10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes in 2023

Buy YouTube Likes & Views

Do you want to grow your YouTube channel but do not know where to start? Please, have a seat and go through our detailed article listing the best and reliable site to buy YouTube likes.

YouTube is ranked second in SEO with multiple video content. It is among the top social media platforms with over 2 billion monthly users. This is why marketers are using it to market and create brand awareness.

But because of a large fan base and competitors, it is hard to grow within a short time with minimal effort. Therefore, most content creators go beyond purchasing YouTube views and likes and subscribers alike.

There are many sites entitled to provide YouTube growth services on the internet. However, a large percentage of them do not offer legit services. So we are here to help you evade scammers. Please read our article about the best platforms to buy legit YouTube likes and views and subscribers. without wasting time, let's dive right in.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes

1. YTpals

YTpals youtube

YTPals is a leading marketing platform that offers YouTube channel growth services. They can help you get YouTube views, likes, and subscribers. First, users can provide you with free likes and subscribers by only signing up on their website. Anything that can impact your YouTube account, including comments, is all available.

You can activate the manual plan anytime. When you subscribe to their premium packages, you can still cancel anytime. Each process is automated with guaranteed delivery, and no password is needed.

YT Pals' likes and views are 100% safe and private. If you have any issues, customer support is available 24/7 to offer you a hand. Their YouTube likes most minor plans go for $13.50 and come with 100 YouTube likes. In comparison, views start from $20 for 1000 views. We think this is affordable. You can select any plan that meets your needs.

The tool does not only work on YouTube but also offers other social media services. They promise their clients that the views and likes encourage people to follow your channel, increase the SEO ranking, and they can unfreeze frozen videos. You can split their views and likes across multiple videos. When they do not deliver, they guarantee you 100% money back.

2. Media Mister

mediamister YouTube Likes

Media mister has a proud marketing team that offers comprehensive and efficient YouTube automation services. Among YouTube, pioneers are still on the market due to the relevant and high-quality services.

You can buy classic YouTube likes, views, comments, shares, favorites, subscribers, and even dislikes on their platform. When we consider their YouTube likes, they offer them in different categories.

You can select comments, likes, video likes, and even community post likes. The quantity of likes and views depends on your needs. The package starts from 50 to 1000 when considering YouTube likes. 50 likes go for $9, while 1000 video likes cost $149.00. The delivery period also differs depending on the package.

Media Mister has experts who are experienced with a personal touch to offer targeted likes. They also promise you excellent customer support and money back if not offered the required services. Most of their customers are satisfied with the services. We also love their classic pricing where you pay as you go strategy.

3. Poprey

Poprey youtube

Poprey has a simple website giving us a clear and direct message. They offer many promotional services on different social media platforms. And to be specific, you can buy YouTube likes, views, and comments. And on their website, they guarantee gradual delivery, which is a good strategy. This is because the likes look natural as the tool mimics human behavior.

When you subscribe to either plan, they guarantee to start providing the services in 12 hours. However, all packages cutting across different social media platforms come with a 30 days warranty. This implies that they can refill in case of likes dropping within 30 days. The most miniature package starts at 100 likes costing $2.90. Isn't this cheap? Sure, they are typically looking.

Poprey is well known for offering free trials to test the services. They also give reseller discounts. The website is simple to use yet supports multiple payment methods. Again, they have excellent customer support available 24/7 on live chat or through email addresses. Its simplicity is on another level, and we cannot hesitate to recommend them if you need YouTube likes and views.

4. SocialEmpire

SocialEmpire youtube

SocialEmpire is a social media marketing tool that covers YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, TikTok, and Facebook. They sell YouTube views and subscribers. The platform has a wide range of subscribers, and they provide over  2 million orders a year.

The high retention rate has kept their customers coming back for the YouTube growth services. They have affordable pricing, and together with high-quality YouTube views, they make us rank it on our list today. This is a reputable firm for when you want YouTube views and subscribers.

SocialEmpire, though it's an automation tool, offers services gradually mimicking human behaviors. Thus when you purchase a large package, it takes longer to complete the delivery. Hence, the services look natural and progressive. These guys guarantee non-drop views and lifetime retention.

Their YouTube views start from as low as 1000, going to 20000 views. And 1000 views cost $8.49. This is affordable, and they recommend using shares to rank your videos. Besides the above services, they have also added video likes, comments, and shares. 50 likes go for $4.49. You do not have to share sensitive data for security reasons.

5. SocialPlus

SocialPlus youtube

SocialPlus is a social media platform that offers YouTube growth services. They sell YouTube likes, views, comments, shares, subscribers, and comments upvotes. It is reliable and guarantees to deliver high-quality likes and views beneficial to your YouTube channel. The services help increase engagement and become popular to rank higher on search engines.

When you have organic traffic, you will receive more audience to make more revenue from your YouTube content. They claim that their YouTube likes are safe to use. This is because they never request your password and have a 30 days guarantee. Customer support is always there to help you.

When you purchase their premium services, they have secure payment methods. Buy social plus YouTube likes and views to help you grow engagement for your video. It is the cheapest method to improve your exposure. Their 100 YouTube likes cost $5.95, and they come from high-quality and active profiles. In contrast, views start at $4.95 for 500 YouTube views.

6. SMGains

SMGains youtube

SM Gains is another YouTube growth service provider on the market. They offer all sorts of social media engagement. On their website, they call it YouTube gains. These involve YouTube views, likes, and custom comments. Besides, you can also access marketing packages or go for YouTube dislikes.

The YouTube likes package starts from $5 for 100 YouTube likes. The YouTubeviews have a high retention rate. The pricing of views starts from as low as $8 for 1000 YouTube views. They guarantee delivery gradually but within one week.

SM Gains is a reliable provider that can give you cheap but quality likes, engaging subscribers, and likes to your subscribers. You can also use their tools to recover from any dislikes on your videos. They also guarantee their customers 100% secure payment. It also supports other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

7. AppSally

appsally twitter

AppSally can help you with all social media services on the market. They offer services not only on YouTube but also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They sell YouTube likes, views, subscribers, comments, shares, watch time, dislikes, custom services, etc. You can get anything you want from their website. Youtube likes start from $20, while views start as low as $25.

They are real likes and legit from active subscribers. If their likes drop, they promise to offer a free replacement within 15 days. They are reliable because they intelligently verify each like and view. This is a curated YouTube marketplace. We evaluated it based on their customer reliability, speed of delivery, and quality of their YouTube likes and views.

The thing that makes AppSally stand out from the rest is that they handpick their marketers that work on behalf of customers to promote the YouTube channel with likes, views, subscriptions, etc. This trustworthy provider works without relying on automation from customer reviews.

8. Viralyft

Viralyft youtube

Viralyft is a platform that has services covering all major social media platforms. They also provide YouTube packages consisting of likes, views, dislikes, comments, subscribers, and shares. Customers can only pay for what they need.

You can pick any promotion service, and they will reach out to offer full potential and guaranteed credibility increase. Their top YouTube likes start from 100 likes for $6.99. Both likes and views do not require a password, and they are affordable.

Viralyft offers 24/7 customer support, and delivery is within 3  days. This is gradual, and the YouTube algorithm cannot detect third-party services. They claim to use secure payment methods, offer premium YouTube quality, and safely deliver on time.

There are no spam accounts, but it ensures that you maintain a consistent YouTube engagement using views and likes. The services are accessible around the world. You can also contact the support team for a custom package if their package does not meet all your requirements.

9. Famoid

Famoid youtube

Famoid is a one-stop shop for all social media growth services. They offer YouTube growth services and guarantee instant and secure delivery to their channels. This makes the platform one of the reliable youtube views and subscribers providers on the market.

They offer real YouTube views. The views come directly from their marketing ads and are non-drop. Meaning, they offer high-quality youtube views and subscribers with high retention rates.

This is the most accurate platform, and they claim to be the easiest in addressing YouTube views. Try them today and place an order confidently. Also, note that these guys advertise YouTube services and do not rely on bots. Therefore, 1000 YouTube views go for $12.95.

Famoid views are safe, and you can monetize on your YouTube. They also have 24/7 customer support readily available to help you. The service takes a maximum of 3 days. They ultimately protect your privacy through safe payment methods. They also offer a refund guarantee if you face a problem or do not deliver likes or views. Their services are packaged with affordable pricing rates on the market.

10. GetViral

GetViral youtube

GetViral claims to be the most reliable site to buy YouTube likes, views, subscribers, and comments. It offers high-quality YouTube likes and views. And it's undoubtedly among the most used platforms when it comes to YouTube growth services. It does not mean that it provides YouTube services alone, but it also offers services to other social media platforms.

Each package comes with live support available 24/7 and has become famous for selling YouTube views and likes. They also guarantee their clients a refund when they fail to deliver what they have promised on their website. Thus, it's risk-free investing in these guys.

Whether targeted or not, you can still enjoy strong support, expand your audience, and widen your exposure using the GetViral growth services. The 1500 YouTube views go for $9.99, and they promise that order delivery starts within 8 hours upon payment. At the same time, their YouTube likes are somehow expensive. With $6.99, you are entitled to receive 100 YouTube likes.

Why is YouTube Likes so Important?

Youtube likes are significant. They play a vital role in the life of a content creator. Some of the benefits of YouTube likes and views areas listed below:

  • Bettering video credibility

The YouTube views and likes determine video credibility. It makes the video authentic and has an impact on YouTube channels. Likes do display not only engagement but also video judgment. Therefore, likes or dislikes determine your content credibility and make a significant impact.

  • Generating more likes

Social media operates on the principle that more likes bring more likes. Meaning, other audiences can like your videos that have more likes. This is because subscribers or audiences follow the stand of other audiences, which means more engagement and followers matter in YouTube growth.

  • Increase engagement

If you want to generate revenue on YouTube, you must have a large subscriber base. ENgagement will make your channel reach more audiences with increased reach and more recommendations. This is only possible with higher engagement, including likes, views, shares, and comments. Thus, likes generate engagement hence boosting content performance.

  • Gain social proof

Social proof is the reason behind the above facts because people always follow other people's actions to be part of the popular community. This is because we always want to go with trends. And for that reason, likes are visible engagement showing the audience opinions on your YouTube content. Thus building your social proof.

How to Get More Likes on YouTube

while you abide by the YouTube API, buying likes and views accelerate channel growth. Therefore, follow these tips to get more YouTube likes and views besides purchasing.

  •  Target a niche

There is stiff competition on the platform competing for the same attention. Thus it's hard to gain traction. However, when you target a specific niche, you can quickly become visible to your target audience.

  •  Informative yet entertaining content

to get the audience's attention, you must come up with compelling content. This is because the audience wants to get entertained and informed on a specific topic. Avoid boring content.

  •  Utilize SEO practices

it would be best if you optimized your content keywords using relevant hashtags on the progress bar of your videos. This makes your channel visible on the search engine result.

  •  Direct viewers with cards and end screens

You must add end screens and cards to your YouTube video once you publish them. It is a fundamental way to increase your YouTube views and likes organically. It helps you direct your audience to access other videos and convince them to subscribe.

  •  Use eye-catching and custom thumbnails.

Besides YouTube generating automatic thumbnails, sometimes it is good to make a custom thumbnail using relevant graphics. This gives you a higher click-through.

  •  Create playlists

playlist groups your channel video. It encourages the audience to view more content and like them. There are several ways you can generate likes and views.


1. Why buy YouTube Likes?

It is the best method to jumpstart your YouTube channel growth. This is because the audience considers your YouTube likes and videos before subscribing and encourages them to watch. With many video views and likes, it helps your channel rank higher. Thus buying them from the above third-party platforms increases your visibility.

2. Is buying YouTube likes illegal?

Buying YouTube likes is not illegal. However, buying bot likes is against YouTube API. The delivery process must be gradual over time to make channel growth look organic. Therefore, select the right service provider from the above list, which works with a real network of users that interact with your videos.

3. Can YouTube detect fake views?

Youtube can detect fake views and likes. It is against their terms of use to employ artificial engagement from bots. It is risky to use a bot on YouTube. Theoretically, they seem to use an external source to track channels' views and likes. The detection method remains a secret.

4. Do repeated views count as YouTube views?

When a subscriber repeats watching your content, YouTube still counts it as an organic view as long as they at least watch it for 30 seconds. Some audiences prefer watching replays. But when your audience refreshes multiple times, YouTube flags the video as spam.


There are many sites where you can buy YouTube likes. However, not all are reliable. The above sites are practical and guarantee authentic services from real subscribers, 24/7 customer support, money-back guarantee, and gradual delivery.

We have also covered some tips to consider in increasing your YouTube views and likes. Select from the above list a platform to help you grow your YouTube channel using likes and views and jumpstart your dream. Focus on creating entertaining content to cultivate audience attention. That way, you can quickly achieve your YouTube fame goal and start earning revenue.