How to Get Unbanned from TikTok

Get Unbanned from TikTok

Has TikTok blocked, banned, or suspended your hard-earned account but are you struggling with how you can get it back? This is what you need to know. Please read our article for the detailed methods and procedures.

Tiktok is a popular social media platform with plenty of short video content. It has massive users from around the world. You do not rise to the top in a short time, and currently, TikTok has been spotted suspending multiple accounts.

So, It takes time and effort with a lot of pain to grow the audience base on social media platforms and specifically the TikTok account. No successful content creator wants to start getting TikTok followers from scratch when there is a way out. This is because TikTok comes with different plans. Sometimes, you might wake up only to realize that your account is blocked or banned.

If you are a victim, it might take time to resonate based on the current situation. But, this is when you need to pick up yourself and find the way forward. This is why we have spent time researching and developing a precise method to get your TikTok account unbanned. There are multiple methods online. But also note that there is a reason why accounts might be banned, and among them is breaking the TikTok community guidelines.

But if you read our article to the end, you can get your TikTok account back. Before we dive into methods and detailed procedures, let us brush through the types of account bans.

Different Types of TikTok Bans

The nature of TikTok bans can be classified into various types. While the main ones are permanent and temporary, other types still exist. In this section, we will be dealing with these types and what they mean. This is important because it will help you understand what you are appealing to.


Generally, there are four types of bans where three are grouped as temporary while one is permanent. But once your account bets banned, TikTok notifies you except under one situation, which we will find out. Here are the types of bans:

  • Shadowban: This type of ban limits the exposure when you want to post new content on the account. And TikTok never sends you a notification since it remains to secrete according to them.
  • Banned from Livestream or commenting: This is where your account is limited, and you cannot comment or even go live on the platform. Other features remain operational.
  • Temporary: This is the type of ban imposed when you make a minor violation on TikTok
  • Permanent: You will be permanently banned from the TikTok platform when committing multiple minor violations on the platform.

Note that immediately after TikTok bans your account, you will have to give it time before launching the app once again. However, the time you need to take a break depends on the type of offense you commit. as already stated, in either of the above bans, TikTok sends you a notification.

  • For the temporary ban, there are still hopes that, with time, you will be able to recover it. This is because, temporarily, shadowban is lifted after a certain period, which does not need any of your action.
  • But when it comes to the permanent bans, the hate now breaks into the veins, and it becomes hard to get the account back. You will get permanent bans when you commit unpardonable or repeated offenses. The same applies to the violation of the community guidelines.
  • And for the shadowban, it is lifted within a range of 24 to 48 hours. It only limits you from using certain features, but you can get severe or strict punitive measures for 2 weeks when you repeat the offense. This means that the time duration it takes to get back to the platform is based on the imposed charges.

Tiktok can levy permanent bans when you truly exhaust the tolerate by performing repeated violations, and you will never reverse this action.

How to Get Unbanned from TikTok

Sometimes TikTok can suspend your account, and in this case, you can file an appeal after a few days. The reason might be issued with your account where you never check your account often, and for such a case, you can never guess when the account is disabled. These are the clear cases when you manage multiple accounts using automation software.

You will probably encounter an error when you are not present to challenge the ban because your appeal time has expired and your account declined. The best option is to contact support through email to restore your TikTok account. You might be lucky to find that the information s yet to be deleted. Wherever it is done and dusted, retrieving the account could be a challenging task.

There are various methods to get unbanned from TikTok. Here are some of the basic and popular methods.

File an Appeal to TikTok

The first step you can use to get back the banned account is to file an appeal to TikTok. This is the best way, irrespective of the circumstances. You will likely win this when someone sues your account under 13 years or you have broken community guidelines. Then there are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application, log in to your account, and head to the profile

Step 2: Click on the 3 dots found at the top right corner of your screen and open the settings & privacy section from the menu

Step 3: Then locate the support option from the menu and click on a report a problem.

Step 4: Click account and profile

Step 5: From the options, choose the profile page, and other

Step 6: Click on ‘ still have a problem and start composing your message about why you think the account has been banned by mistake. Make sure you prove this and tap the report when done to submit the appeal. Provide your age and any relevant details implying that you never followed their rules. Give them a few hours while wait for a response soonest possible.

Contact the TikTok Support Team

Contact the TikTok Support Team

When the first fails, the second method is to contact the TikTok support team. This method is effective whether you are temporarily or permanently banned. It is possible that you can send the support team an email address and get your account restored.

Though it looks like sending an appeal, there is a slight difference where it is more recommended, and you are advised to use the official addresses before sharing your details. You can use multiple official email addresses to reach out to the support team. Some of them are [email protected] or [email protected].

Because they receive multiple emails within a day, getting a reply might take time. Therefore, you can try to send the email friendly to the support team when you need urgent help to unban the account.

When contacting them, ensure you provide the following details:

  • Include in the email the TikTok username
  • It would help if you tried to be polite
  • Always keep in mind that you are contacting a person instead of a cooperation
  • When writing feedback, be eloquent.
  • Introduce the issues briefly to understand what went wrong
  • Then include the videos and photos as your evidence.

“Report a Problem” on TikTok

Another reliable method to get your TikTok account unbanned is to use the ‘report a problem option on TikTok. This is a play and direct method to appeal and rever the account bans. This is how you can use the support ticket feature to unban your account:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application on your device,

Step 2: Then click on the Profile button at your screen's top right corner.

Step 3: Form the menu, click on settings and privacy

Step 4: Then, beneath the support, click on a report a problem

Step 5: From there, tap on the writing board button at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 6: Then, it will redirect you to your feedback page. Then tap on the compose button to access the text box.

Step 7: When on the text box,  compose your issue. Have a personal touch and clearly explain why you are appealing the ban. You can also attach any media as evidence and list the reasonable cause to have back your account. Click on the photo icon and attach the media files where necessary.

Step 8: Then, when you are done, click on the report and submit the appeal request.

In most cases, the response takes 1 to 3 business days. Sometimes it takes longer to get a response or acknowledgment. Be patient if you have stated a valid reason to reinstate your TikTok account.

Use the “Share your feedback” Form.

Share your feedback Form

The last method on our list is the share your feedback form. This method allows you to connect and intimidate the support team while expressing your concerns over the experience as your account is concerned. This is the direct plan to contact the team bout your banned TikTok account.

It is simple. Here are some steps:

Step 1: While on the TikTok platform, head to the share your feedback section and click on it

Step 2: Then, type in the email ID in the necessary text box. Your TikTok username is not a must-have to fill, but when you find it necessary, you can fill it out.

Step 3: Then click on the drop box and choose account ban or suspension as your topic

Step 4: While on the drop beneath ‘ tell us more, you will have other options such as banned account, related to age and not related to age access, Livestream, and many more. here, you will select an appropriate option based on your case

Step 5: Then, on your text box, make sure you give a detailed and personalized message concerning your account issues, and you reinstate it and resolve the problem.

Step 6: You can also attach media content when you have one for evidence purposes. Upload and supplement the evidence

Step 7: Then click on all the checkboxes o that agree to the declaration statement.

Step 8: When you are through, click submit button, and you are done with the process.

It also takes a few days to get a response from the TikTok support team. When no action is taken, you can make a follow-up.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Response to Your Appeal?

Typically, the TikTok support team responds to your appeal within 1 to 3 business days. However, where the users experience one common issue at once, it might take longer than three days to receive feedback. Concerning the sheer volume of complaints and reports, it might sound unreasonable.

Thus, remember that there is no specific recovery tile slot when you get a permanent ban on the TikTok platform. But, you can receive either positive or negative responses within 7 to 10 days. Therefore, we highly recommend you kindly adjust the state of your mind and be patient with the response once you submit the appeal to the team.

Why Have You Been Banned from TikTok?

Why Have You Been Banned from TikTok

There are many reasons why your TikTok account can be banned. Some of these reasons are:

  • Managing accounts while you are underage. One can change the age while on TikTok
  • Use third-party software to increase your TikTok engagement and followers count
  • When you are consistent in going again, TikTok community guidelines
  • When someone has filed an evil report against your TikTok profile

Note that these social media platforms have the same guidelines. When you grasp them, then you also have grasped TikTok community guidelines.


To this far, you are not alone; many people are undergoing the same situation. The good news is that when your TikTok account gets banned, there are multiple ways to get it unbanned. Read our articles and diggest them, then select one efficient based on your case. At least one of the above methods will guarantee your account back.

Though there are methods you can bypass the TikTok account when banned, it needs technical knowledge. However, there is nothing that hinders you from creating a new account when permanently banned.