12 Best Websites to Get Free Traffic Exchange in 2023

Free Traffic Exchange

Looking for the best free platform to help you grow the website traffic? Read our article to discover the best free traffic exchange platform on the market. They can help you boost your business, posts, blocks, stores and many more.

Most marketers encounter many problems. But, traffic generation has emerged as the main issue since it's the lifeblood of online marketing. There is no sign-up and no revenue when there is no traffic, right?

You might be having a lot of questions about how to promote your affiliate website, generate clicks, leads and earn money. And this is what we are going to cover today. We will be discussing the best and vetted free traffic exchange platforms that you can go for to expose your online presence with more clicks. But, before we continue, let us answer this question:

What is Traffic Exchange? 

The more you visit your website, the more you generate sales. So, generating traffic to a website matters. It thus remains the top priority. Therefore, traffic exchange is a platform that provides traffic generation services to webmasters, which is similar to the auto-surf concept. It involves SEO strategies in boosting your traffic volumes while reducing the page load. It is not a quick fix task. It needs effort and time; however, not guaranteed at all.

The traffic exchange platforms provide speedy solutions and deliver awesome impressions with high click-throughs. However, they also come with potential risks, which raises a red flag. The idea behind traffic exchange is very simple-perform a task to get a favour in return. Thus, traffic exchange involves visiting someone's website, which in return visits your site.

Here, the theory still holds; the more the visitors, the more the search ranking climbs to drive organic traffic. This is a great idea, but the problem arises when the traffic exchange trends from organic engagement and views, which search engines can detect. The impression becomes fleet and feather-light when there are faster correlating visits. So, you should be keen as search engines are sophisticated to detect legitimacy.

Best Free Traffic Exchange Websites

There are many free traffic exchange platforms. However,if you need reliable traffic exchange, use the ones we recommend below.

1. 9Hits

9hits Homepage

This is an auto-traffic exchange platform with many unique features. It offers a unique website traffic solution that satisfies you. You can use this tool to create interactive scrolling, clicks and bypass all captchas. You can download the multiple session viewer, which automatically surfs your website. The points you gain are important to purchasing the visits to your website.

All the premium members can access programmable robots. You can exclusively create based on macros for your auto-surf application. It has been updated to the latest version, and since then, this traffic exchange website has never received any abuse. This means they offer high-quality services. This is a great website for generating traffic that helps Alexa and search engine ranking.

Members are continuously increasing due to its advanced features and development team member enthusiasm. You can sign up to get your free account today. To access unlimited viewer sessions, upgrade to the premium or VIP packages and enjoy increased website slots and maximum durations as well as popups.


  • Real-time statistics
  • Randomly hourly limit
  • Customize frequency capping
  • Customize user agent and duration
  • Macro interactive
  • Support proxy and multiple sessions
  • Custom traffic source

2. Herculist

Herculist Homepage

Hercuslist is also the best website traffic exchange platform. Besides advertising, it guarantees users to fully get back to their websites when they click on its ads. It runs a circle with other medium ads. It is best for internet markets who can use it to promote their businesses.

There are 2 ways you can gain traffic when using this site—first, the email exchange. You can access all offers in the mailbox of the users. Secondly is the traffic exchange. It enables your ads to be viewed by other members.

The guys guarantee you the real traffic from the real people. Additionally, they also offer affiliate programs for premium users. Getting started on this platform is simple. You only need an email address.


  • 100% real traffic
  • 50% commission affiliate program
  • Free powerful tools to choose from
  • Trusted by internet marketing sources for 20 years.
  • Safe option list.
  • Mobile friendly
  • User experience design
  • PRIME ads and ZONE advertising system

3. Youlikehits

Youlike Hits Homepage

Youlikehits is a promotional tool. It offers reliable and legit traffic exchange services. Most algorithms gave this tool a very high score on the market. Their traffic exchange helps you increase your followers based on Instagram and other social media platforms. They operate on simple principles. You must perform a task like watching videos to get points. It is simple and free to use. Share your website and grow your online presence.

Youlikehits has about 2 million active users, which is enough to keep the tool working. They offer website hits and followers. Due to demand for more traffic, they sell points to attract the traffic, which continues their cycle.


  • Simple to use
  • Valid SSL certificate
  • A trustworthy and good reputation
  • Attract traffic through selling points
  • Strict authentication policy

4. Otohits

Otohits Homepage

Otohits is a good traffic exchange platform that depends on the auto-surf technique. You can add many websites and generate traffic. This traffic boosting program is free. When you add a website, you earn points and stay online 24/7. You can also use this tool to get your geo-target traffic and audience. All these features are free without any membership program. It guarantees you a 95% impression with their targeted hits.

Otohits interface is multi-lingual and easy to use. The provider always checks for malicious and low-quality content on your website before performing a task. They deliver more than 15 million visits daily.


  • Geo-targeting
  • Simple, stable, and reliable
  • Unique auto-surf engine
  • Ready multi-instance
  • Multi-lingual
  • Dynamic timer
  • Support Windows and Linux

5. 10KHits

10KHits Homepage

10KHits is a free traffic exchange platform. It can get you guaranteed visitors to the website. However, their affiliate offers are free. It is simple to use this site. You can also choose your traffic source. Meaning, they offer geo-targeting options to all members. They promise to offer organic traffic on their website.

The website also offers a pool of knowledge base covering SEO, Search engine marketing and performance. You can upgrade to their business plan and access more advanced features that increase visitors to your link. Their booster pack also guarantees high-quality services. Upgrade anytime as per your needs.


  • Callable services
  • Business booster packs
  • Secure server
  • On-demand results

6. Rankboostup

Rankboostup Homepage

RankBoostup is a platform that provides free high-quality website exchange services. It is one of the leading websites in this industry. And when you want to rank higher on search engines, you can use their advanced features. It is also accessible from your mobile phone. This is the most trusted auto-surg service on the planet.

It also allows users to specify the quantity of traffic or the clicks. This is where the tool is powerful in lowering the bounce rate. It is a key aspect in algorithms to evaluate the quality of your traffic. You can also set the visit duration and avoid spammy activities. Get The targeted audience using relevant keywords. However, you should subscribe to their premium plans to access unlimited traffic.


  • Low bounce rate
  • Country targeting
  • Organic keywords
  • Scalable results and smart notifications
  • 24 hours customer support

7. Easyhits4u

Easyhits4u Homepage

EasyHits4u platform has been on the market since 2003. It has grown its popularity due to the quality of services they offer.  This is the best manual traffic exchange website we have ever come across. It always tops the list. It can get you thousands of visitors to your target website. Their customers are also happy and claim that it offers them steady traffic growth services.

EasyHit4u works by promoting your ads to get more views and visits. It is a free and prominent marketing tool. Currently, they have over 1.7 million members and recorded over 4.3 billion visits. This tool rocks, and when you upgrade, they offer cheap pricing. We highly recommend it to anyone in need of manual traffic.


  • Easy networking
  • Prominent marketing tool with referral
  • No limit on free visits

8. eBesucher

eBesucher Homepage

eBesucher is a surf bar traffic exchange platform. You can use it to get the targeted traffic. Like other options available on the market, it also offers 2 options. You can advertise to promote your website, a premium service or use the affiliate link to gain free traffic exchange services.

You can also set the retention rate based on country targeting through a visitor filter tool. It not only advertises to the real members but also non-members with the same interest. This means they rely heavily on cookies.

eBesucher is also another good tool for SEO optimization and ranking. When you gain more visitors, it increases your ranking on Alexa and other search engines. This is perfect for optimizing the toolset. When you sign up, they guarantee 100 visitors for free. But again, you can make revenue using the referral links.


  • SEO optimization and ranking.
  • Targeting by country
  • Free visitors
  • Premium advertising

9. Traffic

Traffic Homepage

TrafficG is the oldest traffic exchange platform. It offers free manual traffic services on a ratio of 1:1. Though free, it has awesome features for its users. You can get the targeted traffic to your website through a filtering tool. This is if you need to target the audience. The target is based on location, gender, interest and search engine, with many more.

Thus, this website gives you a real audience interested in your brand and content. This is why we recommend the service as the best quality. The site does not limit you on the sites you can promote, not banners to promote. It's all free. However, if you need excellent services and traffic, you can buy as low as $4.66 to $7. They have a unique surfer that optimizes the visits.


  • Targeted traffic
  • Free guaranteed visitors
  • Unlimited sites and banners
  • 1:1 exchange ratio
  • Support 38 languages

10. StuartXchange

StuartXchange Homepage

StartXchange is a network that specializes in traffic exchange services. It comes with awesome features, and you can earn credit through free registration. You can also visit other websites, earn credit, and buy traffic.

You need to earn points first to add this tool to your website. They claim that they can bring you the power of traffic exchange to your website and empower the business to a new height. They swap their traffic with real people around the world.

Its free features offer dynamic surfing, full-page views, front page advertising, social surfing, 2:1 surfing ratio and allow 6-second timer for credit. You can upgrade anytime.


  • Dynamic surfing
  • 2;1 free surfing ratio
  • Ads tracking and rotator
  • Full page view and banner advertising

11. LeadsLeap

LeadsLeap Homepage

LeadsLeap is also among the best free traffic exchange service providers in the industry. They do not set your surfing time limit. This allows the audience to stay on your ads, especially when interested. It also offers online services like popup generator, page builder, email marketing and management tools, which all come with free hosting. It also has a link tracker tool powerful and identifying real and fake traffic.

You can also make money while using the service through affiliate programs. It comes with many advanced tools to get you the search engine traffic, advertising and multiplying your leads to thousands.


  • Auto-responder
  • Popups generator
  • Page builder
  • Link track for human and bot traffic
  • Affiliate programs

12. WebSyndic

WebSyndic Homepage

This is an auto-surf traffic exchange platform. It distributes free visits to members' websites. It always records millions of visits on its website. It also allows its users to create advertising revenue and improve the ranking position. The tool comes with great features but is safe for a few sites like adfly, Adsense and youtube.

They have also introduced faster and more fluid navigation tools. This helps minimize all possible blockages while increasing your credit gain.


  • Redeem credit to visits
  • Fast fluid navigation
  • Minimum blockage
  • Hide traffic or anonymous source

Pros and Cons of Traffic Exchange

Before concluding, let us consider some of the benefits of using free traffic exchange platforms and compare them with the downsides to decide.

  • Traffic from the exchange platform is important for newbie bloggers to attain their goals.
  • It saves time as they give more traffic without your much effort
  • They make your google analytics better for more advertisers to your website
  • Free traffic exchange also helps us save the cost of buying PPC clicks
  • You can also use these free sites to gain more design ideas from other websites
  • When you promote the affiliate links, it increases your sales
  • You can also access free resources and make money through surfing
  • The conversion rate of the free traffic exchange is smaller.
  • Some platforms come with an increased bounce rate due to auto-surf options-
  • Most of these tools run in autopilot mode with no real views and clicks-fake visits.
  • There is also the possibility of having repetitive site sits, which is boring.
  • Lastly, not all people care about your site due to multiple visits.

Free traffic exchange is vital for boosting your content and engagement. We have summarized the best free traffic exchange platforms in our article. While they have disadvantages, you can evade them and enjoy their advantages. Only figure out the best for your website between auto and manual. Go through them, compare their features and make a relevant decision.