OnlyFans Net Worth 2023: How Much Is OnlyFans Worth Right Now?

onlyfans net worth

In recent years, subscription-based services have seen a steady surge in popularity and demand with more people gravitating towards them every single day. The idea of having a special platform where you can interact with your favorite celebrity or influencer in a way that you cannot with the general social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. holds a certain appeal.

You have platforms like Patreon and Cameo where people can have some private time with their favorite people or get them to record a special message for them in exchange for a tip or subscription fee. Fans found a spectacular way to connect with their idols.

However, everything changed when OnlyFans came and took over. It became the ultimate fan subscription-based platform for people to interact with their beloved celebrities or influencers, and have a one on one time with them as well. Today we will be talking about OnlyFans’ net worth and how it became a global phenomenon that took the world by storm.

OnlyFans Net Worth 2023: 1 billion

While OnlyFans came to the scene back in 2016, it wasn’t until recently that it gained such sky-soaring popularity. In 2019, the platform had around 10 million registered users, but as of 2023, it boasts over 170 million users with over 1.5 million creators. All of this holds OnlyFan's net worth at a staggering 1 billion dollars.

The founder, Tim Stockley, of the platform, saw his creation start small and then reach and continue to touch mind-boggling heights. Tim Stockley quoted back in 2019 that his platform was getting over 1,000 new and unique users registering every single hour.

While at that time, it may have sounded like an exorbitant amount, it is nothing to the numbers the platform attracts now. Users continue flocking to this platform, and a representative claimed the number of new users registering, and the creators almost doubled in 2020. All these factors kept increasing the net worth and value of OnlyFans and it looks like it will be going much higher.

OnlyFans Users and Creators

Now, OnlyFans has around 500,000 users registering every day and 170 million users on the platform. All this increment is also due to the pandemic when people were bound and restricted to their homes, and many were left wondering how they are going to make money. During the pandemic, many aspiring content creators turned to OnlyFans and the platform kept gaining 6,000- 8,000 fresh creators every single day.

With all this massive popularity, it should come as no surprise that the platform has a certain level of social media following as well. It has more than 933,000 Twitter followers and 1.9 million Instagram followers. However, the platform only chooses Twitter as the social media giant to connect the users to its platform making Twitter the foundation for any operations on OnlyFans. Creators also take to Twitter for promoting their content and letting the world know about their activities.

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Why Is OnlyFans So Popular

It can be safe to say that OnlyFans is the ultimate creator heaven. OnlyFans came and became the most sought-after content service that carries a subscription. While you use your social media platforms for free, with OnlyFans, you need to spare some money if you wish to reap the benefits of having an exclusive platform with the creator.

OnlyFans is the child of Timothy Stokely, a tech entrepreneur from London. This platform is the place to be if you wish to be a content creator and want to target certain demographics. The platform offers some of the most exclusive content from creators to the target audience and if you wish to access this content then you have to pay some premium prices for these services.

The platform is very popular because it allows the creators to lock content behind the safety of a paywall. Fans that wish to have access to this locked content can either have a monthly fee situation or just do the one-time tip. OnlyFans has allowed creators the freedom to make their content as they like and monetize it as they like.

Creators are often not big fans of being bound by views, likes or followers to monetize their content because it takes hours of hard work and dedication to put even a little bit of content out. OnlyFans allows you to secure your content and unless someone pays for it they cannot view it.

The Sweet Freedom

The creators on OnlyFans are free to post all types of content therefore you can find the content of all categories targeted toward people. What sets OnlyFans apart from others is that it does not put many restrictions on what creators can post.

This has been a game changer because now they can post adult content and gradually this became the general image of the website. Influencers, models or people working in the adult industry can post whatever they want without worrying about getting suspended or banned.

This level of liberation has made OnlyFans very popular among people and everyday more creators turn towards it in lieu of Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Today, OnlyFans is among the platforms with millions of users and steadily increasing revenue.

How Does OnlyFans Work?

The main purpose of this platform is to give a safe and secure space to creators for creating and distributing premium and valuable content to their fans that they will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Creators then have the choice to set the page as freely viewable or put a protected label on it that only allows paying subscribers access to exclusive stuff. Although creators have the option to create their accounts, every time they earn some bucks via OnlyFans, the platform gives them 80% while keeping their 20% as a fee.

Seems like a fair situation because there have been creators that have earned millions and millions through this platform.

Age Restriction

As we mentioned above, the platform does not bar the creator from posting anything so there is explicit stuff galore therefore it is not a place for minors and they are not allowed. You must be 18 and over and must hold an identification card that was issued to you by the government if you wish to sign up for this platform.

Security Level

Furthermore, each creator’s special and branded content gets protection from OnlyFans to ensure that no one shares the stuff outside of the website. They have developed such a security system that even if you tried to screenshot something on the website, it would be nothing but a black blank screen in the image.

Owing to this level of website development, it makes more people interested in this platform, increasing its value and net worth.

But that’s not all, if users try anything shady or against the rules then they are quickly dealt with and can be banned instantly if they attempt capturing or recording any content. You can think of OnlyFans as a highly protected website that remains under the dome and no unauthorized activity goes unnoticed.


In the world of subscription-based content viewing, OnlyFans dominates the game owing to its simple way of doing business and dealing with both users and creators. It is a simple enough platform with the mere objective of allowing creators full control over how they want their content to be viewed.

The platform has a simple business model and is already breaking records but will continue to see more success. We hope this article informs you on all things OnlyFans.