How to See Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

how to see who unfollowed you on facebook

Are you experiencing a drastic reduction in your Facebook followers? Unfollowing a Facebook account is a sign of a terrible thing happening. Read our article to guide you on how to see who unfollowed you on Facebook for a follow-up on what is going on.

There are so many dramas going on on the Facebook platform. These alone, coupled with the heated debates in the exchange of views between different people, it has become burdensome, especially when it comes to connecting with the audience.

Some people stand on their views, while others are open to new ideas on the platform. Besides, you might be offering a service and realize that some of your followers are not into it. Most people might end up unfollowing your Facebook account. Howver, theese people will still be yopur freinds. Thus, it is hard to notice who has unfollowed you.

Notice who has unfollowed you

But that should not be a heck on your side. This is why were are here to guide you through. First, you must be well versed that Facebook is full of gossip, and you can even use it to check on how your old friends are doing in life. It is a perfect option when it comes to stalking people.

But can you stalk someone when you have unfollowed them? or can you keep your friends on the list even after unfollowing them? Well, you will get the answers in our article soon. Without wasting time, let us get started!

Manual Checks Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

The first thing you can do while conforming to who has unfollowed you on Facebook is to go manual. Some people like Emerald digital specialist; Michael, when you want to find out who is following you, you can click on the More tab, which is found on the profile page, then tap on the followers' icon.

When you note that someone is on your friend's list but not the follower, it indicates that the person has unfollowed you. There are other situations when this method does not apply.

Therefore, we would encourage you to follow the below steps and find out easily:

Step 1: Launch Facebook or visit the Facebook website and make sure you log in to your account.

Step 2: Then head to the profile on your Facebook account.

Step 3: Then proceed by tapping the Friends tab.

Proceed by tapping the friend's tab

Step 4: Then you will be redirected to the next tab to access the friends' list.

Step 5: Tap on the following from the menu.

Following from the menu

Step 6: Then you can search for the name of the friend you suspect has unfollowed you using the search box.

Unfollowed you using the search box

Step 7: When the name does not pop up in the follower's list, they have unfollowed you on Facebook.

unfollowed you on Facebook overview

Use Browser Extensions to See Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

Use Browser Extensions to See Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

Using a browser extension is another reliable method you can count on when finding out who has unfollowed you on Facebook. The cases are common, especially when you understand that you have messed up. Indeed, you cannot remember all people who unfollowed you. This is not practical in reality. There are plenty of google and firefox extensions online.

Google and firefox extensions online

With a reliable browser extension, you can quickly locate who unfollowed you on Facebook. Once the person unfollows you, the extension alerts you. Once you link with your browser and log in to Facebook, the extension will automatically save all friends and followers on a list.

However, keep in mind that while Facebook does not recommend using third-party applications for security concerns, not all are breaching your information.

Thus, in this section, we have collected some reliable browser extensions you can use to evaluate who unfollowed you on Facebook. Let us get started with the below extensions based on our recommendation:

1. Who Deleted Me

Who Deleted Me apps overview

Who Deleted Me is a browser extension compatible with chrome, opera, ios, android, and firefox. It is one of the best and most straightforward browser extensions that, with only one click, will be readily installed and start using.

Therefore, immediately you install the tool, it synchronizes all your friends and followers and then ave them on the first time. So, when you come back to access the browser, all the current friends and followers are compared with the previously saved version.

Therefore, when looking for a reliable way to know who unfollowed your Facebook account, Who Deleted Me offers you exceptional services. Instead of going the manual way, use Who Deleted Me to check your Facebook profile. The extension notifies you of anything happening on your friends and followers list.

Who Deleted Me profile

Who Deleted Me can differentiate the deactivated account from someone who has unfollowed you. This helps you understand whether the account was deleted or someone just decided to unfollow you. Be warned using the extension because remember you give it access to your Facebook account and contacts.

2. Social Fixer

Social Fixer overview

Another top browser extension is Social Fixer. This extension comes with many advanced features on the go. It has the Facebook tracking feature, which allows you to access who has unfollowed or unfriended you on Facebook. Therefore, when you utilize it, you have an improved Facebook experience.

Besides using it for the above purposes, it is also effective in customizing your Facebook features, such as hiding sponsored posts and auto-switching the most recent news feed, hiding politics, and filtering your search using auto and keyword and friend manager tool important in our case.

Friend manager tool

You can also use it to read the posts once and never come across them, hide parts of the Facebook page that you never intended to see, and organize tabbed news. When you need to access the tracking feature on this extension, you need to use the social Fixer icon, which you can access  Facebook once you log in, then find it under the layout tab. It is simple.

3. FB Purity

FB Purity overview

Before proceeding, it is good to remind you that Facebook does not support using a third-party application on the platform or any extension. Therefore, FB. Purity is the last recommendation as a browser extension. It is compatible with most of the major browsers.

You can rely on this extension when you need to find out who has unfollowed you on Facebook. Again, it also offers other advancAgainrvices. Before you proceed with adding the extension, ensure that you are not going against the Facebook terms of use or conditions.

FB Purity ensures that your Facebook interface is personalized when you log in to the account. Therefore, you can use the features to modify or customize the alerts from the social media platform. Therefore, you can deactivate notifications from specific things such as games, ads, videos, promotions, etc., which are automatically played.

Also, you can enable a notification that lets you know when someone has unfollowed your Facebook.

Someone has unfollowed your Facebook

You can easily access the extension and download it from the official website, which is only one click away and permit it if you want to get a notification when someone unfollows you. In that case, you must head to the notification alert section, click on it at the bottom of the list, and select ‘deleted friends alert' so that when anyone unfollows or unfriends you, you will get a notification.

What Is the Difference Between Unfollow and Unfriend?

Difference Between Unfollow and Unfriend

The two terms sound confusing to some people, but there is a clear difference. First, unfriending implies that the person's account will be permanently removed from your feeds unless you search. You will not be able to access most of their information, such as followers list, friends, and feeds. You will also not be able to get messages from such individuals; instead, directly, it will come as a requesting message section.

Remove someone from your Facebook page

However, unfollowing is different. You can still be on someone's friend list but not be able to see what that person posts. This is another subtle method when you want to remove someone from your Facebook page. most people are not aware of this feature


1. Will I be notified if someone unfollowed me on Facebook?

No. Facebook does not notify you when someone unfollows you, but you can use the above methods to know who has unfollowed you.

2. Can I still see the Facebook posts of someone who unfollowed me?

When somebody decides to unfollow you on Facebook, it comes with its consequences will not be able to see your Facebook activities or posts you make. Then, you can acecssinble their activities and Facebook posts anytime. However, the case differs when you are still following them.

3. When I unfollow someone on Facebook, do they unfollow me?

It is clear that once you decide to unfollow someone on Facebook, the platform does not send them notifications. Therefore, by default, these people you have unfollowed will remain your followers unless, in the future, they decide to unfollow your account.


while Facebook is known for being a collaborative platform, there is also another side with disagreement. Therefore, at one point, some of your friends might get annoyed and unfollow you on Facebook. Since the platform does not notify you, in our article, we have highlighted various methods you can use to find out who unfollowed you on Facebook.

Please read and understand them. Before you go for a third-party extension, you must ensure that you are not violating Facebook terms and conditions. Otherwise, to this far, you have basic information, know how to go about it, and identify someone unfollowing you.