A Beginner’s Guide for TikTok Business Account

TikTok Business Account

Are you confused about whether you should set up a creator or business TikTok account? tiktok is apopular platform but tiktok busienss account is something else worth knwoing. You can find out all you ought to know right here.

TikTok is a massive and famous social media platform that guarantees more viewers and followers as well as new users daily. Short videos posted on the forum creates an avenue for the content creators to launch their careers. But when you want to build your business through TikTok, there are no strings attached. You can also use the platform to promote your business or make cash.

Therefore, TikTok is not just a unique platform for social media marketing. The app needs a place to stand at the top of any to-do list as it continues to grow. And if you are not aware of how to go about it, this is the right place for you to be.

Our article will cover all details about the TikTok business account. Though there is a lot you need to know, let us start by understanding what the TikTok business account is in the next section.

What is TikTok Business Account?

TikTok Business Account overview

A TikTok business account is a particular TikTok account that is majorly optimized to promote a business or create brand awareness. This account is different from the regular content creator account. First, the account aims to make the business brand discoverable through unique engagement, identification of the most relevant and recognition of the trends and contents, real-time performance analysis, and many more.

Therefore, if you are a business owner and want to promote your brand or business, the TikTok business account solves your problem. The platform is top-rated among young adults and teens.

In optimizing the content, the TikTok business account comes with many features, including running paid ads, the option to partner with the TikTok influencer, analytics, and the ability to drive traffic to the external site.

TikTok business account is essential in many ways. The analytic tool is vital in gaining a better understanding of engagement and general account performance. Besides insightful performance, you can also respond to the audience, get their needs, and tailor the content to meet their needs.

Furthermore, it gives the owner an email option where potential customers can contact you directly at the email address. Then lastly, the account is vital in seamless linking and promoting an external business website—more on this in the next section.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the account offers you creative guidance about brand advertising by only using an in-app business content guide for promoting your brand. You can also discover the trends within your location and access the massive free commercial music library. And lastly, you can have brand support from the intuitive business suit and get motivation from success stories or creative advice.

TikTok Business Vs. Creator Account

When using TikTok for fun or as an artist, you are better off using a creator account. With this account, you can easily add a video or music content and then share it with your audience to gain attention to what we say, tracking the TikTok algorithm.

And if you find trending topics or content, the creator account can allow you to use the trending videos or viral sounds on your content. But you cannot do it with your creator account if you are targeting to promote the maybe youtube channel or your business and a website. you can not add the links to your creator account

However, when adding links to the TikTok account is very vital to you, then this is when you need a business account. You can simply switch the creator account to a business account. And most of the creator accounts have collected lump sums of money from TikTok.

Though the platform has not clarified how much people earn on TikTok, the system remains opaque from one content creator to another. with the recent inception of the creator fund feature, most content creators have recorded earnings of roughly 2-4 cents for 1000 views. This means you can earn more if you work on improving account engagement.

If you want to use a specific account, Good luck! But if you go by a business account, it is also well and suitable for your business or website.

Thus, as the owner, you can include the website links to the profile or YouTube channel with a business account. But always remember that a business account has drawbacks. You cannot access trending music sounds on a business account for commercial purposes. You can only access the commercially permitted music. Also, you will not access the hot and trending soundtracks while adding a video to post on your business account.

This indicates that business and creator TikTok accounts differ based on the needs. Go for the creator account if you want to get trending music, sounds, and content to make it short. But when your primary intention to join the platform is to promote the business, choose a business account.

So, after selecting the account you need assuming it is a business account, you will have access to added features, control, and insights on the contents you create. This is incredible as you maximize the TikTok expenditure. After that, you can now get to know to get started with the business account.

How to Get a TikTok Business Account

Assuming you are new to the TikTok platform and want to have a business account. It is simple when starting from scratch. Otherwise, if you have a creator account, follow along to switch the account to the business account:

Step 1: First, start by downloading the TikTok application from the play store or app store, depending on the type of device you are using. Then upon installation, launch it.

Step 2: Create a personal account. You can use telephone numbers or email addresses and other social media platform accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Create a personal account for TikTok

Step 3: Once done, click on my icon found in your screen's right corner and hit the edit profile button. So, you can add multiple profile photos, bio, a video, or even links to the social media platform account.

Step 4: Click on the 3 dots or horizontal likes at the upper right corner of your screen from the popup menu, select setting and privacy, and click on manage account.

Click on the 3 dots or horizontal likes

Step 5: Under manage account, you will have a menu second option from the bottom is  ‘switch to business account’ and click on it.

Switch to business account

Step 6: Then fill in the details by selecting the category where your business brand falls and click next.

fill in the details by selecting the category

Step 7: Add the link to your website and including email address to the profile. So, you are done, and then you have your business account ready.

How to Use TikTok for Your Business

Create High-Quality Content

Use TikTok for Your Business

If you want to establish your business to the target audience and grow the profile, you must consistently post high-quality content. This is very important in gaining credibility, which most of the audience checks on the profile.

If you specialize in creating video content, also ensure you are up to date with the trends on the platform. Popular sounds and music are also part of the trends that can make your content unique and track the TikTok algorithm. Thus, your content can go viral within no time and reach the target audience.

Always be creative when planning the video content. Though it is good to go with the current trends in your niche, your content must not be similar to the competitor's content. It means you must be authentic and come up with something genuine and relevant to the brand. Hence, you can quickly grow your brand and business for a better tomorrow.

Work with Influencers

Work with Influencers

One of the popular methods to help you grow and promote the business on your TikTok business account is influencer marketing. Most firms and industries have invested in this method. And is reported that the company makes about $5 to 20 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing.

And as such, enterprises record a positive increase in the ROI from this method. There is a better improvement in the ROI than when using other methods in promoting the business.

This means influencer marketing is vital and comes with many benefits other than being cost-effective. Thus, we consider this the most effective marketing method.

However, it is another task to find the influencer on TikTok. It is easy, especially getting influencers willing to promote the business. When you work with the influencer, you can easily create more genuine and credible content.

As said, it might be like finding a needle in the haystack when you want to spot the relevant TikTok influencers. However, it becomes easy when you know how to go about it on TikTok. If instead, you can get a suitable tool to help you—more on this you can find in the previous article.

Leverage User-Generated Content

There are numerous methods of promoting the TikTok business account. And leveraging the user-generated content is the next method. This is a popular way to effectively market the business account or your brand. Most target consumers find user-generated content effective and time times impactful instead of influencer marketing.

This method is relevant as it highly impacts the purchasing power and decision of the consumer. There is a high possibility that the video contents related to your brands are plenty online. Thus, you can rely on the duet to stitch the video of a content creator and repost it on your page. This is also an excellent method to establish more connections with the target consumers while increasing brand awareness.

There are many ways to go by this method. Next is using a branded hashtag, then make sure you invite the follower of the audience to use it on their TikTok content. If the idea is engaging and the audience feels it is interesting, you will likely get on board with the followers and utilize the hashtags on your video content. One of the best ways to reach your goal is by promoting business accounts and generating more revenue.

Paid TikTok Advertisement

Another excellent method of promoting the TikTok business account is paid TikTok advertisements. Adds exposes your brands, content, and profile to more audiences. But before working on the TikTok advertisements, there are a lot of settings you need to tweak on the profile.

And one of the settings is the one we covered in the previous section; creating a creator account and then switching to the business account. When the account is approved, and you have included all the tax information, you can add TikTok ads.


While TikTok is a social media platform with millions of active content creators, it is also a perfect platform to promote businesses and brands. But, you must be willing to spend time building a business account to establish loyalty and improve awareness for the company's benefit.

If you do not have a business account to start posting, follow the above procedure to create and switch to a business account. You can now begin to explore opportunities and get attractive offers. Refer to other articles to deepen your knowledge.