9 Best Place to Get Free Instagram Comments in 2023

Free Instagram Comments

Do you want to boost your Instagram engagement through free Instagram comments? Several online applications guarantee you free comments on your Instagram profile. you can only find them here in our article.

If you are a marketing manager or an influencer and are still new to Instagram, growing your account might take you ages. However, there are many third apart applications that you can use to improve your Instagram engagement. You can easily find them online and start using free Instagram comments to boost engagement through comments.

It is challenging to increase Instagram engagement manually. This is because everybody is working hard to be a winder, and the only thing that determines your fate is an Instagram algorithm. You can track it using free Instagram management services.

The best method to achieve your dream is to gain more comments on Instagram posts. Even though the quality of content increases engagement, comments and other metrics play a vital role. Therefore, the comments are essential to gaining a high engagement rate on Instagram. The more you get comments, the higher the engagement rate increases. This way, the Instagram algorithm ranks your content to your audience's feeds.

However, gaining the comments are where the problem begins. We have decided to be here to serve you. we have done a thorough research and came up with the best places to get free Instagram comments in 2023. before making a choice, read to understand and make an informed decision to take your Instagram profile to the next level.

Best Place to Get Free Instagram Comments

1. All SMO

All SMO Overview

All SMO  brag about themselves as the best Instagram tool. They offer users free and premium services. Anytime you need to get unlimited Instagram comments, never hesitate to visit the All SMO website. They not only provide free Instagram comments but also offers followers, views, and likes. They claim that all these come from real people around the world.

They do not request you a token or login detail to start delivering the free metrics. Every process is automated, and security is their priority. Thus, this is the time you should try to forget manual work. Only show them where you want to deliver the free comments and other metrics, and this tool will work out to explore every corner and deliver.

These guys understand that the world is changing, and consumers are evolving in how they interact with the business. So, try All SMO when you want to make your profile stand out and go viral on social media platforms. You will only sacrifice little effort but with lasting fruits.

They provide you with free Instagram comments at 15 minutes interval timer. Customer support is available 24/7 to help you. However, when you want custom comments, you can subscribe to the premium version, which is affordable.

2. Techy Hit Tools

Techy Hit Tools Overview

Techy Hit Tools is an online tool that offers free Instagram comment optimization services. Anytime you feel like increasing your Instagram engagement, check out Techy Hit Tools, and they will be able to take your profile to the next level.

Their staff understands the importance of Instagram comments in tracking the algorithm. That is why they primarily focus on providing free Instagram comments. This does not exempt them from other social media platforms. Intact, they offer growth metrics for TikTok as well.

Techy Hit Tools also provides free Instagram likes, views, and followers besides comments. So, when you visit their website, you have to select the tool, and delivery is simple. On Instagram comes, they will also deliver an AI auto account block tool, reduced bugs, and Indian likes and followers for optimization.

They also insist that you make your profile public to receive these free Instagram comments and when you get a comment, reply to create interaction. This is the best tool for digital and social media marketers, saving them money and time to sue elsewhere. Free comments are 100% safe and natural that do not go against Instagram API. They also have other optimizations services.



The next on our list is MRPOPULAR. This is an online platform where you can get free Instagram comments and all metrics you need to grow your Instagram profile. This ranges from reach, automation services, impressions, mass likes, reels, followers, views, etc. if your issue is Instagram comments, these guys have a package for you.

They provide affordable services, and on the promotion section, you can get free Instagram comments, likes, etc. You only need to paste the Instagram profile URL on their platform and receive comments for free to your Instagram posts within 5 minutes.

You can request as many times as possible as long as you meet the minimum duration required to wait 15 minutes. After every 15 minutes, you can request free Instagram comments as a promotion service from this platform.

However, when you want fast delivery and high-quality comments, then you can make an order from their site. You also need to understand that their website is not secure, and so you should be careful with your personal information, which MRPOPULAR never asks.

4. IGHoot

IGHoot Overview

IGHoot is a reliable platform where you can receive free Instagram comments. The platform also offers its users free Instagram followers and likes. You only have to create an account to start receiving the metrics to your profile. There is no need to log into your Instagram account. Instead, the guys will need your username. They even have an Android app that makes work easy for everyone who wishes to boost their Instagram profile.

This is a classic Instagram metric provider app that guarantees you automated engagements. Their metrics are sourced from real people. Thus, there is no risk of breaking Instagram API. This is the best platform for free metrics, but they also have multiple packages.

You can get automated likes, followers, and comments tools, and anytime you feel to access advanced or custom comments, they have premium packages. The site is secured, which means they care much about your online privacy.

5. VivoLiker

VivoLiker Overview

Vivoliker is another best Instagram auto comment app from India. They only request you to provide the URL to your Instagram post to start receiving an unlimited number of Instagram comments per day. They will not ask you to register or provide any password since they care more about the privacy of their customers.

However, you must first verify the captcha and proof that you are a human. They also offer other metrics that they promise to deliver in seconds, such as s page likes, followers, etc. This is among the safest application for providing free Instagram comments. Consider going for it today.

6. FreezLike

FreezLike Overview

FreezLike promises its users that they will instantly provide 190 free Instagram comments. This is intended to boost your social media ranking. These free comments are simply the trial for another free package from their website. You only have to provide the username and leave the rest to their technical team.

But also the other side, besides 190 instant comments, they provide 1000 free Instagram comments and likes. Followers, replies, views, and subscribers. They claim that all these come from real human accounts and are 100% free. Additionally, they also boost your Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter accounts.

Therefore, when you want to take your social media account to the next level, try FreezLike free metrics. They improve your engagement which triggers the algorithm to rank you to the targeted audience. They insist that the 190 instant comment package is perfect for new and advanced Instagram users. FreezLike is a trusted platform and has become popular among marketers and influencers.

7. LikiGram

LikiGram Overview

If you want free Instagram likes, consider adding your Instagram account to the LikiGram app. These people understand the importance of Instagram comments in creating attention and improving engagements. LikiGram is meant for all Instagram users. They can help you engage and improve your online presence.

They will provide you with 10 Instagram comments faster and securely. These are important in making you feel that power when you float through the account. They even make the process simple, and you only have to paste your Instagram name and email addresses to get free comments.

You can also get free views, followers, and likes other than free Instagram comments. Otherwise, they have premium packages covering youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and other major social media platforms.

8. Wolf Global

Wolf Global Overview

Wolf Global is also an excellent app to help you get free Instagram comments and other growth metrics. They promote your Instagram profile by providing authentic Instagram comments from active users worldwide.

Join the engagement seeker or what they refer to as the pod community and boost your profile to reach another level. They also have free Instagram likes packages as well from their platform. Currently, they have almost 1 million influencers who are ready to exchange the metrics for free.

As well, the membership has always been free and open to anyone. The pod community impresses togetherness by tricking the Instagram algorithm through free likes and comments. However, it is also a good idea to supplement this option. The app is efficient in helping you establish a strong reputation online with free comments.

9. Free IG Comments

Free IG Comments Overview

And last, but not least on this list is the Free IG Comments app. They offer exclusively free Instagram comments. They guarantee you thousands of Instagram metrics on your posts at no cost. They seem to organize though all packages are free of charge. You can select a package from 5 comments ranging up to 50 free Instagram comments based on your needs.

The delivery period ranged from 0 to 30 minutes for all the above packages. So, you can calculate based on the time and quantity. When you select a package, they will prompt you only to enter the Instagram profile URL, and in a few seconds, you will start observing results.

They have a well-established website with well-answered FAQ pages. However, they do not have a secure website. This should not worry you since they never ask for your personal details. But, they claim that their comments are 100% safe.


Today, getting authentic and free Instagram comments is not a complex process. There are many online apps you can depend on for free and premium Instagram comments, which increase your online engagement. We have gathered the best and most reliable sites you can get free Instagram comments quickly on our list.

They will not only jump-start your growth journey but also takes your Instagram account to the next level by tricking algorithms and ranking you higher to reach the target audience. Now make the right choice.