How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone

Are you having difficulty sharing or sending your HEIC photo to your friend or uploading it to the portal? Then come in here and read our article. There are plenty of methods to convert HEIC files to JPG or other compatible formats for easy usage.

When you are an iOS version 11 or later fan, you must have noticed that anytime you snap a photo, it is saved as a HEIC file in the camera roll. However, the iPhone devices previously saved photos as JPG, which is not the case today. This format was introduced to offer compression to preserve the quality of your image.

However, the HEIC file format is incompatible with most devices and apps widely used today. it even becomes hard to open the HEIC file after transferring it to your computer or Android device. This is why you need to learn to convert the HEIC file format to the JPG.

It is also good to learn how to disable the settings and stock-taking such photos. While HEIC is better than JPEG, there is always a need to convert it. Instead, most developers are adopting this file format, and today, even Samsung has introduced it.

The format might get you unprepared, like uploading the HEIC image to the portal with limited time. It's hectic. But when you read our article, we will cover everything helpful to converting the file to JPG.

What Is HEIC?

HEIC is a photo file format that contains images saved using a high-efficiency image format. This file format is always common when storing photos taken using iOS devices. It can be sequences of an image or a single image taken using an iPhone and includes the metadata that describes every photo below it.

These files are becoming common and, in most cases, are saved using the extension .heic; you might come across them.HEIF extension. The file format was developed by MPEG ( moving picture expert group), and the name HEIC stands for High-Efficiency Image Container. On smartphones, the HEIC file is referred to as the HEIF.

HEIC provides high compression without interfering with the quality of the image. The image size can be smaller, but the quality is perfect. And so, if you have files, you must remember that not every platform supports them.

All You Need to Know Before Converting HEIC to JPG


Before starting to learn how to convert the HEIC files to JPG, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. though the process is simple, always have these breaks down at your fingertips:

  • Older photos remain the same

When you convert the HEIC file format o the JPG file, it will not interfere with the file in the photo library on the iPhone. The photos you snap after changing the settings will be affected, which also applies to videos.

And there are two methods you can use to convert the existing photo library. You can transfer them to the Mac or desktop while enabled automatic transfer settings or use the third-party app to person the task—more in the next section.

  • It takes up device storage faster

Snapping photos in the JPG format or H.264 takes up a lot of space. When your device does not have enough storage, expect the phone to run out of space much faster. As a rule of thumb, expect the photos in JPG format to fill up your device twice and must run faster than when using the HEIC or HEVC file format as well as HEIF.

However, you need to confirm this from the video record screen when recording the video. With iPhone, head to the settings, click on the camera, and record video option to check the space the files occupy regardless of your shooting format.

  • It also consumes sizeable iCloud storage

If you have large files stored on your iPhone but still use the old file format to shoot the photos, then always remember that when you have sync iCloud sync enabled, the are high chances that your iCloud storage will get filled up must faster than when you snap with HEIC format. Remember, the storage gets low only if the iCloud is turned on from your phone.

This is tricky since access storage is beyond 5GB; you must pay for it. So, if you want to negate such effects as discussed in the previous article, we would encourage you to use google photos instead and back up the files. This way, you will have unlimited storage to store multiple files. There are also other backup options if you do not prefer this one.

  • No access to advanced settings

Going for the JPG file photos, you have all the default settings while snapping a photo. However, there are some limitations to accessing the advanced settings for JPG format, especially when recording the video. If you select the compatible settings, then be sure that you will not be able to capture 4K videos using 60fps as well as slow-motion 1080p videos with 240fps.

This is a restriction that Apple puts in place so that it helps you avoid consuming too much device and iCloud storage. Instead, you need storage while saving videos or encoding videos in a format like H.264.

  • HEIC is superior to JPG

When you decide to switch from HEIC to JPG, the resulting outcome is that the final picture might be marginally better. This is because JPG has a slower compression that brings out the effect, but the significant differences in terms of quality are not easily detectable.

However, HEIC, other than the compression algorithm, also comes with support for a large number of colors and additional depth information, which you cannot find while using the JPG format. With HEIC, you can easily edit your photos and access a wide gamut of colors that you miss out on in the JPG format.

We thought you should know these facts before converting your photo or changing settings from HECI to the JPG. So, let us now get started with conversion.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone?

  • Use the iPhone Files app

iPhone has a file app that can help anyone +convert the HEIC  file to the JPg file format anytime. You only need to perform a few tasks by copying the photo from the photo library and then pasting it to the file app on your device. here is the procedure you need to follow besides saving the image to the file app:

Step 1: Launch the photo app on your device and select the photo you want to convert. The photo might be a single of multiple HEIC files. Click on the images on the iPhone to select it.

Step 2: After that, click on the share button and select copy photo from the resulting menu.

Step 3: Launch the file app on your device again and select the iCloud drive or on My iPhone, etc.; placing a photo in the iCloud counts against your iCloud storage and needs a network connection to upload the file. This is why we select ‘ on my iPhone.'

Step 4: Then click on the more button by tapping on the 3  dots found inside the circle and create a new folder. Though, this step is optional.

Step 5: Then long press while on the ‘ on my iPhone, paste the copied files. Once pasted, the files will be automatically converted to the JPG file format.

Step 6: Then open the final images through the file app and click the share button. from the menu, you can click save the image to download or save to your Photos app on your iPhone or equally share the JPG photo to the social media platforms or other apps.

  • Use CloudConvert

You can also convert your HEIC images to JPG using  Remember, when using this method, it is advisable to keep your photos in one folder since you will be uploading them to the server on a website. Also, caution that you can proceed with this method only if you are okay with getting your images temporarily taken outside the server. If you are not comfortable, then use another way. Otherwise, here is the procedure you can follow to convert the photos. it is advisable to use the Safari browser on your iPhone:-

Step 1: First, open the safari browser and visit the Cloudconveert website.

Step 2: Then click the select file, and from the menu, choose photo library.

Cloudconveert website

Step 3: Select the HEIC images you want to convert, and when you are done, tap adds button.

Step 4:  And from the above, click on the drop-down menu, which is close to the convert, and select HEIC.

select heic

Step 5:  And on the other drop-down menu, select JPG. It also gives you different options such as TIFF, PNG, BMP, WEBP, GIF, etc.

select JPG

Step 6: Teherfater clcik convert.

Immediately the conversion is done, click the download button and tap view. It will open up the images, click the share icon, form the resulting menu, and tap saves the image or any option you wish.

  • Use a Third-Party App

HEIC to JPEG  apps

Using third-party applications is another reliable option for converting your HEIC images to JPG. Many third-party apps are found on the app store, such as Image Converter and HEIC to JPEG  apps. By selecting the right app, you can easily convert your files to the desired format, either one or multiple. The process is a bit faster when compared to other manual methods. And for the sake of illustration, we will guide you through using an Image converter as an example. here is the procedure:-

Step 1: Go to the app store, download the image converter app, and install it on your device.

Step 2: Launch the image converts app and then click the gallery

Step 3: Click on allow access to give the app permission to access the photos or pictures you need to convert. Below every image, the app will indicate the format for easy selection.

Step 4:  Then click JPG or any other file format you need to convert.

Step 5: Once done with the selection, click convert.

Step 6: Wait for the conversion to complete. Then click Save when done to add the final JPG to the photos app. You can also use the share button if you want to take another action like sending to your friends directly.

There are many apps in the app store which are free to use and all have good ratings.

  • Take a Screenshot

If all the above methods are not your choice, you can also try using the screenshot feature on your iPhone. Before we finalize, always remember that screenshots on iPhone are not saved as the HEIC format images. In most cases, iPhone stores screenshots as PNG images. Therefore, if you are in a hurry to use a non-quickly HEIC file format, you can also take screenshots as they work well. Here s a simple procedure you need to follow:

Step 1: Open the image you need to convert to JPG or PNG.

Step 2: Then press the side and volume up buttons simultaneously and release them once.

iPhone screen shot

Step 3: You will see the entire screen flash white, confirming that you took the screenshot.

You can as well take the screenshot using the home button but only on the selected iPhone.

Step 1: So, start by choosing the HEIC photo you need to convert or take a screenshot.

Step 2: Then simultaneously press and release the side and home buttons to take the screenshot.

iPhone screen shot 2

Step 3: You will also see the entire screen flash while confirming that you have captured the screenshot of the image.

  • Automatically Convert When Transferring the Photos to Mac or PC

trnasfer photos iphone to mac

The last method is automatically converting through transferring HEIC files to the Mac or desktop. The iPhone can transfer your file to the desktop, automatically converted to the compatible format. This is a simple process:

Step 1: Go to the iPhone setting and click on the photos.

Step 2: Then below transfer to the pc or mack, select automatic, and you will be good to go.

How to Know If Your iPhone Photo is HEIC or Not?

Any photo you snap as long as you are using the iPhone is in HEIC format. And there are high chances that the photos you receive on social media platforms, iMessages, saved from the safari browser, Slack, or email addresses, the images are non-HEIC. Using the latest iOS devices, you can easily access the detail on any photos on your device as long as it is in the official photo app.

Select the image, open it on the whole screen, and then swipe up. You can as well click on the (i) icon. You will access the picture format or if it's HEIF with other details.

Exif Metadata

However, when using older iOS versions, you need a third-party app like Exif Metadata to evaluate the image format. To this far, you now understand the basics and can perform anything as HEIC file format is concerned. Let us find out how you can share the HEIC file from your iPhone as JPG.

How to Share Your iPhone as JPG?

Having learned everything, you might snap a photo as HEIC and then want to share it with another party as JPG even without using the above conversion methods. Yes, it is still possible. here is the procedure to transfer the HEIC as JPG:

Launch Settings on your iPhone

Step 1: From the menu, select photos

Step 2: And keep scrolling down to select transfer photo to the pc or MAC section

Step 3: After that, select Automatic, and you are good to share your image as JPG or compatible file format.

How to Stop Your iPhone from Taking HEIC Photos?

iPhone users can avoid all these steps and avoid dealing with HEIC file formats. you can set your phone camera to stop taking HEIC files by following these steps:

Step 1: Head to the settings on your iPhone

How to Stop Your iPhone from Taking HEIC Photos 1

Step 2: Click on the camera and then select formats

How to Stop Your iPhone from Taking HEIC Photos 2

Step 3: Then, from the menu, choose the most compatible to be ready to start snapping photos but in a consistent form. It is simple.

How to Stop Your iPhone from Taking HEIC Photos 3


Sometimes, dealing with the image in HEIC format is annoying. However, the file format is here for a reason. HEIC helps users optimize the storage size of a device but also it is not compatible with the most widely used apps and devices. So, there are many ways to help you convert the photo to the JPG format. So, if you want to learn more about how to convert your HEIC to JPG  using a mac, click here.