How to Do a Poll on Facebook?

Poll on Facebook

Would you like to know your Facebook followers' opinions about your services or products? Read on to learn about how to do a poll on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. It is also a good place to do polls as it has a large user base and can be accessed by people across the globe.

On the other hand, a poll is a great way to get feedback from your Facebook audience. You can use it to gauge their thoughts on an issue or see what they think about your business. It's also a great way to generate some buzz and get people talking about your brand, product, or service.

If you're looking for the best way to do this, then look no further than Facebook. The social network has some of the best tools available for conducting polls, and it's easy enough to do in just a few steps. Another great thing about Facebook polls is that people can vote on them right within the post itself.

How to Do a Poll on a Facebook Page?  

If you're looking for a way to engage your Facebook community, polls are a great way to do it. They allow you to collect information from your audience and help you understand their opinions and preferences.

Polls are also a great way to get more likes on Facebook. When people like something, they're more likely to keep liking it. If people like your page because of the poll, they'll also be more likely to like future posts on your page.

Here's how to do a poll on Facebook:

Step 1: Once you are logged into Facebook, locate the [Pages] tab from the left side of the screen, and tap to open it.


Step 2: If you have more than one Facebook page, on the next screen page, click on the page you wish to create a Facebook poll for.

Step 3: Locate the [Publishing tools] from the left side of the Facebook page screen.

Step 4: Scroll downwards and locate the [Create post button] in a blue box at the top right side of the screen.

Step 5: On the new page, tap on the menu button (three horizontal dots), then click on the [Poll] option.


Step 6: On the [Ask something] tab, type in your question for your audience, then choose the different answer options.

Step 7: Scroll through and locate the [Option 1] and [Option 2] tabs, then type in your answer options.

Step 8: Under these options is the [1 Week] tab. Click on it and choose when you want the poll to end.

Step 9: Select the [Share Now] button at the bottom of the page, and the poll will have gone live on Facebook.

How to Do a Poll in Facebook Groups? 

Polls are a great way to get your Facebook Groups/community involved in a discussion. They're easy to set up and can be used for everything from getting feedback on new features to planning events.

Not only are these polls a great way to engage your Facebook groups, they are also a great way to garner lots of useful information from the Facebook community as well. Additionally, anyone on your Facebook group can start a poll; they don't have to be an admin for this to be possible.

Here is how to create a poll in your Facebook groups:

Step 1: First, launch your Facebook application, then go to your Facebook Newsfeed. Locate and tap on the [Groups] icon on the left side of the screen. Scroll through and select the group for your poll.

group facebook

Step 2: Tap on the [What's on your mind] option as you'd do to create a post. Once the tab opens into a new page, scroll through to the [Add to your post] section, then touch the menu option (three dots) for more options.

group poll - Copy

Step 3: The menu option in the previous step will open a new [Add to your post] screen with several options. Scroll through and locate the [Poll] category from the list.

group poll

Step 4: You will be redirected back to the [Create Post] pop-up, where you can type in your options in the [Write something] tab.

Step 5: Touch the [Poll Options] tab after you have added all options on board. This will lead you to configure whether people can vote for the same option twice and whether they can give their own opinion options on the poll.

Step 6: When satisfied with each configuration, click on the [Done] option.

How to Do a Poll on Facebook Event Page? 

Facebook events are one of the most popular features on Facebook. People can create an event on the platform and invite their friends to join them in celebrating special occasions such as birthdays or weddings.

However, Facebook event pages are slightly different from Facebook groups. With the event pages, it's much easier for the admins to control and maintain the page's objectives since only the admins can create new posts. This is quite important when you want to stress on event dates such as upcoming gigs or product releases.

The Events page is also used by businesses to promote their products or services. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can create an event page for your business and invite your customers to attend. So with such event pages, creating a poll on them is possible.

Here's how:

Step 1: Open your Facebook application and go to the [Events] category on the left side of the screen. If you can't see the [Events] button, click on the expand button and scroll through to locate it.

Step 2: Choose the event you need, then touch the [Discussion] tab and touch the [Add a post] option.

Step 3: A new window will open, and you'll clearly spot the poll icon on the right of the [Add a post] option. If you happen not to see it right away, you can click on the menu button to expand and scroll through for the expanded poll options.

Step 4: Touch the [Create a poll] option, which will then renavigate you to the create a post-screen option where you can type in your questions and options.

Step 5: Click on the [plus] (add option) to add more answer options. If you want, you can use the [Poll Options] to let people include different other options other than the specified ones. You can also disable/enable your members from choosing more than one answer.

How to Do a Poll on a Facebook Video Poll?  

Polls can be a great way to engage your viewers and increase engagement on your video, more so with millions of people watching Facebook videos a single day. Facebook video polls can be a huge success since they are easy to follow and understand.

In fact, with videos, it is much easier to ask a question in the form of a poll with an assurance of direct answers. This explains the increasing video uploads on Facebook. The videos are major because of the increasing bandwidths and unlimited access to relatively easy-to-use editing software.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: First, upload your favorite or most preferred video to Facebook.

Step 2: Next, tap on the [Edit] button. A new page will automatically open with captions, tags, and editing for your video's life.

Step 3: Click on the [Polls] option from the right, then scroll down to a greyed-out [Poll ] section. Click on this poll section, then touch the blue [Create Poll] button.

Step 4: Type in your question and answer options on the right of the new page. On the screen are only a provision for two options, but you can click on the expand button to add other options.

Step 5: Next, configure your poll settings, including when you want the poll to show up, its duration, and when to post the poll results.

Step 6: Once satisfied, click on the [Save] button to start garnering your results from the poll.

How to Do a Facebook Messenger Poll? 

Facebook Messenger is the most popular chat app in the world. It's free and easy to use, and more than 1 billion people use it monthly.

It's also a great place for businesses to build relationships with their customers. While the Facebook messenger is best for person-to-person private messages, it is also the best for private group discussions where you can handle polls within a limited circle in the group.

This way, you can be sure of actual consensus from your Facebook colleagues and friends in a group chat, more so when handling serious matters that you wouldn't want to go public.

Here is how to do the Facebook messenger polls:

Step 1: First, launch any present Facebook messenger group chat or create a new one.

Step 2: Tap on the [+] button at the bottom of the messenger screen to open a new window.

Step 3: Touch the Facebook poll icon and key in your question.

Step 4: Enter any additional options you may need, then tap the [Create a poll] option to share it with your group.

How to Do a Poll on Facebook Story?  

With the introduction of Facebook Stories, Facebook is again redefining how we share and consume content. It's not just a platform for sharing ephemeral stories anymore; it has become a place where people can also create polls! It's an interactive feature that allows you to ask questions and get feedback from your friends, engaging with your audience and getting their opinion on certain topics.

Here is how to do the polls on a Facebook story:

Step 1: Open your Facebook and go to the [Add Story] option in your news feed.

Step 2: Add a picture or video for use as a background for your poll.

Step 3: Next, touch the sticker emoji at the bottom right corner of the page and touch the [Poll] option.

touch the Poll

Step 4: Enter your question.

Step 5: Configure the answer options as yes or no. Then, if you need more options, click on either the yes or no, to customize the answers in the way of your liking.

Step 6: Touch the [Done] option.

Step 7: Next, you can insert stickers, texts, and other effects on your photo or video background.

Step 8: Click the [Share to Story] option to post your poll.

How to View Your Facebook Poll Response Data? 

Facebook polls are a great way to get your audience's input on a topic. Whether you're working on a new product or service or trying to decide on the location for your next event, polls can help you gather feedback from your audience.

After creating a poll, it's important that you monitor the results so you can use them in your decision-making process. This is especially true if you want to use the results to analyze how customers feel about their experience with your brand.

Here's how to view Facebook poll responses:

Step 1: To access these responses, you'll need to tap on your profile photo, go to the [View Insights] option, then choose the [Polls] option.

Insightstab facebook

Step 2: A new screen will pop up with options for viewing recent or all polls. Once you select the recent polls or either based on when you published the poll, you can get to know different information, including:

  • Timely Responses – These include all responses from every individual who participated in the polls.
  • Demographics – This is a categorical breakdown of every participant in the poll, based on age, gender, location, and any other necessary information that had been asked for by the poll.
  • Summary – It includes total responses and average scores based on the total results from the poll.

Tips for Growing Your Business with Facebook Polls

Tips for Growing Your Business with Facebook Polls

Facebook Polls make it easy to get feedback from your customers and followers. They're also a great way to get people talking about your products, services, or business. If you're looking for ways to grow your business with Facebook polls, check out these tips:

  • Create Multiple Facebook Polls

You can create multiple polls on Facebook. Create surveys that are short and simple. Remember that the fewer questions you ask, the more likely your audience is to participate. You can also create multiple-choice, open-ended, and yes/no questions.

  • Raise Meaningful Questions for You and Your Audience

Make sure you have a clear goal when creating your poll. For example, if you want to know more about your customers' preferences or opinions about something specific, make sure that's what you ask about in your poll. It's also important to keep it relevant to the audience on Facebook. For example, if you're selling products or services related to parenting issues, then it would make sense for this topic to be part of your survey questions.

  • Gather Opinions From Your Audience and Analyze It

A great benefit of Facebook Polls is the ability to gather opinions from your audience easily. For example, you can ask simple questions such as, “What do you think about our new product?” or more complex questions like, “Which one of these three designs would you prefer for our new logo?”

Your followers' answers can help you analyze what they like and dislike about your products or services, which will help you improve them in the future.


1. Are Facebook Polls searchable on the platform?

Facebook polls are not searchable on the platform because they have no search engine indexes as it is in Google. This is also the reason why you can't find them in your News Feed. So Facebook polls are only useful for promoting engagement with a specific audience or customer base. This audience should be already aware of your page.

2. Who can view or answer the Facebook poll?

When creating Facebook polls, you'll always get the chance to configure what people you'd like to participate in the polls. So, anyone not on the list won't see or take part in the polls. Facebook users you approved or friends to the approved lists can only answer the polls.

3. Will a poll count as Facebook engagement?

Unfortunately, responses provided through polls are categorized as [Post Actions]. So they won't affect your overall Facebook page insights. However, the poll responses may cause the post to appear in the News Feed of anyone who took part in them.

4. Can I edit a Facebook poll after it has been posted?

Currently, Facebook has no means to edit the poll once your members start voting. So all you can do is either delete or create a new corrected version of the poll you intended.


In the end, Facebook is just a tool—a powerful and effective one, but a tool nonetheless. At the end of the day, you will have to think about your goals and objectives for your poll. You will have to spend time contemplating an audience and considering the purpose. Once you have weighed these factors and are confident in your approach, don't be afraid to experiment with different methods.

Whether you're checking opinions on a new business venture or getting a sense of how your current followers feel about something, polls are a great option to flex your writing muscles and connect with readers, potential customers, and possibly future employees.