Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile?

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Are you suspecting someone stalking you on Instagram? Learn how to spot Instagram stalkers and profile viewers in simple steps.

Social media platforms, as the name suggests it is, social platforms. Therefore, when you are on social media platforms online, you have eyes surrounding your profile. And still, some marketers and influencers are interested in you at the expense of doing a business through online platforms. Among the platform is Instagram.

Thus, people actively engage with your Instagram posts. Still, there are just curious and stalking your profile to check out how you are going on. in that perspective, Instagram stalkers are simple your audience or people who visit your profile but do not interact with your Instagram posts.

Thus, if you think that someone is stalking you on Instagram, we are here to help you today. Sometimes stalking is considered a secret crush, or there is the possibility that someone has an interest in what you are doing online.

And in this article, we will help you identify someone who viewed your Instagram profile and Instagram stalkers. You can use different methods to find out when someone is only lurking on your profile. Thus without further ado, let us go straight o the procedure or methods.

Through Instagram Story

Trough Instagram Story

if you set your Instagram account to private, you need to post Instagram stories to identify the stalker regularly. Then keep checking the viewers once you upload the story. follow these steps:

First to Know: How Does Instagram Rank Story Viewers

You first need to understand the Instagram algorithm to decipher the story views. But keep in mind that Instagram always makes sure that it lists the most relevant audience who viewed your story. And in the same magnitude, on Instagram, stories are displayed to the relevant people. Thus, twoThustors determine the order of Instagram views.

A person spends time watching your IG stories and how regular these people view them. The order of views starts based on chronological ones once you post a story where the recent viewers appear at the top. However, with time and more, you get enough viewers, then the algorithm changes the order of your viewer lists. The people who interact most with your contests are ranked at the top, down to the least.

This list is essential since it helps you determine the people interested in your content.

Second: Post Your Instagram Story

The second step here is now to post your Instagram story regularly. To be able to identify an Instagram stalker, you must first upload the photo, if not the video story, to your Instagram account. This must be after you are aware of the Instagram algorithm and story viewer relationship in the first step.

This is vital in identifying the person that interacts with your profile more often. Immediately you have uploaded the content to the story, give yourself a few hours for the audience to stream, and then proceed to the next step.

Last: Check Who Viewed Your  Instagram Story

Then lastly, it is time to check the viewer's list. The mission here is to identify the viewers that have watched your story but do not follow or engage with your profile. Here, those audiences that watch your story but do not follow your profile are stalkers or passersby. Passersby are simple people that identified your account through other social media platforms or on the explore page. And they do not mean to be the real stalkers because they check on your profile once.

However, stalkers are frequent people who keep checking on your profile. Note that you cannot use the number of audiences that view the story to gauge their interest. Some users are simply scrolling through the stories, but when the audience does not follow your account, they must click on the avatar from the search.

This means passersby are people that someone is interested in your profile since they cannot access your story by accident. Thus, keep sharing the story on your Instagram so that you can sort such categories.

To identify the people tracking your online activities, thus, one must at least post stories for one week and keep tracking the viewers regularly. And one of the tricks you can do here is to make the Instagram post private, and this step does not notify anyone that you have shared your Instagram story. Thus, when you suspect that there are stalkers, try coming up with an Instagram story and immediately cancel it from the profile of everybody.

Before posting, go to the story settings, pick hide stories, and select everyone, excluding the suspicious individual. This way, the stalker will not realize that they are the only ones seeing the story. Then you will be able to identify when they view and use an analytic tool to find out the number of views increasing when they view your story. since they are the ones that have access to your story, you will be able to identify them when the view increases.

Through Instagram Business Accounts

Through Instagram Business Accounts

You can also use an Instagram business account to identify the Instagram stalkers. With a business account, you will be able to access essential data about anyone who visits your profile page; however, this method has a catch.

You can get all the insights about who views and visits the page and access all their locations, gender, age range, and even when they often visit your page. Th catch here is that all the insight cannot reveal the name of the stalker who is tracking your Instagram account.

Therefore, when you need such information from Instagram stalkers, follow the previous guide on converting the account to a business account. It is just a simple process. You only need to navigate to the Instagram settings assuming that you have signed in to your account, click ion account, and select switch to the business account. Also, you need to connect Instagram to your Facebook page.

You will need to pull some information from the Facebook page to the business account. After that, you will have a business account set to start working with. But also remember that though you will have Instagram insights, you will never access historical information. And it is only after setting up the business account that you will be able to collect the insights.

Through Third-Party Analytics Apps

There are different third-party tools online that you can use to get Instagram insights and get to know who viewed your profile. There are many apps, but few of these apps last longer. This is because Instagram does not allow third parties. But for a start, you can use them to get the Instagram stalkers that access your account. Let us look at some of the best third-party Instagram analytics apps.

Followers Insights

Followers Insights apps

Follower Insight is a popular Instagram analytics tool. However, there are still people who have never heard about it. It supports Android and iOS and is perfect for tracking Instagram stalkers and giving you other related insights. Other than identifying the Instagram stalkers, Follower Insight also shows you who has followed your profile and those people that unfollow you, the frequent profile visitors, and those who block your profile as well.

You can download the application to your phone, link to your Instagram app, and start tracking your Instagram activities. The application lets you know any activity on the account, including stalkers. Something interesting is that this app has a user-friendly interface. This means that any person, not only tech-savvy, can use it. Hence, it is safe regarding security and privacy since they never store your data.

Something that makes it unique is that it generates reports regularly. And if anyone engages with your posts and Instagram story, it sends you push notifications. So, if you need to know who is stalking your Instagram, Follower Insight is a perfect third-party tool to go for today.

FollowMeter for Instagram

FollowMeter for Instagram apps

The second t6hird party app on our list of Instagram analytic tools is FollowMeter for Instagram. Most people use this tool to trace Instagram profile stalkers and other things. This implies that over 3 million Instagram users are also curious to know their Instagram profile stalkers. And for that reason, most of the users call this tool the Instagram manager app.

The claim is that the tool can manage and let you know anyone who is secretly viewing your profiles and the followers and showing your ghost followers. It not only informs you about the stalkers but also notifies you who is engaging with your content, often checking your posts, those you follow but do not follow you, and unfollow groups. You can also use its discovery sessions to gain more Instagram followers.

Therefore, FollowMeter for Instagram gives all users a clear-cut track record about the people who are secretly checking on the profile more often. you can then secure your account using such comprehensive insights from the stalkers.

How to Prevent Instagram Stalkers

Prevent Instagram Stalkers

So you have gone through various methods to identify someone stalking your Instagram profile. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent it. However, there are a few workarounds to help you. Since it is not illegal for someone to stalk an Instagram profile, this leaves you ruling out the reporting performance for violating Instagram terms or services.

Therefore, one must develop a privacy policy and set it up with your business. Stalkers and other audiences can do anything with the posts you put on your Instagram account. But when you have not set a privacy policy, people can easily use your data online in any manner and even misuse your business. Instead, use these tips to prevent Instagram stalkers:

Change privacy settings on Instagram

Immediately you notice that people are stalking your Instagram account, you should resp[ond faster by preventing them. This can only be achieved through changing your privacy settings. It is not a challenging task. And if you do not know how to change, we have you covered already. follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch your Instagram application and make sure you are logged in to your account

Launch Instagram apps

Step 2: Then navigate to the settings through the profile picture icon to access the profile page.

settings through the profile picture icon to access the profile page

Step 3: Then click on the hamburger button found in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 4: Select settings from the pop-up menu and proceed.

Step 5: Tap privacy

Tap privacy

Step 6: And then below the account privacy, from the upper section, toggle to change to the private account, and you will be done.

This will restrict access to your account. You will only interact with people who follow your profile when using a private account. However, you can send follow requests when you want to add more people. Hence, the account is kept less visible to other audiences on Instagram.

Unfollow stalkers from Instagram profile

when you use the above procedure and methods, you will be able to identify the Instagram stalkers on your account. This makes it simple to remove them by unfollowing their accounts so that they can never access your Instagram activities. Removing the stalkers from your followers on Instagram is also a simple process. there are few clicks you need to perform, and if you follow these steps keenly, you will be set to go:-

Step 1: You need to launch the Instagram app on your device and log into your account.

Step 2: Tap on the profile picture to access the profile page

Step 3: Then continue by clicking on the follower's button located at the upper corner of your screen.

Step 4: The select remove icon is next to the follower you wish to remove from your audience or followers list. Assuming you already know the stalkers.

Once you remove them from your follower list, they will not be able to access your Instagram activities, including stories and others services.

Change your account activity status

The last option to prevent Instagram stalking is to change the activity status on your Instagram account. This way, you will be able to hide your Instagram activities from the stalkers. here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application and sign in to the account

Step 2: Then head to the settings sections from the profile and tap on the privacy from the pop-up menu

Step 3: Then select activity status and make sure you turn it off to show activity status

The above steps hide your Instagram activities from anyone who is stalking you. No, any outsider will be able to see what you are doing on Instagram. The same settings apply to the user as well. You are also restricted from accessing your follower's activity status.

Otherwise, the above three tips are vital, and making your Instagram account private makes it hard for stalkers to access your activities or what you post. But stalkers will be able to access your comments when you make them on other people's posts.


Instagram is a central social media platform full of people having different missions. However, it would be best if you did not get scared about your privacy. With Instagram stalkers around, you can identify them using the above steps and methods, then prevent from accessing your Instagram status or remove them from your friend list. This way, you will be able to share your photos and posts with friends, families, and potential customers.

The above methods are vital and help you identify someone stalking your account. Otherwise, be keen and mindful of what you post on Instagram and evade worrying about the profile stalkers.