How to View a Private Instagram Account 2023

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Are you struggling to view a private Instagram account? Here are the best methods and tools to unlock restrictions. Please read our article to grasp more information and become a pro today.

You cannot argue that Instagram is the most famous social media platform. Most people use this platform to share videos and photos with a broad audience worldwide. It is possible to develop a competing story then tag in your friends or target audience, which guarantees you maximum exposure. Even though Instagram emphasizes social sharing, at the same time, it limits some users to having private accounts.

We can conclude that Instagram provides 2 types of accounts; private and public. A private account is only for personal use. However, Instagram sets your content to the public once you create an account, such as videos and photos. This means anyone can access and see your photos and videos on Instagram as well as follow your profile. TIt is easy for someone to locate you on Instagram using a phone number or even a username.

But a private account comes with some restrictions when it comes to viewing your  Instagram profile without permission. Private accounts hide your online activities from the audience to access in public. But that does not mean you can never see the profile. Therefore, there are various ways you can access details, including the phone number of a private account.

So, the question raised here is how can you view a private Instagram profile? If you wish to learn more about these methods, then read our article to the end. By the end of this article, you will be able to view private Instagram profiles even without survey or human verification. Let us get started now.

Send the Follow Request

Send the Follow Request

First of all, the best way to view the private Instagram profile of someone on Instagram is by becoming friends. So, you must send them a friend request to get started. This is the most effective method proven as a legit procedure to access Instagram private profiles.

Hit the blue follow button and be patient for the target person to accept and follow you back or approve your request. Approval does not require if the person knows you or not. Once the person acts on our request, then you are lucky enough. It can be approved in no time when they are online, regardless of the situation.

If you have mutual friends that you are sharing, this increases your chance of accepting the request. At this point, you can only view the private Instagram profile once a request is approved. You can now start expressing your request why you followed them.

Before sending a request, you must ensure that the account is genuine. Then impress them with the amusing direct message to get their attention, so they do not find it hard to reject the request. When they reply to your DM, try to convince them to check out your profile since interactions work well in favor.

Though this trick rarely works, it gives the best outcome when you succeed without going into complicated methods. Instagram also encourages following each other to access private profile details. And if in case this method fails, then there are other alternative ways you can try. proceed to the next.

Search Their Other Social Media Platforms

Other Social Media Platforms

This is the second-best option if the target person does not approve your following request. So, if one makes their Instagram profile private,  this is not the end of everything. And besides Instagram, other social media platforms operate today. This also gets you covered. We encourage you to try and shift to other social media platforms. These include Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and many more to come.

Check or search the target person on these other platforms to access their details. If You try searching for the person on all these platforms, we guarantee you that you will, in the end, find them on either one or two media. For you to successfully get them, try checking on their Instagram bio. Most people include links to their other social media platforms, which is essential in grasping their full name.

Then use these details to search on other platforms. You derive all the photos from other social media platforms and any information from the target person. Still, as discussed below, there are other multiple methods like using mutual followers.

Through the Help of Mutual Follower

Mutual Follower

But again, mutual followers on Instagram play a vital role in viewing the private Instagram profile. So, you should not worry if someone makes an Instagram profile private. When you try accessing their profile, but all goes in vain, you might realize that you share dozens of friends that know the target person. This is another suitable method.

However, it only works when you have mutual followers. Never wait any longer, and the mutual friends or followers on Instagram can help lead you to the target person. It is simple, and you should ask these mutual followers to check out that private Instagram profile that is private to you. They can save the information they find, which later they can forward you, the posts, photos, and anything you need.

This lets you monitor any activity on these private Instagram profiles through mutual followers. This is because you can access any details you need. However, when you are not aware of the mutual followers and find it confusing to identify them, we insist that you should not give up.

Instead, go ahead and try other available methods till you find the right one. There are multiple tricks online you can use. And before going to a third party, try our next method first.

Ask Google for Help

Ask Google

Asking Google for help never disappoints at all. Keep trying, and if you have tried long enough for a considerable time without response, then there are other methods you can use. When the mutual friends are not responding, or the person is not approving your request, use the google search. This is the simplest method as you can get help from any browser using any device.

Go on the search and type in their name, and then search in a search bar. You should never forget that, regardless of the type of account you are creating,  any Instagram account gives google a copy of your details and posts. Therefore, Google ends up with a library of information ranging from old posts to the most recent. It includes posts the target person made before turning an Instagram account to private.

Upon loading the search page, head over to the image section. And when you tap on the tab, you will access all and large collections of the target person while still public. You will never see their public profile photos from the collection.

At this point, we only need to access their photos of the target person. Maybe it might be for a surprising purpose like preparing a birthday gift. This method will save you all the hassles, but consider the following method below when you want to access other details.

Create a Fake Instagram Account

Fake Instagram Account

It becomes annoying when you cannot find the details you want using the above methods since the person seems to ignore your request. Well, the thing is, you do not get weary. They might be ignoring your request because of some other personal reasons. The next option you can go for is to create a fake Instagram account. Convince the target profile using a fake account when they aren't interested in letting you access their posts.

You will be surprised to realize that most counterfeit accounts are created but use female details. This is the bitter truth that is a reality with the current generation. An Instagram request from a female account has proven most efficient with faster processing and approval. Then, there are high chances that your request will be accepted faster when using a female profile.

When coming up with a fake Instagram account, you should ensure that you keep it private. This way, you will be kept safe during the process and encourage the target person to the other end to try and spy on your private account.

They will not have any other option but follow you in return. Ensure that you add photos to your fake account 7 days before the connection day. When you add images, the account might look genuine, convincing the person in question.

Create a Duplicate Account

Duplicate Account

Lastly, you can create a duplicate Instagram account before going into the third party. However, you know that this is dangerous, and you can be impersonating. It can quickly get you into trouble. But still, some people utilize this method to view a private Instagram profile. A large percentage manages to access the details on the target profile.

But before doing, ensure you carry out meticulous research on all social media platforms so that you can be aware of the interest of the target profile. You can get to know more using the likes, comments on various posts, and target photos. After that, you can proceed to identify the profile to impersonate. These involve people with who the target person interacts most often.

Get a profile to impersonate, download their profile photos, then use them to create a duplicate account. Come up with a believable bio from the original account so that the person in question can believe it as a genuine account. Once you are done, you can proceed by following that private profile.

This trick works well; however, the illusion does not last long. The more you get exposed, the more you are reported, and consequently, you will be blocked. But the good news is that you would have achieved your target to access private profiles. When the target person is shrewd and sharp enough, they can detect a fake account, and the possibility is that you might fail.

Use Private Instagram Profile Viewers

This option involves the use of third-party software or applications. Therefore, there are various third-party tools online which offer these services. They help you view private profiles. These tools are collectively referred to as private Instagram profile viewers.

There are many tools, but not all work as they claim online. Some of them come with malware that infects your device. For this reason, we have collected reliable private Instagram profile viewers, which guarantees you online privacy and safety. Here are the most famous private Instagram profile viewers.

1. IGLookup


IGLookup is well known as the Instagram Grammies. This is a widely used third-party application to view and access private Instagram profiles. This is the best private Instagram profile, the viewer. When you want to access the private Instagram profile, it is simple with this web-based tool.

Go to their website and press the spy now option. It will prompt you to enter the username of the target Instagram profile. However, you should know that the processing time is usually longer. But in the long run, you will be able to access the private posts of your target profile. Peruse the results and get what you want at your fingertips.

IGLookup has a simple online customer interface. It helps you stay anonymous even when you know the person. It is legal and keeps our information safe and secure. The good thing about this platform is that it is free.

2. InstaLooker


The next third party on our list is InstaLooker. It is a simple and internet-based platform. It is a free private Instagram viewer tool. And it claims to offer the best services outshining the rest. Again, this tool also does not require you to download to your device to get started.

You only need to click on the spy button and enter the username of the person in question to have access to a private profile in the blink of an eye. We can also guarantee that this tool is 100% legal since it complies with API. This means it is legal and secure to use as a private Instagram profile viewer tool.

This is the ultimate tool to spy on private Instagram accounts without following them and without their permission. Be assured that this is a legitimate tool that offers solutions to meet all your needs. As far as the interface is concerned, they have the best and most easy-to-use UI. They have other features, but most importantly, here today is viewing private Instagram profiles.

3. PrivateInsta


PrivateInsta is also a reliable private Instagram profile viewer tool. And anytime you want to view a private Instagram account without following the user, seek PrivateInsta's help. This tool has a solution for different services. You only need a username of the target profile, and you are good to go.

After clicking, you will be redirected to a page to access all the previous Instagram photos, videos, and other details. They also claim that this tool complies with the Instagram API and does not violate any community guidelines. However, it is not yet endorsed by Instagram, which we hope you understand here.

In terms of usage, the tool is compatible with multiple devices, including android. So, it would help if you did not worry about its compatibility. They never ask for any personal information while using it. It has been around for over 5 years and still provides reliable services. It's worth going for it.

4. LikeCreeper


Before concluding, we also ought to include LikeCreeper as the best private Instagram profile viewer. This is another simple tool in our list that you can utilize and optimize its usage in our list. This means that you do not need to download and install. Instead, it is a web-based tool. When you are done with the search, this tool lets you view and download the photos of the target person.

But all these tools require you to enter the correct username to unlock all the private photos. Using LikeCreeper won't break any Instagram terms of use. Thus, it is a safe, secure, and legal platform. And in no time, it presents you with a plethora of Instagram content which includes photos. You do not need any software to use this tool.

5. Gwaa


and lastly, we have Gwaa. This is a one-stop-shop for all your Instagram needs. Besides offering access to private Instagram profiles, they also provide Instagram growth metrics. These include free Instagram followers, views, and likes. They also have an Instagram password finder and live follower counts. They have the best Instagram stalker application, which you can use to view private Instagram profiles without the target person detecting it.

Gwaa is the best private Instagram profile viewer tool on the market. This is because it guarantees you safety protection bypass, and above all, it is an independent website based online. It means you can access it from any device at a free cost.

It is safe, secure, and reliable. Their topmost priority is your security and online privacy. The tool goes the extra mile to get you information about the private target profile, including comments, shared posts, followers, and the rest.

6. Inflact Instagram Stalker

Inflact Instagram Stalker

Inflact Instagram profile stalker, previously the Ingrammer before the rebrand, is a perfect third-party application you can use to stalk Instagram profiles. Therefore, if you do not have an Instagram account or the target person has blocked you and wishes to access their public or private Instagram profile, look no further than the Inflact Instagram viewer tool.

You can access the profile through this tool. It would be best to forget about coming up with a fake Instagram account or impersonification when you have Inflact at your fingertips. It is simple to use this platform. With only the username or the nickname, you got all things sorted.

It implies that, instead of using impersonated or fake Instagram account to stalk someone, you can efficiently utilize the Inflact Instagram stalker feature without logging into the account. There is no extra work needed to download because everything is based online.

Furthermore, Inflact comes with a secure socket layer. This advanced technology enables users to create a safe link between a client and the browser. Customer support is excellent as well as the reviews online speak volumes. 

There are many advantages to using the Inflact Instagram viewer feature. First, you can access a private Instagram account even when someone has blocked you. You can also rely on it to delete your profile without hesitation. This tool is compatible with other devices hence offering unlimited and free services. When the other Instagram profile viewer fails, give Inflact, a private Instagram viewer tool, a trial, and you will never regret it.

One thing you must keep in mind is that Inflact Instagram viewer is not in any way affiliated with Instagram, and they confirm that everything belongs to the respective owner. Again, inflact also offers other services besides profile viewers such as story viewer, hashtag generator, font generator, downloader tool, and many more. It is a one-stop shop for all your Instagram needs.

How To Make Your Instagram Account Private?

You might also wish to shield your contents from public spying if you have a public Instagram account. The only solution is to change from public to private profile. Therefore, to protect your profile from all the snooping eyes is simple only when you follow these simple settings:

Step 1: Launch your Instagram account and log in to access the newsfeed.

Step 2: Directly tap on the profile picture found at the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Navigate to the right corner, tap on the 3 bars, and click on Settings at the bottom. Go to the fourth option, privacy, and click to open.

Step 4: Then toggle the button to enable it.

Step 5: From here, switch your account to private. You can again switch it back to the public anytime.


It is always good to keep your Instagram profile private so that you can evade public snooping or spying. But when you switch your account to private, Instagram does not let anyone you are not following access your content and photos. It becomes problematic, but there is always light at the end of a tunnel.

There are various ways to view private Instagram profiles. In the article, we have discussed multiple methods, including the best Instagram profile viewers online. You can use them to unlock private Instagram profiles anonymously. They are also safe, secure, and reliable. Always remember unethical behavior risks your Instagram profile.