Lip Chart TikTok: Explained Everything You’re Interested in!

Lip Chart TikTok

Do you want to join the trending lip shape chart challenge? Then when the viral challenge and follow the proper instructions. Please read our article as we have made everything simple for you to digest.

Tiktok is well known for its trending topics and challenges. Currently, a viral challenge is taking over TikTok by storm. With the challenges, many have joined to find out the shape of their lips using a chat. Compared with last year, an eye shape chart went viral among the content creators. But today, the same concept has emerged. During this time, it is all about lips. If you want o find out, keep reading to the end.

With so many content creators altering their faces and many other things on the social media platform, it is hard not to join them by emulating. However, the lip chart trend is here to help you use what you already have. You can never be mad at it.

Many TikTok content creators are sharing videos and challenges where they show a chart with different kinds of lips. The Snapchat filter and other things have made users on TikTok curious to learn how to join the lip chart challenge. If you want to try this, let us start by understanding what lip chart TikTok is all about.

What is the Lip Shape Chart TikTok?

The lip chart TikTok challenge is trending, though when you are still a newbie in this area, you might be wondering what this trend is all about. Fine, this is the right place to be. The lip chart TikTok is where the user or a content creator tries to compare themselves with the TikTok charts involving numerous lips shape which overly your lips on top of the chart.

After that, the content creator can quickly figure out where they belong based on their lips. These lips range from heavy lower lips, round to heart-shaped up to thin lips.

On one occasion, this challenge makes people or content creators who join the challenges feel better when they have a pout they never gained the courage to be happy with. Previously, as we started, there was such a similar trend, though they based their challenge on the eyes. The trend also adds a similar idea.

Based on what lip chart categorizes you, you might wish to change y, our typical look, in the long run. It is enjoyable to join these challenges. Now you must be wondering how to do it. Let us get started.

How to Do the Lip Chart Challenge on TikTok?

For one to join the lip challenge chart, the first thing to do is to find the lip chart. Even if you go to the google images and search the TikTok lip chart, you will access the various photos you can use on the challenge. Please select one of the best charts and ensure you save it to the gallery or camera roll before proceeding with the steps. After that, it is time to start recording your video.

However, you will need to use the Snapchat-specific filter, which is referred to as the eyes and mouth filter. Thus, proceed with the below steps:

Step 1: Launch your Snapchat application and head to the camera screen

Step 2: Click on the smiley face icon on the right-hand side of the camera icon to access the filter section. On the left-hand corner of your screen, tap on the create button.

Step 3: Then keep sliding till you locate the eyes and mouth filter.

Step 4: So, save the eye chart image and choose it as your background.

Step 5: You can now proceed to film your video and then compare the lips to every category.

Step 6: After that, save the chart to the camera roll, launch your TikTok application, and upload the chart. That is everything you need to know at this point.

Why Do People Love the Lip Chart Challenge?

Why People Love the Lip Chart Challenge

If you have not tried the challenges this far, we know you are wondering if it is popular among the audience. The answer you expect is yes since many people enjoy the challenge of lips and their shape. Even when you look at the hashtags on social media platforms, it has millions of views. That is, lip shape has over 19.4 million views. But how come people are enjoying this lip shape chart challenge?

Well, there are multiple benefits people are joining the challenge on TikTok. It is so evident that what you think is not popular is something that ends up being viral.

Most people find the challenge funny because this is one method of discovering things about themselves. Many audiences have never thought about lip shapes and what each shape means. Hence, they join the challenge to find out the truth.

Additionally, content creators love joining on what other influencers are doing, and it remains a fact on TikTok.TikTok is a plataform that viseos trend and brinsg up a challeneg. When a video idea starts, other content creators also join in doing it, especially when the viral video gets millions of views.

They do not forget that most content creators on TikTok love getting views and likes on their views. That is not all; they also rush to have other people interact with their videos and pay attention. The other thing that influences people to join the trending TikTok challenge is the monetization factor.

Therefore, when content creators assume they will have millions of views on a challenge video, they will join and upload the trend to make some bucks. This is because TikTok allows the creator to generate revue through the application. Such is a significant influence on why people love to join popular and trending challenges like the lip chart TikTok challenge.


TikTok is popular among influencers worldwide because of the short video and trending challenges. Among the viral TikTok challenge is the lip shape chart challenge. It is fun to join and helps content creators increase the engagement rate and learn many other things they have never thought of in their life. They also help generate money on the TikTok application.

Hence learning how to do the Lip chart TikTok challenges is a great start. In our article, we have highlighted the relevant procedure and given you the importance of the challenge in real life. It is time to sue the current ideal filter on Snapchat and go viral as well with this something small that we believe you can achieve today.