Twitter Trends: How to Find Them and Make the Most of Them

Best Twitter Trends

How to use Twitter trends to increase your influence on Twitter? Please, read our article to have a comprehensive knowledge and maximize potential benefits on Twitter.

When we talk about Twitter trends, we don't only refer to hashtags. It is simply a technical change that shakes and shapes twitter platforms at large. These trends are based on the current issues we see in our daily lives, and we anticipate them to go beyond 2021.

Before we go into these trends and rule misinformation out of fleets, we should also understand the importance of these trends and why we should track them. We are also going to discuss how to find Twitter trends and use them to increase Twitter's influence.

Why Are Twitter Trends So Important?

Twitter Trends and Why are They so Important

Twitter trends are hashtags and topics that drive immediate popularity during a particular period of time. For this case, a hashtag is a keyword, if not a phrase preceded with a pound sign (#), for instance, #networking.

These topic and hashtag trends are determined using Twitter algorithms which evaluate and monitor hot topics based on their location and audience following. They are based on real-time use of tags rather than previously popular topics. It involves topics that currently matter in the online community.

Hashtag trends are important in many ways, especially in the lives of influencers and social media marketers. They can help business managers attract relevant followers that they can easily convert to sell their brands. Again, the target audience might also reach out to your products using hashtags and topics. Twitter trends can be found on the what's happening tab.

It shows the topics that are currently driving conversion on social media platforms. The selections of topics are based on various aspects. These might be algorithms, interests, locations, and settings. They mostly emerge from the daily news, memes, and events gaining viral momentum.

Before jumping into a hashtag, understand its meaning, conversion, and popularity. We highly recommend you use search tools to incorporate them into your content efficiently. This is because they are an important avenue for product recognition. It is a good option in revamping your marketing strategy and planning. You can gain visibility through Twitter hashtags and topics. These are the core popular Twitter trends.

How to Get the Latest Twitter Trending Hashtag and Topics?

We have covered important areas about Twitter trends, and other than knowing when to use a trending Twitter hashtag,  it is also important to know how to find these hottest Twitter trending hashtags and topics. You can decide to use either of the three best methods below. However, there are other ways you can get Twitter hashtags and trending topics. Let us now discuss more about these methods.

1. Through Official Channels

Twitter Trending Hashtag Official Channels

All Twitter accounts have a native search feature that helps in finding the hottest hashtags.  You can find these tags according to your location. When using a mobile app, iOS, or a PC, you can find the list of trending hashtags and topics on the trend section; Explore tab.

On a pc, you even find them on the timeline, profile, or within notifications. These hashtags and trending topics are customized as per your interest. You can filter them using different categories, e.g., education, sports, etc.

There are many top trends around the world consisting of different audiences. This poses some difficulties in categorizing according to your brand. This is where our send option comes in; use powerful tracking tools.

2. By Hashtag Tracking Tool

Twitter Hashtag Tracking tools

Hashtag tracking tools have become more popular on Twitter. These tools not only help find the hottest Twitter hashtags and topics but are also excellent in monitoring its performance. If you are a social media marketer, try using free and premium hashtag tracking tools.

However, the tools come in different shapes and sizes. While others focus on monitoring brand conversion, others focus on finding hashtags and topics then evaluating their meanings. There are many tracking tools available. For instance, Sprout Social is perfect at creating relevant trending Twitter hashtags. Its reports help you access the hottest topics and track trending hashtags when you mention your brand.

While Trendsmap is good at handling the limitations of the official channel search function by highlighting the trending hashtags, it can give you detailed information about a particular topic. You can also find other tracking tools like Social Searcher, which monitors all mentions on the websites, measuring and tracking your brand. And All Hashtag can help you generate trending hashtags using a keyword.

3. Rely on the Power of the Network

Twitter Network

And lastly, you can also rely on the power of the network, which plays a vital role too. When using, you can follow and find all trending hashtags and topics globally and locally. According to the timeline, you can view its trending history every hour for the last 24 hours. This service provider depends on cloud view tags. is also another place where you can check on all the hottest topics on Twitter around the world in chronological order.

You can also filter by location to find the topic and trending hashtags. There are many other website networks where you can find twitter topics and hashtags like Getdaytrends,,, and many more. These sites are important in identifying relevant and trending Twitter topics and hashtags.

How to Increase Your Influence by Using Twitter Trends

There are many reasons for using Twitter trends on social media and precisely on Twitter. They are very important to influencers and social media marketers. So, how can you increase your influence through Twitter trends? Let us find the answer in these 3 ways.

1. Use Hashtags to Improve Reach

Twitter Hashtags to Improve Reach

When you use hashtags, your brands or content can easily reach a relevant audience through grouping and search. This reduces the work of your target audience as they can accurately find your content. Twitter uses hashtags to find relevant content on the platforms concerning the topic.

This means your hashtag should be accurate and relevant to the audience. The right and relevant hashtag can make your content visible. In other words, hashtags use keywords which is an SEO optimization tool. Be mindful of the context of your hashtags.

2. News Remain the Lifeblood of Twitter

Twitter news

Twitter is a platform full of live breaking news, but that does not mean you should go for every trending hashtag. The news covers varieties of fields, including business, political, entertainment, and many more. The worldwide breaking news is first posted on Twitter by eyewitnesses and any participants before being made official.

When this news uses relevant hashtags, you can always find them and unfold every event before the official release. The mainstream media picks up when you have already received the news and are already trending. Sharing such news before the mainstream increases your Twitter influence.

3. Value Your Followers

Twitter Followers

On Twitter, it is good to consider the value of your followers. Avoid posting generic content or using inappropriate hashtags. Try to tailor your content and include relevant and accurate hashtags that resonate with your followers. When you effectively use the right trending hashtags, you can easily build a  community and increase your Twitter influence. Engage your followers in the content and improve your brand recognition. Do it better than your competitor.

Last: Slim Down Your Tweets!

Twitter engagement and reach

The Twitter hashtags and topics should stay relevant and accurate to improve its engagement and reach. Thus, make sure you trim down your tweets. Again, use more videos, photos and links with fewer texts. This is because the virtual contents are more appealing according to the current social media trends. Thus, avoid longer posts; those are not meant for Twitter. Longer posts are often found on Facebook, and if they need, they will automatically go there.


Twitter trends are important. Hashtags and topics are the core trends on Twitter. They are important to include in your marketing strategy. Finding trending Twitter hashtags and topics is simple. Follow the above 3 steps and maximize your online influence using these trends to feel the power of social networks.

Whichever method you use, remember to include Twitter trends in the marketing mix. Slim down your tweets to remain relevant and accurate while engaging infographics to build an audience and convert to the relevant buyers. It is time to harness the trends and reap your full potential benefits on Twitter.