Check Instagram Followers Count to Know the Account Value

Instagram Followers Count

Does Instagram follower count affect your marketing strategy? As long as you are marketing or creating business awareness using Instagram, you will need more audience. Instagram follower count matters a lot. please read our article to learn more

The importance of the Instagram platform has increased faster since its inception. This is an online platform where people can upload their photos or video content as they interact with the audience. The platform has increased and became huge in 2021, where people are earning revenue through advertising and marketing.

We can refer to many Instagrammers as multiple users with many Instagram followers. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the most popular Instagram accounts in February 2022. from Statista Research Department.

But before that, people only posted and followed celebrities to get entertained and be informed. But today, everyone cares about Instagram follower count. The number of followers one has matters and the online presence. These are essential aspects, especially when it comes to digital marketing and self-branding.

Therefore, this is the right place to learn more about Instagram follower count and more. But first, let us look at the importance of Instagram follower count. Keep reading to the end.

Why Is Instagram Followers Count So Important?

For Personal Accounts

Instagram Followers Count So Important for Personal Accounts

There are various reasons and benefits of having a large number o followers on your personal Instagram account. But also, the benefit depends on how you use the Instagram follower count. But generally, the number of Instagram followers favors everyone. some of the benefits to your personal account are as stated below:

  • Connect, interact and make friends with various people around the world.
  • It also exposes you to more people to promote your hobbies and interests.
  • It makes your Instagram profile look more appealing and genuine.

Though previously, most of us took social media marketing for granted. But today, many have discovered that Instagram can connect you to people from around the world. While some use it to promote their products, there are still those who still seek a fanatics way of connecting with real people who have the same interests.

Tech-savvy also have come up live Instagram follower counter. This feature can help you keep an eye on your online presence to evaluate the audience's needs. Realizing the needs of your audience is what makes your account amusing and achieves the above benefits.

For Business

Instagram follower business


The benefits of Instagram follower count are apparent, especially on the business account. So, when you intend to create brand awareness, promote business or sell a product, you need followers. And it is like a law to conclude that the more you have followers, the higher the chances of getting target customers.

More followers on Instagram exposes you to an authentic audience who can easily convert to buying customers. So, here are some of the benefits though they might sound unique:-

  • A large follower count makes your business Instagram account lively, fun, and engaging.
  • An account with more followers appears trustworthy and reliable to convince potential customers.
  • Also, the business will have a large customer base
  • A large followers base is also another requirement for affiliate marketing or sales.

It is sometimes dull to post content to a handful of followers. The more you have followers, the more you get engagement, comments, likes, etc. When your interest in more people increases engagement, your business will probably expand content reach to the new targeted audience.

However, having a small customer base or low Instagram follower count reduces trust among the target audience. Getting many followers can quickly drive your business to succeed in its marketing strategy.

Live Instagram Followers Count

You can use different tools to track your Instagram live follower counts online. Regardless of the type of account, you can use platforms such as Instastatistics and Tucktools. These platforms can help you track real-time or live Instagram followers. For example, Tucktool is an online-based tool that offers real-time live Instagram follower counts regardless of the account profile.

Tucktools Overview

Trucktool is the most accessible tool to use and access live follower counts faster than ever on any Instagram account. You can rely on such statistics to decide on the content to share with your audience on the social media platform. Since Tucktools is an online-based tool, it is compatible with any device and does not need to download. You only need an internet connection to get started.

But how does it work? well, we are now heading to a guide on how to use Tucktool in getting live Instagram follower count:

Step 1: Open your browser regardless of the device you are using, then go to the website.

Step 2: Navigate through the options and click on the Instagram real-time followers

Step 3: Using the default settings; the application will show you a list of live Instagram follower counts, especially those featured pictures.

Step 4: You can change the user by only clicking on the Instagram username found at the above input search box.

Step 5: You will access a card involving the live Instagram follower count when done.

How to Organic Growth on Instagram?

We have already discussed the benefits of Instagram follower counts to personal and business accounts. After that, you can zoom in and then fixture any issues. While losing followers is complex, and sometimes it looks pretty simple. But why should you lose interest? Then here comes some of the reasons and suggestions of how they will manage it.

1. Maintain high-quality contents

Perhaps, when you are still posting as well as doing some other tasks. When your content is not appealing, make sure you work on high-quality content. This is because any content can speed up unfollowing. You can even save your personal details like photos and videos for future usage or sharing with your family. But if you are the face of a particular brand, this does not apply to you. with personal and lifestyle  Instagrams, you can save a lot of your information.

2. Engage and specialize with your Instagram followers

You should first establish a connection through a direct message to be successful. Knowing how to turn the audience to become your lifelong supporters is vital. The key here in improving engagement is to reply to comments, liking, etc. Ensure you like and comment on any content.

As always, clients are not likely to unfollow your profile since they feel a personal connection. There is also a possibility that they are likely to be interested in your products when you have a personal relationship with someone. Such customers end up purchasing your services. This is a win-win race.

3. Revamp your Instagram growth strategy.

Check on your strategy to get your new followers to the Instagram account. This can be commenting or liking content. At a time, you can follow them to follow your profile back. But always ensure that you hit the right target to attract more ideal followers. This means that your strategy must only focus on the audience who work in a similar niche.

You can also go for different people, follow them and check if they bring a difference. When you get new followers who are not interested in your area of specialization, rest assured that they will never last long on your profile. So, you will lose them.

There are different methods you can get target followers. First, you can head to the competitors' Instagram profiles, commenting and liking their posts. Secondly, you can use a search-specific hashtag. This lets you engage with people who are only interested in using that hashtag. Otherwise, this movie gets you more attention.

4. Use smaller niche-specific hashtags when posting

When it gets you unprepared, you can utilize a maximum of up to 30 hashtags on any Instagram post. These hashtags are very vital since they help you get your post ranking and go in front or viral to reach your new targeted audience.

Again, using hashtags makes your post visible in the search results. There are 2 ways you can use a hashtag; if not in the caption, include your hashtag on the comment section and ensure you are the first to comment with the hashtag. Where you want to post content does not matter, but the decision is based on your preference.

And if you decide to use over 30 hashtags, always ensure that you utilize the right hashtags. The right hashtag here is a niche-specific hashtag, though not famous, and secondly is a smaller hashtag that presents the best time to top the ranking.

But you must ensure that your selected tag is niche specific and under a million in size. Avoid broad or significant hashtags since such hashtags only attract people that are not here to stay. Instead, they will unfollow your profile in the long run.


1. Is there any limit on how many times to use Instagram followers count?

No. Instagram does not limit you to using Instagram follower count tools. You can use the device as many times as you wish. Also, the device will give you accurate results every time you use it.

2. Are Instagram followers count tools statistically valid?

Yes, they are all real-time and offer accurate results. You can rely on their results for any usage.

3. Will they give away my personal information?

No, and in fact, they do not even request for your password to start offering the services. Instead, they only need the username of the target account to begin tracking.


Instagram follower count is a vital growth metric. The statistics reveal a direct sign-on where you need to revamp your marketing strategy and improve the quality of your content to reach more audiences and get new followers. Refer to the Instagram follower count to help you plan your future. Different tools can help you track these metrics.

However, you must ensure that you do your best to avoid losing followers since a large Instagram followers count has a lot of benefits not only to your profile but also to business accounts. Attract more Instagram followers and convert them to increase business sales.