10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channels in 2023

Buy YouTube Channels

Do you want to start making money on YouTube, but your channel is not eligible? Don't let that deter you because we have a solution. Instead, read our article on the best sites to buy YouTube channels.

Regardless of your specialization, social media platforms offer you a great chance to pursue your dream using digital media. While fulfilling the passion, being online also helps you earn extra income. It's a side hustle. This is why social media platforms today support monetization through ads, partnering programs, and even sponsored posts.

YouTube is the favorite platform among content creators. Many people are earning good money from it. But remember, making money from this platform is not an easy task. The channel should have active and real subscribers and must meet specific requirements for you to start monetizing the content.

It takes time and effort to build a YouTube channel with top-quality content. That should not worry you when you want to make some cash. Please keep reading to access our top pick of the best sites to buy YouTube channels. These channels are effective and can make your video content eligible for monetization right away.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channel

1. AppSally

AppSally youtube

YouTube is a popular site with millions of users. Since creating an account and managing it to become eligible for monetization takes longer, AppSally is here to help you. This is a website that also offers social media accounts and growth services.

They provide separate YouTube services. You can purchase YouTube channels from these guys who are ready for monetization. Besides aged YouTube channels, they also have freshly created channels on their website. The pricing is friendly.

With only $27, you can grab your 10 new and PVA YouTube accounts. They have several options on their website. If you need aged YouTube channels from 7 to 11 months, they have it. When you purchase a fresh account, the expert can still work on your account using other packages to get it monetized. What we love about AppSally is the fact that they can deliver a ready set account within 48 hours.

Besides buying a monetized account in one package, AppSally offers accounts that you can customize and own. This means these YouTube channels from AppSally can be accepted even with YouTube partner programs without you lifting a finger. Their website contains precise details and all packages with pricing. They never hold back on transparency.

Instead, they have a detailed FAQ page with well-answered responses to the most vital questions. YouTube channels and monetization services come separately according to your needs. The customer service is 24/7 available to respond to your inquiries. This is a curated marketplace but does not offer the option to select the gender of YouTube accounts.

2. Fameswap

Fameswap youtube

Fameswap is a marketplace that provides various social media services. If you want to buy a trustworthy YouTube channel with an already established audience and active subscribers, check out the Fameswap website.

They got everything you need to start making some cash on YouTube. Never doubt them; they offer authentic accounts on the market. The audience is a global fanbase that ensures worldwide visibility to your YouTube content. So whether you are a creator or a social media marketer, the firm has you sorted.

At Fameswap, customers can select YouTube channels based on the target quantity of the subscribers. You can browse through the available channels on their website. And the good thing about this platform is that you can select a channel that matches your interest or niche.

The account comes at an affordable cost. They guarantee that their YouTube channels have an active and authentic audience, increasing your watch hour and engaging with the content.

When selecting the account, you can filter based on the audience report, email, included, and escrow accepted other than the subscribers. The support team is also 24/7 available to sort any issue. And above all, you can contact the seller on their website using a secure messaging platform to negotiate.

3. PlayerUp

PlayerUp youtube

PlayerUp is the most trusted marketplace that should come to your mind when you buy a high-quality YouTube channel. These guys do not deliver their YouTube accounts. Instead, it's simply a marketplace where sellers get buyers.

This means the real owners and content creators post their YouTube accounts for sale. In short, the site links the seller to a potential YouTube account buyer. The advantage of this platform is that you can buy authentic and credible channels from the real owner.

They also guarantee that these channels have legit views and active subscribers to get you started. Besides YouTube accounts, they also sell other services such as views, subscribers, comments, and likes.

While on the PlayerUp website, you can use various filters to get a targeted YouTube channel that matches your preferences. These filters include ownership, subscribers, monetization status, and other advanced options.

It is an outstanding deal not only to buyers but also to sellers. They also have various channels listed with affordable pricing. You can get a YouTube channel for as low as $30. But pricing varies and depends on numerous aspects, including the seller and subscribers. Explore the site and get a YouTube channel that falls within your budget and needs.

4. Eazy SMM

Eazy SMM youtube

Eazy SMM is a website that provides social media growth services. To be precise, it covers both YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. When it comes to making money on YouTube, Eazy SMM has all the solutions. Their services are excellent. If you want to buy a YouTube channel, the platform has you covered.

They sell aged or monetized YouTube channels. Besides, they also sell thumbnails, views, comments, and subscribers. They have experts who create channels from scratch.

They then promote these channels using other social media platforms to get targeted subscribers and audience base. Based on this fact, their YouTube channels have really active and authentic subscribers. They have channels that are ready for monetization.

The channels come with the popular niche of your choice. But, they have fixed prices. For instance, monetized YouTube channels cost $439. The account is ready for monetization, clean without copyright, not strike; you can modify the niche and guarantee delivery within a range of 12 to 48 hours. The monetization channel comes with over 4k watch time and real subscribers 1000+.

In contrast, aged YouTube channels vary depending on the year of creation. Overall, they are cheaper than monetization channels. In addition, customer support is accessible 24/7.

5. Accfarm

Accfarm youtube

Accfarm is another company that offers low-priced YouTube channels in the industry. They sell authentic YouTube accounts which are aged and have over 1k active subscribers. You can access aged YouTube channels ready for monetization.

So, accounts with 1k subscribers cost $99.99, while aged YouTube monetized channels are a bit expensive, going for $499.99. They recommend that once purchased, do not change any personal details within 7 days for security purposes. This is a licensed YouTube provider with various packages.

Accfarm has specialists to help you purchase active or aged monetized channels with existing subscribers and audience base. It is a reputable service provider that does not entertain fake subscribers on its channels.

They claim that when you purchase their account, they can deliver instantly. We also confirm that this is a reliable provider. Their website has detailed information, including guides and a FAQ page.

They also offer services covering other social media platforms other than YouTube. Still, they also sell YouTube shares, likes, comments, verification badges, and many other services. 100% guaranteed security and 24/7 customer support. straightforward website and the fact that they support different payment methods makes this our best choice on the market too

6. Accs Market

Accs Market youtube

Accs Market is a marketplace offering social media growth services. It also provides options to purchase authentic YouTube channels from trusted sellers. They have channels covering various niches. Thus, you can filter and select a channel that meets your needs.

Additionally, this platform has friendly pricing. However, the price depends on the seller, the followers, and other aspects. But still, the price is generally affordable. The channel is just a quick search away.

Thus, this is a great platform you should consider when buying a YouTube account to start monetizing. They also claim that they offer customers a safe payment method and instant delivery. The website is simple but contains detailed information. Their customer support service is always available, and only a click away.

7. Trustiu

Trustiu youtube

Next on our list is a Trustiu. This is a company that has the safest digital bargain. Therefore if you want to buy a YouTube channel, Trustiu is the right place to be. They have numerous YouTube channels ready for sale. These channels range from few audiences to thousands that can get you a lot of revenue per month.

Starting a new channel is not an easy task, but Trustiu offers you an opportunity to buy a pre-existing and monetized YouTube channel at an affordable price. They provide YouTube channels and have several social media solutions to your needs. You can select a YouTube channel based on your requirements from the list.

Something interesting which caught our attention is the claim that they sell YouTube channels in different languages. Thus, you can pick the most relevant channel.

They provide all information on their website, including monetization status, monthly revenue, and price tag. Their FAQ page is detailed and well answered, and when it comes to customer support, Trustiu has excellent staff for that task.

8. Audience Gain

Audience Gain youtube

Audience Gain is also a top YouTube channel provider. This is specifically a marketing platform. However, customers can also buy monetized YouTube channels. These channels are eligible for instantly making money and come with active subscribers depending on your needs.

These guys also guarantee that the account has free google AdSense, which matches your region. Delivery time is super fast through dedicated support staff. This is a safe service, 100% private, and their 24/7 customer support is also perfect. You can also pay using PayPal and other numerous secure methods.

Audience Gain claims that their experts test the channels for quality before selling. Therefore, these accounts do not have any claims. Due to different niches, the platform also provides specialized support to suit your needs.

For example, you can select a botted channel for $190 or authentic, which they refer to as an organically grown channel costing $490.The good news is that, before deciding on the kind of channel, consult their experts. The platform also offers other social media services.

9. Lenos

Lenos youtube

Lenos is a website that was specifically designed to offer YouTube services. For that reason, they have experts specializing in YouTube. Therefore, visit Leno's platform to buy a YouTube channel with monetization enabled. They have everything you need. They also claim they offer YouTube channels optimized for a particular niche and active subscribers and watch hours.

They also have multiple add-on features to market your accounts. Like other providers, their YouTube channels come with Adsense enabled. This is the place to buy a channel and start receiving revenue. They have a safe and unique monetization method. And their channels are curated for quality content.

The YouTube channels from Lenos also have a custom design logo, intro and end screen, 100% original video content, licensed music stock footage, real subscribers, and guaranteed retention views. They offer different options from generic to entirely custom preferences. Their pricing for the YouTube channel is fixed at a promotional level; today, it costs $390.

10. Eazy Viral

Eazy Viral youtube

Our list could not end without mentioning EazyViral. This is the best platform where you can buy YouTube channels. They sell legit YouTube accounts. Selling monetized YouTube channels is one of their premium services on the market. They claim that when you buy their YouTube channel, monetization is enabled with active subscribers ranging from 1k to 2k. This is much more important than starting from scratch.

Furthermore, they guarantee that their YouTube channels do not have any copyright claim, come with a free AdSense account, free premium logo and banner,  and fast delivery. This makes us believe that they are legit with reliable customer support.

The pricing varies. For instance, a starter ionized channel costs $580, while an organic monetized YouTube channel goes for $999. There are also cheaper options like botted monetized channels that can cost you only $290. This is good to kickstart your journey. Customer reviews on the EazyViral website speak volumes about the quality of their YouTube channels.


1. Is it Illegal to buy a YouTube channel?

Buying or selling YouTube channels is legal and should not worry you. The business has been around for a while. Even firms have built their reputations by buying different existing YouTube channels. Since YouTube has established a good relationship with them, purchasing a channel won't get you into trouble.

2. How to transfer a YouTube channel?

YouTube channels can have different emails; however, the primary email is the original owner controlling everything. Therefore, when buying a channel, ensure that they sign your email as the primary owner to change everything. The approval process takes up to 24 hours. But once approved, delete all other secondary emails linked to your channel and gain complete control.

3. What should I notice when buying a YouTube channel?

When buying a YouTube channel, check the face linked to the channel. If the face is associated with them, the transition execution is definitely going to be complicated. Again, when the face of the channel depends on the face of the content creator, it might also be challenging to come up with similar content for existing subscribers.

However, the transition will be faster and smoother when the channel does not have an established face.


Get a YouTube channel from the above best sites to start making extra cash straight away. Buying a channel guarantees that your content will get due attention from the existing audience; these channels are eligible for monetization with an established subscriber base.

You can quickly gain organic subscribers when you have views, likes, and comments from existing subscribers and reach a larger audience. It thus remains a matter of time, and you become famous on YouTube.