Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

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What should you do if Instagram sends a notification when you take a screenshot of their Instagram stories? Please read our article to learn more and various tricks to help you evade detection.

Besides advancing technology, Instagram remains among the most stable social media platforms worldwide. Many people are interacting through the use of video and photo content. Thus, Instagram introduced a story feature that Snapchat inspired them.

Instagram now allows its users to upload photos that last for 24 hours. This is an alternative to the usual grid photos. Most marketers use this feature to inform their followers, which is why the feature has become so popular.

Today, you might want to take a screenshot of your follower for one reason or the other, but you wonder if Instagram will send them a notification. Come in now and read our article to learn in detail.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story or Post?

No. Even though it was previously used to send notifications, Instagram does not send a notification when you take screenshots on stories. But there is a possibility that this policy will again change in the future. This means you should always double-check before taking a screenshot.

Thus, taking a screenshot of an Instagram story is safe without the owner getting a notification. In fact, Instagram has an inbuilt feature that allows users to save posts for later usage. Since the feature might be taken down when you save, we prefer taking screenshots. Equally, you will not get a notification when someone screenshots your Instagram stories.

However, there is one exemption under which Instagram sends the notification. We are going to discuss this in the next section.

When Will You Get the Instagram Screenshot Alert?

Though Instagram does not send a notification when you take a screenshot of Instagram stories, there is a single scenario where you can get a notice. You screenshot a disappearing photo or video on a private DM thread.

This does not apply to all the direct messages, but those are set to disappear within 24 hours. The owner will see the screenshot instead of delivered or seen status when you take such screenshots.

Also, note that the disappearing message must be taken directly from a camera in the DM chat. This excludes DM photos and videos sent from the gallery. But, how is this possible? You might be asking yourself. Let's go into details now.

How Does Instagram Notify Your DM Screenshots?

Instagram does not notify you of the screenshot taken on your permanent posts. Thus, when someone takes a screenshot of your disappearing photo or video directly from a camera, you will see a small hatched circle beside the private DMs. The owner can also see it in the conversation summary on the main page. In this section, it will be indicated ‘ screenshot.”

This means IG sends a notification informing of a pop-up on your phone when your follower takes a screenshot of your private DM. In the notification pop-up, you will also see the person's username in question. However, you can still avoid this situation. Here is how.

How to Avoid Instagram Screenshots Being Detected

You can use different sneaky methods to take a screenshot of Instagram stories sent to you as private DMs without the owner being notified. This is only when you want to preserve the content, but if not, then there is no need.

  • Take a screenshot while on airplane mode

Take a screenshot while on airplane mode

This was even popular on other social media platforms, blocked but still works on Instagram. It would be best to open the disappearing private Dms before switching to airplane mode. This way, the owner of the other party cannot get a notification since the content does not load while in this mode.

  • Utilize Instagram website

Utilize Instagram website

This is the easiest way to screenshot a private DM that disappears without sending a notification to the owner. They cannot know anything, and you can even do it on your mobile device. While it was not permitted since 2020, this feature is now available, and you can now open a private DM on the PC. But Instagram doesn't notify the other part when you take a screenshot using a browser.

  • You can also use a screen recorder

screen recorder

Instagram cannot detect this workaround on the screen. The steps are simple as long as you set filming on standby before watching the story. If you want to get a photo, you then edit your recorded video and obtain a picture.

If the above does not work, you can use a camera. Though old-fashioned, it is possible to attain the needed results without sending notification. Just get another device and get a shot when the story is on. However, you might obtain a low-quality photo, but it gets the work done effortlessly.


Instagram does not send notifications when you take a screenshot of a post or content. The only exception is when you want to take a screenshot on a private disappearing DMs. But again, you should never worry about that.

The above methods are essential to help you take a screenshot without the owner knowing. Use those workarounds to help you take a screenshot and keep the much-needed photo without hassle.