Can You See Who Reported You on Instagram

can you see who reported you on instagram

Do you want to find out who reported you on Instagram? Well, the information cannot be obtained, but there are a few tips that can guide you through. Please read our article to the end and get to know more.

It has millions of active users, and the number is continuously increasing. Thus, there are a lot of posts and stories on the platform. There are productive posts and entertaining ones. However, other unsolicited or uncensored posts sound inappropriate or misleading to the audience.

Therefore, Instagram has implemented some security measures to keep the community safe for the users; hence everyone needs to abide by the rules.

Recently, Instagram has introduced the report feature where one can sue it anytime one feels the posts are inappropriate and violate the rules. Once you report such cases, Instagram takes the steps and reviews the report. If it stands valid and violates the rules, then if not, you do move the posts, and your account can be taken down.

According to the Instagram, content that violates the rules includes morbid photos, violence, fake news, and sexual content that leads to misinformation and miscommunication. Any violation of the Instagram rules results in serious repercussions.

Some people are struggling to find out how to know the person who reports an account on Instagram. This article is intended to address such a concern. Let us get started in the next section if you need to know more.

Can You See Who Reported You on Instagram?

Reported Instagram

Instagram is concerned about user privacy. So there is no outlined way to know who reported you on the Instagram platform. Instagram will never disclose information to the public. When you report someone, no one will be able to know.

The only thing you are left with is to guess who the person might be responsible for. But remember that is only possible when you have a private Instagram account with a limited number of followers. Thus, detecting the person responsible for reporting your content or account becomes easy.

There is a high possibility that the person responsible for the reporting is someone you previously had issues with and did not gets to understand each other. You can also refer to the previous activities and find out the person who liked your content or commented.

The important thing here is not who reported the content; you must focus on getting the account back. According to the Instagram policy, the person reporting content or a profile on Instagram will always remain unknown. This means you should not be afraid to report anything on the platform as long as you feel it is again the rules or misleading.

This does not mean you cannot have a rough idea. Continuously checking out on this, like comments from the latest publications, the private messages you receive on Instagram, and reviewing the list of followers might give you a hind.

With these in mind, you will sort the audience list and narrow it down to have a few followers who might be suspicious or responsible for reporting your account. Though it might be time-consuming, you will have a clue about who the person might be behind the curtain.

How to Check My Instagram Violations?

When you are reported on Instagram, they send a notification for violating the Instagram rules.

Step 1: To access the violation, you must open the application and click on the menu icon in your screen's top left corner.

Access the violation

Step 2: From the resulting menu, click on the settings and tap on privacy and security.

Click on the settings and tap on privacy and security

Step 3: Then, underneath the account privacy, click on the review your activity option.

Privacy Settings

From this point, you will have access to the lift of the stories and posts which Instagram has hidden from your profile because of the violations of the Instagram rules.

What Happens If Someone Reports You on Instagram?

When someone reports your profile or Instagram posts, the claim might be valid, but once the support staff reviews it and find out that the port violates the terms of use, then Instagram will take down your post. But you understand that Instagram can also decide to delete your entire account, which is more drastic. Though, this might take time to gather the evidence while receiving more warnings.

Someone Reports You on Instagram

The common repercussion of reported Instagram is suspension from posting. And still, more people believe that reporting someone on Instagram can easily result in the shadow ban, but it is not yet clear on such existence.

Once a person reports you on the platform, the staff will take time to review your posts and then take action against your profile when necessary. Therefore anyone, as long as they sue the platform, can report accounts or posts that are found misleading, inappropriate, or violate community standards.

Before taking down your posts, Instagram will notify you about the violations, and the person responsible for reporting your post will also be alerted concerning the review outcomes. Sometimes, when your account gets disabled for a violation of the rules, you can only regain access by resolving the issue with the relevant authority.

How to Appeal Against an Instagram Report?

Appeal Against an Instagram Report

Mistakes happen, and Instagram can also make one, especially when suspecting your account through the public report feature. In some situations, you might also realize that Instagram has deleted your posts mistakenly when you well understand that it does not violate the community guidelines. For this case, you are free to appeal for any report issues by clicking on the request revise option.

Otherwise, here is the procedure on how to go about it:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application, and on your account, head to the settings section and open it.

Launch the Instagram application

Step 2: Then click on the help option

Click on the help option

Step 3: And go to check the support inbox. From there, you can appeal, and your posts will reappear once again if the post is deleted or reported by mistake.

But always remember that once you make a mistake on Instagram, you must admit it and continue socializing with the audience. Accept the mistake and move ahead while ensuring that you will not repeat such a silly mistake in the future. If not, then your account will likely get banned and deleted. But when you have done nothing wrong, you should not get worried as you can appeal and have your account and posts back.

Instagram remains the safest place to be and is responsible for maintaining your privacy and security. Therefore, you are free to report if you find out that something is wrong. As per their privacy policy, when you report someone, they will always keep you anonymous, and no one will be able to know that it is you who is responsible

What Behaviors Could Lead You to Be Reported on Instagram?

Multiple things and behaviors can cause your profile to be reported on Instagram. At the same time, it has been clear that some users are reporting someone's people for lesser reasons not worth suspecting the account.

The claim will remain valid when Instagram reviews and finds out that the claim violates the Instagram rules. This section will take you through various things that can cause your Instagram account to be reported.

Instagram Spamming

Instagram spamming

When you click to report an Instagram account or post, you will have two options: spam. Once you click on this option, it automatically blocks the reported profile. The fact remains that the person will no longer be able to see your content as well, as you will not be able to access their content in the future. Therefore, when an Instagram account posts excessively, most of the audience and Instagram algorithm consider it spam.

Most posts and comments are irrelevant where the audience does not find sense in them. Also, any similar behavior seen as inauthentic can result in your account being reported. Therefore, you should be careful.

Inappropriate Content

Inappriproate content

The second option on the menu, when you click on the report option, the second option on the menu is inappropriate. This ensures that you give Instagram detailed reporting reasons. This is a diverse option and redirects you to many other options, which you need to specify the issue at hand.

Here, we will only list some of the limited options appearing when you click the second option. Some of these claims are less serious, while others are sensitive, depending on how you report the content. It also determines the actions which Instagram can take against the claim. here are a few options:

  • Posting spam

Posting spam

When you report Instagram as spam, the next action is blocking the account, as outlined in the first section. Thus Instagram takes action to investigate the claim and shows found violating the rules; necessary steps will be taken.

  • Posting annoying content

Posting annoying content

This option does not result in the account being reported. However, Instagram will only allow you to unfollow the person or, if not, block them. This is because Instagram does not just move ahead and suspect someone that annoys you or decide to punish them. Some posts might be annoying to you but relevant to other audiences without violating the community guidelines.

  • Impersonating profile; profile pretending to be someone else

Impersonating profile

This is a prevalent issue among Instagram users today. Though, most people do not realize it. Some accounts try to impersonate the profound celebs, and others even steal the photos and try to impersonate themselves.

When you go with this option, there will be a list of menus as well, which you will have to specify the person, such as a celeb or public figure, me, someone I know, etc. once you specify, Instagram will take time to review and decide on the next action.

  • Posting inappropriate content

Posting inspripriate content

Using this option triggers the Instagram support team to take the report seriously. It involves many things here, as immediately you click on it; you will be redirected to things like the threat of violence, bullying or harassment, promotion or sales of drugs, nudity, self-injury or hate speech or symbol.

Such access is severe and goes against the Instagram community guidelines. Serious action will be taken against someone that posts inappropriate content on Instagram.

  • You Might be posting my intellectual property without authorization

when you select such an action while reporting your Instagram account; it will redirect you to provide detailed information. Specifying things like trademark laws, copyright,  intellectual property, etc. This makes sure that you provide the correct category to continue reporting.

Many other options or behaviors can make someone report your Instagram account. Each triggers a review, but the seriousness and outcomes vary based on the claim.

How Do I Check the Status of Something I Report to Instagram?

Before going into details, you must first understand that the reporting feature on Instagram is only available for android and iPhone users. Therefore, when you report something because it fails to abide by the Instagram community guidelines, you can always follow up and find out the report's status. Though some people find it complex, this is simple, and others do not know where to start.

Therefore, anytime you feel like you want o see the status of something you reported, follow the below procedure using the mobile application:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application and click on your profile icon. This button is found on the bottom right of your Instagram profile.

Step 2: Then hit the 3 horizontal lines at the top right of your screen, and from the resulting menu, click settings.

Report to Instagram active settings

Step 3: After that, tap on the help option.

Step 4: Click on the support request followed by the reports

Support request followed by the reports

Step 5: You will have a list of the options you have reported. Click on the report you would like to see the status.

List of the options you have reported

However, note that all the reports you make might not be visible here in the support request section. However, there are some content upon reporting and Instagram making a decision, you cannot request them to review. Otherwise, you will be able to see the status, find out the action Instagram took, and request them to review the action they took.


1. Is Instagram report anonymous?

Yes. Based n the Instagram privacy policy, the report feature keeps you unknown forever.

2. How do I know if I'm being reported on Instagram?

You cannot follow a specific method to know that someone is reporting your account on Instagram. But, you can do a few things to check if you are worried that someone has reported you on Instagram. The first thing is to review the recent activities on Instagram under the activity log. The log opinion will let you access all the actions taken on your profile, including the reporting made.

3. How many violations does it take to get banned by Instagram?

Up to date, Instagram does not outline the specific number of violations to make before taking action to ban your account. But, it is good to keep in mind that violating Instagram community guidelines can result in your account being banned.

4. How to withdraw a report?

It is possible that once you report someone, you can still unreported and withdraw the report. Simply tap on the 3 dots found on the top right corner of the post after that, and click on the report post. Equally, you can proceed by tapping the flag button found at the bottom right corner of the post you reported and from the menu, click on unreported.

5. How long does it take Instagram to review a report?

Though there is no specific duration generally, Instagram takes a few days to review the report submitted.


Instagram, like other social media platforms, has guiding principles. When you post content against the Instagram community standard, anyone can report and take action against your account anonymously. Again someone can report your profile for reasons well known.

Not all reported cases are valid, but Instagram takes time to review, and there is the possibility that the account can be blocked or restricted. Upon reporting an Instagram post, you can also check the status using an Instagram application and withdraw it. If you find that the report outcome was not fair enough, you can also request an appeal or review the report.