12 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools & Buying Guide in 2023

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

Want to get more connections and automate effectively on Linkedin? Come in here, and our list will cover the best LinkedIn automation tool to help you start.

Linkedin is a job portal and a social media platform for lead generation. And currently, 80% of the total lead generation on social media is from the Linkedin platform. These statistics have made most influencers go for this platform. Therefore, LinkedIn automation tools can easily become your friends when managing your account.

These tools can help you tackle any task while maximizing your reach. Every marketer wants to gain the upper hand, and most of their communication has now been moved to this social media platform.  Email is only used as a mainstream.

You can never trust a human presence in offering 24/7 bulk services. This is where LinkedIn automation tools come in. They are smart enough to handle any task in a hyper-personalized mechanism through intelligent groundwork. There are many more benefits of using these LinkedIn automation tools, as we will see in the next section.

When Should I Use the LinkedIn Automation Tool?

A Linkedin automation tool is third-party software that auto-pilots your LinkedIn tasks and keeps its operation in the background 24/7 even without your presence. It is important in many ways since maintaining an online presence needs a lot of effort, time, and resources.

However, most marketers are busy as most of their time is luxury. These automation tools carry out activities that you would manually perform. Another thing you should do is that this software mimics human behavior. They are important in targeting prospects quickly while avoiding spamming the wrong audience.

It would help if you also had the tools to manage a large number of leads. But, it is quite plausible to manage a small number of leads. The automation tools make it easy to achieve the goals as you can run your personalized campaigns, scrap data and integrate with other tools to come up with omnichannel ads.

Type of LinkedIn Automation Tool

1. Linkedin Automation Tools Based on Browser

Linkedin Automation Tools Based on Browser

While looking at LinkedIn automation tools, you will realize that some of the tools have chrome extensions labeled as browser-based. These are the types we classify as  LinkedIn automation tools based on browsers. Using this type of tool is simple. You only need to open your account, download and install the extension and fire the tool to start working.

However, these types of tools have some negative implications. This is because they depend on browsers and hence are easy to detect. They also raise a red flag because, when you log in to your account, they use different IP addresses, and lastly, you cannot run them 24/7 like other tools. The above are just some of its security implications, but it has one impact like lack of advanced features, etc.

2. LinkedIn Automation Tools Based on Cloud

LinkedIn Automation Tools Based on Cloud

This is the second type and safest LinkedIn automation tool you can consider integrating with your account. You can access your account using these tools. After setting the parameters and filtering your activities, you are good to start automating the account.

As opposed to the first choice, this bot comes with significant advantages. All cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools use dedicated IP addresses. Thus, it is hard to detect because it does not use the front-end technique. Again, you can access all advanced features to boost the conversation rate and lead generation.

Because of its advanced security level and effectiveness, cloud-based automation tools have gained the upper hand. But also note that all these features come packed with their price tag. You will always find cloud-based tools expensive. When shopping, account for the above factors in your selection.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

This list consists of automation tools that focus on cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools. This is because these tools are more dependable, and you can log in to your account using them. Now read on our detailed list.

1. Expandi

Expandi linkedin

  • Price:  $99/seat per month.

Expandi is a new Linkedin automation tool, but it is taking over the social platform by storm. You can note that you don't have to be a Linkedin expert to get results and supercharge your outreach game from their website. It uses the smart, automated sequence to contact the prospects and send them email addresses.

You can launch the first connector campaign within 15 minutes and instantly see results. This tool can also customize messages and use the advanced targeting feature to get more prospects. It is simple to use with a simple UI thus pretty easy to operate.

The connector campaigns in Expandi are created in strict compliance with the social media safety rules. This tool caps all the connections you send in a day to evade detection. However, expect reasonable results when your profile warms up. Again, the tool can be used to create drip campaigns that automatically trigger your prospect's answer.

It offers one of the best targeting options, and we highly recommend it. However, it is a bit expensive. Get predictable leads on LinkedIn without being spammy. Get Expandi to beat the LinkedIn changes.

2. SocialPilot

SocialPilot linkedin

  • price: Starts at $22.5 monthly (14- days free trial )

This is a simple LinkedIn automation tool. It does not only work on LinkedIn but also on other social media platforms. Its superpower lies in the fact that it can easily execute and create content for your Linkedin account from the Ground Up.

It can handle a lot of tasks like automation, posts, scheduling, building reputations, and analyzing the performance. This tool has everything you need to hit your account goals at an amazing price. On LinkedIn automation, the tool is perfect, and it can keep you one step ahead of others.

This tool is perfect because it can help you complete an account overview, and its insight can give you a performance benchmark. Besides the above, it can also help you optimize the posts targeting specific audiences. Using its LinkedIn feature puts you ahead and offers you an opportunity to post in seconds.

The tool is awesome in mentioning, scheduling your LinkedIn content, and using it for in-depth analysis. And lastly, this tool offers an intelligent visual report which looks appealing. This is the best marketing tool to automate your Linkedin account.


GOSO linkedin

  • Price: It starts at €50.00 monthly.

GOSO is a LinkedIn growth service provider. This automation tool can help you grow your online presence using their growth packages. The LinkedIn growth tool uses keywords to target the desired audience in a specified region. The process is done using natural means that keep you safe and operate your account as normal.

GOSO uses undetectable techniques to grow your Linkedin Connections. You can target people using the title and their professions and keywords. This is achieved through connection, profile viewing, and following. It only targets people in your area of interest to avoid spammy activities.

It offers many features and options to manage your LinkedIn accounts. It has been with us for a long time hence has gained hilarious experience and built a good reputation with their clients. Even though they might request your password, it is safe, secure, and reliable. All activities are AES-256 encrypted, and it does not use your account to carry out suspicious activities. The developers guarantee ultimate secrecy.

It is also the best third-party LinkedIn growth service provider on the market. When you purchase their package, it only takes up to a maximum of 5 days to set up and start seeing results. The tool is always updated for any latest algorithm to keep it anonymous. Above all, it increases interactions with the real profiles. You can cancel your packages anytime. But, they are perfect at providing hypervisibility, hypergrowth, powerlikes, and AI comments.

4. SocialBee

SocialBee linkedin

  • Prices: $19/ $39/ $79 per month (with a 14-day free trial)

SocialBee is another LinkedIn automation tool on the market. This provider proposes bringing you more leads with only a lesser effort. It comes with various functionality and allows you to add content, organize, and share on LinkedIn accounts. It does not only work perfectly on LinkedIn alone but also works well on other social media platforms. It can easily manage your LinkedIn profile and pages with ease.

What made us love this tool is its ability to recycle evergreen content. It keeps the content fresh through post variation. This means you can use this tool in posting consistently but maintaining a balanced mix of each category.

Another valuable thing about SocialBee is the quality of customer support. This tool can also help you create a posting schedule from one place. It optimizes your LinkedIn workflow and enhances your online presence. Still, you can integrate the tool and post the content on your social media platforms and pages.

It supports both texts, videos, and images. You can preview your content before posting on Linkedin. Another thing is that you can import RSS feeds and share your content with the world, create relevant hashtags and add emojis. Premium packages come with a URL shortener, content curation, publisher, and editor tool.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social linkedin

  • Prices: $99, $149, and $249 per user per month (with a 30-day free trial)

SproutSocial is a well-designed LinkedIn automation tool. It divides its offers into engaging, publishing/scheduling, analytics, and listening. Thus it combines different social media tools in its operation. This makes it perfect as a LinkedIn automation tool. It aims to measure your LinkedIn business strategy and enhance it to the next level.

It can help you understand the audience and connect with the target people within the community under one platform. This is the leading tool for extracting real business values from Linkedin and other platforms. The leader and the provider are proud of their usability, client support and satisfaction, and ROI and adoption.

The tool is trusted by over 30k users worldwide and enhances the business strategy. This is because it offers customer relationship management features. A Customer's complete profile is important in building a strong relationship.

It focuses on optimizing your value from a Linkedin account. Their engagement and analytic features are easy to use. This offers users an opportunity to monitor conversion, discover trends, etc. They offer different pricing plans at an affordable price.


ZOPTO linkedin

  • Price: Starts at $215 monthly.

If you are a social media marketer and need to automatically generate leads on the LinkedIn platform. Then supercharge your effort, save time and get qualified leads from your LinkedIn profile using the Zopto tool. This could be your great choice ever among the LinkedIn automation tools.

It is a cloud-based automation tool, and it is simple to set up. You simply need your premium or sales navigator account to get started.  Though expensive, it comes with amazing features that increase your LinkedIn prospects and connections. Get access to its dashboard by signing up and enjoying the insights and campaign metrics important for generating LinkedIn leads. It offers LinkedIn lead generation like you always imagined.

This automation works differently. When you open your Zopto account, you can filter and connect with ideal prospects to enjoy the hot leads. Something good about this tool is that you can use it to manage multiple accounts, get profile views and auto-follows, automate tasks, import CSV campaigns, zapier integration, and API access, high converting templates.

Its compatibility is just another thing on its level. You can even capture any new market outside your specialization. However, users can never cancel a campaign if they contact the wrong people.

7. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup linkedin

  • Price: Starts at $11.25 monthly ( free version also available).

Dux-Soup was also vetted on our list due to its advanced automation features. It has just emerged from nowhere and become popular for driving Linkedin leads. This is the best automation tool and can easily help you accelerate lead generation via targeting your projects and connecting with personalized LinkedIn outreach.

They offer a free trial, but you need to go for a premium package to unlock these advanced automation tools. The tool automatically engages with selected prospects, endorses their skills, and sends DMs. It does everything, even in your absence from a browser. It offers LinkedIn full control while increasing the visibility of your activities on LinkedIn, your profile, and your page.

This automation tool is perfect for finding qualified leads and leaving you a task to close the deal faster. Everything is made simple to save time and money as you win more leads. You can use it to target and filter prospects depending on your subscription.

Currently, it is serving over 70k prospects in generating leads on Linkedin. This is because the communication with your prospects is more organized and does not have any chaos. This software is simple to use, the support team is fantastic, but it sometimes slows down. This should not discourage you; it offers everything you need to be done on your Linkedin profile and page.

8. Linked Helper

Linked Helper linkedin

  • Price: Starts at $15 monthly (14 days free trial).

As the name suggests, this tool is here to stay and help you with any LinkedIn tasks, including automating, booting the LinkedIn account visibility, and so on. You can simply endorse bulk contacts simultaneously in no time. And vice versa applies. Thus the profile becomes visible with very minimal effort. Another spectacular feature is its auto-mailing.

It can keep your connection going with your prospects and partners 24/7. The automation tool can personalize and integrate any communication on your LinkedIn profile to the relevant connections. Currently, this tool supports over 250k users, offers 31 features in one toolkit, and has been serving the whole world for 5 years. It is the fastest and safest to use, and out of 197 states, it supports 180 countries.

It is designed to grow your LinkedIn network, build your message chain, manage your connection, and lead funnels in a convenient CRM system built-in tool. You can scrape, export messages into CSV, and send the DMs upon a 3rd party service. You can create a time limit between actions and maintain custom delays to evade any detection from LinkedIn algorithms.

The bulk messaging tool also helps users on LinkedIn interact with prospects in groups and enhance their involvement. Additionally, it adds your signature to a message and makes it official. However, it cannot use emojis, but that should not trouble you.

9. LinkedProspect

LinkedProspect linkedin

  • Price: Strats at $49 monthly ( limited free trial also available)

Are you searching for a LinkedIn automation tool to help you find new connections?  Then we recommend you to go for the LinkedProspect tool. Their website claims that they can help you target the audience so that anyone connected with them is not random but rather a relevant and potent lead.

This helps you avoid connecting with irrelevant prospects and saves you time. It does not end there. They are also perfect at creating personalized messages, targeted DMs, and generating leads which can help you harvest revenues from your brand due to increased sales.

The developers constantly update this tool, optimizing it to deliver real results on time. You can also use this tool to optimize your profile and obtain more clicks and leads. It is a tool meant for LinkedIn automation.

In simple terms, it helps generate sales on LinkedIn through automated prospecting. It is the most trusted software around the globe. It can still engage your first sequence connection with customized auto-response and send free InMails to any open profile. This increases the volume of your outreach

10. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM linkedin

  • Price: Start at $6.99 monthly ( free trial also available )

This is also an AIO LinkedIn automation tool. It simplifies your prospecting efforts and saves your time. Simply start growing your business by using this advanced LinkedIn automation software. It is a powerful relationship management software that connects you with the target audience.

It can perform various tasks like sending customized messages to a profile and connecting to a third-degree audience. Users can also send multiple messages in minutes to their 1st-degree network. It also ranks among the best in building excellent LinkedIn lead generations. This software has an intuitive UI; you can access comprehensive resources, which greatly value your money on a premium package.

They offer a friendly pricing plan to anyone interested in using it. However, each plan unlocks different advanced features like bypassing weekly invite limits. You can still use it to analyze your start and evaluate the performance of your marketing efforts. You can connect a prospect via email export and import to CSV files and detect and control your LinkedIn activities to help you evade any spammy activities or detection.

11. We-Connect

We Connect linkedin

  • Price: Starts at $49 for one user monthly ( include 14 days free trial)

We cannot end our list without mentioning WeConnect. This is also a good choice when looking for LinkedIn automation tools. It can help you connect with relevant prospects on LinkedIn. It offers a new approach to LinkedIn prospecting. That is, bulk inviting as possible.

It only engages with prospects that reply. This is the best alternative to inviting. Instead of other things, this tool focuses on quality over quantity. It limits your monthly invites while ensuring you invite-only relevant contacts from a quality list.

This powerful automation tool does more than simply grow your network. It is also excellent in nurturing the leads and closing more deals. It is possible through advanced features like a powerful campaign manager, easy user management, and smart reply.

This tool makes it easy to search for your target audience; you have full control, cancel any pending invitation, and have a pretty interface and simple segment contact list. The pricing is a bit expensive but worth its service to people.

12. Lempod

Lempod linkedin

  • Price: Starts at $5 per pod

Lastly, we have Lempod, a tool that can supercharge your business growth with 10x views and prospectus engagement on your LinkedIn contacts. This is because LinkedIn rewards the users who post their content often. This could be twice or 4 times.

Either Way is better, but most importantly, the audience must value your post. But remember posting relevant content increases your engagement. This is where Lempod comes in to play a part. The tool is perfect for putting your content in front of people.

Join a group by matching your specializations so that when you post, people like it and comment. Therefore, when your content gets more likes and content, the LinkedIn algorithm assumes it is high quality and prioritizes being seen and reaching more people.

When it starts trending, your LinkedIn profile gets more views hence the potential connection. The software can help you filter the group, and in which case, we refer to it as a ‘pod' by location. This tool can help you attract top talent, but recruiters, influencers, and marketers mostly use it.

Importance of LinkedIn Connections

linkedin overview

Even though LinkedIn automation tools are against the terms and conditions, lately, their services are flooded with connection requests. It appears like personalized DMs though not recommended. The Linked in automation tools are important in creating connections.

This Is because LinkedIn is a great marketing platform with stiff competition, posing great challenges. Secondly, some influencers are still new to online marketing; hence, they prefer third-party software to work for their sake. There are many tools on the market though not all are real as many are scammers. It is good if you can spot the differences.

All these connections are aimed at achieving 2 things. To share your contact information with the relevant audience. However, most users don't know that their contact details are visible to their connections. The automation tools collect the contact information and store it in the database. The information is then sold to the companies who later contact you.

Secondly, once the connection is complete, your 1 st degree becomes the tool's 2nd-degree connection. This is how the tool finds new people to connect with on the LinkedIn platform. When you connect with relevant people using these LinkedIn automation tools, you get exposed to the unending network.

However, the success of LinkedIn connections does not depend on the quantity but the quality of your LinkedIn connection. The quantity of connections means nothing, as the number does not add value to a network. Therefore, the wider the network, the more visible your profile becomes for lead generation.

So to this extent, you have already known about  LinkedIn automation tools, their importance, and the relevance of LinkedIn connection. Let us now move ahead to the types of LinkedIn automation before jumping to the list.

How to Get More Connections on LinkedIn without Getting Banned?

More Connections on LinkedIn

Linkedin does not tolerate spammy and suspicious activities. So, you need to consider things to get more connections without being detected.

  • First, you should personalize your outreach. Use the right cold message templates and target the right prospects. You can only achieve this when you plan your campaign correctly. To get more specific leads with automation tools, try to utilize the sales navigator tool.
  • Secondly, make sure that you use the compatible LinkedIn automation tool. There are many tools on the market that claims are real, but most are scammers. Ensure that these tools consider your privacy and comply with terms and conditions to evade detection and restrictions.

You should have a strategy when sending effective outreach messages to maximize your response time and leads. Thus use advanced dynamic personalization because most people use regular expressions to personalize their tags. Be unique and stand out from that crowd and try to employ images in your outreach messages. Few automation tools offer such features as spoiler alerts.


Linkedin is a good social media platform to generate leads and increase your sales. However, it requires an online presence that is mundane when you have limited time. So, you must spend your money on leveraging a third-party LinkedIn automation tool to work on your behalf.

Even though many of this software have failed, some still work. So, our list consists of the most reliable and highly recommended tools to help you save your time, money, and efforts. Select the one which resonates with your needs and budget. They will make your work easier.