Fueltok Review

Fueltok Review

Are you struggling to make yourself famous on TikTok? Fueltok is all you need! Here is everything you may need to know about it.

Most people fail to know that being famous on TikTok comes with a lot of work. Whether it's making videos, editing them, or coming up with new ideas, the whole process can be time-consuming and frustrating. But it is also fun and rewarding when people like your content.

So despite the hard work that it takes to make yourself famous on the social media platform, it is also another task altogether to maintain the fame. Even though you might be tired of hearing this statement, again and again, it is true: TikTok is not easy to become famous overnight.

It takes patience and consistency over time to gain a following on any social media platform. However, today there are different growth tools that most people tend to acquaint with for boosting their online existence. For instance, with TikTok, there are different growth tools such as Fueltok, and many others that, if legit, maybe just new dawn with guaranteed growth.

Fueltok Review

Fueltok Overview

Fueltok is a TikTok growth service that helps increase your followers, likes, and views on the platform. They claim to be able to help grow your account organically through their targeted approach.

It's also thought to be a great tool for getting your videos seen by the right audience, generating engagement, and growing your following just as you would like to have it. You, however, need to know a lot more about Fueltok before settling on using it.

To get started, you just need to give them certain information about your TikTok account, such as the link to your profile, the number of followers you have, and how many likes/views you want for your videos.

Once you've provided this information, Fueltok will review it and then offer you a quote based on their findings. You will then have the option of either paying for the service in full or making payments over time. The payment options are flexible, so there's something for everyone!

  • Offers free trial services.
  • No personal information is needed;
  • You can choose either just followers or just views or both at once;
  • Auto commenting and auto messages may take longer before being delivered.
  • The account might get shut down since its a bot
  • Most of their reviews are eye-raising
  • Offers TikTok services only

Features of Fueltok

Fueltok Feature

Fueltok's main function is to provide comprehensive analytics and audience insights on your videos and posted content.

They offer various packages in which they claim they can help you increase your followers and likes without having to pay too much money. You will also be able to enjoy several other features with this bot since it's helpful in growing your followers and increasing your engagement rate and getting more views on your videos. These features include:

  • Auto Likes

This feature allows you to set up your account so that when you publish a post, Fueltok automatically likes posts on TikTok that are related to the hashtags you specify. This will help you gain organic growth as your content gets seen by users searching for content on similar hashtags.

  • Auto Followers

The feature allows you to set up your account so that when you publish a post, Fueltok automatically follows accounts on TikTok that are related to the hashtags you specify. These accounts will likely follow back and check out your content if they see that you are following them. These will, however, need you to have quality and eye-catching content on your profile for other users to follow back.

  • Auto Comments

The Auto Comments feature allows you to set up your account so that when you publish a post, Fueltok automatically comments on posts on other TikTok posts sharing the same hashtags as the earlier ones. The good thing about this feature is that you can schedule comments for deliveries on certain posts, even when away.

Other features include:

  • Hashtag planners for following specific accounts.
  • Post scheduling
  • Auto likes

Price of Fueltok

Fueltok Price

Fueltok is available at a fairly low price. The prices depend on the package you choose – how many followers you want to get. You can choose your plan from different plans the 1-month plan at 29 Euros, or the 2-months and the 3-months plan at 26 and 23 Euros respectively.

So generally, Fueltok is not an expensive option, but the services are worth it. If you have the budget and need to increase your TikTok profile's reach, then you may need to consider using this tool. In addition, the platform offers you a 7-day free trial that you can take advantage of if you are unsure of their services.

Is Fueltok Legit and Safe?

Unfortunately, the platform is not safe. Fueltok does not seem to follow the rules and regulations it claims to do. The users are likely to lose their account in the end, more so considering the fact that it has been banned before.

Fueltok provides no contact information, which makes it difficult for the customers to reach out and ask questions related to anything they have in mind. The site is also plain and simple, with very few details.

Taking a close look at their website, it seems safe and secure with an HTTPS connection, but that doesn't mean everything else is safe and secure. The payment options are PayPal or credit cards, so you don't have to worry about your money being lost or stolen during transactions.

Moreover, the reviews about the platform are mostly positive, which could be a good thing if you just want to boost your TikTok account without any worries about losing it in the process. It's, however, worth noting that there aren't many negative reviews available online, which might suggest there aren't many people using Fueltok as a growth tool at all! Or the positive reviews would be made up to show their false commitment.

Fueltok Customer Reviews

Fueltok has a rating of 2.5/5 on Trustpilot with many negative reviews, most of them complaining of getting banned, hacked, or not getting what they paid for.

The positive reviews are very few in number, and they mostly say that they were able to get the views they paid for but nothing more than that. One of the ways to tell a uniquely trustworthy online platform is its customer handling techniques.

A satisfied customer will never be pushed to recommend a service to their friends. However, upon a close look at the available reviews, you will note most customers are very angry with Fueltok and daring the rest to use it at their own risk.

Fueltok Customer Service

Fueltok Customer Service

Fueltok offers 24/7 live chat support as well as email support if necessary. It takes less than 48 hours for them to respond back with answers to your questions or concerns, which makes them very reliable at all times of day or night!

However, despite claiming about their customer service is available round the clock, and, you can contact them anytime you want. There have been complaints about their little or no support in case of serious issues such as when an account gets banned for using Fuektok's bot and other important matters.

Fueltok Alternatives

Considering the different setbacks of Fueltok, you may need to get acquainted with its possible alternatives. These include TurboMedia, YTpals, Stormlikes, SocialViral


Fueltok is not the only one in the market, however. Just like for any other social media platform, there is a lot of competition out there. There are multiple alternatives to choose from that might match your preferences better.