What Does Snapchat Emoji Mean?

Snapchat Emoji Meanings

Are you struggling to understand these Snapchat emojis, or are you finding it hard to grasp why they keep changing? Read our article and find out more. We have covered everything and what each emoji and zodiac mean.

Social media platforms have become the talk of the day. Among them, you will never miss Snapchat. This is a popular social media platform where the app tracks the usage and then uses statistics to assign the audience with emojis. Hover, the emoji depends on how often you converse with the person.

If you have an active Snapchat, you might realize that there are emojis beside the name of the person you are often contacting. Are you wondering what these emojis mean? Then hold on, we are headed there. They are vital in many ways.

Thus, in this article, we will guide you through what the Snapchat friend emoji is and any related details that we ought you would like to know. If you are curious, then keep reading to the end.

What Are Snapchat Friend Emoji Meanings?

Snapchat friend emojis are something other than the old traditional or other messaging apps. Each Snapchat friend emoji has its meaning. They are mostly referred to as friend emojis. Therefore, the photo-centric ephemeral text platform uses emojis as one of the methods of entertainment which tries to define the relationship one share with the other active Snapchat fanatics.

Therefore, these Snapchat friend emojis are given depending on how you relate with the user and the level of interaction through the platform and other sites. Each category is assigned a special emoji that represents you. Therefore, Snapchat consists of multiple Snapchat friends' emojis. Where every emoji has a different meaning, if you want to know about them, find out here:-

Best Friend – Smile  Smile

Snapchat indicates a smile emoji close to the person who only exists on your friend list. However, the statement does not imply that the two people are best friends. Once you keep entertainment, laughing, and other things. Then you will realize that the more you socialize and engage with a user, the more likely the person will have the friend's emoji.

Mutual BFF – Sunglass Faces  Sunglass Faces

This is when one of your best friends accidentally becomes one of the best friends of your top friend. It is when you see this icon on such friends which indicates the mutual friendship. Therefore, the icon is common among the friends with a common niche, sharing the institution, etc.

Mutual Besties – Grimace  Grimace

This is when the top best friend still becomes someone's top best friend. Then you will be able to locate the Grimacing emojis icon close to their name. This is a common situation in a tight-knit friendship circle. It can be in a situation where four people share the group. However, the dynamic is very clear; you should not worry about it when you see the icon among your friends.

Smirk  Smirk

sometimes back, Snapchat had a smirk icon that appeared to be brutal. It shows you that you are one of their best friends when they are not your best friends. This indicates something else, and most people were heartbroken. Thus Snapchat has removed it due to the consequences it caused to the people.

Baby  Baby

This emoji is indicated to friends who are just new to Snapchat. When you add people to Snapchat, it becomes one of the best steps to take. And if you cannot add them to the friends' list, then all the messages you send remain pending forever.

When you see a birthday cake displayed in your friend's name, it simply means it is their birthday. This is an important icon when you cannot track your friends' birthdays. Snapchat will remind you to use this icon as your Godsend feature.

Besties -Yellow Heart  Yellow Heart

This is an emoji indicating the long-time best friend. Represented with a yellow heart icon meaning the user is the bestie. Though there is no need to mention it simply indicates you have been sharing a lot with the person indicating the deepest secrets.

BFF – Red Heart Red Heart

when someone becomes your bestie for at least two consecutive weeks or remains the top friend for that duration, they gain a red heart icon. It is indicated close to their name on the chat list. Thus, it is promotional from the besties with a yellow heart to the BFF red heart when you stay consistent.

Super BFF – Two Pink Hearts Two Pink Hearts

This is the ultimate sign outside the snapstreak but represents friendship on Snapchat. You can only be awarded this icon when you have been top friends for the last two months. And when you unlock the friend category, you will be able to access the icon.

Gold Star Gold Star

This emoji becomes visible when someone beside you replays the snap of your friends but only within 24 hours. It depends on how you take it, as it can be a good or bad conversation starter based on the dynamic relationship between you and your friend.

Snpstreak-Fire Fire

when Snapstreak starts, you will see a fire emoji on your friend's name. So, just to mention, s snapstreak begins once after you send a snap to someone for steals the last 3 consecutive days. Otherwise, it cannot be displayed.

100 Snapstreak-100 Emoji 100 Emoji

This is a dedicated sign indicating that you have consecutively maintained the snapstreak with your friends for the last 100 days. SO, with this requirement, you will see a 100 emoji icon replaying the fire emoji from the name. It is one of the moments worth your attention and striking a celebration.

Hourglass Hourglass

This is another important emoji that indicates that snapstreak is almost coming to an end. You will see this emoji when you spend hours without sending the snaps with your friends. It simply means you only have 4 hours left to end the snapstreak relationship. When the Snapstream expires after 214 hours, the hourglass emoji also disappears from the name. You can still get back the SnapStream, but we will cover this later for more details.

What Are Snapchat Zodiac Emoji Meanings?

Snapchat Zodiac Emoji Meanings

Another important aspect of the snap chat is the zodiac. This is important during the birthday celebration. So, when a Snapchat user on a birthday occasion receives a purple zodiac icon on a birthday occasion, it corresponds to their zodiac symbol based on the month and day of birth.

These emojis are different as opposed to the previous emojis. You can only access these emojis when you type on the profile of someone. We will also get to know what these zodiacs mean and details.

Therefore, when you believe in the astrology concept, we are sure you understand these zodiac symbols and what they mean while on the Snapchat profile. But generally, the zodiac emojis are related to the birthday month. Let us see what these signs indicate on the birthday.

  1. ♒  Aquarius: January 20 – February 18
  2. ♓  Pisces: February 19 – March 20
  3. ♈  Aries: March 21 – April 19
  4. ♉  Taurus: April 20 – May 20
  5. ♊   Gemini: May 21 – June 20
  6. ♋   Cancer: June 21 – July 22
  7. ♌   Leo: July 23 – August 22
  8. ♍   Virgo: August 23 – September 22
  9. ♎   Libra: September 23 – October 22
  10. ♏   Scorpio: October 23 – November 21
  11. ♐   Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21
  12. ♑   Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

What Are Snapchat Icon Meanings?

If you are Snapchat fanatics, you might also realize that besides the above emojis and zodiac signs, Snapchat also has other types of icons you can access from the interface. These icons as well as different meanings where the color and shapes mean something else. They intend to provide users with totally different information as the snap is concerned. Consider these icons and the meaning from the table below.

Icon  meaning
Snap sound Snap is sent but without sound.
Sent snap with the sound Sent snap with the sound
chatting message is sent Your chatting message is sent.
friend has opened a snap A friend has opened a snap, but without sound,
friend has opened a snap with the sound a friend has opened a snap with the sound
a friend has opened a chat message a friend has opened a chat message
a friend has viewed and received the cash a friend has viewed and received the cash
you have received a snap but without sound you have received a snap, but without sound,
you received a snap with the sound you received a snap with the sound
you have received a chat message you have received a chat message
The send yous ent without sound The send yous ent without sound has been viewed.
The snap you sent with sound has been viewed The snap you sent with sound has been viewed.
the chat message has been viewed the chat message has been viewed
This is a screenshot icon This is a screenshot icon indicating the snap you sent without sound has been viewed.
screenshot icon meaning a screenshot icon meaning a snap you sent with sound has been viewed
screenshot icon indicating A screenshot icon indicating the chat message has been viewed.

How to Customize Your Friend Emojis?

Wherever you find that the default emojis on Snapchat do not satisfy your needs, you should never worry. You can have the preference to use the defined friend emojis and customize the friends' emoji; the original emoji on Snapchat will not be interfered with.

Thus, irrespective of the device you use, Snapchat lets users customize their emojis and share them with their friends. Though Snapchat emojis portrays different meaning, you can custom and change them.

Thus, if you so wish to come up with your emojis, here is the step you need to follow:

Step 1: On your device, be it iPhone or Android, launch the Snapchat application and click on the Bitmoji or tap on the profile photo found at the top left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Then click on the settings, a button located at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Keep scrolling down and locate the custom emoji from the menu, tap on it, and begin customizing the friend emojis

Step 4: If you are using iOS, scroll down to the additional services and click manage, then hit friend emojis to begin the customization process of the friend emojis

Step 5: You can click on any category of the friendship that is BFF and choose any emoji from the list of your choice, which will represent the category after that.

Step 6: To exit, click on the back arrow, and the changes will be saved automatically.

Snapchat allows you to modify and customize your friend's emoji without limit. And they give you plenty of emojis to select from and edit as often as you want from the library.

However, these custom emojis are different when you sue them. And their appearance differs from one device to another. Also, not all emojis can be sued for custom. You can also sue the Bitmoji reactions and come up with a more custom friend emoji experience on Snapchat.


when you navigate the Snapchat world, emojis, zodiac signs, and the rest play a vital part. While it might be difficult for the newbies to understand, it only takes you a few steps to grasp the concept. And in this article, we have highlighted the relevant emojis and signs with their meaning. Read it keenly and get the skills to help you clarify the purpose each one serves on Snapchat.

However, you can also create a friend emoji on Snapchat. But, there are a few limitations to custom friend emojis. We hope this guide has helped you in grasping the Snapchat emoji concepts.