10 Best YouTube Automation Tools to Grow Your Channel

YouTube Automation

Do you want to know how YouTube automation can lead you to success? Get a YouTube automation tool today and increase your online presence.

YouTube bots are trending and have become a hot topic for many reasons. YouTube is an excellent social platform and a perfect place to upload your video content while building a solid audience. You might be inspired by a successful YouTuber whose channels have grown. However, growing a YouTube channel is not as easy as it sounds. If you have been in this field, you understand the point here.

But, it does not imply that you can never achieve it as a successful YouTuber; it means you need enough time, effort, and money to realize this dream. But today, growing a YouTube channel is so simple. In this article, you only need to outsource your YouTube engagement and increase the reach using YouTube bots or what we call YouTube automation tools. There is much software on the market, but not all offer specialized services and keep your channel safe.

Therefore, it is for this complexity we have decided to come up with the best YouTube automation tools to help you grow your YouTube channel and meet minimum requirements for affiliate programs to make revenues. Before that, let us look at their importance in our daily lives.


What is YouTube Automation

Youtube automation is the use of third-party software in auto-piloting tasks. This helps get more engagement on internet traffic. When you have a YouTube video, it can attract your audience faster than text content. However, that is not enough to get an audience on YouTube. You need to perform extra action, and this is where Youtube automation comes in. But automation aims to increase the productivity of your YouTube channel, which also requires your participation.

Automation is possible in maximizing the outcome while putting in minimal effort. Although, you must abide by the YouTube terms and conditions first. It helps you evade many problems because as well as technology advances, we must still follow the guidelines to stay safe.

What Are the Importance of YouTube Automation

Other than gaining organic traffic, there are so many benefits of YouTube automation. These benefits will help you, in the long run, to rank your video and make your YouTube profile stand out from the rest.  Below are some of the benefits of YouTube automation tools.

1. Subscribes

youtube Subscribes

Using automation tools helps you get more subscribers. When a user watches a video and finds it interesting, they end up subscribing to the channel. The tool makes it simple and lets you have enough time to create relevant content and attract more followers. This has a significant impact on your monthly subscription. At the end of the video, always ask viewers to subscribe to your channel and increase the traffic to rank the channel.


youtube Comments Comments are also a good indicator of engagement. After watching comments on your content on YouTube, a user implies that your video is interesting. Therefore, these comments are relevant for your channel ranking according to various researches. Allow your audience to comment on your video and increase your ranking higher. This can be an excellent move to actualize the target.

3. Video Shares

youtube video sharing Sharing your YouTube video has an enormous impact. This is because when you share or when your audience shares your content on other platforms, it is likely that you will get more followers from these platforms. Therefore, this is also a good method to attract followers from outside. It also spikes your ranking. It also indicates that your content is relevant when a viewer shares the content.

4. Audience Retention

youtube Audience Retention

And lastly, for you to keep ranking higher, you must keep watching your videos. The only way is to make sure that you retain your audience. Audience retention is simply a ratio of videos that the audience watches. This is the most important factor and helps YouTube rank the video higher in its search engine depending on audience retention.

Hence it is good to keep your audience viewing the contents and going through the ads as much as possible. Many tools can help you retain your audience, including YouTube automation tools, as we will see in this article.

Best YouTube Automation Tools

You might be asking about the best YouTube automation tools, and the answer is here. Let us now dive into this automation software. They have been meticulously researched and vetted by experts to be the best for YouTube automation.

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social youtube

  • Cost: Starts at 89 per user monthly

Sprout Social is a perfect YouTube automation tool to help your channel grow. The tool can help you simplify your video publishing strategy while deepening your connection with the relevant audience on YouTube. You can also integrate it on other social media platforms, share, comment, and like.

Optimize your YouTube channel using this tool with minimal effort. It can help you centralize the video publishing in one platform, extending the life of your YouTube video content via determining the right time to post when target audiences are online, etc. When the tool shares YouTube videos to other social media platforms, it creates a cross-connection and expands your network for brand awareness.

Sprout social is also good at analyzing the performance of your YouTube video by discovering insights, benchmarking the video across other platforms, and then working on the result to optimize the engagement effectively. Besides automation, it can also help you identify trending topics, spot relevant audiences, and then develop the right video.

All their premium packages come with a one-month free trial. This is a unique tool because it helps strengthen your plans and schedule posts automatically. This is the best option for automating your YouTube tasks and saving time.

2. Subpals

Subpals youtube

  • Cost: Free

SubPals is also another YouTube growth tool. It can help you grow the channel quickly and in an effective manner. They offer free subscribers after every 12 hours. It is a free marketing platform that was entirely made for YouTube automation. It can take your YouTube channel to the next level.

We trust them because the tool has plenty of positive reviews that indicate how legit the company is on the market. Besides being a free tool, it also offers premium services like selling video SEO, channel evaluation, graphic designs, and optimizing your YouTube channel at a cost.

This tool is simple to use with a free sub network to increase your subscriptions. It is safe and secure; thus, you feel confident all the time when you use it. They guarantee instant delivery immediately after you subscribe to a free plan. They also have a friendly customer support team to help with anything. Your audience can also tap into the YouTube community and work together for the overall ranking.

3. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy youtube

  • Cost: It starts at $7.20 monthly.

Tube Buddy is another cheap and reliable YouTube automation tool that also comes with a  free browser extension. It might look ineffective, but this should not blackmail you. It is complex but can help you automate most of your YouTube tasks like generating traffic to rank the channel and become famous.

It remains in charge even after achieving your goals forever. It uses many techniques to boost performance. Its core lies in SEO optimization. It extends this knowledge to all your YouTube videos through content suggestions based on affiliate marketing.

Before using the Tube Buddy tool, first, check out the keyword of your content and optimize video using tags, captions, topics, and relevant headlines. It helps maximize your reach out to the audience.

This tool also offers an extra productivity boost that comes with many features and advanced coding. It is an exceptional choice to use in auto-piloting frivolous tasks as it can handle massive activities at a go. The main aim is to help save your time and concentrate on content creation.

4. vidIQ

vidIQ youtube

  • Cost: Starts at $7.50 monthly

This is a unique YouTube automation tool that is meant to boost your views. It also offers free guidance and metrics to help you grow your channel without experiencing any issues. It has numerous positive reviews, and the good part of it is that you can sign up for free.

It is suitable for YouTube growth and ranking. It is a group of tools targeting video marketing and increasing your popularity to the organic audience. It also helps increase your online presence through SEO ranking.

VidlQ serves as a content creation tool to increase your engagement. The developers behind this are certified and equipped with this tool with the right things to help any brand. Their browser extension tool is also another notable feature. It offers YouTubers analytical performance information.

While it has a free basic plan, you can enjoy advanced features by subscribing to their premium package. You can download the software to help you maximize your video reach. You have complete control.

5. QQTube

QQTube youtube

  • Cost: Starts at $1.90 – 1000 views

QQTube is an automation third-party platform where you can buy likes, subscribers, and watch time. It offers what you need to get ranked on YouTube. They are aiming at simplifying the success of YouTubers.It comes with advanced features, which are packed with  24/7 customer support services.

Their dashboard is easy to use where you only pay, sit back and watch your channel grow to the next level. They can help you go viral in the shortest time possible, and they offer new clients 1000 free views with guaranteed satisfaction.

When your subscriptions get issues, they are ready to refund you. It is an excellent platform based on the existing reviews. They do not just remain on the views but also offer top shares which are enough to kickstart your journey. They also have detailed blogs to teach you how to grow your channel. It is easy, and you can do well specifically on YouTube.

6. Viewsta

Viewsta youtube

  • Cost: Starts at $1.90 – 1000 views

Viewsta is an effective YouTube automation tool and is simple to use. It specializes in automating your views, likes, comments, subscribers, shares and many other services at an affordable price. They can handle all your YouTube tasks, which is superb for busy YouTubers.

They have a chatbox on their website to help you reach out to the customer support team. The overall goal with every client is excellent and can help increase channel ranking and improve the reach with unique services. Online reputation will never be any issue from today.

This company can help you look more prominent and has pricing models and the best-advanced features. However, they don't offer any free trial, but the service is worth your pocket. It is effective with a high view retention rate.

Besides YouTube, it is also compatible with other social media platforms. Currently, they also sell live stream viewers and view Adwords. The services are fully automated and ready to kickstart your orders and are 100% safe for your channel. You can see the results instantly on the first day.

7. Somiibo

Somiibo youtube

  • Cost: free

Somiibo company has the best tool to grow your YouTube. It is an all-in-one automation tool because it does not only work on YouTube but also is effective on other social media platforms. It is good to grow your online presence organically, and they can implement strategies to help you get more subscribers and viewers.


You can use their free forever version to learn more about it before subscribing, but for you to evade ads and enjoy advanced features, you must subscribe to a premium package going for $10.95 per month. On premium, you can run unlimited modules, 30 sessions and run your videos for unlimited time. You can cancel the subscription anytime and prioritize email customer support.

Somiibo can generate views, subscribers,  and comments for free. Their speed never compromises efficiency and is trusted by many clients. This is because you can use it to schedule YouTube videos safely. Because this bot supports proxy, it can manage multiple YouTube channels without being detected. Give them details and let everything operate on auto-pilot mode.

8. Viewtrader

Viewtrader youtube

  • Cost: Free

ViewTrader is an automation tool on another level. It is fantastic when it comes to automating your YouTube tasks and jumpstarting your channel growth. They offer advanced features; thus, YouTubers do not have to deal with technical activities as everything is automated. You are only left with enough time to create appealing content on the channel.

They have free versions to test their services. However, for you to enjoy advanced features like managing multiple accounts, you should get a premium plan starting at $20 per month. This comes with bonus credit, views, comments, likes, subscribers, and a maximum length of campaign and views. They also offer priority on affiliate platforms and auto-refill.

The credit helps automate video views. This is an excellent choice for when you don't have time to be online and keep the audience engaged. Try their free version today and enjoy the automated video player.

9. TubeAssistPro

TubeAssistPro youtube

  • Cost: Starting at $58.2 lifetime for 1 account

Tube Assist Pro might be confusing, but it is another best automation tool to use on your YouTube channel. It is unique and focuses on organic growth. You can get more subscribers, likes, views, comments, and views quickly. Hence, it can achieve this through intelligent targeting techniques and get potential subscribers.

It is one of the tools that abides with YouTube terms and conditions. This means you never get banned and offer real growth. When you upgrade to the premium packages, they always struggle to help you meet your needs.

They have different packages with different pricing. If you have multiple accounts, go for an unlimited option that starts at $142.2 lifetime. The first package offers you single account automation, 5 and unlimited account packages plan, respectively.

This tool was engineered for YouTube automation. If you want to automate different social media accounts, this is not your option. It is reliable in replying to your comments, sending private DMs, search videos, subscriptions, comments, and liking videos. However, it does not offer a free trial.

10. Sprizzy

Sprizzy youtube

  • Cost: Starts at $50- Views depend on the target.

Sprizzy is last on our list and is also the best YouTube automation tool. It is authentic and perfect at increasing your YouTube views. It can make your videos go viral by putting them in front of the right audience. It is easy to use, yet it gives results with a small budget.

It can get the attention of your target and get more views, subscribers, and consequently real engagement. It works best for all channels and videos and offers real-time analytics while filtering low-engaging viewers. It uses smart targeting algorithms using keywords.

Its pricing starts at $50, but the number of viewers depends on your target. It offers you views, targets, subscribers, likes, and shares. It is also worth your attention.


Boosting your YouTube channel growth requires external enforcement to jumpstart the process. There are many safe automation tools you can use on the market. You can use them to get more likes, subscribers, views, comments, shares, and many more. But before you decide, make sure and confirm that the tool meets your requirements. Some can work on multiple social media platforms.  Above all, they save time, money, and effort.

The above list consists of the YouTube automation tools designed to help you grow YouTube channels. They are safe, secure, and reliable. Get started today and enjoy your YouTube journey.