SoundCloud Net Worth 2023: How Much Is SoundCloud Worth?

SoundCloud Net Worth

Currently, SoundCloud has over 175 million people tuning in to listen to music every month and there are 25 million creators and all this puts the SoundCloud net worth at $800 million.

As new technologies emerge and the world leans towards getting more digital with every passing day, then why should the music you listen to should be any different? Nowadays, you have got your music streaming platforms that eliminate the need to buy CDs or albums of your favorite artists.

You could always keep the physical CDs as a special collection or memorabilia, however, for your everyday music streaming needs, you have platforms like SoundCloud that have changed the way people get quick access to music anytime, anywhere.

Nowadays, everyone loves to listen to some music on their smartphones, and thanks to Soundcloud, it is made easier and simpler.

Moreover, the platforms allow aspiring artists to play their music for the world as well, and so many good artists have come to the main scene that way.

It is safe to say that such streaming platforms have completely changed the game for not only the listeners, but it has blessed artists to a certain extent as well, allowing them to make full use of such platforms for their brimming and undiscovered musical talents.

Today we will be discussing all things SoundCloud and tell you about its users, net worth, etc. So sit back and read on as we dive in.

SoundCloud Net Worth

The platform has seen steady success over the years since its inception back in 2008. Currently, SoundCloud has over 175 million people tuning in to listen to music every month, with over 75 million users that are registered on the platform. Moreover, there are 25 million creators, and all this puts the SoundCloud net worth at $800 million.

Over the years, the platform has seen a lot of challenges and seen a steady decline in its net worth to the point that they had to lay off half the staff. However, things have looked up for SoundCloud, and despite having a competition like Amazon Prime, Spotify, etc., it is still going strong.

SoundCloud was the creation of people who of course, shared the same passion for music as the people who founded this platform for eventually. Alexander Ljung, a sound designer, and Eric Wahlfross, a recording artist, are the brains behind the phenomenon SoundCloud. They came up with this idea in Sweden circa 2007, and the platform was born a year later.

It was originally intended as a space for musicians so they can share their ideas and music and discuss them with each other. However, the platform ended up becoming a much bigger thing that is known today as among the biggest digital distribution platform that works with audio recordings and original music.

With millions of unique listeners and users and over 12 hours worth of audio uploaded every by artists that contribute to the platform, SoundCloud is forced to be reckoned with in the music streaming world. When you talk about listening to music, you simply cannot skip SoundCloud because it has done a lot for the music community.

Constantly evolving and improving to cater to the needs of the users, the platform kept bringing changes to ensure its users get the best experience. In 2012, an АРN fеаturе was released and the goal was to іmрrоvе the suрроrt for mobile devices along with some more fеаturеѕ that allowed users to mаkе their реrѕоnаl соllесtіоnѕ, have соnсurrеnt streaming, and easy nаvіgаtіоn.

Later in 2014, SoundCloud, in collaboration with Тwіttеr, developed its integrated muѕісаl app, and all that factored in majorly to bring the net worth of this platform to what it is today.

Тhis platform’s ріllаrѕ аrе highly talented people that poured their passion into ensuring music buffs can have a way to find and discover the best music.  These founders made a very ѕtrоng foundation for SoundCloud that has allowed it to develop and grow well and become a global phenomenon that is among the highly ехtеnѕіvе audio ѕtrеаmіng services.

Why is SoundCloud so Popular

While the platform should be popular enough for offering music streaming and a place for enjoying your music on the go, it is just not limited to these factors that make this platform so loved and well received despite having such competition on the market.

  • No Discrimination

Why is SoundCloud so Popular

Unlike the other platforms, which prefer to have music by established or even little well-known artists, the platform of SoundCloud stands unique for it is all welcoming and simply doesn’t discriminate.

Much like YouTube, which is smashing down all the barriers of the film industry with its straight-up format of the creator to the consumer and nothing in the way, SoundCloud is also making it super easy and simple than ever for people to enter the tough world of the music industry.

If your music is something extra special and is good enough to be out there, then you deserve to have a platform that will give you a chance, and SoundCloud is doing just that. No matter where you create your music, be it a fancy studio or a simple garage band, you will get the same treatment on SoundCloud in the form of the same representation: a wave that indicates sound-tracking with your cover image.

  • Consumer Holds the Power

Consumer Holds the Power

As SoundCloud is on the constant quest to empower artists who are posting their music in the hope that the world will notice their talents, the platform takes things up a notch by granting the consumers the ultimate control to decide who gets to become successful and make their mark in the music industry.

An artist posts their track, and the consumers can then choose to repost that track and spread the word about it, allowing more listeners to discover that track and ultimately bringing it a certain level of popularity that ultimately brings success to the creator.

More people will follow that creator because they feel that their music is relatable and fresh and deserves to be appreciated more. So in this way, SoundCloud has been no less than a haven for artists, and that has added a lot to its popularity.

This changes things from being bound to record labels that hold all the power and decide who gets to be in the limelight and who doesn’t. Here, the listeners, the true audient, makes that decision instead of being told that they should appreciate a certain artist.

Do you like someone’s music on SoundCloud? Great, just follow them and support them. That’s all.

  • A Platform for All

SoundCloud platform

Not only does the platform of SoundCloud allow music connoisseurs to find some amazing, new, and fresh music from artists who are eager to share their musical talents and their creativities with the world, but it also allows creators to find the right audience to get inspired instead of feeling dejected because they can’t make it in the world of record labels.

This could also be the reason for the platform’s popularity, for it gives a uniquely friendly vibe that is here to cater to everyone that has a penchant for music, be it listening to it, or creating it.


There was a time you had to go to clubs, turn on the television or tune into the radio to listen to your favorite music but now your favorite tunes are at your fingertips in the form of quick and easy apps like SoundCloud.

It is easy to see why SoundCloud is still going strong, for it allowed a space for not just the listener but the creator as well, uniting both of them in a beautiful and fun environment.