How to Download TikTok Videos

How to Download TikTok Videos

 Are you struggling to download someone's TikTok video or your videos to the iPhone or Android device? Come now and let us take you through our article's relevant steps and detailed guides.

Tiktok is a popular social media platform that is growing at a very fast rate due to trending short video content. When you scroll on the platform, especially on the for you page section, you will have access to multiple video content which you might like to take in.

Since the platform consists of various niche contents, you might come across a video that interests you and you would wish to have it stored on your phone for future reference or to organize for the video challenge. You can also come across many things like guides on growing herbs in the compound in the kitchen or even the show fashion scenes.

TikTok Videos

With plenty of content you can take in from the TikTok, it is obvious that the first thing that will pop in your mind is to save the video and get time to go through it later without returning to the TikTok platform. And it is for this case that we have organized this article to guide you on how you can download and save the TikTok video to the phone.

However, consider copyright infringement and seek the original content creator first. If not, you can as well download your TikTok video. Let us find out how. To remove the watermark on TikTok, refer to this article.

How to Download Your Own TikTok Video

There are no copyright restrictions when downloading your TikTok videos to the phone. Therefore, you can decide to download a single file or all the videos with one click. Find out more in the guide below:

Save One Video

To start, we will guide you through downloading a single TikTok video from your own account. The process is not that complicated and does not need much time to learn. Otherwise, follow these steps, provided it is your TikTok video:

Step 1: launch the TikTok application on your iPhone

Step 2: Click on the ‘me’ icon, which is found at the bottom right corner of your screen.

life cear

Step 3: Keep navigating through the options, locate the video you want to download from the profile list, and then click on it.

Step 4: Locate the icon with the three horizontal dots that are located at the bottom right of your screen and click on it

Step 5: From the popup menu, click on the save video option.

save video

Step 6: When it is through with downloading, click done.

Following the above procedure, you can download one TikTok video and save it to the iPhone. Later. You can retrieve the video in the camera roll. This is an important procedure when you want to use your TikTok trending sound and then proceed to save the video to the iPhone with ease for safety or backup purposes.

Save All Your TikTok Data

Other than downloading a single TikTok video one at a time, it is time-consuming. Instead, TikTok also allows users to download all the contents, including the username, contact details, profile photos, etc., and activities that include the videos, likes, comments, etc., as well as the app settings. The steps for downloading the TikTok information are similar regardless of using android or iPhone gadgets.

Even though TikTok does allow you to download all the data, you will not be able to download the information automatically. This means you should open the file to downloaded data and click on every file to download the videos manually. More later. Though, if you target to download all your TikTok videos once, here are the procedures you need to follow:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application on the iPhone gadget and head to the profile by clicking the menu icon at your screen's bottom left.

Step 2: Then head to the top right corner of your screen and tap on the 3 dots.


Step 3: Then underneath the account, tap on the Privacy option,


Step 4: Hit Personalization and data, then head to select download your data from the menu.


Step 5: When you click on Download TikTok Data, you will have access to different information concerning the field you are permitted to download. So, click at the bottom of the menu, locate the ‘Request Data' option, and tap on it.

tiktok dasts

requst data

Step 6: Then when you are redirected to the second tab named download data, you will be able to see the request is pending.

Step 7: The TikTok will send you a message when your data is standing by and ready to start downloading. The inbox will be titled system notification, and you will be able to get the files you requested with the needed video files. Therefore, click on the system notification inbox message and choose download.

Step 8: Once done clicking, TikTok will redirect you to the login page when you use a browser. Then make sure you log in with the relevant username or email address with the password to verify you are the owners. Then again, a popup message will be displayed, enabling you to download the zipped file to your device.

Step 9: Proceed by tapping download; after that, you will see a file starting to download from the top right corner of your screen. After that, you will again be redirected to the login section.

Step 10: And when the file is through downloading, tap on the button, which is always a down arrow located at the top right corner.

Step 11: Then select the zip files you need to download to your iPhone. After that, it will launch the files app on your iPhone

Step 12: Then you can locate all the comments, messages, videos, profiles, comments, etc.

You are not yet through since the image has a TikTok watermark, the video link, etc. However, the information does not have the actual TikTok videos themselves. Therefore, the only reliable move is we should first copy the link and paste it to the web browser.

After that, you will be able to download videos where you can access them on your iPhone. Even though it is time-consuming to download all the TikTok videos with this method, it is still worth it.

We do not hold copyright infringement when downloading a video; they will follow you. That is not all; sometimes, you might realize that you are in love with a video that does not exist on your video list on TikTok. Therefore, read to the end and find out.

How to Download Someone’s TikTok Video

If you are a TikTok fanatic and have an active account, then, sure enough, you have the audience and followers. So, you might be scrolling on the for you page section and come across a video that is interesting and ish to save. It is also possible that you can save it.

s video

Therefore, TikTok allows users to save the TikTok videos under their favorite TikTok in the photo library. Therefore, if you download the TikTok video to your iPhone, it can be time-saving, and also, you have access to the file anytime whether the owner has deleted it or not TikTok decided to take it down. You can download someone;'s TikTok video, streamline it and share it with your audience on TikTok.

Not all videos on TikTok permit everyone to download the videos. Sometimes, users on TikTok disable their profiles. And when you click on the share arrow, the results still come out to zero. Therefore, anytime you click on the share icon and fail to see the video download option, how do you have how to turn off the download.

Instead, you can screen recording today and see what is happening. thus, follow these steps:-

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application and ensure you are logged in to the account.

Step 2: Therefore navigate through the videos on the folder and select the one you wish to download and save to the iPhone

Step 3: Click on the three arrows on the left-hand side of your screen

Step 4: then hit the upside-down arrow, indicating that ‘ Save Video' to save the image easily.

How to Bypass Blocked Downloads on TikTok

Sometimes, you might want to download someone's video from TikTok to your iPhone but never locate the save video option as you have seen from the above procedures. This indicates that the user has blocked download options from their end while uploading, which hinders you from downloading their TikTok video content.

For such a case, there is no other way to sort things manually. However, many third-party apps can help you solve the problem with only a few steps. Such a third party we are going to guide you on the usage is the SnapTik which is an online tool. This section will cover how to use SnapTik to download blocked download TikTok videos on Android and iPhone. Let us go into details.

On Android

SnapTik is one of the famous third-party applications you can use on TikTok to bypass all the video blocked download options. They can download the content and save them in the folder of your choice or the default location. In most cases, the browser sets the location for you. However, you can change the storage location through the setting option on your browser before downloading TikTok videos.

Otherwise, snapTik is capable of downloading videos even without a watermark. There is no need to download software to the Android. The only thing you need to do is to copy the URL link for the video you want to download to your gadget. Though there is also a SnapTik Android application in the play store for this illustration, we will use an online tool.

Let us get started:

  1. Launch the TikTok application from your gadget. If not, then visit the TikTok website using your browser and log in to your account, navigate through the available videos on the for you page section and select the video you wish to download to your android device
  2.  after that, tap on the share icon, which is found at the right bottom of your screen. It appears like an arrow but pointing downward.
  3.  Then tap on the copy link icon from the popup menu.
  4. Since there is no need to download and install the SnapTik application, save time using the browser. Thus visit the SnapTik website using the browser of your choice and proceed to the next step.
  5. Head to the snapTik application and paste the download link to an empty text box. After that, tap on the download icon
  6. to give the server time to analyze and work on the file for your sake and finalize by saving the video to your android device. Simple and clear, then you will be done.

On iPhone

If you are using iPhone, the case is not as different as seen with the Android devices. But when you are with these iPhone's latest versions, their safari browser has come with advanced features to offer users a trick up their sleeves.w ith the download manager allows you to download the videos through the browser.

And if you have previously downloaded files using the safari brose, you will be able to locate the video files when you reach them through the files. After that, you can view, share some tips and delete or manage the download.


Thus, when you find that TikTok video content does not have an option to save video on their menu, then be sure that you can rely on the Snaptik. While there is an iOS device application, the SnapTik application also has special unique features. It does not only just save the blocked TikTok video content but also downloads TikTok videos without a watermark.

So, if you are curious to learn more about this method, then follow along with these steps:

Step 1: First, you must launch the TikTok application, locate the video's download link, and copy it.

capy link

tik link

Step 2: Then visit the SnapRTik website using the Safari browser on your iPhone device.

Step 3: Then you must paste the download link into the space and ensure that you click n the download option.

snap video


Step 4: Tap again to download server 01

Step 5: After that, tap on the download.


Step 6: Once done, you will be able to locate the download button found at the top of your safari browser looking like images, then tap on it to open

Step 7: Then log press or hold pressing on the video you have given me and from the popup menu, select the share button

Step 8: The first step is to locate the save option for the menu and tap on it

Step 9: The video will shortly be available to the transfer links

How to Change Your TikTok Download Settings

well, when you are not in a position to locate the save video option from the menu, then you should not worry anymore. So, when you have excellent system settings, you can easily use it to prevent some people who want to use your content on other platforms.

Therefore, here is the procedure we ought to say you should have:

Step 1: Launch the TikTok application on your phone gadget

Step 2: then click on me, which is an option that is found on the bottom right corner of your screen to access your profile

Step 3: Then click the 3 horizontal dots icon, which is found at the bottom right-hand side of your screen.


Step 4: Then head to the privacy from the menu and then click on it. When you are done, select allow your videos option to be downloaded.




After that, with these few guides, you can, at this point, decide to turn off or on the setting.


1. Does TikTok notify you when you save someone's video?

TikTok does not, in any case, notify the content creator when you download their videos. But, the user will see the share increasing in their analytic section. Thus, you will remain anonymous, and they will never realize you are the one who downloaded it. When TikTok creator is notified of the number of shares, they use such metrics to measure the engagement.

2. Why can't you save videos From Tiktok?

When you encounter a TikTok video without a saving option, the content creator has disabled the download option during the upload process on their account. Still, then your followers are also not in a position to access the save option; you should check on the settings to enable the download.

It is only when download settings are enabled that any TikTok viewer will be able to save your TikTok video. Still, your account must be public so that people can have the option to download the video.

3. Can you automatically save all your TikToks?

Tiktok does not have such an option to download all your TikTok videos and posts this far automatically. Upon posting the video, you only have the option to download each video manually separately.


Tiktok is a popular social media platform with plenty of trending short video content and dance moves. Therefore, downloading videos from TikTok is very simple with the right settings. However, the content creator can limit the saving option, which means you will need a third-party tool.

In our article, we have highlighted various steps to guide you to download TikTok videos and how to enable and disable the download options as a content creator.