How to See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts

How to See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts

Have you ever doubted someone has multiple Instagram accounts? If you are curious to learn how to find out if someone has multiple accounts, read our article to help you remove the doubts.

You might have seen someone on Instagram before and come across a new account. There is the possibility that the user has multiple Instagram accounts. Hold on! are you curious to find out? Well, keep reading our article to the end.

Before introducing a few ways to find out, you must also understand that, universally, there is no one-click way to help you know that someone has multiple Instagram accounts. However, you can try our suggested methods, which vary based on your needs. It is tricky to find out if someone has numerous accounts on Instagram. It is even more complicated when you never understand where you should start.

There are scammers online, and you must be aware of this. Never worry about the tiresome process since we have researched the best and most reliable methods to give you the best results. If you have ever dought of someone having multiple accounts, select one of the best methods from the list below. Taste and make sure that it fits all your needs. Let us get started.

Search on Instagram

First and foremost, if you suspect that someone has multiple accounts, the very first place you should consider varying the claim is to search a user on Instagram itself. But understand that the process is hectic and does not involve a one-click scheme.

Thus, if you are using this method, you must be very careful and good at comparing two and two to conclude if the two or more accounts belong to one person. After that, follow this procedure keenly.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application or visit the Instagram website and log in using your relevant details. After that, navigate through the feed, identify the search bar, and then type in the username of the person you suspect to have multiple accounts.

Search on Instagram desktop

The search bar is found above a section containing stories using a desktop. But when it comes to phone gadgets, it is located on the lower left side of the screen. Click on the search icon to start using the search bar.


Step 2: Upon typing in and tapping the search bar, you will access a drop-down menu. The menu will contain the accounts that match the username you are searching for on the list.

typing in and tapping the search bar

Step 3: Go through the menus' accounts and find out from the enlisted people the one with the same face compared with your base Instagram account. You must be keen here since people use different profile photos on different accounts.

Step 4: To verify that the account belongs to the users in question, press on the suspected account from the list. This way, Instagram will redirect you to the account's profile page, and you will be able to notice if it is their second or third account.

verify that the account belongs to the users

While on the account's profile page under investigation, you can check a few things to make sure that they match with the base accounts. Such includes the profile photo, which is not a must to have similar pictures, their video and photo gallery, locations if they are using business accounts, reel gallery, and other social media accounts linked to their Instagram bio.

You can now decide to follow the users if you are satisfied that the user has multiple accounts. And if their second or third account is private, then the only thing to connect with the fast is to send the DM or follow request or both at ago. You can also track the person using their username and check on the activities to ensure.

Consider using the next method if this method does not work or fails to give relevant results because you cannot compare the two accounts.

Search on Other Social Media Platforms

Search on Other Social Media Platforms

Secondly, you can also consider searching on other social media platforms. This is because the same company owns Instagram and Facebook. From the previous posts, you remember if you have read them, you can link to Instagram and Facebook accounts. This way, users will have an easy time remembering their username and password.

This way, people can use this feature to develop multiple Instagram accounts, as only one login gives you access to the other linked account. When someone links the two accounts, you can use the Instagram username and search for them on Facebook.

However, to make work easy, you will need the target person's phone number, full name, the email address they used to create the account, home address if available on the bio, and license plan number or VIN.

Always ensure that you type in the search bar the correct details. If not, then you might end up getting the wrong search results. You can also use the exact details while searching on other related social media platforms. For instance, if you want to search using Facebook:

Step 1: Launch the Facebook application and log in with your relevant details.

Step 2: Then using the details such as phone numbers, email addresses, or the full name of the target account, enter one of them on the search bar and tap to search.

search bar and tap to search facebook

Step 3: From the search results, identify the similar or linked accounts to the parameter. If you find similar accounts, compare the profiles using relevant parameters.

The chances are high that you will find other related accounts from the search results and visit their profile to verify. You can also search on Facebook using their phone number or email addresses to create the account.

Ask Google

The next method to find out if someone has multiple Instagram accounts is to ask google. When you find it challenging and time-consuming to go through all the search results while comparing the profiles, you can use this method for quick results through google search. But for this method to work effectively, you must make sure that you tweak some words for a particular person.

Google gives us multiple results based on the keyword in the search bar section. For instance, use the 3 names to filter and narrow down the search results. This way, you will be able to find Instagram accounts and other related social media accounts from the results.

Use filters instead to see all possible names that that person can sue on Instagram. filter search results on google using this procedure:

  • Launch google by visiting the website through the addresses bar on your preferred browser.

homepage google

  • Then when you are on the google search bar, type in the potential name of the person, 1, 2, or 3rd, then You will see the Instagram accounts created with the name from the search results. To narrow the results, you can add the number or the last name of the person. However, keep the domain name of the website and the filter. search

  • From the result,s check to find if one account has similar profile photos to the base account. you can also put the pieces of information you collect together and then evaluate if they belong to one person before concluding.

Use Third-Party Tools to Search

if manual work is demanding from your side, the last option to help you check if someone has multiple Instagram accounts is to use third-party applications. Third-party search tools are practical, and many are online. Some of the most well-known areas are discussed below:

1. BeenVerified


BeenVerified is a reliable tool when you want to find out if someone has multiple social media accounts. If you require contact information or other search services, the company is here to help you. However, it is a paid search tool that helps you do away with manual work.

BeenVerified uses a unique technique to narrow down the search results if you want to find multiple Instagram accounts. It is simple to use, and any detail about the base Instagram account is enough to give you the results.

It uses roughly 6 search engines ranging from people, email, and phone topo B2B lookup services. The site gives you a complete report immediately after encoding the results. Even during the trial period, you must make subsidized payments.

2. Spokeo


Spokeo is the next third-party tool to help you search for reports free of charge. This is a free search tool that effectively brings you all your needs. If you want to find out that your friend has multiple social media accounts, then Spokeo makes it easy to search for various details of the target person.

Like the first one, Spokeo is also easy to use. You only need to select the search engine from the 4 options, including the person's name, phone, email, and address. The site generates a report related to the information you provide in the search engines and gives you all the related social media accounts. The site has billions of records in its database and provides an easy-to-understand report.

3. Social Catfish

Social Catfish

Even though there are many third-party tools online to help you check if someone has multiple social media accounts, Social Catfish is the last one in our article. It works just like google search, but the only difference comes in that Social Catfish uses the names of people to give you the search results which come with the images.

You type in the details, then Social Catfish encodes and scan through the internet and presents all the details, including a photo that the person is tagged in. it is a simple site with 6 search engines. You will be able to access the generated report in a few minutes of waiting time.

How to Add Multiple Instagram Accounts

Instagram allows any user to add multiple accounts, up to 5. this gives you a chance to switch between your accounts without logging out of one to access another.

Here is how to go about it.

Step 1: Login y-to your Instagram account and click on your profile photo from the bottom right of your Instagram profile.

Step 2: Then click on the 3 horizontal lines found at the top right, hit settings,

insta settings

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom, and click add account.

add multiple-instagram-accounts

Step 4: Enter your relevant username and password of the account you are adding.

Step 5: Once you are done, click log in. Follow the same procedure while adding other accounts up to 5.

add account with multi login instagramunt with multi login instagram


1. Can you merge Instagram accounts?

While Instagram allows you to add up to 5 accounts to your devices, it does not permit you to merge them. You cannot merge your content and Instagram followers to a single account. However, you can follow the same audience on all the accounts or repost the same content.

2. Can I find someone on Instagram by their phone number?

When you are not friends on Instagram, you can not find a user by searching them using their phone number. But if you are friends and have accepted your follow request, you can search their accounts, but you must know the profile photo or have the username at your disposal.

3. Can I find someone on Instagram with their email?

It is possible to find someone on Instagram through the sera bar with an email address. You can use third-party tools to find the Instagram account linked to it, given an email address. However, few of the tools are scammers to waste your time.

4. Can I create a new Instagram account with the same email address?

It used to be a no-no, but now Instagram has changed it to allow you to have 5 accounts associated with one email address.

5. Can I create a new Instagram account with the same phone number?

The rule still stands, like email addresses. Instagram allows you to use one phone number to verify one account. Thus, it is impossible to use a single phone number is impossible while create multiple accounts.


It is the right of someone to have multiple social media accounts. You should not invade the privacy of someone; instead, respect it. You can use the above methods to find out if some have multiple Instagram accounts for relevant reasons.

The above methods can help you solve your problem. Open heart-to-heart conversation is the only legit method, but the above will help you access the accounts without the user knowing.