Brand Monitoring – How brand managers benefit using ViralNewsChart

One day we simply decided to download all the news on the web and analyze it for upcoming events, trends & breaking stories. The idea of a perfect tool for brand monitoring was born.

It sounded like mission impossible, but with some help of engineers we managed to build a system which does just that. We are now monitoring news stories from over 25.000 news sites, blogs, and other media sites. We created the best possible tool for brand clipping.

In our conversations with clients in PR agencies, we went through a process of learning, what is really important to the brand managers and which kind of information is missing or not available to them. We decided that all need a really simple tool which helps them get the right information in a short amount of time, without the help of analytics specialists or other experts. Simply by clicking simple filters and getting instant real-time information.

Brands Insight - by selecting filters a brand managers can compare competitors!
Brands Insight – by selecting filters brand managers can compare competitors!

We made a list of questions which need to be answered in the most simple way as possible.

1. Who writes about my brand?

A really simple question, but to our surprise most of the brand managers didn’t know the exact answer. Our mission was simple, yet complex! They need a simple list of media brands and authors/writers which cover their brand. They need it real time, with history records & charts.

Case studySee who writes about Audi / in last 24h

2. How do they write about my brand? (negative, positive, neutral sentiment)

The sentiment is now the standard for almost any media clipping tool, but the prices of such tools are high. We currently offer this tool for business clients and it’s not included in the free version. Hope to do so in the near future. You can get access upon request and if you are interested we can deliver sentiment data.

3. Which media publishers and writers have created the most social engagement with my brand? Who are my brand angels & promotors? Who has influence on public opinion?

It seems this is the magical question. The answer actually opens the doors to a perfect tool for content marketing. If you would know which writers create most social engagements for your brand, you could simply focus on them and create a new content marketing strategy. If you would know which media brands write about your brand and which has the most social influence among users this could influence your advertising strategy.

4. Who writes about my competitors? How do they write about my competitors?

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer…. If you would know who writes about your competitors, you could change your advertising strategies or include those individuals or media brands in your B2b communication strategies. Knowing who are the angels & promotors of brands is one of the most important aspects of public relations.

5. How does my brand perform in social media compared to competitors?

The performance of the brand in social media shows a pattern of future trends also for investors. So it’s important to get the index where the brand stands compared to other brands in the same industry. When we first implemented the tool we were surprised how different brands are and how they are accepted by the audience of different social networks.

Case studyPerformance of Audi published stories on social media / Last 24h

Amazed with our cool product?

A limited version of the product is available for free upon a registration. We hope to keep it free as long as
possible. Your VNC team!

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