Best Editor Tools to Improve SMM Strategy in 2023

Top Editor Tools for Social Media

Do you want to take your marketing strategy to another level? Social media editor tools are your best solution. Our article has selected the best tools to help you make converting virtuals for your social media platforms.

According to the 2018 report-Animoto, 73% of the social media marketers create 2 videos every month for advertising purposes. There are a lot of advantages to that. If you read our previous articles, you can easily understand the importance of videos in marketing and especially on social media. They generate more leads creating traffic that results in more sales. At the same time, it saves time on answering support questions.

However, creating these videos is not a simple task like composing a post. When you decide to pay, it is not cheap. Instead, we are here to help you make work easier. We have done thorough research, and these editing tools are vetted to be the best in helping you edit videos easily and at an affordable cost. Take your time to read through the list.

  • GoPro Quik: The best free no watermark editing tool
  • VSCO: The best mobile devices photo editing tool
  • Crowdfire: The best multi-device content editing tool
  • Typeform: The best interactive content editing tool
  • Venngage: The best infographics editing tools

Best Photo & Video Editing Apps for Social Media

1. GoPro Quik 

GoPro Quik is the software you can use to create video and photos using a computer or smartphone device. This app is simple to use. Even though it comes as a free version, you will never see its watermark on the final video or photos. It quickly analyzes the footage, whether taken with your camera or the application, and adds a beautiful transition. As an editor, you can also use it to add the after-effects on your videos and sync it with any track or beat of your choice.

Besides editing, it keeps the quality or improves your favorite videos or photos to the required level. When you capture a photo or video, you can always save them on mural so that when you refresh the app, you never lose the contents. You can import unlimited photos, videos, automatically create videos using murals, or use its exclusive filter to enhance the quality.

2. Hyperlapse

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: iOS

This is a great time-lapse video editing tool. Though Instagram created it, it is a social media video editing tool. It can help you create amazing videos for your target audience. Never mind getting Instagram follower streams after posting the lapse video on social media or IG account. The app has just committed tripod in its operation because it has stable technology, and it is exclusively meant for IOS. It is good if you use this tool to show your audience how your brand was made.

When editing the video using this tool, there is an option to share the video on Instagram. It also offers you a chance to speed up the time-lapse up to 12x. The only downside is that it might take a good time to obtain great results. However, we recommend shooting and editing stunning time-lapse videos.

3. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora has evolved and comes packed with more advanced features than before. It gives you results to keep relevant with the market demand. It produces fresh video editors clamoring to help you gain popularity and reach more customers. The tool has an easy-to-use customer interface costing a bulk library of transitions, titles, after effects, and animations, as well as other advanced features.

The tool is available free of charge. However, the outcome after editing has a watermark attached to it. You only do away with the watermark by committing yourself to a premium subscription. You can get a lifelong license or subscribe annually.

The software supports various input and output formats at the juicy part of video editing, behold, it is spectacularly simple. All features are readily accessible, and you only need to employ your intuition. The advantageous part is that you can track motion, have one-click audio ducking, perfect color matching, and customize the animation.


VSCO is a popular and very critical social media photo-editing application. It is a photograph application powerful for editing photos and video but only on mobile devices. VSCO means virtual supply company. This is a free app and comes with 10 free presets and important editing tools.

But this does not include HSL, video editing, and borders. You can enjoy more advanced features by joining a premium membership for $19.99 per year. It includes the above tools together with classic film x presets and over 200 VSCO presets.  You need to set up an account in order to enjoy a one-week free trial.

This app has a simple user interface divided into 5 tabs. On the feeds, you can access all updates while discovering several options. You can also submit your photos to participate in a challenge. And above all, you can access all the videos and photos you imported on the VSCO studio tab.

While editing video or photo, you can adjust exposure, contrast, and crop on various ratios. It can automatically sharpen your photo when blurred. This tool is awesome with many editing options; however, the UI looks nice but confusing. But, it is the best in making color adjustments on mobile.

5. Picsart

This is a good tool you can use to edit photos, videos, and all sorts of designs. The application has amazing templates to help you make what you need in a few clicks. This is an amazing idea in stepping up the game through their right set of graphic design tools. It makes ideas real in simple steps. This is the best tool to produce thumb-stopping images to promote your brand on social media. Take your content to the next level instead of only adding filters.

The tool has served over 150 million online marketers in elevating their virtual content. Enjoy endless creativity and make your audience happy while increasing brand engagement. It has a background eraser tool that is easy to use. This is the tool to use in creating, driving, and converting social media ads. It is a lifetime free app to enjoy more advanced features, and you can subscribe to their premium packages starting at $55.99 billed yearly.

6. InVideo

  • Cost: Free
  • Platforms: Windows and Mac

This is an online editing tool not only good for marketers but also publishers alike. With the help of intelligent frames, an automatic voice-over is good for many reasons. This tool is compatible with desktops. They have amazing customer service, and users enjoy its best features. They add new video templates each month, thus highly recommended for beginners and the so-called seasoned editors. It is flexible and simple to use.

The tool consists of an audio tool, collaboration tab, brand overlay, split and merge functionality, speed adjustment, and it supports HD resolution besides video stabilization. It is perfect for creating presentation videos.

However, users cannot add multiple audio files. Though, we highly recommend it for use in making social media marketing videos and listicles. You can create engaging video contents to fill on social media platforms. It offers a 60-day free plan, and a premium package starts from $20 per month.

Best Content  Editing Tools for Social Media

Great content needs a strong media presence too. Search engines are still the source of all the traffic. There are many tools that can help you compose brand ideas. When you use these listed tools, you can make your brand discoverable online. Again, they can also make good content to convert visitors into your paying customers. We thought you should grasp them.

1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a simplified social media management tool. It is engineered to help marketers produce contents that engage their customers across all social media platforms. It is considered a marketing tool because its key features involve curating, publishing, analyzing posts, and scheduling bulk posts, with many more. It also offers all marketers an opportunity to use in customizing their RSS feeds. It can also be used in proofreading the content before taking it online using its unified interface.

Managers mostly use it to drive their content engagement for the growth of brands on social media platforms. It has a free version, but for you to fully exploit it, you must subscribe to a premium package starting at $4.78 monthly billed annually per user. However, one monthly subscription costs $9.99.The software is available for windows, android, and iOS.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a social media content creator tool. It prides itself as the most intuitive, authentic, and affordable way of reaching out to customers on social media platforms. It is easy to use and the best prime pick ever on the market. It can connect different social media platforms and schedule posts at different times or dates. This app capitalizes its operation on the notion of post time for maximum engagement. It always strikes the content online when traffic is hot. It has a browser plugin that makes life simpler.

The software comes with many integrations for easy posting, including the Quuu platform. It is pretty good to combine tools for maximum efficiency. Although it has a free version, it comes with limited functionality. Have full control with a standard plan which you can cancel anytime. It supports android and iOS.

3. is another free social media platform tool. It also has a paid version with advanced features. It is efficient in searching for hashtags for maximum reach. You can evaluate the popularity of various hashtags used by many influencers and learn how to use them in your brand. This is a simple tool. Search any hashtag you are curious about via the search box and check its performance with other social media hashtags.

While it has a free version, premium users have advantages over the free version. This is because they can subscribe to any notification of a specific hashtag, track social media influencers and analyze using patterns. Enjoy it all in one place.

4. Typeform

When you want to prompt more engagement, you must win the heart of an audience. The best way is by asking questions. However, one question might not be enough to drive engagement and get a good response. This is where Typeform dives in.

This is a user-friendly form, quiz, and survey builder tool. It allows marketers to ask questions using different formats. The questions can be based on the image, video, short answer, or multiple choice. You can use this software to generate questions and share them on many social media platforms. Use the best format that your audience prefers. Users can enjoy a maximum of 100questions with responses per month at a small fee of $25 per month billed yearly. That is their basic plan, but plus or business versions come with unlimited features. You can integrate this tool with various platforms to get maximum reach.

5. Portent

You can use this tool to generate ideas and write content. When you open the software, you can just enter your topic and proceed to enter. After that, algorithms search ideas from the internet and give you suggestions for you to start writing. It is a good tool for social media marketers, especially in identifying your audience's trends and general needs.

When using this software, never capitalize on your topic to obtain better results. Always maintain a singular version of keywords. Create your content and make it stand out from the rest with these ideas. Share to various social media pages and increase human traffic for possible conversion. It is a free version but perfect for generating catchy titles.

6. Feedly

This is a social media content aggregation application. It is also good for marketers in terms of analyzing and researching. They only have to select the topic, and this tool shows all the feeds with the popular content daily. It works exceptionally well in tracking insights on the internet with reading every post. Leo flags important insights using AI. It is also good at organizing your trusted sources to one place and filtering noise in your content. This is the best research assistant for you.

Besides, it prioritizes topics and trends for use on various social media platforms. The tool is simple to use. While it has a free trial, you can also enjoy the paid version with the best features. It has over 100k happy premium users.

Best Infographics Editing Tools for Social Media

Besides the above tools, you should also consider the infographic tools. These applications are good at organizing complex data into easy-to-read virtuals. Because we live in the big data age, we should learn how to present statistics, data, or information with great communication. These tools make it easy to digest and increase brand awareness.

They make data easy to digest from scratch. However, it requires your precious time to be technical. So, we have picked and vetted a range of infographic maker tools for you to make the content look professional and simply persuade the audience.

1. Venngage

Venngage is a popular infographic maker tool. It has multiple creative tools to make your work easy. It is simple to use and packed with handy search features. This makes your search and finding images for the infographic a breeze. It has many features that enable users to export files to PowerPoint and integrate it with the pdf format.

The app has both a free plan and decent premium packages to offer anything you need. Create attractive and professional content to drive traffic with more clicks. Once you make infographics, you share them on various social media platforms. Their support team is available to help you. Evade dry, dull, and confusing contents with Venngage, a free infographic maker tool.

2. Visme

Visme is also an infographic maker tool. It has both free and premium packages. The app can help social media marketers communicate their information through virtual. But again, you can use VISME to create presentations related to engaging infographics. It has over 100 free fonts and quality icons. In your content, it also offers you a chance to include video in your infographic. Make things clear by animating your content.

Time is limited, and this sets the app apart from the rest. Users can whip up the content in a few minutes using pre-made assets from the library. Simply drag and drop them into the relevant place. You can also create interactive infographics. Create an account, and you are on the platform to get started. Add different themes and colors to make your virtuals professional and drive leads to the brand with more clicks.

3. is a web-based infographic maker tool. It also consists of many templates to get you started. Customize the templates but under some limitations. You can access many features and customize your texts to different sizes, colors, and sizes. You can also upload your graphic with only one click and position it.

The tool has a free version with 40 fonts, while premium versions give you unlimited access. Besides, they also offer boosted security upon request. It shares your infographics to multiple social media platforms as a link. Take all the guesswork and create a professional virtual for your brand.

4. Infogram

Infogram is best for organizing your complex data into graphs and charts. You can represent your ideas as virtual to the social media pages. It is integrated with excel for easy data editing. The final edit on excel is reflected in your virtual design. The software is simple, and it automatically modifies your final infographic before posting on social media platforms to a professional presentation.

We know you might like using it. It also offers you an opportunity to embed it into your website. The basic version is free as the paid one costs $19.00 monthly. Save your time and retain your reputation and stay on the brand. You can also track audience response and how the infographics resonate on social media.

5. Animaker

Animaker is an online infographic tool. It is mainly used to create animated virtuals. It is less of a video editor than a video maker. However, you can use it to create and edit animated videos before uploading them on your social media. It is simple to use, and you can create a video in a few minutes. It is growing at a faster rate in the content marketing space. It has over 12 million users worldwide.

It does not require technical knowledge to market your brand. Simply complex data in minutes using this online too. Adapt to the market changes and trends, drive traffic and create a competitive advantage. There are many tutorials online to guide you. It might sometimes lag, but that is not a big deal.


Marketers should be ready to revamp their virtual marketing strategy. Most of the above editorial tools can make your social media videos or infographics appealing to each social media platform. It is a good idea to keep up with the hottest trends and optimize engagement and conversion. Pretty virtuals attract and convert your audience with only a click-through. You can create high-quality content using the above tools and maximize your impact on social media. Reinvest into these useful tools.