How Much Is Nike Worth?

How Much Is Nike Worth

Are you wondering about the market value of Nike? Nike is the largest company specializing in manufacturing Nike shoes and other accessories. If you want to evaluate its net worth, read our artice to find out.

You have heard of Nike or come across their products at least in your lifetime. Nike is the biggest Nike brand company globally. While headquartered in America, it mainly specializes in the Nike shoes manufacturing process.

You can also get sportswear and other accessories. It is well known for its famous logo around the world. It also ranks among enormous shoes and apparel supplies. The company also sponsors multiple sports teams and individuals, including athletes worldwide.

Nike has been around for decades. This is why we ought to let you know its worth so that you might consider investing in the company. Besides the share price, there are other things you need to look at before evaluating a company's net worth.

Thus, in this article, we will cover various aspects of the Nike company to help you understand its net worth or the market value and check out its projected plans. Let us first start with its net worth.

How Much is Nike Worth?

To deeply analyze the market value of Nike, one must first understand the market share and revenue stream. However, from the reports, as of the first quarter of 2022, Nike's brand net worth was valued at over $33 billion. When you compare this value with the previous year, Nike has recorded an increase of roughly $3 billion.

market value of Nike sport

This is attributed to the popularity of the Nike brands among customers from around the world. While it is well known for producing sportswear, they also sell other accessories such as clothing as well as footwear. These brands cover people of all ages, from teenagers to the general public in the US and other parts of the world.

Nike has expanded and opened other stores outside the US in recent years. This makes it have a vast revenue, and some of its non-US markets have added value to its shares and revenue generation for the company. This is the reason behind an increased net worth.

Thus, to gain the advantages, maintain market values, and remain popular, Nike markets its products through advertising and capitalizes on promotion sometimes. for this reason, last year, the cost f promotion of Nike company  went beyond $3 billion

Nike also brags itself for its memorable ads, viewed and clicked on by various US communities. And among the famous brand on TikTok last year, 2021, Nike was also ranked with followers hitting almost 1.5 million.

How Much is the Nike Logo Worth?

The value of the Nike logo also matters in evaluating the net worth of the Nike company. This is to say that the logo alone is worth  Nike. The current value of the Nike logo stands at $30 billion images. At the same time, other experts argue that the Nike logo has a minimal market value based on them.

Nike Logo value

Nike swoosh has no market value but simply a sloped checkmark with worthless years of successfully advertising Nike products. The entrepreneur John also claimed that it was not $35 that accelerated the market value of Nike, but it was only built to sell the brand. What matters is the amount of money that investors use to create a reputation and make the logo helpful to their customers and other audience.

The Nike logo was designed for $35, and when you consider the inflation adjustment, this cost today is about $240. Thus, the market value of the Nike logo has gained popularity and increased because of the willingness of the customers to purchase brands.

But also,  customers have demonstrated the ability to repurchase products that only feature the Nike logo. This leaves us with the conclusion that there is no universally agreed value for the Nike swoosh logo. however, one thing remains unchanged. $35 was the best spent buying the logo, which was quite suitable for any business.

How Did Nike Begin?

Nike began back in 1964 by Phil Knight and the coach Bill as blue Ribbon sports. Then they later changed the name to Nike in 1971. this was after seeking the inspiration of the goddess of victory from Greek. The two founders started distributing the footwear to the audience through the Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese brand.

They only managed to dispatch1300 shoes during that period in their first year of operation. From which, they made a revenue of $8000. however, they made over $20,000 during the second year of operation, which forced them to have full-time employees to help you.

In 1966, the two founders launched the first store in Santa Monica. They later expanded the stores to far end Massachusetts since the business was doing good and customers increased. And in 1971, Nike decided to end its cooperation with Onitsuka Tiger, which facilitated changing its name from Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike. Then the popular often talked and respected log was officially launched in the mid-1971.

Nike continued its operations, and a few athletes like Otis Davis, a student of coach Boweermabn a student at the University of Oregon, claimed that Nike shoes helped him win the two medals at the summer Olympic games of 1960. Nike made a difference in winning, which brought many people's attention.

The first marketing agency for Nike was John Brown with partners. This agency was put in charge of marketing in 1976. ‘do it is a well-known Nike slogan coined back in 1988. From the history and many claims, the slogan was imp[sired by Gary Gilmore's last words, which were let's do it.

Then in 1990, Nike company migrated and opened a new headquarter in Beaverton, Oregon, then started merging businesses. for instance in 2003, they purchased converse, while Bauer Hokey was purchased in 1994. Thus the company has expanded since then, and today, they offer many products on the market other than footwear. Let us find out more in our next section.

What is Nike's Key Product?

As a company, Nike offers multiple products to the market. While it specializes in the manufacture of sportswear, there are others services the company renders to its customers. Based on the 2019  fiscal year account statement, Nike has almost six primary divisions from which it generates revenue.

Nikes Key Product

These divisions include cooperation, converse, global brand division, equipment, apparel, and footwear. However, the last four are categorized into Nike revenue brands. But converse & cooperate are grouped as Nike Inc revenue.

Among the division, footwear is the most important category among the division, which accounts for almost 62% of the total company revenue. This is according to their latest fiscal year report. We will not cover the division by division breakdown since the values are subject to changes.

But in 2019, Nike reported an excess of $39.1 billion in their annual revenue. Where the leading region is North America, with 43% of the total Nike brand revenues, this means that Nike has the largest market in North America. But the wholesale revenue only accounts for 68% of their total revenue, and the remaining goes to the Nike direct account.

Who Owns Nike?

Nike is the largest supplier of popular sportswear among athletes. But, do you know who won the company? Even though there is a belief that the Nike company is only by individuals. This is just a belief, but the reality is that a group of shareholders and investors owns the company.

nike founder

The prominent shareholders in Nike are Phil Knit, the founder, Andrew Campion, the chief operating officer, Marker PArker, and other private companies such as Swoosh LLC, BLK, Vanguard group, etc. own at least 64.% of the total shares of this company. This means the above shareholders hold a large percentage of the stock, making them the company's owners.

If we go into detail among the top 3 investors, you will find that Phil Knight owns both class A and A, 29,154,487 and 11,385,687 shares, respectively, which account for 2.6% of the total shares as of the 2020 report.

Secondly, mark parker has 1,450,813 shares that account for about 0.09% of the Nike stock shares and is now serving as the company's executive chair after stepping down in 2019 as the CEO.

Lastly is Andrew's campion. This shareholder possesses 233,156 shares which are 0.01% of the total shares. And he has been a critical factor during the company's digital transformation and technological growth globally.

The other private company that holds the most significant percentage of shares is Swoosh LLC has over 260 million shares representing 16% of the company's total shares. Phil Knight founded this private company. Secondly is Vanguard Inc., and this one has 7% of all company shares translating to 110 million shares in stock. The last private investor is BlackRock Inc has 91 million shares that account for 5.9% of the total shares of the market.

How about the Future of Nike?

Nike is not only the largest manufacturer of sports footwear but also the leading distributor, marketer, and designer of other related apparel. The company holds very lucrative deals, especially with the most prominent athletes, who vary but range from Jordan and Tiger. This alone keeps the company very popular in America and around the world.

Future of Nike

Any company that has gained a top name through Nike has managed for a reason. It might be awkward to go against Nike as such; however, we value this company based on its ubiquity and its strong reputation. If you are asking for a good investment, then from the revenue stream, you can learn that its current valuation is lucrative, which is essential in buying shares.

And based on its recent revenue, Nike remains the market leader in the industry. As of September 2019, its fiscal earnings went beyond its expectations, and that was only the first quarter. This was facilitated by the back-to-school season and advanced digital.

In the several years, their revenue went above 29%. This was the highest year in a long time. And in the upcoming quarter, the company announced to expand of its gross margin. This is a clear indicator of a bright future with reasonable goals.

Is Nike Worth Invest?

Before you decide to invest in a Nike company, you have to analyze their revenue and account statements and be willing to accept your status financially. Such things involve the time horizon, the risk tolerance, and the objective of why you want to invest. Based on the analyst community, it is worth investing in Nike, considering that its first-quarter earnings in 2019 went beyond their expectations.

Nike Worth to Invest

However, most people voted to hold some of the consensus analyses where the price target was standing at $95.63. and according to the closing stock price, this was 2.8% above on Oct 10, 2019. and few suggested sell ratings. But for us, we recommend that any potential investor can buy the shares.

However, keep in mind that Nike is fond of boycotting controversial issues as well as consumer boycotts due to the poor treatment of their oversee employees.

Nike is a double-edged sword since the revenue depends on promotion and marketing. This is where a boycott never favors sales, and it is something that discourages most investors. What can keep a company relevant is publicity.

Thus, as an investor, understand that Nike is still making headlines, and thus you should consider this in your assessment of buying stocks.


Nike is a worldwide company that is is is known among many people. While the company deals with manufacturing sports footwear, it also sells apparels and others services. It has been around for a long time, and the company still seems to make the headlines. Their revenue generation is based on marketing promotion.

Nike's current net worth stands at $33 billion, and its future still looks bright. It is a public company and thus is owned by multiple private investors and individual shareholders. This is a company worth risking to invest in if you can.