Best 13 LinkedIn Bots to Get More Connections

Best LinkedIn Bot

Are you looking for the best LinkedIn bots? We have highlighted the tested, vetted, and best LinkedIn bots to help you get more connections.

Taking your LinkedIn marketing strategy to the next level needs more time and effort. To build a successful engagement strategy, you need some external support. Due to technological advancement, third-party software can help you manage your marketing strategy. This software is what we term as Linkedin bots. They help save time and effort.

Most of the providers on the market comply with LinkedIn terms and conditions. However, few companies don't offer quality services. Yet, it is hard to identify authentic Linkedin bots on the market. This is what drove us to discuss this topic and help you out.

What is a LinkedIn bot?


It is good to understand what a LinkedIn bot is. Therefore, a Linkedin bot is third-party software that auto-pilots LinkedIn social networking activities. Thus, it gives you time to create compelling content. These bots effectively manage your profile or page and distribute content to the target audience.

They are also perfect for automating lead generation, scheduling posts, and many other tasks. This software is automated to perform your tasks online even without your presence. The good thing about them is that they can handle both complex and simple activities, thus offering you enough time to focus on relevant things in life.

You might also come across two kinds of a bot. First, those that automate tasks on a website and chatbots run on a messaging platform. There are many providers on the market. But here comes the best LinkedIn bots. They have been tested, vetted, and proven by experts as the best on the market.

Best LinkedIn Bot

The legality of using a bot on LinkedIn depends on the activities you're performing. Therefore, only use a bot that considers online privacy and complies with LinkedIn API. Don't overuse these bots to evade being reported and consequently banned.

1. Media Mister

Media Mister linkedin

  • Offer: LinkedIn connections/followers/likes/comments, etc.
  • Cost:  Start at $37/100 LinkedIn connections

Media mister is among the simplest social media bots on the market. They can help you promote your LinkedIn brands by selling you followers, connections, endorsements, and other services. They value their customers and understand their needs. They offer sophisticated LinkedIn services which can help you promote your brands.

When it comes to achieving real engagement, this is the best option. Not only work on LinkedIn but also other social media platforms. It is simple to use. All you need to do is select the package and share your Linkedin URL and sit back to watch your LinkedIn profile grow.

Privacy is their first concern. They always ensure your payment is secure. So, never worry about your details being hacked. However, in terms of  LinkedIn connections, they can only deliver up to 250 per account. You can also access targeted services and if you have any concerns, contact their experienced customer support. Media mister is the best firm you need. It has great pricing, and its site is secure hence legit.

2. AppSally

appsallt linkedin

  • Offer: Linkedin followers/like/share/connections, etc.
  • Cost:  Start at $34/100 LinkedIn connections

AppSally is a marketplace that offers LinkedIn growth services. They handpick their marketers from experienced companies to help take your account to the next level. This bot is specifically made for social media automation. Thus, they offer all services, including Linkedin accounts.

You can get aged LinkedIn accounts depending on your needs. Of which, they guarantee you 24 hours free replacement. Before they deliver their service, AppSally first screens for reliability, speed, price, and quality, this is one of the service providers with the highest score on the market.

This is the tool you need to succeed because they cover everything on your LinkedIn account. SEO ranking, marketing to a good reputation are all at your fingertips. They are ready to help you stand out from the crowd and connect with the real audience on LinkedIn.

Other than selling connections and followers, you can also buy LinkedIn endorsements. It offers a wide range of options on its website for LinkedIn account growth. They offer real users, 15 days warranty, safety, customized features, and staggered delivery.

3. Followersup

Followers linkedin

  • Offer: Linkedin followers
  • Cost:  Start at $6/100 LinkedIn followers.

The follower is an online platform that specializes in offering LinkedIn followers. Their services are completely safe and secure. This is because, on their website, they claim to sell 100% risk-free followers. And quality services make their marketing strategy top-notch on the market. Besides that, they also guarantee you delivery, and in case they fail, they promise to refund your full money. Their payment method is secure. So, never worry about your details.

All services they deliver within 3 days. One thing that made us vet it is its pricing plan. It is exceptionally affordable around the world. To deliver services, they don't even need your password. You only need to share a link to your Linkedin profile. With their followers, they can help you boost your LinkedIn account, both personal and business. Your account becomes more popular when you increase your followers, thus raising social proof.

4. GetAFollower

GetAFollower linkedin

  • Offer: Linkedin followers/ connection/share/comments, etc.
  • Cost:  Start at $37/100 LinkedIn connections

GetAFollower is a perfect platform to help you get premium LinkedIn connections, followers, shares, comments, and many other growth services. They are committed to helping you retain the LinkedIn power and before famous for starting promoting your brand. They give their users an advantage in that they tend to combine all social media platforms and technology. This is why their pricing plan is affordable. This is the best underdog root to help jumpstart a LinkedIn account through automation services.

They also offer geo-targeting LinkedIn services. Using this bot makes your life easy as they always work to bring you the target followers and real connections that you can convert to potential buyers. They guarantee you long-lasting LinkedIn connections. When you are not satisfied, they also guarantee you money back.

It is easy to use this bot; you only need to sign up, make payments and watch automated growth. They encourage other new connections to follow your account, ensuring rapid growth for quicker results. All these are aimed at boosting your LinkedIn ranking.

5. Zopto

ZOPTO linkedin

Zopto is a LinkedIn lead generation bot on the market. It has built an outstanding reputation and has become the best choice for LinkedIn marketers. Just tell them your target audience, and they will offer in the long run.

It is a cloud-based bot but perfect at growing your account faster even without your presence.  Upon receiving a target audience, they can still help you generate organic leads. You can easily convert these connections to paying customers. This increases revenue from your online brands.

Zopto can again connect you with a company with the same target online. Signing up is simple, and once you are in, you can select and filter customers who, in the end, give you hot leads. All these are generated on auto-pilot mode. You can even manage multiple accounts depending on your package. The cheapest package starts at $215 per month and has many advanced features to optimize your LinkedIn account.

6. Cleverly

Cleverly linkedin

Cleverly is another perfect platform that offers outreach LinkedIn services. Every service is 100% done for you. It can scale your LinkedIn leads to help you drive more revenues from real buyers. This bot relies on data from outbound B2B campaigns in automating their services to your target LinkedIn audience.

They promise you a positive response in your account inbox. Since it is a lead generation agency, it offers a free consultation, and up to date, they have generated over 151k leads for their clients. It leverages its performance on high-quality data and gets you qualified decision-makers for your sales funnel.

You can also launch a campaign on their dashboard and track its performance. And when you get a connection, you automatically receive a notification via your email for a follow-up. It is also compatible with Scrab, an email finding tool.

Hence, it enables you to source your LinkedIn profile emails and add them to HubSpot automatically. This tool provides copy for all your messaging. It is worth your attention when you grow your LinkedIn account and get more connections. Silver LinkedIn lead generation package costs $297 per month.

7. Followinglike

Followinglike linkedin

FollowingLike is a multi-purpose, powerful and flexible automation tool. It is reliable when it comes to managing your LinkedIn account. You can use this bot to auto-pilot all your LinkedIn tasks, saving your time and effort. It is not limited but instead, it works on other social media platforms. This automation software offers anything you need to grow a LinkedIn account. They also offer a hand in promoting your brands and all marketing services.

FollowLike is optimized and can run 24/7, and above all, it has a simple user interface. The tool offers growth activities, including searching people, updates, comments, sharing, following people, sending invitations and messages, and many other features. This is another perfect choice tested for windows and MacBooks with an optimal interface for functionality. The services comply with the LinkedIn API. Try it today because they offer customer-friendly pricing plans.

8. Phantombuster

Phantombuster linkedin

Phantombuster is an automation tool perfect for managing your LinkedIn account. It can extract data and perform online tasks. This tool is good for growing your brands. It can help you extract linked users from the search and groups, auto-connect with the relevant audience, and track those who accept your request even in your absence. It offers many LinkedIn services you can select from. The solution is phantom, and there are over 20 options.

These guys have worked with multiple agencies and people in generating LinkedIn leads. Therefore, they can make your LinkedIn life easy and promote your brand. On their store, you can also select out of 100 phantoms and develop a dynamic outreach campaign to enrich your lead lists.

Some of their photons include auto-poster, chat extractor,auto-commenter, group members, URL finder, message sender, network booster, and many other features. This is a bot for you because it also works well on other social media platforms.

9. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup linkedin

Dux-Soup is not only a perfect LinkedIn bot but also reliable and safe. It puts your account security as the priority. People love its new and advanced features. It is exceptional at accelerating lead generation through targeting prospects using personalized LinkedIn outreach. They offer a free trial. This tool saves time because it brings you qualified leads where you only need to focus on closing the deal faster.

Dux-Soup amazes many users on the market. It is always organized, and you can use it to reach out to multiple accounts simultaneously. It can even connect you with the same people often. So, try this tool since it saves your money as you win more businesses even when you have a limited time. It is cost-effective; the Prox Dux plan costs $14.99 monthly, while the starter is free.

10. Alfred

Alfred linkedin

Alfred can help you generate business leads while you are sleeping. It is the best LinkedIn automation tool on the market. However, you also need to budget for it because it is expensive but delivers quality services. All packages come with a 14 days free trial. This tool can automatically send personalized conversations to your target audience on LinkedIn and on a large scale. It also works perfectly on other social media. It is trusted by many users from 87 countries around the world.

When this tool finds your ideal client, it creates multi-touch campaign sequences on different channels, then upon sending, it tracks and analyzes their progress while improving to optimize the campaign. It can even bring you stranger results but natural and genuine. They even provide you with keywords to connect with the right people and at the right time.

11. Salesflow

Salesflow linkedin

Salesflow is relatively a new LinkedIn automation tool you should also checkout. It is specifically designed for LinkedIn. It can scale your LinkedIn outreach as you finish closing the deals. It is safe, effective, and reliable. This is because it only deals with building the qualified best pipeline, a start-up, an agency, or a sales team.

It is trusted by over 4k users online. In other words, this tool can take your account profile and turn it into a sales lead converting machine. They have simple yet advanced features that can easily automate every task and close the deal faster.

The tool is perfect for growing your network, generating more leads, getting more sales navigators, and building your brand awareness on LinkedIn. They have reliable technology and experienced experts to accelerate your prospecting results. You can use this bot to create multiple campaigns, personalize, schedule unlimited follow-up messages, and customize your chats. However, it has limited integration.

12. Saleshub

Saleshub linkedin

Saleshub has been on the market for a long time, and it also offers LinkedIn growth services. It can help you generate leads and improve your brand sales. It mainly focuses on personalization, making it stand out from the rest. Verification and email finder are other features you can enjoy when using this automation tool.

It is excellent at finding genuine prospects using signals and building 1:1 relations using personalization engines. Other than running campaigns, you can also measure and improve where necessary to optimize lead generation. They believe that you can own a market using their B2B sales acceleration.

The tool ensures that you only connect with relevant prospects. Even though they offer a free trial with 100 email credits, the premium packages still come with trials billed after 7 days.

13. LeadConnect

LeadConnect linkedin

Lead Connect is a LinkedIn outreach automation platform. It can perform many tasks like personalizing follow-up and synchronizing prospect details with only a click.  It brings more clients to your account who increase your brand sales. This is an important tool to have, and it comes with advanced features that turn visitors into paying customers. You can get started free or use their chrome extension to gain more leads.

Besides free-forever services, premium packages have advanced features that enable you to invite more prosects per day.


1. Is LinkedIn bot illegal?

The legality of a LinkedIn bot depends on the tasks performed. It is illegal to use it for spamming or scraping data online. Be smart while using automation tools to stay safe and successful on LinkedIn.

2. How can you make your LinkedIn outreach more engaging?

Be strategic and personalize your outreach messages. The personalized strategy ensures high conversion and response rates. The more you personalize, the more you engage. Therefore, focus on advanced and dynamic personalization. Do the opposite, make it unique and stand out from the crowd using personalized outreach messages.

3. How many LinkedIn connections can I send in a day?

The quantity of linked connections you can send per day depends on the kind of your account. For instance, a free LinkedIn account is limited to 50 connections a day, while a sales navigator account allows 225 connections. However, never send your connections simultaneously since it alarms spammy activities. Rather, spread them within a day.

4. What should I say when first connecting with someone on LinkedIn?

Your first messages to a stranger on LinkedIn have a bigger impact. Try to win their trust through real engagement. Hence personalize the message and highlight a common interest before introducing yourself. Theater states the benefit of your connection.


The above LinkedIn bots are important for your LinkedIn growth and generating leads. They can help you take your LinkedIn profile to the next level as a first step to gaining the popularity of your brand. Take your time and align your needs with the best automation tools. Test them before committing, but they are reliable, effective, and secure.