Create Facebook Account without Phone Number

Create Facebook Account without Phone Number

Stuck at creating a Facebook account with your mobile number? Read on to learn about how to set up a Facebook Account without a Phone Number.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The site has more than a 2.5billion users, which is more than half of the world's population. It's also a great way to connect with people from all over the globe. Facebook has become an essential part of our life, and we cannot imagine a day without it.

But one thing which annoys people is that Facebook requires you to provide your mobile number so that they can verify your account when signing up. If you don’t have a mobile phone number or if you don’t want to provide your mobile number, then no problem; here, we will show you how to establish a Facebook account without phone contact.

There are various ways of creating a fake account on Facebook, but we will share with you the easiest method through which you can set up a fake account on Facebook in less than 5 minutes.

Use Your Email to Create Facebook Account 

It is not necessary to have a mobile phone number to create a Facebook account. You can use your email address and set up an account.

Here is how to use your email:

Step 1: Download and Install the Facebook app from Google PlayStore.

Step 2: Open the app and click on the [Create a New Account] option.

ins fb


blankStep 3: Facebook will automatically prompt you to give permission to access your contacts. Well, don't worry; this is not mandatory, so you can click on the [Deny] option if you are not okay with that.

Step 4: On the new page, you will need to enter your last and first name, birthdate, password, and your gender, respectively. Advisably, you don't want someone guessing your Facebook password, so ensure you choose a strong password.

birth day



blankStep 5: Facebook will then prompt you to enter your Mobile Phone Number but instead, click on the [Sign Up with Email Address] option.

gmail add


blankStep 6: Type in your email address and touch the [Next] button. Don't worry; if you don't want Facebook showing your email to other users, you can always hide it from the [Settings & Privacy] page.

Step 7: Facebook will redirect you to a verification page where you will see the [Verify your Email Address] option. Click to accept the verification, then check your mailbox for a verification code from Facebook.


blankStep 8: Copypaste or key in the verification code to complete your account creation; that’s it!

You now have a Facebook Account without using your phone number!

Use Temporary Email Address to Create Facebook Account

Some people don’t want to use their real name on Facebook, or they don’t want to reveal their identity because of different reasons. If you want to be anonymous on Facebook, then there are many ways to do it. The easiest way is by creating a new Facebook account using a temporary email address.

You can get the temporary mail from different sites such as

Here's how to use this method:

Step 1: Check through the above temporary mail sites and decide which one you'd prefer the most.


blankStep 2: Create an email address with the site of your choice. Just follow the briefing instructions and everything, then click on [Generate] to get your temporary email. However, some may be created differently, so you don't have to see the [Generate] option necessarily.


blankStep 3: Once you have an email address got from either of the sites, go ahead and use it to create a Facebook Account.

Step 4: Once you've followed every [Sign up] procedure, as in the above section on creating a Facebook account using an email, click on the verify option.

Step 5: Go back to the site you got the email from and check for Facebook's notification with your verification code.


blankStep 6: Enter the code sent to the temporary email on Facebook, and that's it. You will have created a Facebook account using a temporary email address.

Use Virtual Number to Create Facebook Account 

Virtual numbers are the best option for creating a Facebook account. These numbers are used to create fake mobile numbers. You can use them to create any number you want. You can also use them to create multiple accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Virtual numbers come with many benefits. First, they allow you to hide your real identity from everyone who wants to know about it. The second benefit is that they allow you to create multiple accounts without revealing your identity.

You'll need to buy an international number from any website that sells virtual phone numbers to get the virtual number. Sign up with them and get your code of verification message sent to the website you bought from.

Some of these websites include:


Once you choose a number and get any message through it, the platform deletes all texts after a day. This means that if you want to keep your inbox clean from spam or unwanted messages, then this is the perfect way to do so. The platform also offers VPN services to hide everything you do online from anyone who may be watching. If someone is trying to track what you are doing on your computer or phone, this will help prevent them from doing so.

Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Go to the SMSRecieveFree website and choose a country of your choice (either Canada or US).

free sms

blankStep 2: The site will give you a list of preset numbers; select one that you would like to use. Unfortunately, you cannot customize your number here.

Step 3: Once you select a number, you will be redirected to an inbox page where you'll see every SMS received by the number. You must, however, know that the numbers are shared, and so there may be someone else message there based on the last time it was used.


blankStep 4: You can now sign up on Facebook and use the preset number provided.

fb loing

blankStep 5: Check on the platform's site for a message from Facebook having a verification code.



blankStep 6: Verify the code, and there you have your Facebook account without using a virtual number.

sms rea



TextNow is a free, unlimited texting app for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and the web. With TextNow, you can text the US and Canada for free. It provides an easy way to create a new phone number without needing to buy a physical SIM card. You can use this virtual number as your primary cellular number or as a secondary line to keep your personal information private while using your own device.

Here's how to use it:

Step 1: Download the TextNow app for your mobile device or computer from your relevant channel, Such as TextNow App for Android, iOS

tex now

blankStep 2: Get it in Google PlayStore for Mobile devices and on Windows Store for computers. For Macs, you can get it on Appstore.

Step 3: Configure the application on your respective device and note down the phone number allocated to you. If you forgot the phone number, check it through the menu icon(3 dots) for smartphones and the [People's] tab for computers.

phone number

blank Step 4: Go to your Facebook app or website and key in the phone number on the verification page after entering every other detail requested of you.


blankStep 5: Check on the TextNow app for Facebook's verification code and enter the code on your Facebook sign-up page.

Step 6: Click on the [Next button] to finish your verification and setup.

Why Do People Use Fake Numbers on Facebook?

fb mata

blankYou've probably noticed that some people have fake numbers on their Facebook profiles. You may have even wondered why they do it and what the point of it all is. Well, the answers are actually quite simple:

  • People use fake numbers to protect themselves from stalking or harassment. People who are obsessed with you might look up your profile and harass you through messages or comments.
  • Fake numbers are also used by businesses that want to prevent people from contacting them. This can be useful if people know your real name and would want to contact you because they want something from you or because they're just being obnoxious.
  • Fake numbers may also be used for other reasons, such as protecting children from strangers or helping stalkers avoid getting caught by their victims.


With so many online services being linked to Facebook accounts, it is quite difficult to set up a new account if you have no phone number. But some tricks can help you. You, however, need to be accountable for any account you create without a fake identity and not use it illegally. If caught impersonating or using fake accounts, you stand to be tried in a court of law since its an offense in most jurisdictions.