How to Hack a TikTok Account

How to Hack a TikTok Account

Have you ever wished or tried to hack someone's TikTok account but all in vain? Please read our article to find out the solution to your problem. We will take you through the easiest methods to hack the TikTok account without requiring technical skills.

TikTok is ranked as the fastest-growing social media platform around the world. It is the most popular platform sued among youths and is well known for dance challenges, popular sounds, and music. Followers use the platform to collaborate, share the content, and watch short video content.

Because of its popularity, TikTok has been one of the targets of hackers. Our article will discuss the easiest ways to hack a TikTok account even when you do not have technical knowledge. But remember that the process is illegal if you do it without permission or with negative intention.

Otherwise, if it is for safety purposes, by the end of our article, you would have become a pro. Let us get started.

How to Hack a TikTok Account

1. Use a Third-Party Monitoring App

A third-party application is the simplest way to hack someone's TikTok account. Such applications include such as mSpy, FlexiSPY, and uMobix. When you select an excellent spy application, you can quickly reveal all details and activities on TikTok.We'll use the mSpy application as your preferred choice for this case.


We recommend mSpy to monitor TikTok activities. It is a reliable spy application on the market for offering hacking solutions. The application is simple to use and regularly updated. The application is available in different versions.

Using it is very simple. Here are some of the general procedures to follow:

Step 1: Upon successful registration, select the right package and version compatible with your phone. Once you pay the subscription fee, they will send you the login credentials to access the dashboard with instructions.

Step 2: Immediately after you are done with the installation, give the application 20 minutes to finish deriving the report. When logging in to the dashboard, you can access the tracked activities concerning the target TikTok account.

Step 3: So, when you click on the TikTok section, you can access the contact information, chats, videos shared, and watch the stamp and time.

Note that the procedure is the same as other social media platforms we covered in the previous articles, such as Snapchat and Instagram. The good news is that you can monitor multiple TikTok accounts simultaneously using the mSpy application. You can track anything performed on the target smartphone with detailed call logs, messages, and GPS location.

This is the ebst applicatyioon for hakcing TikTok accounts. It offers essential monitoring tools which are reliable. If you are a parent and want to monitor your kid by checking their online activities, then this is the right choice.

2. Use Remote Keylogger

A remote keylogger also offers a perfect solution for hacking a TikTok account. There are many keylogger devices and software such as pcTattletale, and Best Free Keylogger. But note that a remote keylogger is responsible for the effects we feel on mobile devices.

This is because the cybercriminal seeks to access the devices you use after installing software that can track and monitor everything as long as you type using your keyboard. This translates to the fact that when you log in to your TikTok account, any keys you enter using the keyboards. After that, hackers can access the data and use it to log in to the TikTok account and gain access. This is what we term hacking.


You can always ensure that you are protected from the keyloggers by avoiding using a third-party keyboard, never clicking on any links or attachments as the software can be embedded in them, then make sure you install the anti-virus to your device so that it can help you to detect and disable such keyboard loggers on your device.

3. Use Zero-Day Vulnerability

Zero-day vulnerabilities are one of the latest methods but are regarded as a security flaw well-known by the software or third-party tools vendors. Up to today, there is no solution to fixing this vulnerability.

Therefore, hackers can use this vulnerability to hack a TikTok account. This is only when a hacker locates a vulnerability on your TikTok account and then capitalizes on it that they can be able to leak all the information so that in the login run, they can access your TikTok account.


Besides mentioning that there is no proven method of fixing this when you use the latest TikTok version and couple it with the two-factor authentication method, you can be safer from these vulnerability issues.

4. Guess the Password

Guessing a password sounds unrealistic, but it is one of the methods you can use to hack someone's TikTok account. Some hackers specialize in this method and are good at guessing. It is well known that almost half of online users depend on predictable passwords. And most of the passwords are linked to the events in someone's life like a spouse, date of birth, ID Number, or even a pet's name.


This is why we recommend creating a solid password for your TikTok account. And from the research, most sues utilize predictable passwords like 123456789, whatever, password, football, admin, etc.

5. Use HackTok to Brute-force Attack


You can also brute force the TikTok attack using the HackTok tool. This software is well known for its ability to crack TikTok passwords. You can download this tool and install it on a desktop or even your mobile. It is simple to use with only the help of the target username. Then it will start cracking the password through the server, which only takes a short time.

6. Use Cross-Site Scripting


Cross-Site Scripting is another method but is somehow complicated. It is where the unauthorized javascript code is allowed to execute the target website. You can find two options here as reflected and stored.

If you use the reflected method, it is not harmful and considered a one-time attack where the payload sent to attack the TikTok account is only valid on one request. Thus, only that account is affected when the target users on TikTok click on the link.

Hackers thus can capitalize on this method to hack a TikTok account with malicious code in a browser to hijack the session. You only need to redirect someone to the malicious website.

7. Use Phishing Emails

The last method of hacking a TikTok account is using a phishing email. This is the easiest method used by TikTok account hackers. It is unique when someone sends an email that appears to come from the TikTok team.


The email content might be, for instance, telling you that the TikTok account has been hacked and thus need to change the password. Once you click on it and enter your details, the hackers will be able to get your login information and quickly logins into your account.

How to Prevent Your TikTok Account from Being Hacked?

In this section, we have collected some tips to help keep your TikTok account safe. For you to avoid failing a victim, then consider these tips relevant:-

Create a Strong Password that Is Hard to Guess


Hackers specialize in guessing passwords. This is because the task is a full-time job. Therefore, ensure you create a robust TikTok password that is hard to guess and crack. For this case, you can use a password with 12 characters and above.

Make sure you mix letters, numbers, and special characters. This means avoiding using simple passwords such as name, number, date of birth, identical username, and password and avoiding using sequential numbers.

Never Repeat a Password on Different Platforms


The hackers will quickly gain access to all your social media platforms if you use a single password on all accounts. This is because security breaches and accessing a single password grant an opportunity to log in to your other accounts. If you have multiple accounts, ensure the passwords are different but memorable to avoid cyberattacks.

Why Hackers Attack Your TikTok Account?


Hacking is not a one-time process; it follows different methods discussed above. The apparent intention of hacking someone's TikTok account is to delete their videos,  add unauthorized content, or publicize their private profile.

TikTok is a popular platform but prone to hacking to exploit the target account. This way, most people are interested in learning how to hack the TikTok accounts. Behind their mind, they have various reasons.

The most common ones are:

  1. to impose revenge on someone's account
  2. when they target spamming some users
  3. To post inappropriate video content on the target account
  4.  To monitor the viewing activity of someone on TikTok
  5.  also, to access the vital and private personal data

There are many other reasons why people whats to hack the TikTok account. Some just target getting your information to bring in chaos.

But remember that hacking a TikTok account without the owner's permission is illegal and considered malicious. But when it comes to the concerned parents, they might be targeting to shield their kids' online presence since these platforms are dangerous.

What are the Signs that You are Being Hacked?

If you are still new to the TikTok platform and do not know how to realize that your account has been hacked, here are some signs to guide you. Once you notice these signs, take the necessary step:

Switching Phone Number

switching phone number

Once you notice that your phone number has become invalid, there is a high chance that the hackers have removed it from your TikTok account. Hackers are so fast, and once they access your account, they quickly replace your account number with the one they can access. Thus, they gain complete control of your TikTok account in the long run.

Password Change

passed Some people get notifications alerting them that the password has been changed. But others find their actual password invalid when they try to log in to the TikTok account. In such a situation, when you have not personally changed the password, there is a high chance that the hackers are up to your account. Take note and respond appropriately.

Missing TikTok Videos

When a hacker accesses your tikka account,  one of the signs you might notice is that some videos will be deleted. When you did not share any of the credentials, your account has been hacked, and a hacker is only doing his job to remove the targeted TikTok videos on your account.

Unsual Messge form TikTok Account

massage-1024x428 When your account has been hacked, a hacker might send unusual messages to your friends or followers. Therefore, when you get complaints from your friends that they are receiving unusual messages, the thing is, someone has gained access to your account. Thus, blame the hackers for this case.

Alteration of Your Username

Alterratioon-of-your You can also notice that your TikTok username has been changed without consultation. This is one of the vital signs that the wrong people have hacked the account. TikTok cannot change your username when you have not instructed them to do so. There are many other signs, but these are some common ones to signal you.


1. Is it legal to hack someone's TikTok account?

While there are instances when it is ethical to hack someone's TikTok account, like parental control to shield a kid but it is illegal to hack someone's TikTok account with malicious intentions. It is even against TikTok privacy unless you have a valid reason other than harming the target user. This means it is illegal to hack against the ethics and TikTok terms of the user.

2. Are TikTok hacking tools work?

There are several sites online claiming to offer TikTok hacking services such as tools. However, the fact remains that no tool will deliver the services and, in this case, never pay for it. But, with the spying and TikTok monitoring applications, you can count on them to monitor the accounts.

One of the reliable tools or spy apps is the mSpy which you can install and manage your kid's online activities. Remember that it is impossible to hack someone's account using any hacking tool remotely.

3. What should I do if someone has hacked TikTok?

If you realize that your TikTok account has been hacked, the first helpful thing is to change the account password and proceed by signing out all the devices signed in. After that, you can also enable the two-factor authentication and make it complex for anyone to find it hard to guess when you change the password.

You can count on the password generator or manager to generate the strong password to avoid using previously used ones.

4. Can hackers unlock my TikTok account password?

In our article, we mentioned that some hackers try to hack into TikTok accounts using unauthorized methods for fun. Therefore, hackers can unlock your TikTok password. This means you can secure your TikTok account and prevent any unlocking attempts. However, it is hard to hack a highly secured TikTok account.

5.  How often do I need to change my TikTok password?

Up to today, TikTok has not recommended any specific time frame for determining the interval to change your TikTok password. But, we highly recommend resetting or changing the password in about 4 to 6 months to remain secure.

And when you realize a suspicious activity, it is good to change your TikTok password immediately. And it is even good to change it every month. But, it is not just easy to change your TikTok password often.


The above article covers some of the prone methods hackers use to hack a TikTok account and other social media platforms. You have learned many tricks this far, and you can now detect when your account is hacked. It is always recommended that you prevent any possible hole that hackers can use to access your TikTok account.

With the above tips, you can secure your TikTok account and remain a stress-free person. Though hackers are more competent and one step ahead. Learn and grasp everything to ensure the TikTok account is safe.