Important update: VNC score / algorithm changed today

We are glad to announce a significant change in our VNC Score algorithm. This algorithm defines the virality potential of an individual story analyzing several data.

What is VNC ranke also known as (VNC Score)?
VNC Rank – Is a sophisticated top secret algorithm that includes a lot of different factors to weight the results. We do not look just at absolute numbers of news social reach & share; we monitor a lot of various factors also based on the source worth & weight to a certain topic. Every source listed is controlled in several different ways & checked periodically for its functionality, viral potential & co. We can’t exactly tell you how it works, but can give you some hints.

If all sites would be equal it, would be very easy to find the most viral news. It would be the news that got the most social shares (likes, tweets, g+). But all the websites are different. They have different topics, different audiences, different traffic… This makes the quest for the most viral news so hard. It should be the news that triggered most reactions per user. And not the news that got the most social signals (fb, tw, g+). We can all agree that even small and niche sites can be early birds of a big trending topic. If we couldn’t detect such stories, the algorithm would be in some way broken.

VirlaNewsChart team experiments with several algorithms and thru time we make a change from one formula to another. Today we did just that. At first you won’t notice any big changes. The only changes are visible at really marginal and small sites whose numbers will change in the next week.

Hope you will find the numbers generated by the algorithm useful and way better than before.

Yours ViralNewsChart team!

Jan Macarol

Jan Macarol has been involved in the field of digital media publishing for more than a decade. Seeing all sides of advertising triangle in multiple functions - he has a deep insight of the market. Jan is also a pioneer in social media field - as a founder & creator of the largest domestic social networking site - and the first specialized agency for digital media production, social media management, native advertising & digital PR - Reformabit.