10 Best Instagram Filters for Instagram Stories, Posts in 2023

Have you ever tried editing your Instagram photo reel or video before posting for your audience to enjoy? If not, then you have been missing out a lot. Use Instagram filters to create your Instagram posts look amazing before posting.

Considering engagement rate, there is a big difference between appealing and dull Instagram posts. Most of the visual contents need light and balanced colors. Others need more than that. This is where the Instagram filter comes in handy to make Instagram posts look amazing and easily enhance your content. Instagram has gained relevance since 2019, when AR filters were introduced.

Today, influencers and marketers are using to promote their brands on social media platforms. Before that, people sued to take photos and edit them using different applications and software, then post them to their Instagram stories which only takes 24 hours before they disappear. Instagram filters have cut a long story short.

But remember, there are thousands of filters on Instagram. Selecting the best one becomes a problem since it takes time. for this reason, we have come up with the best Instagram filters, which we have tried and would like to recommend for use.

Best Instagram Filters that We Recommend

1. Clarendon – Best of The Overall


First and foremost, e have Clarendon. This is the best on our list and popular on Instagram, according to various reports such as Lifewire. It has many attractive features like a high contrast effect and a slightly oversaturated appearance. If you want an overall tint on the Instagram photo before posting, we urge you to go for the Clarendon filter.

However, they let the skin tone of your photo remain the same with a natural look. Whenever you don't know what filter to use, this one comes with either portrait or landscape orientation. It can pump the saturation of your photo to bring bright highlights as well as a dark shadow.

We recommend using this filter if you want the overall look of your photo to look col, darken some areas, or brighten a light region. This filter is used in every state since it serves all purposes. It is a default filter on Instagram, so we have listed it at the top of the list.

2. Valencia – Best Natural Instagram Filters


next on our list comes Valencia. This is another best Instagram filter. However. It is slightly toned down. Above all, it comes with a bright and warm look. And we guarantee you that you will never make a mistake with this filter. Primarily, it emphasizes the yellow hue of a photo before posting it to Instagram. So, if you want to get or highlight a lighter pale color on your photo, valencia is a great option.

Most reviews claim that when you want to add some warmth and lighting to your photo, use valencia to bring out the yellow. therefore, use this filter if you are looking for warmth with a welcoming look, and make a bright area outstanding.

3. Normal – Best Instagram Filters for Selfies

On the other hand. Normal is the best Instagram filter but mostly for selfies. This is the most popular filter among Instagram users since it is not all about trends. This is because, on Instagram, most people love looking natural than exaggerating. Realistic photos look more appealing than when you oversaturate a photo. You might end up distorting the color.

Normal Instagram Filters

Photos in the camera of a device look fine. You can slightly adjust the contrast, brightness, and structure using this filter without going deeper. This filter on selfy is only meant to add some contrast and warmth, which enhances the color.

Hence, making your Instagram photo look more gorg. When you want to skin tone, disguise a dark circle, or even twist your eye pop, this is the right filter. Therefore, use this filter when you are in a rush to post Instagram content or need a natural look with other available options.

4. Sutro – Best Strong Vignette Instagram Filter


Sutro is also the best Instagram filter if all you need is a strong vignette on an Instagram photo. Look for the Sutro filter once you want to emphasize a central object on your photo before posting. It is capable of helping you darken the edges of your image before posting while highlighting the center.

To an extent, the Sutro filter can also add some drama specifically to dark elements such as storm clouds. Hence, it is the perfect choice for moody travel images. In short, it brightens the middle of a photo while it darkens the edges, thus highlighting the central section.

5. Hefe – Best Aesthetic Instagram Filter


Hefe is well known as the best aesthetic Instagram filter. This means it is not a simple, subtle filter. It implies that Hefe can be used to add fabulous drama to some of the flat scenes on a photo before posting on Instagram. It is perfect for making Instagram images look sharper.

Aside, it also not only adds saturation but also increases the deeper shadow on the image. This filter comes with a stunning landscape if the user does not use it. In most cases, Hefe is used for perfecting majestic mountains, setting up the sun, and also towering skyscrapers. This indicates that it is mostly used in sceneries.

6. Juno – Best Instagram Filter for Food


It is also worth mentioning the Juno filter. They are the best filter for foot photos. If you want a filter that will provide you with a natural look, then look at no more other than Juno. The filter does not only bring a natural look but also adds intensity to the warm tone of the image.

This is a great option for the screen like food, picnic, and streetscapes screens. It comes with an eye-catching appearance. It obtains all these from the vibrancy and playing around with the contrast of your photo. It reduces the yellow and red colors while bringing green and blue for a cooler tint.

Anytime you need to bring out a vivid color, make it stand out and glow nicely, then use the Juno filter for a quality outcome. It is ideal for various cases due to its ability to imbue rich tone, add warmth and punch up color.

7. Tokyo – Best Instagram Filter for Black and White

If you are a black and white photo fanatic, therefore posting your Instagram photo, try looking for the Tokyo filter. It is an amazing black and white Instagram filter. However, we know that black and white is not always a pleasing color to post on Instagram. Anytime you wish to douse the color, use the Tokyo filter; it works easily and effectively produces quality results.

This is the only back and white filter you can find in the collection of Instagram stories on Instagram stories. Additionally, when you aim to add a  maximum wow factor to the photo, this filter is perfect for bringing dramatic shadow and brightness.

8. Sunglasses – Best Vintage Instagram Filter

We cannot end our list without Sunglasses. This is the best Instagram filter for vintage. Note that this filter does not add vintage to your Instagram video or photo before posting to Instagram Stories but also adds some warm tint to your image. Thus, it is perfect for vintage and cleaning your photo.

The filter makes it possible by erasing all the flaws and reducing the saturation, making the Instagram story appear like a warm summer day back in the 1960s. Even if you do not have a photo of a human in the photo you are adding this filter, it will still give you the same results but without the shadow of a human being. In simple words, it gives a person in a photo some retro glass as warm simultaneously.

9. Glitter – Best Glitter Instagram Filter

Instagram is full of filters. Glitter in photos also makes them more attracting and appealing to help you increase engagement. Thus, GlitterGlitter is the best Instagram filter to add GlitterGlitter to your photo before sharing stories.

Glitter brings in raining down on any favorite scene anytime. It achieves this by highlighting the frame of your Instagram story with yellow pricks through a fading in and out light while falling across the screen of the Instagram users.

It is the perfect scenery for a person you wish to highlight in a photo. It does not have to be a person but any subject such as desert, a trending hairstyle, a beautiful kitten, etc. It highlights what is important to the users for the audience to understand the message. This is only possible if you utilize the Glitter filter sparingly.

10. Lo-Fi – Best Instagram Filter for Saturation


and lastly, we have a Lo-Fi filter. If you want to keep your photo natural, look for other options above. Meanwhile, this is the best Instagram filter, mainly focusing on saturation. It can help you strengthen multiple aspects of your photo and, to be specific, a visual aspect part.

It guarantees a deep shadow while maintaining the color despite increasing the saturation. This is the best option when you want to edit a photo and make it unique to stand out from the rest.

Therefore, when recommending a Lo-Fi filter, you wish to exaggerate the shadow on your photo or when you aim to improve the vibrancy of the color.

How to Find Instagram Story Filter?

Find Instagram Story Filter

You have learned about the best Instagram filters, and in this section, we will guide you on how to find these filters. Even though we covered this in our other articles. so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Instagram, log in with your details and navigate to the Instagram story, add your selected photo, and sometimes it can be a video

Step 2: Then click on the smiley face to get access to the effect. The smiley icon is located at the top of the screen. Scroll through the options to select your preferred filters.

Most of the filters are represented by an oval at the center, which signifies a blank face. This indicates that such effects can only be used on portraits and selfies alone.

Step 3: When you are done with selecting, then tap done to apply the filter to your Instagram story. Simple and clear.

How to Use Filters for Your Instagram Story?

Use Filters for Your Instagram Story

The Instagram platform has almost 11 story filters, but they are hidden on the screen. so, when you want to find them and apply them to the Instagram tory photo, use the below procedure:-

Step 1: Assuming you have launched and logged into your Instagram account, navigate the stories section and open your story.

Step 2: Select the photo or can be a video to upload

Step 3: Start swiping your screen from right to the left to select your preferred filter.

Step 4: Once you identify a preferred filter, click on it to share the story with your audience. remember that every filter has a name of a city around from worldwide.

You might find that the above filters in our article are the best for making your Instagram story stand out. Practice with your Instagram account.

How to Use Filters for Your Instagram Post?

Use Filters for Your Instagram Post

You can also use Instagram filters on your Instagram posts. It is simple and fast, and sometimes it becomes addictive. Therefore, follow these steps:

Step 1: Using the iphone, launch the Instagram application and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click on the plus icon at the bottom of your screen, then select the photo you wish to share with the audience.

Step 3: tap library and select the image

Step 4: At the top right corner of the screen, tap hit next.

Step 5: You will see a filter option from the bottom of your screen

Step 6: Keep scrolling through to select the best filter to use with your photo. You can also modify a filter to include a less dramatic effect; click on a filter again to access a slider.

Step 7: Move the slide from 100 scales to your desired effect towards the left

Step 8: If you are satisfied, then click done> Next, you and add a caption or hashtag before posting the photo or video.


Instagram filters make Instagram posts and stories unique and amazing. It helps you increase engagement and entertain the audience with fun. There are different Instagram filters, and in our article, we have listed the best Instagram filters for various usages.

It is easy to sue them regardless of using them on a story or post. Any Instagram story or post you have, Instagram has a filter for it to help improve your creativity.

Therefore, when selecting a filter, you should first consider the subject and outcome. otherwise, the Instagram cred depends on the choice of your Instagram filter. If you er ready to tackle your Instagram story or post to another level. Then try our best Instagram filters for the best results.