How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Facebook

Find IP Address on Facebook

Struggling to find the IP address of someone on Facebook? Everything is possible, but you need to use a command-line or combine different tools. Please read our article to find out more.

Social media platforms are playing a vital role in our life today life. Most people check the news feed and post content. Thus, it has gained popularity and now is an essential tool for interaction and business promotion.

Some people use it to carry out legit activities, while most people bring in disruption. For that reason, you might want to track someone's IP address to enable you to take the necessary action. So, the only way to do it is to trace their IP address.

As opposed to past services, today, people are not surprised to find out that their IP addresses and geolocation are automatically detected. Though not public, Facebook makes it internally. This is because Facebook is the most popular social media platform thus cannot publicly display your IP address.

Therefore, you must find out a way to go about it. The good news is that there are various ways you can rely on to find the IP address of someone on Facebook. These methods even work out without the person suspecting. These methods do not even need technical skills. Instead, they are simple.

So, in our article today, we will be discussing various ways of finding someone's IP address on Facebook. Finding out the IP address of a person helps you know the exact location of someone, trace to report them, or take any other step.

Use an IP Grabber

An IP Grabber is a tool that you can use to pull the IP address of someone online. You can use it to create a link and send it to the user, then that target person must click on the special link you created to pull their IP address. The famous IP logger online is Grabify. This is a URL grabber and shortener tool. It is not easy to detect this tool, thus making it useful and most preferred.

You only have to entice users to click on the link you send to them via Facebook then log in to their website using a tracking code to pull their IP addresses. Besides helping you reveal the IP address on Facebook, the tool also reveals the secret behind shortened URLs. Follow these steps to successfully pull the IP address of someone on your Facebook account:

Step 1: First, know the target person and get online content that you are sure the target person would like reading. Copy the URL to your clipboard. Ensure that the user is interested in your web content to convince the person to click on the special link.

Step 2: Go to the homepage of Grabify and paste the URL to the website's special blank space to shorten and create a URL. Copy the shortened URL together with the tracking code. A tracking code is used in tracking the logged-in IPs to your link.


Step 3: Then log in to your Facebook account using your details, search for the user, then send the shortened URL to the person through the chatbox on Facebook. When the person clicks on the link, the details will be logged before redirecting. Note that directing people on an empty page creates suspicion but directing them to the exciting content does away with this fact.

Step 4: With your copied tracking code, go to the Grabilify homepage and paste the tracking code. So, instead of creating a URL, click on the tracking code.


Step 5: You will be able to access the IP addresses associated with your tracking code. It does not only get your IP address but even other detailed information.


Use an IP Sniffer

Other than an IP grabber, you can also use an IP sniffer to get someone's IP address on Facebook. There are different IOP sniffers online, and a good example for our case is Wireshark. This tool is p[erfect when accessing the IP address online. However, you must connect with the target person on Facebook, or the person must be active.

As long as there is a peer-to-peer connection between you and the person, you can continue to use the tool in pulling the IP address. You will have to work around it keenly for you to be successful. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Wireshark website and download the software on the desktop. The application is capable of sniffing all packages sent to you via Facebook.

Wireshark Homepage

Step 2: Then install the software on the PC and keep it running.

Step 3: Open your browser, visit the Facebook website, and log in to your Facebook account with relevant details. Ensure you have an appropriate internet connection linked via ethernet cables.

Step 4: Search for the target person, ensure he is online and active, then establish the connection through DM.

Step 5: So, when there is a stable conversation, move ahead and check on Wireshark. Each package sends to you via Facebook; you can view it through the Wireshark interface. You can now easily pick a linked IP address of the person you are chatting with on Facebook. Simple but be extra careful.

Sharing Location from Facebook Messenger

You can also find the IP address of someone on Facebook through Facebook messenger. This is a more consensual feature for a particular tracking approach. Though it might be a little difficult, you can try to ask your friend to share their location. This is effective because Facebook messages allow people who wish to meet up or socialize beyond to share their location.

The process is simple but not 100% sure working because some people may not trust you online. But there are some steps:-

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account. Then open up a chat with your friends from the friend list on Facebook messenger. Then click on the4 dots located at the bottom left part of your screen.

Step 2: Select location.

Step 3: Next, choose ‘share live location.' After that, a friend will be able to see your current location without compromise.

Step 4: A friend in return might also share the location immediately so that you can also access their location.

Use Location Tags and #HashtagsFacebook Location tag

Another method to find someone's IP address on Facebook is location tags and Hashtags. It is simple. You only have to search for the person's location tag on your friend list. After that, the mission is just a click away from completion. You can easily find the location tag by checking on the Facebook stories and following these steps.

Step 1: Check for a location tag on the image and click on it.

Step 2: Click on the ‘show location,' then pull it out on your mobile screen when using a smartphone.

Step 3: Click on the tag text. It will redirect you to the google map. This way, you will see the target person's location on Facebook.

However, this is not a reliable way of finding the current location of someone on Facebook. This is because it only displays the previous location while posting the original image but not the current location. Again, the location tag might give you the wrong location since publishers can select any location based on their preference. Anyway, this method is still worth a try.

Use the Nearby Friends Feature

To use this nearby friend feature, you must have the real Facebook application installed on your phone. After that, you can go to the ‘more options' menu and enable it by selecting ‘nearby friends.' To find the location, tap on the options, and it will turn on.

How to Keep Safe from Facebook Trackers

Keep Safe from Facebook Trackers

It is risky exposing your IP address to hackers. And no one is excluded; thus becomes necessary to keep safe and prevent tracing and hacking. In contrast, you should not rest easy by only inputting passwords and usernames to secure your Facebook account. This is because some sites can still access your Facebook account details. There are different ways to protect your IP address and privacy.

  • Strengthen your password

You can do this by using complex passwords. Include words with letters mixed with special marks and caps. Avoid using ID as most snoopers can easily guess it and your personal information.

  • After browsing, clear chat history

Never, in any case, leave your chat history on Facebook messenger or the content section. This exposes you to the real hackers. Some tracks may use a hashtag you usually use when they want to trace you. Always be extra careful.

  • Updating Operating System

Ensure that you update the operating system of a machine you are using to log in to your Facebook account. This helps you stop snoopers from reading your Facebook posts through the OS logged in. It also enables you to reduce the Facebook malware on your OS.

  • Utilize a reliable Virus guard

As long as you use the system firewall, ensure you have a reliable antivirus to prevent hackers from accessing your private Facebook messages.

  • VPNs and Proxies

This is the most effective method, especially when you spoof your real IP address. Someone may trick you on the above techniques but using premium VPN and proxies assures your anonymity, and you can also manage multiple Facebook accounts without being noticed.


Facebook honors your online privacy, and it is hard for someone to share their IP addresses online. However, to this far, you can use the above methods to find someone's IP address on Facebook restlessly. It is straightforward. Just follow the procedures in our article and learn more strategies to stay hidden from hackers.