Can You See Who Reported You on Facebook

can you see who reported you on facebook

Is your Facebook content reported, and want to find out who reported you? Then comes in here and read our article to find out what you need to do.

Facebook is a popular platform used by millions of people from around the world. It has many advanced features but no specific feature to tell someone who reported you or your post on the platform. This is because the developers aim to maintain your privacy and keep everything confidential. It can be problematic knowing who reported you on Facebook.

Facebook Introduce

Furthermore, Facebook has a well-formulated strict policy regarding harassment and abuse. Both result in either warning, and if it is consistent, you can easily get blocked. While individuals might find it easy, this is a different case for businesses since it has more severe repercussions.

Therefore, our article today will revolve around what you need to know about who reported you on Facebook and any other step you can take after that. Let us now go deeper into the details about this.

Can You See Who Reported You on Facebook?

Facebook Reported

First of all, Facebook is stringent; once someone reports something, they take it seriously. Facebook first reviews the claim and finds out if the content does not conform to the community standards. The only situation where this is exceptional is when you report for the intellectual property.

But the rest of the report is kept confidential. This means that when you look for the account that reported you, you will not be able to see who is responsible for the action.

However, even though Facebook gives you an option to report content, the action does not guarantee you that the post will be taken down. This is because some posts might not be pleasing from your side, but still, they are not breaching the Facebook terms of use and community standards. In this case, the post will never be taken down, regardless of how someone reports it.

Are you wondering what happens when someone reports your account or a Facebook post? They stay tuned and continue reading to the end to find out more.

What Happens If Someone Reports You on Facebook?

Facebook Community Standards

When your Facebook posts do not conform with the Facebook Community Standards and go against the terms of use, you are entitled to face the repercussions. The first thing Facebook does upon reviewing and finding that it violates the rule is send a warning to notify you that the Facebook post was deleted.

Therefore, before posting again, they will first redirect you to reread the rules and community standards. This is the well-known step when facebook realizes that your post was offensive. That way, you might know why Facebook has decided to remove your post.

But based on the history of warnings and how often you have been going against the rules, Facebook might decide to disable your account or restrict you. For such a case, Facebook does not send you a warning or an email, but when you try logging in to access your profile,  you will find out more.

How Do I Know If Someone Reported Me on Facebook?

Sometimes, you might get restricted on Facebook but do not know why the shit has happened. The thing is, you have gone against the community guideline. Therefore, in this section, we will guide you on how to find out which post has violated the rules. It is simply checking out with a few steps you need to follow.

Let us gets started:

Step 1: Assuming you have logged in to the Facebook account, head to the 3 hyphen button and launch setting apps.

Logged in to the Facebook account

Step 2: Then, from the resulting menu, navigate through and tap on help and support

Step 3: Head to the support inbox section and click on it to open

Step 4: You will get two sections, the report and the second of the violations. If you want to check on the violations, then click on ‘Your Violations' option.

Your violations of Facebook Terms

Step 5: Once the violations section has opened, you can note the Facebook post that went again the community guidelines. You will also get to know the date you posted the content.

If you want Facebook to remove the restrictions, then you can proceed to move the post. But after removing the post but still, you are restricted, then you are free to contact the Facebook help center so that you may have an excellent solution.

Can I Appeal Against a Facebook Report?

Appeal Against a Facebook Report

Sometimes you might post content and get your account disabled for violating the community standards. If you feel like the account was unjustly disabled or restricted, you can appeal against the Facebook report or any decision. However, you must follow the suitable method and fill out the appropriate form to contact the staff.

The process is also simple, as outlined below:

Step 1: Identify the appropriate form to contact the support center.

Step 2: Then fill in the form indicating the name, email address, and other relevant information on the text box.

Step 3: Once you fill in the needed details and your appeal information, click submit button to send your appeal.

Submit button to send your appeal

The staff will take their time to review the appeal, and once done, they will send you an email notification concerning their final decision. If they deny your appeal, you will no longer have an opportunity to access the account.


1. Why am I being reported on Facebook?

There is a reason why you might get reported on Facebook. The first thing is that there is a high possibility that you shared content that violates the community standards which govern the site. Therefore, only outlined content is allowed on the platform, and anything that goes against the rules is reported.

The second possibility is that someone might report your profile or content simply because they do not like it anymore. Either two can result in your account being reported.

2. How long does it take for Facebook to respond to a report?

Once someone reports your content or something, Facebook support staff usually reviews and responds to it within 48 hours. This is enough time to review and determine if the claim violates the rules and whether it needs to be removed or remain valid from the support inbox section.

3. Will Facebook notify me when my report has been processed?

While Facebook notifies you of the report's status and any updates once they review it, you can check on the status through the support inbox section anytime.

4. Can I report abuse if I don't have a Facebook account?

Definitely, Facebook is an open platform, and anyone is permitted to report. When you find out that someone is being harassed or bullied on Facebook, you can take a step and report on their behalf using a menu above the post that you find that it violates the rules.

However, for the cases such as impersonation and name-calling,  it is helpful if the person being targeted reports the case so they can give detailed context. But still, If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can report a violation of Facebook Terms with this form.


Facebook, now known as meta, is a platform that highlights strict measures while protecting its users. It gives safety a priority. However, this needs an active role. While you get notified about the reported case through the support inbox, you cannot know who reported you. The only exception is intellectual property.

Otherwise, you need to pay attention to your Facebook profile and put the right privacy measure in place. Report anything violating the community standards, and you can appeal for the reviews anytime your account gets reported.