How Much Is Walmart Worth?

How Much Is Walmart Worth

Are you wondering how much is Walmart worth today? Walmart is the largest private employer in the US and worldwide. So, let us try to find out how much it is worth today.

Walmart is among the well-known retail cooperation with over 10500 stores. They are distributed across 26 countries worldwide. It has a signature consisting of the blue building and endless rows and columns of brands. They recorded over 2 million employees. What is this retail; worth?

Among the private employers, Walmart is the largest with different products. It achieved this coveted status in 1990 in the US, and its performance is growing strong. So, how much is Walmart worth today?

How Much is Walmart Worth?


To know the worth of a Walmart company in the stock, you must check the market caps. Therefore, it is also good to conder the dollar's value on the stock market. However, the market cap of Walmart today is estimated to be $372.1  billion.

According to the latest statistics, by April 2022, the net worth of Walmart was standing at $435.72 billion. This means the amount this company is worth only represents its market capitalization.

This multinational retail private cooperation mainly operates on the hypermarket chains and consists of the disco8nt stores and groceries. Previously, this company was well known as the all- mart stores inc. Its headquarter is in Bentonville, Arkansas and more about the history we will cover in the following sections.

What is Walmart's Revenue?

What is Walmart's Revenu

Before going into details, you must first understand what revenue is. Thus, revenue is the sum of money that a particular firm receives from loyal customers for the products or services. It is among the top line item listed while generating an income statement after deducting all expenses and costs to get net income.

According to the report ending January 31st, 2022, Walmart's revenue stood at $572.754 billion, which indicated an increase of 2.43% in a duration of one year compared to the previous year, 2021, which was $559.151 billion. While their annual operating income in 2022 was roughly $25.942 billion. This also gave an increase of 15.05% from the previous year.

The income for the quarter that ended January 31st, 2022, recorded a decline of 270.35% with only $3.562 billion. While theirWhileincome for the last 12 months ended on January 31st, 2022, stood at $13.673 billion. This was an increase of about 1.21% compared to 2021. to understand the network of Walmart, you must also consider the revenue for the market cap to give you precise data on the value of the company on the market.

Otherwise, all these are subject to changes based on the investors and other prospective tasks that bring in the differences. Thus, a measurable figure like revenue gives you a conservative location of Walmart's net worth.

Want to know more? You can check here. But you must understand that Walmart sales in a year can surpass the GDPs of some countries around the world. These include Ireland, where the company earns even more than the US box office combined.

How Does Walmart Begin?

How Does Walmart Begin

Officially Walmart started as a second store that Sam Walton opened in Rogers. This was the first Walmart known as the discount city store in 1962. and in 5 years, Walmart store expanded to about 24 stores in Arkansas, where they recorded sales of $12.6 million.

This left people amazed at the rate of growth. Walmart opened its first store outside Arkansas in 1968, where they mainly established three stores in Claremore, Missouri, and Sikeston in Oklahoma. Then later, in 1969, this company was incorporated as a Walmart Inc.

They continued to grow and rebrand. In 1970 they decided to change the name to Walmart Stores Inc. They opened their first distribution center and established it as a home office the same year in Bentonville.

In the same year, 1970, the company established its roots and began trading stock as a company held publicly. The firm continued operation and growth until the 1980s, regarded as the most prominent private corporate network. They also started sourcing most of their products, roughly 40%, from China. Then David Glass replaced the founder, Walton, as the CEO in 1988.

However, Walton was still a chairman of the company's board. According to the statistics, Walmart became more profitable in 1990 than their competitors hence taking over the US as the largest retailer considering their revenue. It was also listed among the largest corporation in America by the fortune 500 lists in 2002.

It has recorded a revenue of about $219.8 billion, including a profit of over $6.7 billion. This was the first year this company was listed as the leading retailer and is consistently maintaining the status except in 2006,2009, and 2012 when Walmart failed to appear first on the list.

However, today, Walmart is considered the most significant retail firm globally in the US. They are also planning to enter into subscriptions business like Amazon and Netflix. According to the history and progress in performance and revenue generation, the future is bright even with the introduction of low-cost subscriptions on video streaming.

How did Walmart Develop?

Walmart Develop

Have you ever asked yourself the factors behind the growth of Walmart as the biggest retailer in the world? If that is the case, you are at the right place. The main driving force behind the growth of this firm is the ability to understand its customers and gain a competitive edge again its rivals in the market.

It started as a small store but later became a global powerhouse with multiple stores worldwide. Some of the factors that have accelerated the growth areas are discussed below:

  • Use a selective merchandise strategy

Walmart wins its rivals and gets the attention of its customers by using a selecting merchandising strategy. This is where they offer services and products at as low a price as possible. However, they maintain generating profits from low prices. This is what we refer to as selecting merchandising.

Thus, Walmart mainly targets selling large volumes to their customers. This helps them maximize their sales by determining the products to avail in each department. They also ensure that the products are placed in the correct department for faster flow.

  • Understanding their customers

This was the primary factor that accelerated the growth of Walmart. They can understand their customers so they can address their needs. They always strive to meet their customers' needs at an affordable price, selling in bulk.

  • Friendly cost-cutting measures

During the operations and especially in the past few years, the company has been fighting to focus on building its supply chain to be more efficient while aggressively cutting its costs down.

Most companies use cost-cutting measures, but the company executes the steps aggressively when it comes to Walmart.

The Majority of Owners of  Walmart

Walton family

The majority of Walmart's owners are the Walton family, which possesses over 50% of the total shares in the retail store. Of the total shares, Walton enterprises LLC has 35% of the total shares, which is equivalent to 1 billion shares.

Back in 2020, the statistics indicate that the Walton family transferred over 4 million shares to their Walton family holding trust, which counts for about 15% of the total shares in the business. They receive the highest common among other shareholders at Walton.

And considering shares, the current chairman, Robson Walton, has 2.6 million shares in Walmart, which translates to about 0.09% of the company's total shares. The market valuation stands at $330.6 million.

On the other hand, Jim Walton also got direct ownership valued at 6.3 million shares representing $730 million. The last 6.7 million shares worth around $776 million as direct ownership go to Alice Walton. The company is also open since it is publicly traded, and anyone can purchase the shares. The share continues to grow and is creating a solid brand reputation worldwide.

The daily evolve in 2020 recorded over 9 million shares, and the price per share stood at $100. The value is subject to changes. You can also learn more about the Walton family's net worth and related information online.

Some of Walmart's Negative Issues

People gather supplies at a grocery store amid coronavirus fears spreading in Toronto

Like any other person or company, Walmart has also received criticism in most of its operations worldwide. When comparing their competitors, retailers, and job level, some of the complaints go to the low wages the company pays their employees.

Some people still criticize them that they are involved in selling deadly weapons such as ammunition and firearms. Most people also complained about their hiring practice as allegedly discriminatory and having poor environmental records.

That is not all, especially when a competitor decides to attack such a company. Other criticisms are geared towards the supplier treatments, some anti-competitive behaviors that involve things like a stealth marketing strategy and practicing price discrimination according to their operation compared to the rivals like Amazon.

This is the most considerable retail cooperation worldwide, but competitors criticized it for its inability to pay adequate tax. All of these have had a negative reputation for the company hence destroying the image of this worldwide giant retailer cooperation.

How about the Future of Walmart?

How about the Future of Walmart

Walmart is considering exploring more business opportunities to grow and increase revenue generation in the future. Previously, the company has also invested some of its income in space. Thus, their customers can place orders through the internet and receive the products and services without getting out of a vehicle.

They are also considering raising the employee wages, putting more effort into their supply chain, and introducing automation services. The expansion does target not only the local market but also international reach.

Thus in the future, we anticipate that the company will maintain its status as the largest retailer consisting largest employees. This means that the revenue in the future will increase; hence the firm has a foreseeable future from our perspective.


Walmart is the largest retailer worldwide and among the most successful private company worldwide. The company has employed multiple associates, and most of the minority stakes are in japan and India. It generates sizeable yearly revenue, which they plan to increase shortly due to introducing other business opportunities like low-cost video streaming services.

Walmart is the largest employer on the planet, and the Walmart family owns over 50% of the shares. The company has a foreseeable future.