10 Best Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers, Pins & Likes in 2023

Buy Pinterest Followers Pins & Likes

Are you looking for a reliable company to buy pinterest growth services? Come on in and read our article. We will list all reliable sites to buy pinterest followers, likes, and pins.

There are different platforms to buy pins, followers, and likes. That does imply that all of these providers are genuine. Pinterest has been around for an extended period, and it's among the best platforms to share content with friends.

There is a slight shift on Pinterest when considering social media marketing today. Besides pining inspiration, you can also make money on Pinterest. Like other social media platforms, Pinterest also uses algorithms to feature popular accounts to be seen by the target audience.

Since Pinterest has many people, including influencers and marketers, there is stiff competition, and most of them have decided to pin their content as a marketing strategy. However, it's hectic connecting with the target audience. And this is where our best platform or third-party sites comes in to lend a hand.

Therefore, let us look at what we believe are the best platforms to buy Pinterest followers, likes, and pins to give your board good chances to succeed.

Best Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers

1. TurboMedia

TurboMedia pintarest

TurboMedia is a social media platform that you can trust, selling you Pinterest likes and followers. The offer is quick, and results are instant with unlimited growth. It offers not only Pinterest growth services but also covers numerous social media platforms. They are aware of your safety and account security.

Therefore, you do not have to share your password to receive their likes and followers on the account. These guys have divided their services into different categories based on your needs. Currently, they offer Pinterest followers and likes with separate pricing. Though distinct, their pricing is affordable.

TurboMedia started as an Instagram tool, but they started offering Pinterest likes and followers due to the demand. They are veterans because they make life easy through these services. When you purchase them, it leaves you with enough time to focus on creating more compelling content to increase your natural reach.

This is a good option for you if you are looking for speed. They have a detailed FAQ page, and customer support is 24/7 available to serve you. When the service drops, they guarantee a free refill.

2. Followersup

Followersup Pinterest

Followersup is a perfect site you rely on when you need to increase your Pinterest engagement. They offer different Pinterest services. Open their website; you can purchase Pinterest likes, repins, and followers at an affordable price. They guarantee that the process is secure and safe. However, they have tied pricing. Meaning you can decide on what you need and pay for it.

The company has made the whole growth journey look easy. You don't have to spend time online to improve your engagement; these guys are here to help you.

Followersup pricing is friendly. For example, the Pinterest followers start from $5 for 100 followers, and delivery is an average of 24 hours. All packages come with a 30 warranty. These are risk-free services. Likes are cheaper, where 100 Pinterest likes cost $3 only, while repins start from $4 for 100 Pinterest repins.

Select the package, fill in the engagement form, and pick the best plan according to your needs. Lastly, they have a dedicated customer support service. You can reach out to them via chat or email address.

3. SoNuker

SoNuker pintarest

SoNuker is another platform that offers Pinterest likes and followers. The company is based in the US and covers other social media services besides Pinterest. Their website is simple, and all details and pricing are made visible. Like 100 Pinterest followers go for $15.while likes start from $15 for 1400 Pinterest likes still. This is pretty affordable.

They guarantee that all likes and followers are delivered gradually until complete. But the result starts within 3 days. It's a safe and secure service. We can conclude that the process is risk-free, and no password is needed to deliver Pinterest likes and followers. When the order drops, they also promise to refill at no cost.

SoNuker also has good customer support that is online 24/7. Payment is never a problem because they support multiple payment methods secured end to end. We are sure that more followers and likes bring profile credibility, promote organic growth, and increase engagement.

When you order, sometimes they deliver more than you purchased to compensate for the drop in the future. Again, the site has terrific customer reviews on the Trustpilot. This is fabulous and proves the quality of their services.

4. Media Mister


Media Mister is among the oldest social media companies. We cannot leave it behind since it offers different options for growing social media accounts. It displays not only multiple options for Pinterest but also on other social media platforms.

These guys sell Pinterest followers, repins, and reactions. This gives you enough time to concentrate on creating and coming up with engaging content to get your audience's attention when talking about Pinterest followers; they offer 2 options, you can go for profile or board followers.

But both packages offer cheap pricing. For instance, 50 Pinterest profile followers cost $2. The same applies to the board followers. You can also purchase Pinterest repins. Prices are the same as 50 repins costs $2 also.

Media Mister has real experience, and the experts offer personal touch services. They also guarantee targeted followers and repins. At the same time, privacy and safety should not be a concern. They take care of everything and never request your password. Excellent customer support and guaranteed money back make it the best option when you want Pinterest followers and repins.

5. Mr.Insta

Mr.Insta pintarest

Like other providers on the market, Mr. Insta also offers Pinterest services. Though established as an Instagram growth service provider, it expanded, and now they sell Pinterest likes and followers. In addition to Pinterest, they also cover other social media platforms.

We can attest that their Pinterest likes and followers are real and active, ensuring a sustained engagement rate. Though old, they can offer you a Pinterest service you would love. They can make your account stand out in the shortest time possible.

Mr. Insta is still rocking with affordable pricing. They have a range of packages that have tied pricing. It starts from $15 for 100 Pinterest followers. The same applies to Pinterest likes. We like them because they have a one-time purchase option instead of a subscription. Therefore, there is no recurring payment.

However, they guarantee that all their services are delivered, and results start within 3 days, which continues until complete. In the case of the drops, they also promise a free refill. 24/7 customer service is also on another level. So, if you want a Pinterest growths service provider to make a bulk purchase without recurring payments, then Mr. Insta is your best choice.

6. Instafollowers

Instafollowers pintarest

Instafollowers is an overwhelming company if you need Pinterest services. It offers Pinterest repins, followers, and board followers. Trust us and take advantage of this provider. Their website is straightforward and displays everything plus pricing. You can access plenty of features on their homepage. It does provide Pinterest services covering social media platforms.

The simplicity of the website makes the purchase process simple too. They have friendly pricing on the market that with only $2.66, you can buy 50 Pinterest followers. While Pinterest repins start from $1.08 for 20 repins. This is incredible. Somewhere else, board followers are even cheaper; 50 followers cost $2.21.

Instafollowers guarantee a high retention rate with no risk of decrease, fast delivery, and secure payment methods. Another thing we love about Instafollowers is the refund guarantee when they do not deliver service within the estimated time.

Customer support is also available 24/7 via live chat, email, or WhatsApp. They are closer to the customers than any provider on the market. If you buy Pinterest followers and repins, they make your growth process much faster.

7. UseViral

UseViral pintarest

UseViral is a reliable company known for generally growing social media accounts. However, they can also help in growing your Pinterest profile. They have been on the market for years, but they can offer you, real followers, on Pinterest. They have helped many people grow and become famous. So, with this UseViral, you buy Pinterest followers.

Their followers are real and active Pinterest users from thousands of partners. This is a better option than going for fake followers, which exposes accounts to high risks. Pinterest followers are vital in creating a reputation and engaging your content.

Today it's essential to have an online presence across different social media platforms. UseViral can help you in different ways. They have the most competitive pricing on their packages.

When you compare the pricing and services, UseViral remains at the top of the best platforms to buy Pinterest followers. They Offer 2 types of followers. This means you can go for standard Pinterest followers or premium followers.

In both cases, they guarantee instant delivery. The process is easy, faster, and secure. When 500 standard followers go for $29.00, the same 500 premium followers cost $49.40Premium are much higher quality followers and guarantee more rapid success than standard followers with only profile pictures. However, they both promise automatic refill when there is a drop.

8. SidesMedia

SidesMedia pintarest

SidesMedia is a Pinterest marketing platform that offers several services. On their website, they only have an option to buy Pinterest followers. It's simple and easy with only a click away.

This is a Pinterest promotion service that saves you time, helps kickstart the growth journey, and you can buy their Pinterest followers to beat the algorithm. When using their services, be sure to gain social proof and outshine your competitors.

They claim that their followers are sourced from real people and are always active. Delivery is within 2 days, while customer support is available 24/7 to help you. Though expensive, it's worth it. 500 followers cost $29.This sounds cheaper to an extent.

SidesMedia is legit and offers safe followers with good delivery time. They consider your needs seriously. Other than Pinterest, they also offer services on other social media platforms. Give it a try, and you will enjoy the results.

9. RedSocial

RedSocial pintarest

RedSocial is also an excellent company to buy Pinterest growth services. They sell followers and repins. The company uses 100% real people, stable followers worldwide. They guarantee to deliver these services within a certain period depending on the package you select. Like 100 followers costing $4, they can deliver within 3 days.

However, it seems that most of their Pinterest packages are inactive. But, these guys can help you connect with natural communities that are interested in your niche. The pricing is competitive and has experienced technical experts to help you.

They also offer growth services to other social media platforms. Their Pinterest repins are cheaper. We can say that the website has a friendly UI, and you can access support staff easily.

1o. Woorke

Woorke pintarest

Woorke is a company that you can depend on for various Pinterest services. They sell Pinterest accounts, pins, repins, followers, and likes. So, when you want to buy likes, pins, and followers for your Pinterest profile, go for this platform.

They have pretty simple deals at affordable pricing. Since their followers are natural, it's a bit pricey. However, the choice depends on the delivery time you want. Fast delivery costs $5.99 and normal costs $4.99, while the same followers on drip feed packages go for $5.50. All are premium quality followers that can help you reach more people.

The service of Woorke has a high retention rate because they use real people with active accounts. They also guarantee complete privacy and 24/7 customer support. Enjoy unlimited Pinterest services, and you can even order custom order quantities.

What Should You Consider Before Buying Pinterest Followers?

It would help if you watched out for a few things before buying Pinterest followers, pins, and likes. These tips will help you evaluate if the company is legit or untrustworthy. Therefore, check for

  • Secure site: a secure site must use an SSL certificate to keep the customers' data secure and out of reach from hackers. a site with a secured site rank higher for an added incentive
  • FAQ page:  a legit provider must have a FAQ page with sincere answers. The answers must make sense. Fake companies give runaround answers. Consider this together with customer support.
  • Simple and Visible pricing:  the company must keep the whole purchase process simple. The pricing should be visible even without signing up. This is because trusted merchants show everything upfront.
  • Authentic reviews: check out the reviews on the company. Though it might be hard, try accessing their reviews and use your best judgment to evaluate if it's real or not. Follow the instincts if a company looks deceptive.

How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

There are also other methods of getting Pinterest followers other than buying them. There are plenty of intelligent alternatives to get real followers actively engaging with your content. These are:-

  • Promote on other social networks:  Connect the account with other social media platforms and permit it to show your pins on other platforms. It drums up followers from these social networks to your Pinterest profile.
  • Plaster Pin it button throughout the content: This makes it easy for the audience to follow and share content with a simple click. You can even integrate a Pinterest nifty widget.
  • Convert competitors to contributors: Contributor boards are vital and can help you gain exposure. Invite followers to be contributors; immediately; they accept your pins displayed on their page. This means increased exposure to a diverse audience who, in turn, might follow your profile.
  • Use a unique board to stand out: Create a segmented board within your niche that would be catchy. You can make as many as possible to reach out to a broader audience
  • Pin often with purpose: When you often pin, don't do it once; instead, spread the pins over the day. Increasing the activity makes you show up on different feeds of many users that increases followers naturally.
  • Pin high quality and original content:  Aim for colorful and rich content with minimal white space to dominate. When you dominate, you get noticed to fulfill your needs.
  • Engage with the audience:  When you comment, like, and engage, your Pinterest profile gets extra attention, and when new users spot you, they will follow your profile due to interactions.
  • Use hashtags and solid captions: Use descriptive captions with relevant hashtags to make your pin easily searchable.

You should do many other things to get followers besides the above suggestions naturally.


1. Will buying Pinterest followers, pins, & likes get me shadowbanned?

We do not think that buying Pinterest followers, pins, and likes risks using the above platforms. These sites won't steal anything since they cannot get detailed information. This is because they don't have permission to access data. The above sites are genuine, and their service can never cause shadowban.

2. Is it safe to buy Pinterest followers, pins, & likes?

As long as you get Pinterest likes, followers, and pins from reputable providers, the process is safe with minor issues. The above companies ask for limited data to offer the service and their site is SSL secured. So, security should not worry you, and additionally, they also naturally deliver the services.

3. Should my business be promoted on Pinterest?

Pinterest is selected for working with companies. However, e-commerce, media, and products work well with this platform. But, it's hard to promote your finance or software company using Pinterest. But, this should not discourage you; give it a try even if you don't implement strong visuals.


The above sites are reliable for providing you with Pinterest growth services. Their followers, pins, and likes are genuine and come from active Pinterest accounts. Therefore, we recommend you use the above platforms when you buy Pinterest growth services. However, there are other ways to get Pinterest followers organically. So feel confident and go for one that meets all your needs.