eyes look when you have dark eyes. Thus ranked as the best filters for the dark eyes.

Landscape B10

Therefore, when you apply the B10 filters to the face,  they alter the appearance of your eyes. where the brown eyes or dark appears to be shining and bright. Thus, it changes the natural look of the eye by adding green and hazel tinges to the eye. It also makes the watch look sharp and thus popping with more color. For more details, you can learn How to Get here.

8. California – Best Filter for Landscape

As the name suggests, you know California is a landscape filter. However, it is meant for filming outside videos. Therefore, you can apply this filter to your TikTok videos to attain the white balance. This means that it can brighten up the videos and snaps by adding color to make them look brighter and more precise than they are in reality.


Therefore, when shooting a video in a dark environment, sometimes with a dark color, you need the California filter to brighten up the video. Thus, it can bring new life to your TikTok video.

9. Tonal –  Best Black and White Filter

Though TikTok has different types of black and white filters, the total is the best and most trending filter for this effect. It is responsible for attaining the back and white color where necessary.


Therefore, you can obtain a greyscale filter in your video when you balance well with the maximum intensity. There is nothing spectacular than this filter. However, when you slide the intensity to somewhere between 80%, you can obtain excellent color balance and make your TikTok video fall between the color and monochrome.

10. Inverted filter – The Most Realistic Presentation Filter

The last option among the best TikTok filter is the inverted filter. Generally, it is more controversial than the above filters. Howver, you can use this filter to flip your TikTok video or any shoot while recording. Most users utilize it with the front-facing camera since, in most cases, it mimics how people perceive you.

Inverted filter

This filter is controversial because most users get upset with it since the filters make them appear unique and not as they look in reality. That is, people see their reflection. Try it yourself and see the hype. This is the most realistic presentation filter on TikTok.

How to Use Filters On TikTok

Filters On TikTok

Since you have learned more about the best TikTok filters, you must learn how to apply them in reality and speed up time for yourself. In the filter encounter, you will realize that TikTok has an extensive library of filters, most of which look alike. However, the filters are simple, and you have no time to edit your video; instead, use the filter. This is how you can use TikTok filters in the video:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application and click on the plus icon to upload or create video content.

Step 2: Then tap on the filter button, which is found on the right-hand side of the screen, and proceed.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the present selections with stylish filters. Then click on the one you want to apply from the list and click on the record icon.

Step 4: If you love to use the effect filter, click on the face button found at the bottom left-hand side of your screen. Then you will get access to the built-in video effects listed in numerous categories as new, green screen, and trending.

Step 5: When you want to remove the preset filter or even the effect filter, click on the filter menu and hit the circle, which has a diagonal like on the left-hand corner.

corner last

Therefore, TikTok presents you with multiple filter selections so that you can curate eye-catching videos to gain maximum engagement.


Besides joining the hyper-specific community on TikTok and going for the prevalent dance challenges and sounds, TikTok also has plenty of filters and filter effects that you can utilize to make the video relaxed and fun. With the relevant TikTok filter, you can see your video trending and reach out to the target audience. TikTok has multiple filter libraries, which they consistently update to offer users new options.

If you have not tried the filters on the TikTok video, this is the time. Select among the best TikTok filters and incorporate them into your TikTok videos to increase your chances of appearing on the trending pages through creativity. Put a sign on the TikTok video and go viral.